WINNERS: Friday Fun Giveaway: BG Tissue Paper!

UPDATE….Here are our winners! Congratulations!

  1. Jenneta Viall
  2. Lisa Woodhart
  3. Catherine Halpin
  4. Angi@MakingMayhem
  5. Sabrina K

Please email and give us your contact information so we can send your package on Monday. WOOO HOOOOO!!! Thanks for all the comments, braves…it’s so fun to read everything you have to say. We love you and we’re so thankful for each of you. Have a great weekend!!

love, kathy and melody




When we opened the Brave Girl Shoppe, we knew we not only wanted to sell beautiful things, but we wanted them to be beautifully packaged.  So Melody got to work designing custom tissue paper.  She worked hard, and as usual what she came up with is breath-takingly beautiful….

This tissue paper is not only the most perfect thing to wrap our packages in, it is also lovely for art projects.

Stephanie Ackerman used our tissue paper in this beautiful piece of art….

Aaaaaand (even though Christmas is past) we thought you’d love seeing the LOVELY Christmas ornaments with it.  We  hope you’ll visit Stephanie’s blog for lots of amazing ideas for any time of the year…

So pretty.

Our tissue has also made some appearances in Brave Girl Art School….

Fun, right?

Well…we want to give some of this lovely stuff away today.  

If you want to win it, tell us:

Which of the words on the Brave Girl tissue paper means the most to you?

In case you can’t see them, some of the words are:
courageous, authentic, lovely, true, incredible, soulful, happy,
amazing, phenomenal, inspiring, brilliant, extraordinary, brave,
strong, beautiful, gorgeous, kind, smart, sparkling, fabulous, fun, strong, sweet….

Leave your answer in the comments….either here or on our Facebook page.  We’ll pick 5 winners at 5pm today (mountain time). FIVE! 

Happy Weekend!!




PS. Learn more about this gorgeous tissue paper here.


  1. Keri says

    OMG! That is one of my little projects up there! I feel honored to have my work shared! That little truth card was so fun to make.

  2. Fran Lamond says

    Mar.5/13 After reading Samaranavi’s entry, I feel moved to thank SAMARANAVI for her posted comments dated March 1st. While I feel fortunate that I have been able to “hang on” without a hospital visit, I know that it uses all of my strength, determination, and fortitude every day to just keep on going. It’s finding gems like her honest sharing that inspire me to try again today & tomorrow. I would choose COURAGE for my word; the courage to believe I can make it, the courage to try again, the courage to believe it’s worth it. Thank you all so much for the gift of BRAVE GIRLS CLUB & the love that shows up every day.

  3. Denise says

    Courageous………Always when I want to give up I just keep going, then I wonder why I would ever give up.

  4. Dee Ryder says

    Authentic and Courageous are the 2 words that mean the MOST to me.. the others mean a lot too :) But those 2 are super special for me.

  5. samaranavi says

    AUTHENTIC! I suffer from Chronic Depression and I have JUST learned not only is Depression the answer to Anxiety (a statement to me from my 27 year old and how I COULD BE thankful for my depression) but I have learned to speak up and out about it when I first hit the ground – SMACK without a parachute. I learned in this last 3 weeks to LOVE my depression, to honor it, to take it to the hospital if it wants to go there to rest, to make it feel strong and brave and AUTHENTIC as a “valid part of me!” I realized during this last bout (3 1/2 weeks long – very long for me) it was easier; I was just as desperate and just as hopeless but I allowed my depression to have it’s rightful place within me and my environment and lead the way to what it wanted and needed. Low and behold – it just wanted LOTS of sleep, little food and to be really messy for a long time. I came out of it and thought “Man, how cool is this!” I never allow myself to do this when I feel good! Thanks depression, what would I do without you…you are a really AUTHENTIC part of me – you make me whole!!!!! NOT BAD!

  6. Pam says

    My favorite word is loved. I am very blessed and very loved by all my Grandkids. I had big plans of being a “somebody” and ended up becoming somebody’s Grandma. It is a great thing to be.

