12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People (like you!)

Happy Friday, Brave & Beautiful Friends!

Okay…a confession. As a bit of a geek and an organizer and a business person lo these many years, I didn’t really consider myself to be wildly creative…especially since I work every day with my sister, Melody, who is OFF THE CHARTS CREATIVE in every way.

She has always done her best to convince me (and others like me) that we are ALL creative souls, and yes, I have come to believe that that is VERY true…of myself and of every girl (and guy for that matter) out there. It’s part of our DNA, don’t you think, to be creative in a zillion different ways?

Brave Girls Club - What Is Creative?

SO…Melody was forwarded a fabulous blog post this week entitled 12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People, and we all just fell in LOVE with it. The writer, Kim Phillips of Lucid Marketing, was kind enough to give us permission to re-print it here for all Brave Girls, so it’s our little Friday gift to you, courtesy of Kim!

We may not each have all of these 12 tendencies, but chances are, we all share at least some of them. (And I’m guessing that SOME of you have every single one of these characteristics! … guess what, I DO! A few years ago I never would have suspected that!! )

After you read it, let’s have some fun! Tell us in what ways YOU are creative in whatever it is you do every day. Be sure to introduce yourself, and tell us where you are from. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Love you, you creative soul you…



12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People

Reprinted with permission from the Lucid at Random blog. 

Ever wonder what makes those wacky, creative types tick? How is it that some people seem to come up with all kinds of interesting, original work while the rest of us trudge along in our daily routines?

Creative people are different because they operate a little differently. They:

1. Are easily bored

A short attention span isn’t always a good thing, but it can indicate that the creative person has grasped one concept and is ready to go on to the next one.

2. Are willing to take risks

Fearlessness is absolutely necessary for creating original work, because of the possibility of rejection. Anything new requires a bit of change, and most of us don’t care for change that much.

3. Don’t like rules

Rules, to the creative person, are indeed made to be broken. They are created for us by other people, generally to control a process; the creative person needs freedom in order to work.

4. Ask “what if…”

Seeing new possibilities is a little risky, because it means that something will change and some sort of action will have to be taken. Curiosity is probably the single most important trait of creative people.

5. Make lots of mistakes

A photographer doesn’t just take one shot, and a composer doesn’t just write down a fully realized symphony. Creation is a long process, involving lots of boo-boos along the way. A lot goes in the trash.

6. Collaborate

The hermit artist, alone in his garret, is a romantic notion but not always an accurate one. Comedians, musicians, painters, chefs all get a little better by sharing with others in their fields.

7. Are generous

Truly creative people aren’t afraid to give away their hard-earned knowledge. The chef can give you the recipe because she knows you won’t make it like she does anyway.

8. Are independent

Stepping off the beaten path may be scary, but creative people do it. Children actually do this very well but are eventually trained to follow the crowd.

9. Experiment

Combining things that don’t normally go together can result in brilliance or a giant mess. Trial and error are necessary to the creative process.

10. Motivate themselves

There does seem to be a spark that creative people share, an urgent need to make things. They are willing to run the inherent risks of doing something new in order to get a new result.

11. Work hard

This is probably the most overlooked trait of creative people. People who don’t consider themselves to be creative assume that people who are creative are magical, that ideas just pop into their heads effortlessly. Experienced creative people have developed processes and discipline that make it look easy.

12. Aren’t alone

The good news is that it’s possible for everyone to be creative. There are creative accountants, creative cooks, creative janitors, creative babysitters. Any profession or any hobby can be made into a creative pursuit by embracing and using creative traits.

Do you consider yourself creative? (Say yes.) Finding something you’re really passionate about will help you take a chance and might just result in something wildly creative.



  1. Nancy says

    Hello from South Dakota finally now in my 50’s life is coming together wish I had knew all this in my 20’s!!!Thank you for sharing this it rings so true for alot of us!!!

  2. Brenda Stallings says

    I have often been accused of being ADD so I am thankful to hear it may only be a mild case of creativity! I never considered myself to be creative altho I cook,bake,sew & crochet. I have dabbled in many things over ther years but nothig ever really “took” until a friend introduced me to Scrapbooking. It is my. passion. I am the official family “memory keeper”. It has also changed the way I take pictures. I love this hobby. i can lose myself in it. It is my peaceful place. unfortunately my job and other obligations keep me from scrapping all the time. I am collecting plenty of supplies for when I retire. I now am loving the Art Journals. I think this may be a new thing for me to persue. Thank you Brave Girls for introducing me to this. And to think the “art part” was why i didn’t sign up for Soul restoration sooner!!

