WINNERS: Friday Fun Giveaway: BG Tissue Paper!

UPDATE….Here are our winners! Congratulations!

  1. Jenneta Viall
  2. Lisa Woodhart
  3. Catherine Halpin
  4. Angi@MakingMayhem
  5. Sabrina K

Please email and give us your contact information so we can send your package on Monday. WOOO HOOOOO!!! Thanks for all the comments, braves…it’s so fun to read everything you have to say. We love you and we’re so thankful for each of you. Have a great weekend!!

love, kathy and melody




When we opened the Brave Girl Shoppe, we knew we not only wanted to sell beautiful things, but we wanted them to be beautifully packaged.  So Melody got to work designing custom tissue paper.  She worked hard, and as usual what she came up with is breath-takingly beautiful….

This tissue paper is not only the most perfect thing to wrap our packages in, it is also lovely for art projects.

Stephanie Ackerman used our tissue paper in this beautiful piece of art….

Aaaaaand (even though Christmas is past) we thought you’d love seeing the LOVELY Christmas ornaments with it.  We  hope you’ll visit Stephanie’s blog for lots of amazing ideas for any time of the year…

So pretty.

Our tissue has also made some appearances in Brave Girl Art School….

Fun, right?

Well…we want to give some of this lovely stuff away today.  

If you want to win it, tell us:

Which of the words on the Brave Girl tissue paper means the most to you?

In case you can’t see them, some of the words are:
courageous, authentic, lovely, true, incredible, soulful, happy,
amazing, phenomenal, inspiring, brilliant, extraordinary, brave,
strong, beautiful, gorgeous, kind, smart, sparkling, fabulous, fun, strong, sweet….

Leave your answer in the comments….either here or on our Facebook page.  We’ll pick 5 winners at 5pm today (mountain time). FIVE! 

Happy Weekend!!




PS. Learn more about this gorgeous tissue paper here.


  1. Keri says

    OMG! That is one of my little projects up there! I feel honored to have my work shared! That little truth card was so fun to make.

  2. Fran Lamond says

    Mar.5/13 After reading Samaranavi’s entry, I feel moved to thank SAMARANAVI for her posted comments dated March 1st. While I feel fortunate that I have been able to “hang on” without a hospital visit, I know that it uses all of my strength, determination, and fortitude every day to just keep on going. It’s finding gems like her honest sharing that inspire me to try again today & tomorrow. I would choose COURAGE for my word; the courage to believe I can make it, the courage to try again, the courage to believe it’s worth it. Thank you all so much for the gift of BRAVE GIRLS CLUB & the love that shows up every day.

  3. Denise says

    Courageous………Always when I want to give up I just keep going, then I wonder why I would ever give up.

  4. Dee Ryder says

    Authentic and Courageous are the 2 words that mean the MOST to me.. the others mean a lot too :) But those 2 are super special for me.

  5. samaranavi says

    AUTHENTIC! I suffer from Chronic Depression and I have JUST learned not only is Depression the answer to Anxiety (a statement to me from my 27 year old and how I COULD BE thankful for my depression) but I have learned to speak up and out about it when I first hit the ground – SMACK without a parachute. I learned in this last 3 weeks to LOVE my depression, to honor it, to take it to the hospital if it wants to go there to rest, to make it feel strong and brave and AUTHENTIC as a “valid part of me!” I realized during this last bout (3 1/2 weeks long – very long for me) it was easier; I was just as desperate and just as hopeless but I allowed my depression to have it’s rightful place within me and my environment and lead the way to what it wanted and needed. Low and behold – it just wanted LOTS of sleep, little food and to be really messy for a long time. I came out of it and thought “Man, how cool is this!” I never allow myself to do this when I feel good! Thanks depression, what would I do without you…you are a really AUTHENTIC part of me – you make me whole!!!!! NOT BAD!

  6. Pam says

    My favorite word is loved. I am very blessed and very loved by all my Grandkids. I had big plans of being a “somebody” and ended up becoming somebody’s Grandma. It is a great thing to be.

