Call for Brave Girl Truth Cards – the revolution continues!!

Hi, Brave Girls!

Over the past several months, we have received literally thousands of beautifully hand-made Brave Girl Truth Cards!! We have carefully unpacked each envelope and box, and we have often been moved to tears by the messages on the cards. They have been made by women, girls, whole families, men, many different organizations, elementary classes, girl scouts, groups of friends, at Truth Card Parties, and every other imaginable way you can think of!

Every day here at the Clubhouse, we are still surrounded by BG Truth Cards!! and we not only receive them and lovingly care for them, we send them out regularly to destinations literally around the world…..

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

We have sent them to victims of natural disasters….

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

We have sent them to rescued (and not rescued YET) victims of human trafficking…sex slaves. They have been received with AWE and IMMENSE gratitude…

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

We have sent them to women’s shelters for victims of domestic abuse…

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

They have found homes in hospital waiting rooms, oncology centers, and hospices….prisons and detention centers….

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

They have found their way to teenage girls who are part of some incredible outreach and mentoring programs…

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

Right now, they are being carried daily by women who have lost everything to hurricanes and tornadoes…

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

The Truth Cards are giving these women strength and encouragement and letting them know that they are not alone…

If you have made Truth Cards and sent them to us, you may be wondering what happened to them? Did they make it all the way to a woman or girl? Who is she? Did it make a difference?

We can guarantee you that every single card we have received has been on its own Brave journey….that Truth Cards are now scattered around the globe…and that they have become powerful little messengers of truth and light and HOPE!

Today, we’re putting out a call for more Truth Cards!!! The need continues to GROW GROW GROW. Maybe during the upcoming Holidays you will have time to either make some yourself, or sit down with your family and friends and some simple art supplies and see what you can make together. You will probably find (like we have, and like so many others have reported to us)…that the act of making the cards and turning our hearts towards others who need the encouragement we can give, will FILL YOU UP, and be one of the most meaningful and down right fun things you will do in a long time. It could just possibly make this one of the most joyful Holiday seasons you’ve ever had! Especially if the Holidays are too busy, or too lonely, or just too hard for you, this is a fabulous way to not only do something for someone else, but to enrich your own life and give you tons of soul nourishment as well.

How to make a Brave Girl Truth Card

Click here for a PDF with graphics you can use and instructions. Here are some photos and instructions that Malary put together last time she made BG Truth Cards…this will show you how easy it is!

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

Find a playing card (it doesn’t have to be blank) or cut a card-sized piece of cardstock paper to work with. We like to work in a 2.3”x3.5” size… which is the size of a standard playing card.

 Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

From here, you can make your card as simple or as elaborate as you would like. You can leave the background plain, or you can paint it, stamp it, collage on it with paper or fabric… whatever you want to do. I added some heavy body acrylic paint in red. It took about 10 seconds to paint this, but a good hour to dry. :)

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

 Once your background is the way you want it, use Mod Podge to collage the “dear ____” and the message you have chosen (from the printable pdf) on to the card. You can use any collage medium, of course. Or just glue the word strips on. Collage medium (like Mod Podge) is nice because it gives it a nice coating that will help the card last for years and years, even if it’s pulled out and looked at every single day!

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

Look through the graphic images on the printable sheets and see if there is a bit of art that you would like to add to your truth card. You can cut out little parts or use the whole graphic.


Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

Now you can add on any extra decorative touches. Use paint, buttons, glitter, ribbons, flowers, or anything you already have.

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

 Once the truth card is dry, spray with clear acrylic sealer or rub hard all over with an old white taper candle. This will keep them from being sticky or tacky….otherwise they will stick together and when you pull them apart, they will be ruined. Or you can put them in small cellophane sleeves. We will do this when we receive them if needed, so if nothing else, just wrap each one in waxed paper to keep them safe during transit.

If you like, it’s great to add a little note to your brave girl sister on the back, along with your name and where you live. We have heard many many times from women who have received Truth Cards that it just means so much to them to know that someone is thinking about them and cares about them. Your first name on the back of the card is just another layer of loving connection to pass along.

Brave Girls Club - Truth Cards

Once you’ve finished your cards, send them to: Brave Girls Club, 1309 N 39th Street, Suite 110, Nampa, ID 83687. We will lovingly unpack each one and send it along to a brave sister who needs the message you have created.

If you have a request for a place to send Brave Girl Truth Cards, just email us at along with the details on the recipient or organization, their mailing address, how many you are requesting, etc, and we will make sure that BG Truth Cards are sent to them right away.

We are soooooo thankful to be able to do with with all of you. It’s fun and fulfilling and really kinda miraculous that we can all be working on this project together. Big BIG thanks to each of you for moving this project forward!!

kathy and melody and the brave girl team


    • Sabrina Ross says

      Chris, I’m so glad that you love this project! <3 We are always always accepting truth cards, there’s always someone who could use a few. :)

  1. stephanie says

    I would be soooo happy to make more and send them off to you! This really is an amazing project! It is wonderful to be able to send love to a girl somewhere who needs it! XOXOXOX

    • Kathy Wilkins says

      Ellen I think melody just ordered blank playing cards online. But you can use any cards….kids flash cards, playing cards, UNO cards, old maid cards….anything works because you paint them or cover tHem with paper or fabric etc. have fun making them….and thank you so much!!!!

    • Lynn Baxley says

      If you live near a casino you can probably get (barely) used decks of card for free. Let them know it is for a charitable cause. Mine have a small hole drilled through the deck but can be covered by glued on test or art.

  2. Heidi says

    When I saw the size of that card, I immediately thought it could be made to fit into a wallet or calling card holder. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to have on hand when you see a mother in a store dealing with a disabled child, or somebody with a rebellious teen, and seeing the pain in the mother’s eyes?

    You are so sweet to share this.

    • Angela Vincent says

      I love this idea, Heidi. I already carry a couple of cards – one to connect to church and one to a teens club – but this would be such a wonderful way to show a little care that lasts beyond the moment. Thank you :-)

  3. Jessica says

    I work in a very, very rural community mental health center. The women that I am honored to work with are recovering from trauma, addictions, depression, anxiety, loss and self esteem. Would I be allowed to use the pdf to have these women make truth cards for themselves? I think this would be a hugely healing experience for them.

    • Kathy Wilkins says

      Yes of course! I can’t think of a more appropriate use!! Please give our love and warmest wishes to your ‘girls’. Xoxo

  4. Cheryl Andrews says

    I can’t wait to get started on some new cards! I love being able to do something for someone else, and it fulfills my desire to create! Thank you for giving me this opportunity-

  5. Robyn says

    This is a fantastic idea and I would love to do this with my friends and family. Will you accept them from Australia if I send them to you or is there a local branch down here for your amazing organisation

  6. says

    i so could have used a brave girl card many years ago… i will do some up and send and hope that my one card can make a difference. bless you you sweet brave soul!

  7. Darlene says

    i put out on Facebook to host a Truth Card party. Dec 3rd Open to whomever – I’m providing supplies. I know how impactful these things are having been a part of BGC. I left inspired and made a space to be able to host small groups of women so this is perfect for this time of year! Love your heart, Love your mission! Each of you rock! Malary, Kathy, Melody, Pam, etc etc etc…


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