• I showed up angry, I showed up sad, I showed up hivey and chubby and exhausted…… the summer of LIGHTER AND LIGHTER is almost over.

    I am on day 90 of a 100 day hiatus from how my life WAS….and before I start writing about what exactly transpired over these months……….I wanted to set the stage. I am SO READY to close this chapter. This was no sabbatical….it was more like an emotional/physical/ mental boot camp. Today I can be… [Continue Reading]

    I showed up angry, I showed up sad, I showed up hivey and chubby and exhausted…… the summer of LIGHTER AND LIGHTER is almost over.
  • Feathering A Nest

    We have a little apartment above the garage. We call it the Carriage House. When we moved into our home there were already people living in the little place. We couldn’t get into see the place until about 5 months after we had purchased the property. After the tenants moved out we took a look… [Continue Reading]

    Feathering A Nest
  • Some things can change

    This day was filled with family. Family we had not been with since the last memorial service in the family. We never had any falling out. There were never any harsh words. I am sure somehow feelings had been hurt along the way. Disappointment over expectations not fulfilled…. Then you know that quiet that sets… [Continue Reading]

    Some things can change
  • August 2014 – Everything in the Soul School class!

    BEING TRUE TO BEING YOU….the NEW Subscription Soul School class is here! Let’s take a look at what you’ll get…whether you’re a Basic, Deluxe, or Premium subscriber. First, a reminder of your subscription options…each level receives more and more content…all with this month’s theme: Being True to Being You Basic Journaling Class plus Digital Journaling… [Continue Reading]

    August 2014 – Everything in the Soul School class!
  • Everything you need…you already have

    The truth is that every single one of us has everything it takes to do the beautiful and extraordinary things that only WE can do. And so we simply must go out and be extraordinary anyway. We must begin again anyway. We have everything we need. We are completely capable of doing the things that… [Continue Reading]

    Everything you need…you already have

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Look for it…it’s there

Dear Choosing Girl, We tend to find exactly what we are seeking, and exactly what we are expecting…in some way or another. This is why it is so important to seek for beauty and truth, and to expect the best of people and situations. What happens when you do your best and expect for the […]


DIY Commemorative Pressed Flowers

Hello! My name is Evie. I’m a niece of Melody and Kathy, and have been a guest and helper at Brave Girl Camp. It’s exciting and meaningful for me to be able to share this project with you! Making things by hand “centers” me, which is one of the reasons I started my blog, Domestic […]


Behind the scenes…whew, what a week at the Clubhouse…

I’m sitting here with my jammies on, my feet up, laptop on my…lap, feeling happily weary after a looooooong and very full week. I know Melody feels the same…we’re texting back and forth about this and that…she is having a Friday night date with her second-best guy (grandson Leo). We’re both planning on spending the […]

box 2_edited-1

A Little Box of Love

This little box was easy to make. All you need is a small box, a few kind words, scissors and glue or Mod Podge. A bit of time out of your busy day to stop and say – I love you. This little box could be a  reminder to someone. I think of you more […]

Latest Daily Truth… ‘A Little Bird Told Me’

Being willing….

Dear Inspiring Girl, Willingness is so important. Do you think you could just try try try to be willing this week to take chances...to hear someone out....to let something … [Read More...]

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About Brave Girls Club

We started Brave Girls Club five years ago, at a time when all we had was a bunch of wild ideas, a king-sized dream, and an excitement to get to work. We wrote a mission statement that read:

"We are on a wild and crazy mission to find all of the brave women of the world...to help them find each other...then to change the world with good news, good ideas, good people, and good times. "

A little background....Melody was just coming out the other side of several years of heartbreak and loss, the most devastating being the traumatic brain injury suffered by her husband, Marq. She had developed a tremendous compassion for all those who are living with pain and loss and determined to spend the rest of her life helping them and teaching the things she had learned from her own experiences.

Our vision quickly spread to our families (we are sisters), and then to our friends, and girl by girl it has spread by word of mouth literally all over the world. We've been joined by Brave Girls as far away from our little Idaho town as Australia, Africa, Europe, South America and Asia. We have found that no matter where we are from, no matter our backgrounds or ages, we are all so much more alike than we are different. We all want to live joyful, peaceful and brave lives.

We hope you will join us! There's a place for you here.

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