UPDATE….Here are our winners! Congratulations!

  1. Jenneta Viall
  2. Lisa Woodhart
  3. Catherine Halpin
  4. Angi@MakingMayhem
  5. Sabrina K

Please email support@bravegirlsclub.com and give us your contact information so we can send your package on Monday. WOOO HOOOOO!!! Thanks for all the comments, braves…it’s so fun to read everything you have to say. We love you and we’re so thankful for each of you. Have a great weekend!!

love, kathy and melody




When we opened the Brave Girl Shoppe, we knew we not only wanted to sell beautiful things, but we wanted them to be beautifully packaged.  So Melody got to work designing custom tissue paper.  She worked hard, and as usual what she came up with is breath-takingly beautiful….

This tissue paper is not only the most perfect thing to wrap our packages in, it is also lovely for art projects.

Stephanie Ackerman used our tissue paper in this beautiful piece of art….

Aaaaaand (even though Christmas is past) we thought you’d love seeing the LOVELY Christmas ornaments with it.  We  hope you’ll visit Stephanie’s blog for lots of amazing ideas for any time of the year…

So pretty.

Our tissue has also made some appearances in Brave Girl Art School….

Fun, right?

Well…we want to give some of this lovely stuff away today.  

If you want to win it, tell us:

Which of the words on the Brave Girl tissue paper means the most to you?

In case you can’t see them, some of the words are:
courageous, authentic, lovely, true, incredible, soulful, happy,
amazing, phenomenal, inspiring, brilliant, extraordinary, brave,
strong, beautiful, gorgeous, kind, smart, sparkling, fabulous, fun, strong, sweet….

Leave your answer in the comments….either here or on our Facebook page.  We’ll pick 5 winners at 5pm today (mountain time). FIVE! 

Happy Weekend!!




PS. Learn more about this gorgeous tissue paper here.