The GOOD NEWS about Art School 1:

  • Art School 1 is re-opened as a complete package for $99 (new students)…
  • Repeats from 2012 are just $25…
  • Access the online classroom through January 1, 2014!

And more GOOD NEWS about Art School 2-Wings:

What this means to you: 

This means you can take advantage of the INCREDIBLE amount of material in each of these fun artsy classes without worrying that you will run out of time.

AND you can easily take a ‘break’ to take another class like Soul Restoration at the same time without sacrificing focus so that you can get the very most out of every class you take.

Later this year, both of these jam-packed packages will be broken into individual classes with a combined value of over $499 EACH and offered as LifeArt A La Carte classes for those who want to pick and choose which modules they take. Access through the end of the year for the $99 package price is a phenomenal value! Just ask anyone who is taking one of these classes already!

Let’s get busy making art!

brave girls club - funky flowers - Art School 1


Important: Although these courses are called Art School 1 and 2, you do NOT have to take them in any particular order. They are stand-alone classes that you can do at your own pace and on your own schedule. If you have a thing for wings, go ahead and take it first! Your call.

Let’s have some artsy fun, friends!!