  3. says

    Thank you for ‘splainin to me why I get bored so often!

    I am a connecting person as much as I am creative. In my work as a 1-3rd grade teacher in the Montessori classroom, I sometimes sing what I say to the kids. I offer to do push-ups if they accomplish something special. And I teach them how to draw as a part of their reading. We trace letters on each others back to get a sensorial feel for how “H” is made. It’s quite a lot of fun.
    My downfall is that I could never keep up with all the things a single teacher would have to. I’m blessed to work with another lead teacher. She keeps our train running on time!

  4. Elaine Helvig says

    I LOVE mosaics. I started getting serious the year I be came rather “poor”. I wanted to create but couldnt spend money.I started finding beautiful things in the woods that had been discarded years ago by my family and others.I used old vicks and malox bottles for their colbalt blue color to do a mosaic of my daughter. Then I found a second hand shop who just through away dishes they couldnt sell and they let me “take them off their hands” . I see things so differently now, more color, more shapes more “beauty” in all that surrounds me.

  5. Cheryl Miller says

    I’m Cheryl from Winterset, Iowa and call my self/online shop the VelveteenHabbit on etsy. I am everything listed and shared and I even have a few more to add: can’t ever watch a complete movie on tv-preferring to go get a project to work on with the movie! I browse everyone else’s cool creations-always thinking, “Wow, how cool, I wonder what it would look like if I tweaked this and colored that….and the rest is history” as they say. I have been gently “accused” multiple times in many retail stores of being the “touchy” or “sensory” shopper; because, yes, I touch, stroke, hold, rub and enjoy all the textile textures! I feel passionate about textures-textiles-art-clothing-pillows-curtains-carpets etc. So I think I probably raise a few eyebrows until the sales clerks realize that I am just breathing and drinking in their textiles and other textures. LOL! I’m so glad to know we all get this together!!

  6. Theresa Bondurant says

    Hi there Kathy. I am from Big Bear City, California. I love this article! I am a paralegal and very creative and when my creativity helps someone with their legal problems I am jazzed it flows even in my work. Recently a client
    had to change his signs because the name was infringing on someone else’s name. He couldn’t afford to change his signs so I remembered I had some camo duct tape and knew the colors worked well with his sign. I gave him the duct tape and told him this was a very cost effective way to solve his problem and the colors work great with his existing signage. He covered up the part he needed to and his legal problem is solved and I am jazzed that he did it with colors!!!! So i drive by his store and see the duct tape and smile in my soul cuz I could help with colors!

  7. Stephanie says

    Hello ladies !!! My name is Stephanie from Helotes,TX – and this information is so true and definitely is “me”!! I love to create in so many ways- I can’t narrow it down to just one thing! Lol!! I love any kind of papercrafting project, painting, crafting, sewing, list goes on….. But I can never seem to finish projects because I see something else that catches my eye and I start that new idea!! I really need to work hard at finishing about 30 unfinished projects- then start all over again doing one at a time! I have been told I have ADD- but this article is making me think: maybe not! Thanks for the info!!

  8. Maria Olsen says

    You have really opened up a world to me that I never allowed myself to savor!! I thought it was irresponsible to “waste” perfectly good time on doing anything artistic just because. Still, I find myself drawn to it and more and more realizing that it is what I am missing and what I am needing in my life!! Thank you for this!

  9. Susannah says

    I never really thought of myself as creative but my Mother always told me that I hide my light under a bushel. I am the type of person who when painting a picture in art class wants to use the bright vibrant colors when we are suppose to use the dual boring ones. I guess you would say that I think outside of the box. After reading this list of characteristics, I truly am a creative person in many degrees. I need to start letting my creativity blossom!!!

  10. says

    These traits are ME to a T. My husband and I are ranchers in Wyoming. We have been super busy getting the ranch set up for Wild Horse Sanctuary so we are taking down fence and putting up new all day long for weeks. My creativity is a bit stifled due to this. However, as I am walking around the ranch fencing, I am constanty looking at and picking up rocks and wood pieces that I will eventually paint. I have quite the stash of stuff and when this fencing project gets done….look out! Let the painting begin.

  11. says

    Ha! I’ve always thought I had a creative bent, but I don’t fit into many of those categories. Maybe there is another name for what I am: resourceful? artistic?