  7. Diana Skurka says

    I like seeing the word YOU amongst all of those empowering words. It’s like a little surprise as I read over the tissue paper, as I am imagining all of the women who are all of those great things…and then all of a sudden, there’s YOU…and I smile. ME. i needed to hear that.

  8. says

    Sparkling. That word ‘sparkle’ is in my goals and mission statements. Sparkle describes what I want for my work and what I hope to inspire in others. And this paper sparkles for certain;)

  9. Crystal Schaar says

    Um…love this tissue paper. It would go perfect with all of the projects that I am learning in the Wings class. Thanks for a chance to win something so amazing!. The word that means the most to me right now from the tissue paper is strong. (And bonus word “sparkling”)

  10. Heidi Anne Voeller says

    The word that means the most to me right now is authentic. I’m grateful to be at a place in life where I am surrounded by authentic people and a part of authentic experiences, real, genuine, one of a kind, and with no smoke and mirrors involved. Realness is appreciated and expected in my world.

  11. Lisa K. says

    I’ve learned a great deal about the words brave and true in the last few years. There was a rocky point in my very solid, very happy marriage with my best friend four years ago (and talk about truth–it was my fault!). Our sons are almost 23 & 18 and have their own lives. I’m now at the blossoming age of 50 years young and breakin’ out into the second-half of my life. I am bravely pursuing a long-held goal to be fully self-employed as I discover my inner truth. This requires me to push through anxiety and fears of self-doubt and loss (whether or not they’re invited). The old job represents safety and stagnation–not just a nice paycheck. It no longer fits, like a wool sweater you accidentally put in the dryer, therefore I push myself to grow and thrive, not just survive. I am bravely doing my homework and what it takes to find my way as I move forward towards my long-held true passion.

  12. Karen says

    LOVED! At the end of a good day or bad day, there is nothing like putting your head on your pillow and knowing, really KNOWING that you are loved!

  13. Nancy Patterson says

    “Inspiring”….I want to be able to inspire people–to get the joy out of creating as I do. I believe everyone is creative in their own way, and many people haven’t “found” their passion. I try to inspire everyone to find their voice–through painting, music, writing, whatever. So, that is my word. Love that tissue paper! Going to have to get some…great projects too! Thanks!

  14. Bonnie says

    Authentic! I want to learn to be me in all that I do. I am constantly catering to others needs (real and implied – they may not even exist!!!) and I feel like I live in a shifting maze of emotions. Anyone see that movie Labyrinth? :) I want to be me whether people like it or not, but I don’t quite know how to do that yet. I am a nice person who tries hard to give back every day of my life. Logically, it makes not sense that people would dislike me. This is not logic, however… these are feelings. Anywhooo: Authentic!

  15. Joelle says

    Hard to pick one word, but I love TRUE. I feel like I am closest to being my true self when doing art and involved and learning from BGC. I love this paper!

  16. Ranelle Fortier says

    LOVE! With love all things are possible!! With Gods love all things are possible! By far, one of the greatest transforming words if it lives within us and shines through us!

  17. Sara Windsor says

    courageous and authentic….these have both played important parts in my life where important lessons were learned. When you are yourself and have courage you are free to make all the other words come true

  18. Kathy Mahurin says

    The word that means the most to me would be strong. I think it’s a word everyone can feel applies to themselves. To me it means, that I continue to weather the storm, even when I can barely tread water. That I’ve had enough strength to push out the negative talk in my head. Every day I fight to remain strong. Strong enough to encourage others around me to find their strength.

  19. Lisa says

    The word that means the most is Beautiful – and that’s actually hard for me to say that about myself but that’s how my hubby and friends see me, even if i don’t see it. But these days I am seeing and saying that about myself more often. I made a magnet board with the tissue paper as background to hold my make up and in paint i wrote “hello beautiful” and that was a big moment for me to say such a thing about myself.

  20. Audrey says

    The word loved means the most to me. Being loved by my husband and family and friends is the richest part of my life.