  7. Diana Skurka says

    I like seeing the word YOU amongst all of those empowering words. It’s like a little surprise as I read over the tissue paper, as I am imagining all of the women who are all of those great things…and then all of a sudden, there’s YOU…and I smile. ME. i needed to hear that.

  8. says

    Sparkling. That word ‘sparkle’ is in my goals and mission statements. Sparkle describes what I want for my work and what I hope to inspire in others. And this paper sparkles for certain;)

  9. Crystal Schaar says

    Um…love this tissue paper. It would go perfect with all of the projects that I am learning in the Wings class. Thanks for a chance to win something so amazing!. The word that means the most to me right now from the tissue paper is strong. (And bonus word “sparkling”)

  10. Heidi Anne Voeller says

    The word that means the most to me right now is authentic. I’m grateful to be at a place in life where I am surrounded by authentic people and a part of authentic experiences, real, genuine, one of a kind, and with no smoke and mirrors involved. Realness is appreciated and expected in my world.

  11. Lisa K. says

    I’ve learned a great deal about the words brave and true in the last few years. There was a rocky point in my very solid, very happy marriage with my best friend four years ago (and talk about truth–it was my fault!). Our sons are almost 23 & 18 and have their own lives. I’m now at the blossoming age of 50 years young and breakin’ out into the second-half of my life. I am bravely pursuing a long-held goal to be fully self-employed as I discover my inner truth. This requires me to push through anxiety and fears of self-doubt and loss (whether or not they’re invited). The old job represents safety and stagnation–not just a nice paycheck. It no longer fits, like a wool sweater you accidentally put in the dryer, therefore I push myself to grow and thrive, not just survive. I am bravely doing my homework and what it takes to find my way as I move forward towards my long-held true passion.

  12. Karen says

    LOVED! At the end of a good day or bad day, there is nothing like putting your head on your pillow and knowing, really KNOWING that you are loved!

  13. Nancy Patterson says

    “Inspiring”….I want to be able to inspire people–to get the joy out of creating as I do. I believe everyone is creative in their own way, and many people haven’t “found” their passion. I try to inspire everyone to find their voice–through painting, music, writing, whatever. So, that is my word. Love that tissue paper! Going to have to get some…great projects too! Thanks!

  14. Bonnie says

    Authentic! I want to learn to be me in all that I do. I am constantly catering to others needs (real and implied – they may not even exist!!!) and I feel like I live in a shifting maze of emotions. Anyone see that movie Labyrinth? :) I want to be me whether people like it or not, but I don’t quite know how to do that yet. I am a nice person who tries hard to give back every day of my life. Logically, it makes not sense that people would dislike me. This is not logic, however… these are feelings. Anywhooo: Authentic!

  15. Joelle says

    Hard to pick one word, but I love TRUE. I feel like I am closest to being my true self when doing art and involved and learning from BGC. I love this paper!

  16. Ranelle Fortier says

    LOVE! With love all things are possible!! With Gods love all things are possible! By far, one of the greatest transforming words if it lives within us and shines through us!

  17. Sara Windsor says

    courageous and authentic….these have both played important parts in my life where important lessons were learned. When you are yourself and have courage you are free to make all the other words come true

  18. Kathy Mahurin says

    The word that means the most to me would be strong. I think it’s a word everyone can feel applies to themselves. To me it means, that I continue to weather the storm, even when I can barely tread water. That I’ve had enough strength to push out the negative talk in my head. Every day I fight to remain strong. Strong enough to encourage others around me to find their strength.

  19. Lisa says

    The word that means the most is Beautiful – and that’s actually hard for me to say that about myself but that’s how my hubby and friends see me, even if i don’t see it. But these days I am seeing and saying that about myself more often. I made a magnet board with the tissue paper as background to hold my make up and in paint i wrote “hello beautiful” and that was a big moment for me to say such a thing about myself.

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