• I have always loved going to the mailbox and getting a personal note in the mail. Isn’t that just the best? But it seems like it ‘s a rare occurance these days… most of our communication happens digitally… through cell phones, emails, texting, Facebook, Instagram… We live in a world where connection happens digitally 24… [Continue Reading]

    Happy mail!
  • Today we are finishing up filming for our August Subscription Soul School class…(it’ll be available on August 1…the theme is ‘Being True to Being You’…we’ll post some peeks at the contents throughout the week…you’re gonna love it!) Melody took this snapshot, from her vantage point, of her film crew today….Brock as videographer and my twin… [Continue Reading]

    Behind the scenes….our ‘film crew’ on a sunny Monday
  • A few years ago I heard some things about a man I hadn’t met.  I knew his daughter, and later his wife, which is irrelevant except that you need to know that I didn’t know HIM at all.  Never even seen the guy.  But I heard some rumors…horrible rumors about this man and I chose… [Continue Reading]

    We only get to see ‘slivers’ of each other…
  • Dear Strong Enough Girl, There are seasons in life that come and go. Sometimes it feels like things will never change, or that we will never get through a certain time in our life — but we always do, don’t we? We always got through everything we ever got through — there was always enough,… [Continue Reading]

    Your path is YOUR path…the very path you were created to travel

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Feeding your soul, one bite at a time

Food is a love language here at Brave Girls Club. It is one way we say I love you. We adore shopping and preparing wonderful beautiful food for each other. Serving and preparing food is a huge part of showing our love for all of our guests at camp.  To us, it says, “I took […]


Just keep showing up….

Sometimes we don’t know what to do….or we are too tired to know the very best things to do. Sometimes we hide out, stay back and wait because we don’t feel like we are quite right yet, or the circumstances are quite right yet….or maybe just because we are afraid. THESE ARE THE VERY MOST […]


Whatever it is….you can LEARN it!!

When I was ten years old, my friend asked me if I wanted to play on her softball team.  I thought it would be so cool to be on a team….I also remember thinking these exact thoughts: “I haven’t ever played softball….I don’t know if I can do it….everyone else has been playing since they […]

Latest Daily Truth… ‘A Little Bird Told Me’

Your heart will mend…

Dear Authentic Girl, Your heart will mend, it will...it always always will, no matter how many times it has been broken. Sometimes our hearts have to be broken to be made … [Read More...]

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About Brave Girls Club

We started Brave Girls Club five years ago, at a time when all we had was a bunch of wild ideas, a king-sized dream, and an excitement to get to work. We wrote a mission statement that read:

"We are on a wild and crazy mission to find all of the brave women of the world...to help them find each other...then to change the world with good news, good ideas, good people, and good times. "

A little background....Melody was just coming out the other side of several years of heartbreak and loss, the most devastating being the traumatic brain injury suffered by her husband, Marq. She had developed a tremendous compassion for all those who are living with pain and loss and determined to spend the rest of her life helping them and teaching the things she had learned from her own experiences.

Our vision quickly spread to our families (we are sisters), and then to our friends, and girl by girl it has spread by word of mouth literally all over the world. We've been joined by Brave Girls as far away from our little Idaho town as Australia, Africa, Europe, South America and Asia. We have found that no matter where we are from, no matter our backgrounds or ages, we are all so much more alike than we are different. We all want to live joyful, peaceful and brave lives.

We hope you will join us! There's a place for you here.

melody ross and kathy wilkins

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