  21. Adrienne says

    I love the word Soulful. Soulful is a word that sustains me in difficult times as it reminds me to be thankful and remember that my soul is full. Having a full soul allows me to slow down and appreciate all the moments I am given because life is short. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  22. says

    For me, every single one of these blessed words is born out of being KIND – to ourselves and to all others we encounter along our journey. Thank you for being so kind (as well as generous) with such an offer :)

  23. Amy says

    I would say COURAGEOUS because after 43 years it took a LOT of COURAGE to begin to learn that I AM ALL of the other words TOO! Many thanks to you and the other Brave Girls that take your classes because you are all a loving reminder to BELIEVE in those things in yourself!

  24. Trisha says

    Extraordinary!! My most recent favorite word! Louisa May Alcott said, ” You are an extraordinary woman. How can you expect anything ordinary happen to you!” I’d love to win this extraordinary tissue paper! 😉

  25. says

    Soulful…being older and wiser and using past experiences along life’s journey is now the norm rather than having others dictate or sooo- influence (not that some influence is bad but…) life’s choices! But so hard to choose with inspiring, courageous,
    and brave being so meaningful, too!!!

  26. Joni says

    I love this paper! I’ve received some BG merchandise in this paper and have reused it in gifts. Today, my favorite word (tough to pick) would be Kind….and Lovely (whatsoever things are lovely……)

  27. Lori L says

    True is my choice. It covers so many of the other words. Being True means being Brave, and Authentic and Loving and so many of the other awesome words on this paper. Love the paper and the True Brave things you all do.

  28. Tracey L says

    Such beautiful and inspiring paper,. Thanks for the chance to win! My favourite word is “strong” followed by “loved” and “Inspiring”!

  29. Janet B says

    Lovely, true, sparkling (I aspire to be that)……all of them actually. I’ve also been a fan of Stephanie’s work for a while now. She does great work!

  30. Sabrina K says

    I vibrate higher with the words courageous, sparkling and authentic. Those three words give me more power to set my boundaries in a loving way!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous paper! I can so see it in my projects!

  31. Pam Cox says

    I like the word fun. I truly enjoyed having my children at home to play with, and now as an empty nester, I miss all the fun. I love to just go do something for the fun of it. Pam

  32. Nancy C. Lorenz says

    I can’t imagine the world being without LOVE-D! The ability to love someone is inherent in each of us and more so the ability to receive it. To be LOVED is awesome!

  33. jennelamb says

    authentic!! BGC is the real deal…you are the best most honest group i’ve ever met…& my experience is online only.I can only imagine how much more authentic you all are in person. thank you all at BGC I have learned so much about myself especially w/soul restoration loving wings art school.will also be registering for the other art class since I can take the rest of the year to complete!!! woo hoo for that as I am really slow going as I want to absorb all the great info they have….as per duck dynasty “HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!”

  34. Julie says

    Too many to choose…
    I do love Sparkling….I think we Sparkle when we believe we are these wonderful words…you can’t help it when you sparkle…you just do.

  35. Kim says

    Loved, and unique (I didn’t see it but I’m sure it is there somewhere) – – specifically, working on loving myself FOR my uniqueness instead of comparing myself with others.

  36. Jennifer says

    When I read or think of the word SPARKLING I immediately get a smile across my face. It’s a word that makes me feel all tingly inside. It is so many things that Melody and Kathy are always talking about. *being light, being love, and sharing it all with the whole world *not allowing the troubles of life to dull your inner magic *really, truly being alive

    It represents who I strive to be on a daily basis (…and who I know I am, thanks to the Brave Girls philosophy enriching how I live my life :) ).

  37. Kelly Aubert says

    Authentic, soulful and kind – I feel like this is the way I live my life and I am very proud of that! :)

  38. Jenny Karp says

    ‘BRAVE’ I try to be brave everyday. There are a lot of circumstances in this world that can really tear you down. Make you think what you are doing doesn’t matter. Like no one sees your efforts, or at least it feels that way. So each day I get up and I am Brave. Today I will try to be brave in my art.

  39. Tanna Martin says

    Authentic –
    That word rings strong in my heart as both a reminder and a challenge. The voices in life can be so loud, and the challenge so very difficult… But the desire to be authentic, true to the person I was created to be is my challenge and my hope.

