• Let’s stop today and see what is here already…

    Dear Seeking Girl, It is often said that a good way to treat others that we love is to imagine that it is our last day with them…or our last day alive. But what if we tried instead, to live as though it is our VERY FIRST DAY with them? Try to live this day… [Continue Reading]

    Let’s stop today and see what is here already…
  • All About July Soul School & What’s in the Brave Box

    A new month of Soul School is ready for you! This just might be our most favorite Soul School class yet. You are going to LOVE it!! The theme for July is… Protect Your Peace A Toolkit for Finding Inner Peace and Doing What it Takes to Protect it (If you’re not sure what Soul School… [Continue Reading]

    All About July Soul School & What’s in the Brave Box
  • The Gift of a (love) Storm

    Have you ever been in a dusty, dry place and watched a storm roll in? Brave Girls Club is headquartered in Idaho. And Idaho is in what they call a high desert. And (in case your experience with deserts is limited) deserts don’t get much rain. Around here it’s a pretty big deal to watch… [Continue Reading]

    The Gift of a (love) Storm
  • Sometimes the meanest girl of all is the one in the mirror…

    Dear Worthy Girl, It’s no secret that there have always been mean girls, and mean girls often grow up to become mean women. But sometimes the meanest girl of all is the one in the mirror. Often we say demeaning and cruel things to ourselves that we would never dream of saying to or about… [Continue Reading]

    Sometimes the meanest girl of all is the one in the mirror…
  • Stay with it, Brave Girl…your courage does not go unnoticed

    Dear Sometimes Tired Girl, It’s interesting how the last leg of a journey is often the most difficult, especially when we don’t even know how close we are to the finish line. Very often, the biggest most incredible breakthroughs happen during this last leg, and so often people quit JUST before it’s over…just before the… [Continue Reading]

    Stay with it, Brave Girl…your courage does not go unnoticed

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An Oklahoma Brave Girl’s Flood Story…”I grabbed my Brave Box”…

Imagine this…a tornado warning sends you and your family to an Evacuation Shelter…you grab the bare minimum of what’s most important to you and make a run for it…This Brave Girl not only made sure her family was safe…she grabbed her most important documents AND her collection of Brave Girl Soul School material…because she knew […]


Everything You Wanted to Know about Brave Girl Camp

Perhaps you have seen us talking about Brave Girl Camp on Facebook every once in a while. Perhaps you haven’t even heard a single little bit about Brave Girl Camp. Perhaps you kind of know what it is but you have lots of questions about it. Maybe you even know ALL ABOUT Brave Girl Camp […]

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About Brave Girls Club

We started Brave Girls Club five years ago, at a time when all we had was a bunch of wild ideas, a king-sized dream, and an excitement to get to work. We wrote a mission statement that read:

"We are on a wild and crazy mission to find all of the brave women of the world...to help them find each other...then to change the world with good news, good ideas, good people, and good times. "

A little background....Melody was just coming out the other side of several years of heartbreak and loss, the most devastating being the traumatic brain injury suffered by her husband, Marq. She had developed a tremendous compassion for all those who are living with pain and loss and determined to spend the rest of her life helping them and teaching the things she had learned from her own experiences.

Our vision quickly spread to our families (we are sisters), and then to our friends, and girl by girl it has spread by word of mouth literally all over the world. We've been joined by Brave Girls as far away from our little Idaho town as Australia, Africa, Europe, South America and Asia. We have found that no matter where we are from, no matter our backgrounds or ages, we are all so much more alike than we are different. We all want to live joyful, peaceful and brave lives.

We hope you will join us! There's a place for you here.

melody ross and kathy wilkins

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Brave Girl success stores....read some...and then write your own on our sister site...The Post.

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