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Brave Girls Club - Soul Restoration Online Class

Brave Girls Club - Soul Restoration

…the original YOU is still in there


Dearest Brave Girls,

Our most popular online course, SOUL RESTORATION, begins next week. We only offer it twice a year, so please please please, if you are ready to heal from everything that is holding you back and move forward bravely into your beautiful future, come join us!

| Details & Registration |  $99 ($25 for repeats)

It’s very hard for us to say enough about how strongly we feel about this class. What we know for SURE it that it has changed the lives of women just like you. So we thought we’d let some of those women tell you themselves what this class has done for them and why they recommend it to everyone they know:

In the getting messy art projects, my hands got busy while my head got quiet and I got a chance to really hear my own voice again. – K

I’m not sure I can put into words what Soul Restoration is doing for me. But since I don’t usually lack words, I’ll try anyway. I’ve never felt such release, such relief, such self-realization – and we’re only on Week 3. I’ve learned so much about myself – the good, the bad and the ugly… and it’s transforming my life into what my life had the potential of being. The tears, the smiles… the comradery of the other ladies in the course – the beauty of friendship… it has consumed me and I don’t even want to go to work – I want to stay home and work on my Soul…I can’t say enough about it. If you have the opportunity to do it – DO IT. Sandi

I would have to say this is easily one of the best classes I have ever taken. Ever. One of the ones I learned the most in and grew the most in. I am the kind of person who pays attention. I would say I am aware. I listen to myself. I watch and observe and try to learn and grow. And, still, I learned so very much about myself in this class, it’s almost impossible to explain how much. I had revelation after revelation. – K. G.

I am so excited about my life!! This class has been WONDERFUL!!! Finding Brave Girls is helping me create and live the life I never thought possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! This workshop changed my life! I am more aware of who I am, of what makes me happy, sad, tired, frustrated, joyful, peace-filled…and I know what I can do about it now!! This is one class I would recommend to everyone!!! — L.A.

When I started the class I wasn’t aware that I was in need of restoring. Funny to write that…but its true. I was just hoping to create art! I was looking for a way to get inspired again. What I got out of this class is so much more than just creating art. I learned that there are things in my life that have made me strong and brave. There are things in my life that have made me vulnerable. There are things that I am so grateful for…and things that I never want to think about again. The curriculum in the class helps you to come to grips with all of it. To take each piece of your life and examine it. To find peace in yourself, to gather it and take it into your soul. Each lesson is a gift. It is hard work and some lessons come easier than others….but they all matter and they all work and they all make you whole. Melody’s approach is like sitting with a girlfriend. It’s comfortable…its funny. Each week comes with videos…and honestly they were my favorite part. Being able to have her in front of you helping you understand that weeks’ lesson was a gift. My journey in Soul Restoration allowed me to connect back to who I am deep down. You don’t have to be an artist! There is so much more going on than the art…the art is a vehicle for healing. Watch the videos of the lesson…watch the art technique videos and most of all enjoy the process….its so very worth it! – S

I have never been so impressed or moved or motivated by anything as by this class. I am not sure if it’s “the turning 50 thing” everyone talks about or if it’s just that I’ve reached a crossroad in my life where I NEED to make some changes, but this class is just amazing. If you are unhappy with your life (or you can use “discontent” if that makes you feel less guilty); if you feel that you want a “different” life for yourself; if as a woman you are feeling unfulfilled and that there is just “something missing” – take this class. Scrimp and save for the $99 if you have to. But take it. You will not regret it. – E

We hope these reviews will get you curious enough that you’ll go HERE to learn a little more about Soul Restoration and what taking part could mean to you.

In a nutshell you’ll watch fun, entertaining, and deeply effective videos (it’ll be as if you’re sitting right with Melody), you’ll make beautiful art to help you remember the things you are learning and committing to yourself, and you’ll be able to connect with other women who are on a similar journey. And you’ll do it all at any time that works best for you, at your own pace, and your own schedule.

Like so many other women, this may be the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a long, long time. We hope you will join us! We get started this Tuesday, February 26.

melody and kathy

| Details & Registration |

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If you’ve already registered, watch your email inbox for your LOGIN/PASSWORD email which will be sent on Tuesday morning. We’re excited to get started!!


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