  40. says

    INSPIRING is how I live my life… sharing myself with others can put them at ease–they can see that most everything, with time, is not as bad as it first seems. I share JOY, HAPPINESS, and even my chaos. SPARKLING is a word that describes how I feel on most days. If I release the stress, the self doubt, the frantic pace and negativity, I am SPARKLING with a pair of Rose Colored Glasses.
    I have plenty of Brave Girl tissue paper. I have kept it from each order and treasure it. It is in several pieces of my art. If I am picked, set my name aside and draw someone else. I commented to share my peace this morning. It feels good to spread a little love, inspiration and sparkle!
    Thank You Melody and Kathy, you are truly brave and lovely.

  41. Joy B. says

    True. It reminds me how important it is for me to be “real” – express myself just as I am and know that the me I embrace is good.. It’s an honesty that I was born with, the truth of my being. To strive to be true to my birthright with sincerity. To be True!

  42. Jessica says

    The word that means the most to me would be “gorgeous.” It is also the word that is the most difficult for me to say about myself. All the words are actually, but this particular one I find to reflect the complete opposite of what I am. I am VERY hard on myself & experience a lot of negative self talk everyday. It’s tough, & at the very least, not good for my well being. That being said, it is a constant struggle, but I’m working on it day by day. Some days are harder than others, but I continue to tell myself to “trust the journey” & that it can only get better at this point.

    I would love this tissue paper to use for various positive affirmation projects to put throughout my house – to force me to read & repeat kind things to myself…in hopes that my brain will someday see the truth & believe that I truly am those things.

  43. Roseann says

    Brave. I am learning what it means to be truly brave and do what is best for me. I love tissue paper and this is perfect. I would love to use some in my Soul Restoration class! thanks for the chance.

  44. says

    The word COURAGEOUS calls to me. Right now my heart is needing courage to take the next steps in my own healing journey and needs courage to hold and own my story…even if the truth of my past is hard. My dear friends remind me it is a courageous thing to do!

  45. Betsy says

    Strong – I have had to be stronger than I thought I could be in the last year. So that is my word. Strong.

  46. Linda Robison says

    BRAVE…’s the word I cling to….constantly remind myself of…..
    Because it’s what I must be to continue to walk through the fear…..
    fear of not being enough, fear of having burned more time than I have left,
    fear of failing,…or am I fearful of not failing? My little word for this year is
    FLAME (this little light of mine) and despite all my fears (so many) I want to
    BRAVELY fan the flame embedded like code in my core to burn bright enough
    so that it is seen on the outside and help other fearFULL girls become BRAVE

  47. Melanie G says

    Happy – I am working so hard to be there in everything I do and in everything I am. Its a slow, long process. I have worked hard through Soul Restoration and Body Restoration to find my Happy.

  48. Lanie says

    Authentic. I love being my authentic self and I love being around truely authentic people. Would really love this beautiful tissue for my Soul Restoration projects. :)

  49. Lori51 says

    I choose COURAGEOUS. Stepping out into the unknown. Having the courage to become who you really are. It is scary at times. Being the “bravegirl” and having the courageous energy to do the right thing. Only by the Grace of God is this accomplished to be courageous!

  50. Linda Shewchuk says

    Strong. I keep finding new things each day that I face & know no that whatever comes my way I am STRONG enough to go on as well as STRONG enough to ask for help if I need it

    I want my DD’s to know and tell them how STRONG they are and are never alone on their journey

  51. says

    Authentic ~ A few years ago, I started making decisions to live true to who I am rather than trying to be what I THOUGHT other people wanted me to be. At last I was free to be me. Through lots of prayer and journaling and wrestling with God, He showed me that HE designed me to be ME, not to try to be something else. And that design was intentional and on purpose for the unique work He had me to do and that it was GOOD and fitting for me. ~ For we are His masterpiece created in Christ Jesus, for good works prepared long ago to be our way of life. ~ Ephesians 2:10. Yes indeed, AUTHENTIC.

  52. Christine E says

    My daughter and I picked the word inspiring. We think this word is all about sharing the joy, art and kindness with others. We have loved the way Bravegirls club has inspired us. Today we are going to watch some more stiching videos in art school, to get inspired and then Kimmie is going to make a pillow case and I am going to work on a bag.