  12. Angela Turner says

    Most of these traits scare the pants off me because I was raised to believe that creative, artistic, esoteric pursuits were a waste of time–and that hard work and ambition were the keys to life. So, allowing myself to be creative (break the rules, collaborate, challenge the status quo, and make mistakes) causes me to be very uncomfortable. I’m learning to accept both sides of myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zones in order to grow! Many thanks to Brave Girls Club for holding my hand and encouraging me!

  13. Nancy Resnick says

    As I read through this list, my head was nodding like one of those little statues of the chihuahua you put on the dashboard of your car. Then the last one, the “you are not alone” one, made me Breathe a deep breath, as I’ve always felt like such a geek to own up to the other 11 traits. Until now. When my inner geek comes out, instead of stuff it back under the carpet, I wrap my geekily creative hands around me and give myself a big hug. I’m home. I’m okay with being a little pink when everyone else in the room is beige! And yes, everyday is Not easy, but every day I get a chance to Start over. Thank you for that.

  14. Maddie says

    Thank you so much for this post! I read it just at the right time! I’ve always thought I was a total square, but we do all have that need to create! And even in the daily mundane tasks (like school!!) we all have unique ways to make life exciting and beautiful in a way that’s individual to us! I really appreciated this, it inspired an entirely, “Aha” moment.

  15. Janie says

    Hello I’m from Texas. I see potential in everything and in everyone (I also like to play matchmaker!). Wherever I go my mind just wanders off with possibilities, it can be overwhelming at times! I love creating and seeing others appreciate it whether it took a few minutes or days for me to create it! I just wish I had my own art room at home :( it’s annoying having to put everthing away when we have visitors lol!

  16. says

    Yes, this is me in every way and makes complete and perfect sense now. I live in North Carolina and when I read “1. Easily Bored” you had me hooked. I can relate to all 12 of these. My favorite creative outlet is photography and writing my travel blog, but I love travel and adventure, and occasionally breaking the rules.

  17. Renee says

    Oh wow, I’m all these traits but hiding behind big fears. Lol…. But I can see I am Slowly coming out from behind my brick wall everyday with the brave girl art school. It’s funny. Ive started having severe panic attacks again and the only thing that seems to calm me is sitting down to work on somethig. Wow… What have I been missing all these years?? Much love to all you brave girls struggling.

  18. Carolyn says

    I think the point is that we ALL have creativity in us. We always think that “creative” seems to mean the visual or literary arts. If you have that and can create that – great. Some of us can’t draw a straight line and more paint will end up on us than a canvas and would sew our fingers into that sequin. Approaching a problem or even a less-than-efficient process demands creativity. Even within a very stringent office setting – you can think to yourself, “Okay this works – and it’s the way we’ve always done it”, but then say, how can we re-approach to make it easier, smarter, more efficient, less drudging, more responsive, a kinder process, etc.. The answer can be as simple as injecting humor – making the file hunt a scavenger hunt, meeting the face of the person on the end of the e-mail, competing with yourself of how many X’s you can get done within a prescribed period of time, competing with yourself on how many people you can make requests of – while making them laugh or smile. And kids – They MAKE you push out of the box – daily, hourly, minute-by-minute. Guaranteed – recognize and enjoy it or perish when they’re teens.

  19. says

    I’m on the East Coast in North Carolina. I am alot of the things listed, but not quite all of them. I am creative every day in the fact that I my job is helping teachers teach children. I give workshops that help liven up the thinking process of pre-k teachers. Helping them to think out of the box. When I come home I create in my little space of joy. Ilove transforming my home into the seasons and give that coziness like your getting a big hug when you walk into my house. All your troubles are left outside and the peace in my house surrounds you. In my Art room I have inspiration and fun things that shout out you can do it. I love any type of art, not just one thing. It can be sewing, painting, drawing, etc. I love getting my “ART ON”

  20. Maury Hill says

    Wow. Victoria from Ohio, are you sure we are not long-lost twins?! (Although I do not knit or crochet…)
    And Janine–your comment really resonated with me, too. (Although I do not cook…) I am a collector of all things that I see possibilities with-Yup- that’s about everything! If I could just slow myself down a little and my creative juices could allow me to actually finish without saying, “but what if I tried this or added that?” I’m sure you could teach me a few things and I have a stash of treasure to keep us busy for the next century…so, do you gals wanna collaborate? Ha!

