1. Sarah says

    Starting over does a lot of things for me, mostly scares me though. I have been one of those (I thought) lucky souls that always knew what I wanted in life and knew my direction. The cool thing (so I thought) was that I had the ability to succeed in almost everything I put my mind to. So when my marriage started to unravel and my success at work was undermined and I seemed to be blindsided at every turn, I found myself a lost and scared little girl with the responsibilities of a Teacher and a Mother. So what does it all mean? So far it means that what I understand in my head and what I understand in my heart are two separate things entirely. It also means that perhaps I have to trust in something I don’t have complete control over…LIFE! at a time when trusting is probably the most difficult thing for me to do. Starting over also means that I have to face some of the hurts that I have hidden my entire life which I thought were put to rest. What I realized during the fallout of the life that I knew, is that those hurts come back and haunt you when you are feeling weak and insecure. Starting over will force me to FACE them and RETURN them to where they started. Sarah

  2. Martha says

    Starting over is what I’ve been working on for many months…to be ‘me’ again. There’s so much to learn to stand on my own and to be happy and healthy. Part of my starting over journey is yet to come … sometime this year… to start over after 21 years of marriage. I’ll be making the move – scary yet I know in my heart what I want and the first thing is being free to just be me. Starting over to me is blossoming and as others have stated, being the person God wants me to be. I have so much potential…. the excitement and joy yet to come is what keeps me going – knowing I’m headed in the right direction. THANK YOU Brave Girls Club!!!

  3. cheryl says

    Looks like I am not alone in the journey of starting over after 35 years of marriage. I found Brave Girls through a friend of mine and I too find that the messages of encouragement are just what I need at this stage of my life. Believing that I deserve to be honored, loved and cherished is refreshing for my soul. Don’t know how life got so far off track but I am ready to get this life of mine going in the right direction. To all of us “starting over” we are brave girls for sure!!!

  4. Colleen says

    Starting over after been with one man for 31 years is very daunting and scary but I now I can do this! Reading all the positive messages on BGC gives me the courage to strive for bigger and better things, happiness, peace and tranquility in my life. I know that God is watching over me and lead me on the right path, I deserve to be loved and cherished the way I have done to others over the years. Starting over to me means I derseve the best and will no longer settle for second best, I want to feel whole again and know that I am worthy of love and respect.

  5. Elise says

    Starting over after 39 years of marriage having the courage to divorce and embrace a new healthier life. I don’t know what is ahead, but I have faith that God will guild me forward. In fact, maybe he will just carry me for a while. Starting over is saying that I will not accept just crumbs, and that I have value and deserve respect and love not only from the people in my life but also from myself.

  6. Michelle Mallett says

    Starting over means remembering who you once were before life got in the way. You know when you are on the right path because it feels so very good! Is the picture above for sale? I love it!

  7. Genine Telepak says

    I love this piece of Artwork. I chose “Sacred Beginnings” as my word for the year. It reminds me of “Starting Over”. Simply put, “Starting Over means-SURRENDER! I have been able to approach each night as I go to bed a simple healing prayer-“God go back into my memory as I sleep, every hurt that has been done to me, heal that hurt. Every hurt that I have caused another person, heal that hurt. I choose to forgive and I ask to be forgiven. Remove whatever bitterness may be in my heart and fill the empty spaces with your love. Amen I am feeling whole again, when I choose “Sacred Beginnings or Starting Over, simply put, SURRENDER!

  8. Maria T McCabe says

    Starting over is the best gift you can give yourself at certain times in life. It means I know I have done all I can do but the best thing to do is to go back to the beginning and re-write the story. It is not failure, just another chance at a more fulfilling outcome.

  9. Marilyn Wegner says

    Starting over to me is dropping the things in my life that are not working and figuring out
    how to live proceed without all my old bagage . It is being free of the behaviors that have
    been holding me back and giving myself the opportunity to grow and be the person
    God intended me to be

  10. diana says

    wow, I really had to think about this, I didnt think I ever delt with “starting over” but i have many of times, but its been a long time since, and most likly well over do now that i think of it, maby we forget we have that choice of starting over, this feels real good knowing i can start over with a clean slate.
    Well starting over means to me, getting up brushing yourself off and moving forward, start over…

  11. says

    Just 2 days ago I had to start over AGAIN. I had hired an assistant (for the 1st time) to help me in my “real” job, she was wonderful in getting me organized and caught up, and gave me some of my life back…and then she gave her 2 weeks notice. My first reaction was pure terror, I knew I couldn’t go back to the way life was before. Once I was able to get through that moment I realized that this opportunity opened up entirely new doors for me that were going to improve my life even more. I realized that if she had not quite I would still be doing things the same way which would have left me in the same unhappy situation. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”…one of my favorite quotes. So true! Starting is over is so scary but so necessary sometimes.

  12. chrystal says

    .. starting over to me is simply stripping yourself from all the messiness & baggage, and “choosing” (yes,”choosing” being the operative word here :) )… to see your circumstance from a new perspective and embracing what life has to offer by moving forward. It’s so easy for all of us to get stuck in the muck…. in the past, but choosing to look forward & grasping this beautiful life for all that it has to offer… ahhhh, now that’s a gift that is available to ALL of us. Change is hard…. and difficult… and just plain confusing at times. But small, subtle changes in our thoughts or in our actions can begin the process to healing…

  13. Eileen Schuller says

    It’s the recognition that I’ve been holding my breath too long, trying to hard, locking up soul, spirit, mind and body around something that I thought needed to control and with one deep inhale and one sweet easing exhale releasing it all. Opening up with the next breath to something new. Starting over is just a breath away. Starting over is letting go. Starting over is a gift. Starting over is a mystery and an adventure.

  14. Niki in Baltimore says

    “Starting over” is daunting, scary, frightening and absolutely imperative sometimes.
    With hope in your heart, “starting over” can be exhilerating and freeing and the best thing that ever happened.

  15. Joyelle says

    Starting over to me means letting go of what I think my art will look like and embracing what wants to be born into the world through me. It means allowing the process to be joyful instead of being attached to specific outcomes. It means trusting that everything happens for a reason and all my past failures are really just part of an amazing journey that is leading me deeper into who I want to be in this world.

  16. Jeanie Martin says

    Starting over means to me that “attitude” is everything. Attitude changes everything but you don’t just get attitude from Amazon, you have to decide it in your own mind and carry it in your heart. Sometimes attitude takes practice before you truly start over.

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