  53. Carol says

    Kind is probably the best one but I also like phenomenal because you don’t see it used all the time!

  54. Jamia Thompson Albright says

    The word that stands out most to me is…..inspiring! There is so much going on in the world today, soo many influences good and bad. With media we have the world at our fingertips And whenever I click onto Brave Girls Club I am inspired in the most kind loving way! It is like we are all musical instruments and Melody’s words and beautiful art strikes a cord within us to allow us to play our own beautiful song to the world! I am always so inspired! Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world!!! Thank you for inspiring me!!!

  55. Melanie says

    I love all the words but KIND is probably my favorite. I used the tissue paper to make magnets for family members and used words that I felt about the person. They loved them.

  56. Stephanie Engel says

    Loved means the most to me because when I’m feeling loved then I can be all the other things as well.

  57. Virginia says

    Brave and courageous popped out for me. The last year has been hard. I had open heart surgery, my daughter had her colon removed 2 months later. I lost my Dad a few months before all this happened. Life has been hard for me the last year, but I am brave and had the courage to get through it .

  58. Jenn W says

    There have been so many times that you have posted something on facebook that I absolutely needed to see at just that moment. And this was one of those times. Amazing how tissue paper can almost bring me to tears.
    For me- today- BRAVE and STRONG are the two words that mean the most. I’ve been fighting to keep my family afloat- financially, physically, emotionally- and it’s been harder on my psyche lately than any other struggle I’ve had. But just this beautiful reminder and the inspirational artwork made with it has given me a reminder that I am strong and brave and I have to keep fighting. Thank you.

  59. Colleen says

    Ever since I discovered BG I am learning so much about ME. I thought I knew me…but not really. Ive discovered that each and every single on of these words in is ME. I use to think I was less than, not worth any ones praise…but you know what? I am worth it…I am worth praise and love. I AM WORTH EVERY GOODNESS IN OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD. And I have Brave Girls around the world such gratitude for leading me towards the light with such love. I havent met each and very one of you…but my soul has. And because of Brave Girls worldwide you have all guided me towards such light and love and I am so grateful. I am passing it to my children and to my beautiful, amazing husband. Our marriage is stronger than ever and my relationship with my children shines brighter than ever. So, thank you Brave Girls!!!! Thank you Melody and Kathy for being Brave enough to take the first steps in spreading your belief in each of us, to let us know we can be SO MUCH more. That WE can be every single word and truly believe in it for the first time in our lives. MWAH!!!! xxx

  60. Laurie says

    YOU – it just jumps out at me. How often do we think of everyone and everything else and not ourselves? A little over a year ago my husband died of cancer and I am still working hard everyday to find me. When I see the paper my eyes go to the word YOU and then all of the other wonderful words just fill in around me! Thanks for the inspiration this morning.

  61. Victoria says

    Courageous and brave are my go-to thoughts as I work my way through this divorce and my return to college at the ripe old age of 58. My next word will be victorious (I added that for graduation day) and my new life will be extraordinary!

  62. Dawn says

    BRAVE!!! I am 43.. was out of town for work and had a heart attack. My 2 girls 14 &11 were home..and the whole time we had to be BRAVE! Always BRAVE!

  63. Ann says

    The word “loved” means the most to me. That I am loved and that through me others are loved too. We help each other reazize that each of us is loved. Very much.

  64. Dawn Anderson says

    Authentic – this last year I have been trying to live an Authentic life and it has been a very rewarding and happy path for me to take.

  65. says

    Authentic – I’ve worked so hard on making sure I truly know what that means for me and actually living the word. So many of the other words (brave, strong, soulful….) fall in place when I’m being authentic.

  66. Hobby says

    Happy, strong, inspiring, and brave… Ad so many more of those words that I’m not, but act as if I am until its true. ~Hobby

  67. says

    There is something about the word “Soulful” to me and I think its due to my experience with the Soul Restoration class I took with you. Never in my life had I examined my innermost thoughts and feelings, and began to see others as beautiful souls until I started hanging out here. Just being present here helped me see other people as beautiful souls, helped me restore my soul and I know that today I am a better person standing here. It kind of is the one word that umbrellas and protects all the others. It allows us to be the individuals that we are and lets us be all of those delightful things we want to be and wanat the world to know abouat us. When life gets to crazy, it gives us permission to come back and rest and restore, to reflect on who we are, and be lifted up. It takes me to a place of calm.