  21. Mary Ann says

    Oh yes! Many if not all of these speak to me. For years I didn’t realize I was creative because I didn’t focus on one art/cratf! how silly of me….and how lucky I am to love so many mediums.

  22. says

    Yes, I am all of those things. Creativity is at the very core of my being. It is good to hear though, that so many of us have multiple projects going at all times.
    I do enjoy being with other high functioning creatives…the energy is so bright and positive. :)

  23. Betty C says

    Yes! My motto is, if something is working, try something different. (Not sure I would want a creative accountant, though! LOL! – maybe on their own time.) :-)

  24. says

    OMG, all I can say is now I understand why when I am in full creative gotta get going “mode”, often all that is left as evidence of that is 20 or so started projects which I already am bored of before I am done, lol!!

    Love it.

  25. says

    Hi from northern WI. I’ve most of the list. Though I’m very rarely ” easily bored “. Probably because I always seem to be doing something and as a result I truly enjoy when I’m able to be still. I’m creative with mundane cleaning tasks. Some of my best “art” inspiration comes while I vacuum!

  26. says

    Yeah, WOW. tick, tick, tick …all boxes ticked!!! Especially the bored easily one, you betcha. I think for me I find myself walking around the day with so many ideas swimming in my head that i can almost not make sense of them. I’m so inspired by little things. And these days its so hard to throw things out because i wonder if i can make something from it! LOL I bet there’s a bunch of people reading this saying ‘yep, that’s me too’.

    one place it really stands out is in the kitchen. I’m one of those people that cook something different every day. Left overs? I don’t think so!

  27. Jen Woosley says

    Hi from Seattle! I do have a few of them, yep! Time is limited for me as I work and also have a toddler – but I am creative daily by taking pictures of my day to day life – nothing fancy – just what we happen to be doing, eating, wearing, etc.

  28. says

    Hi, I’m from the Midwest – near Chicago. WOW, focusing – becoming easily bored well now. Independent? uh huh. Ask a lot of questions, what if? yep. This was really interesting 😉

  29. Debbie says

    Hi.!! I pretty much am all of the above! I have made my living for the past 25 years by working in an office and just realized it is probably the worst environment for someone like me!! Luckily I now work part time in an office, and the other days finds me in my sewing room making all kinds of colorful and cute patchwork creations. Time flies by in there. When I was working full time I was miserable and realized it was because I had no time to be creative! I am Debbie. I live in Ohio and am the proud owner of Happy Little Cottage, my etsy shop!!

  30. Victoria says

    Hi from Ohio! I actually never feel bored but I DO have shiny object syndrome. Ooooooh! Pretty fabric, yarn, paper, paint! I love to knit, sew, paint, draw, write, and create. If it stands still long enough, I will quilt it, paint it, or crochet a hat for it. When I see a new creative medium or technique I must drop everything and try it myself. Now. And find my own way to use my new media and technique. Right now I am a 58 year old freshman in a university art program and all the new techniques and theories are keeping me happily busy. I am definitely not bored.

  31. Paula Duey says

    Wow, this totally descirbes me! I have always been very creative with everything I do.
    I love to decorate and create and repurpose things. I have many lists of things I want to do and am always thinking of what I can do next. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without creativity.

  32. says

    Loved this post. I can relate to almost every one! I own a art studio where I teach children and adult classes. Each week demands new ideas for classes, paintings
    , etc! I loved the point about creative people have disciplines that make it look easy. My discipline is quiet time by myself to just think!! If you aren’t making time to think its hard to get creative. So schedule think time!!!

  33. Nancy Bianchini says

    I never seem to make the same meal completely the same way twice. I have often created a meal and thought it was great only to not be able to re–create it again :(

  34. says

    Yes! I DO have all ten of them! :0)

    I’ve always been creative, and have enjoyed decorating since I was a child taping cut-out tissue paper flowers to my bedroom walls (mom wouldn’t let me have wallpaper, what else was I supposed to do?!) Now I am creating a business based on the seasonal decor products I design from ‘found’ materials. Creativity is a vital part of me that MUST be expressed every day… and I thank God for it <3

  35. Lony Summerlin says

    This really hit home with me today. I have about 20 projects that are awaiting completion and I am thinking of starting a doll house. All this time I thought I had ADD, thank you for reassuring me that I am just creative.

  36. Jenny D. says

    Yes! At the stage of life I am in, with lots of little ones, I have to get creative in how I express my creativity. I may not have time to sit down and create, but find creative ways to get through each day to make things a little more exciting.


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