  68. Sheila says

    Beautiful paper! First thank you for everything…your emails are encouraging and I love the way you lift our lives up every day!

    I don’t think I can choose just one word…but if I must Courageous. Then Brave. As women there are too many of us who have suffered at the hands domestic violence whether it be abuse, physical, mental, childhood and in my case rape. It can be devastating and its a long road back to normal….you girls make me smile & touch my heart and allow me to do the same for my close group of bff’s.

    So, THANK YOU!

  69. Lisa Woodhart says

    phenomenal is my favorite wiord!! thank you for the link to buy it too – I have been searching high and low for this tissue!! I am so excited!!!

  70. says

    Love both the paper and Stephanie (who I follow passionately)
    Authentic as it is one of my core values. No matter what i do and where I am headed I will always stay true to who I am, what I believe , honouring my needs without judgement

  71. Deborah says

    Courageous- to be who I am even though I have been through many life altering situations, soulful- in the way I am with singing and music, sparkling- in my personality as I try to brighten other peolple’s day, and Phenomenal- for all WOMEN trying to be BRAVE in this world!!!!!

  72. Catherine Halpin says

    Fun, true, kind, strong – these ring true to me….even before my first cup of coffee in the morning and after a long day of being a “domestic engineer” & “mom taxi”!

  73. says

    The word ‘extraordinary’ immediately leapt out at me. I’ve met so many extraordinary people in my life’s journey so far, learnt and done some extraordinary things and am lucky to have an extraordinary 18 year old son who blows me away with his kind heart and caring soul. Thanks for this moment which made me stop and really appreciate these extraordinary things xxx

  74. Mary says

    I think that the word for me from these is COURAGEOUS. I have been through some major changes in the past year and am working toward some other changes, and although I don’t always see myself this way, someone who I trust has told me time and time again that the work I am doing takes courage.

  75. Julie says

    I’ve been told I’m sweet and sparking sometimes. I strive to be authentic and then let’s see what other words pop out!!

  76. Linda M says


    I have survived things that no one should ever have to survive! Both of my two youngest sons were called back to heaven far too soon. So courageous is my word…… I have had to get up everyday and be courageous …….. and I am learning how to be happy again.

  77. says

    My word would have to be ‘authentic’. I love this quote at the moment:
    “We are constantly being invited to be who we are”

    Thank you so much for all you do to inspire and encourage.

  78. DianneT in Aus says

    Authentic is what rings true for me.
    I find it amazingly soulful to be authentic, it use to be so much easier to give in and be a sheep, Now I am strong, brave, love myself and lead a courageous extraordinary, sparkling, phenomenal fun life. I believe in my beautiful, gorgeous, kind, smart, fabulous, happy and lovely sweet self.
    I find your emails to be brilliant,and very inspiring, Thank you

  79. Cassie tarr says

    Courageous – at 42 (and due to illness) I live a very solitude life. Im beginning to reach out to creative souls and tonight I am at my first art retreat in Washington. Totally out of my comfort zone. But I am being courageous by just showing up and being open and authentic. I cant wait to see what happens from here ♥

  80. Faith Gaspar says

    Courageous and Amazing…. I LOVE those words… well… I love all the words on the tissue and would like to make some of the samples you have shown…. Fun, Fun, Fun…..


  81. Julia Monroe says

    Inspiring. It’s a very quiet word, like just a spark. But that spark catches on and grows bigger the more it’s given away. It starts small and quiet and unsuspecting and before you know it, things begin to grow bigger and deeper. And then there is change.

  82. Rosemaree says

    Strong and courageous. I always have been! Brave Girls encourages me to push the boundaries and be even stronger and more courageous. Thank you.

  83. Jennifer Lockett says

    Sparkling! Because everytime I read your posts, view your art, and feel their strong and positive messages, I can’t help but sparkle from the inside out…Thank you again for everything that you are and everything you share…Much Love

  84. says

    “Authentic” Ha! funny how things work… I just literally posted about being Authentic on my blog. Something I learned in my very first Brave Girls Club Class… Soul Restoration… It’s totally OKAY to just “be me”. <3 this tissue!!! I had just looked at it last night in the BGC Shoppe. Hoping it comes my way! :-)

  85. Mary says

    STRONG – This last year has forced me to discover the strength I have in myself that I never knew existed – emotionally and physically. This year going forward, I am continuing to build on that strength in more ways than I ever thought possible.

  86. Ness says

    Soulful ..Our souls are are essence…our truthteller lives in our soul….we are souls having a journey of love and enlightenment. Soulful…..its an authenitic word, a deep feeling and way of being…. love you Melody and Kathy and all BG committing to just being a “soul” xxxxx

  87. Pamela Aulds says

    “SPARKLING” Because thanks to Ya’ll I am beginning to find my “Inner Sparkle” again. Much Luv & Hugs to you All.

  88. says

    I’d say Courageous.

    I made the decision to leave an abusive relationship last year. I’ve learned the meaning of being courageous each day since then. Soul Restoration 1 and 2 guided me the entire time, I am incredibly thankful for Brave Girls Club.

  89. Dawn Blackstead says

    I LOVE this tissue paper. I am hoarding the two pieces that I have as I am saving it for the perfect project.

    Word……Soulful and Authentic right now. Everything I do I try to reach within my soul before doing and make sure it is going to make me feel good and be my best.
    Authentic, I’m tired of people that are two faced. I am one to give 100% in any sort of relationship and I trust everyone from the get go. To find out I’ve been mislead and stabbed in the back is heartbreaking and depressing for me. So I only wish to associate with Authentic people who accept me for me and have no hidden agendas

  90. Sue Brown says

    Right now I am working on “Choosing Happy” each day. My word for the year is simple or simplify. Choosing to be happy or find the happiness in a day/situation/etc. seems like it would be so simple, but it really is something I have to remind myself about each day.

  91. says

    Courageous. Because every time life’s thrown me lemons, I’ve made lemonde! Somehow, I’ve always managed to find the strength to stand up and fight again…

  92. Patty says

    Authentic. The older I get, the more I appreciate people who can be real and don’t play games. They’re the ones I want to spend time with.

  93. Delyne Mayer says

    Authentic Brave and Strong
    These are what I aspire to be each and every day.

    Thank you Melody and Kathy for all you do. Love and miss you both! <3

    ~purrs … Delyne

  94. says

    Strong… because I am. Life has pushed me down, then kicked me while I was down, now I’m climbing the walls of the hole I’m in and making it towards the top!! Don’t count me out just yet!

  95. says

    BRAVE! BGC is the reason I’m where I am today! I have clung to BRAVE! since I first took SR1. BRAVE! got my feet moving. BRAVE! kept me creating and built my studio. BRAVE! got me published time and again. BRAVE! built my blog. This is the new and improved BRAVE! and BEAUTIFUL me!

  96. Dianne West says

    I LOVE your tissue paper! And while it’s very, very hard to come up with just ONE word … it would have to be “loved” because that is what I feel when I think of Brave Girls. You brought love back into my life. ♥

  97. Ambrosia Clark says

    KIND. It’s one if the most important lessons I try to teach my children. You never know what kind of an affect a little kindness can have!

  98. Shelley says

    Courageous- because it takes courage to get knocked down and keep getting back up. Because every day I’m still trying to reach my goal. Courage. It’s in us all. Sometimes we just have to remember.

  99. barb barton says

    Inspiring: because going through Domestic violence divorce i am inspired to come out a better person, and i see so many inspiring people that do good for the love of other. total unselfishness.

  100. says

    Oh how lovely! STRONG is the word that means the most to me. It really resonates right now. I have been through some devastating things in the last year, yet after a long rest and reassessment of my life I am bouncing back. I know in my heart these experiences are leading me towards a happier and healthier life than I had before. I’m not sure how I would have coped had I not been a part of this wonderful community.

  101. Samantha Smith says


    Because I struggle to always seek authenticity and to grow my life into a more and more authentic life.

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