Auctioning Off My Favorite Cowgirl Boots (and the little ‘favorite things revolution’ it started…) all for THE DAHLIA HOUSE.

melody's bootsAren’t these beautiful boots? Well..they are my most prized possession and they could be yours!! I said I was going to do it and you can bet that I am. Yes, tears have been shed over this…but it wouldn’t be a sacrifice if I didn’t love these boots so much, now would it?

They really are my most prized possession. I never would EVER have imagined myself spending the kind of money that these cost on a clothing item. However…I decided that if I saved and sacrificed…these would be my reward for some really hard work.

I had my first solo art show at the end of 2011…sold 36 paintings…a body of work that took me years to finish. When I was done….these boots were my reward. Their sweetness has not worn off in my heart. They sit on a pedestal in my closet and I often walk over and rub them, turn them around and stare at them…blow kissees at them…


Old Gringo, Sora … retail price over $500

back of boots

..and I’m going to be honest and tell you that there is a weak part of me that hoped that we would have all of the money raised so that auctioning the boots would not be necessary…

…but it is time to walk the talk, my friends.

I SAW WHAT I SAW IN MANILA AND I WALKED WHERE I WALKED AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH OUR SISTERS THERE AND I REFUSE TO DO NOTHING. Along with FULL CIRCLE EXCHANGE, we dived right into the world of human trafficking and we will never be the same.

girls on the street

And these boots are so beautiful…and so are the hundreds of other things we are auctioning off…but I don’t want to lose sight of why we are doing this….we are doing this, because we have sisters in Manila, and all over the world…who are enslaved and forced to do horrific things in “VIP ROOMS” like this one…that I saw with my own eyes in a brothel or “bar” on the streets of Manila….where I met my first trafficked girls and women…at a karaoke bar/brothel by night..and a notary public business by day…this was the first one I stood inside of…

karaoke bar


the room that left me speechless, choking, without breath or words….a little cave in the corner, with a dirty curtain and a dirty sheet covering this awful bed-like thing….


VIP room

a room where souls are stripped and turned to throw-away bodies.

….so today, I am begging you to stand up and refuse to do nothing. I am going to ask you to do something…anything.

Alongside FULL CIRCLE EXCHANGE, and SHE’S WORTH IT, our partners in fighting human trafficking, We are hosting an auction tomorrow….to sell things that many of you have donated…many of our favorite belongings, works of art and services………all of the proceeds will go to buy the Dahlia House in Manila.  A new house through the amazing efforts of Kenny Sacht and WIPE EVERY TEAR.

On Monday, the house must be purchased or the deal is off. That is why we are in such a big hurry. These are the girls who live in the small safe house now…we are buying a bigger one….there are 5 more girls waiting to come and live there. It is one thing to be is another to be able to stay free. Without a home…they can not stay free…

girls of 8ope 8ouse

I am of the praying variety. I pray a lot. I get myself in all sorts of situations that I need help with….often needing miracles…so I pray. Yesterday I cried A LOT because things felt a little bit beyond possibility.

It is Spring Break…it was my daughter’s 17th Birthday. My new line of products were launching that day. ALL OF IT WOULD HAVE TO BE SET ASIDE to make this happen. So…we all sat down….and we decided that not only is this cause worth my favorite boots…but Madi decided it was worth sacrificing her birthday, her birthday presents, her birthday party…so it could all be donated… the time, the money, the energy. The Brave Girls Club team decided that our product launch could be set aside to make this happen……and my kids decided that all of our Spring Break plans could be set aside to make this happen.

Here is a little 1 minute plea from my 17 year old daughter, who gave up her birthday to make this happen…

Movie on 2013-03-27 at 12.16

So we are spending this time putting together this auction…..our last effort to raise the money for Dahlia House.

The most beautiful thing happened when I said I was going to sell my most prized possession….a whole bunch of others stood up and said they would do the same…and others said they would CREATE something JUST for this auction. I love this amazing painting from world renowned artist, Pixie Campbell. She painted it as a tribute to the bravery of these girls..and ANYONE who escapes any kind of slavery…..

pixies painting

And…..if YOU feel called to help. Now’s the time, beautiful soul. We need you now. We need several thousand more dollars by Easter Sunday so the deal can get sealed on Monday.

The auction will be THURSDAY AND FRIDAY…..if you want to just donate…go HERE and you can make a tax deductable donation of any amount…all of it adds up and all of it helps….we have gotten a very long way $10, $20 and $100 at a time … we know we can finish out strong….

If you haven’t seen it yet…here’s a video explaining what we are trying to do…


Here are some more items you will see in the auction that starts THURSDAY NIGHT and goes til FRIDAY NIGHT….



ANOTHER PAIR of brand new Old Gringos…worth over $500 … size 8.5

My donation for Dahlia House Auction


an amazing pair of vintage boots…I love these!!

awesome vintage boots


The most incredible vintage jacket!!

amazing lace jacket

Several gorgeous handmade PEACE necklaces

peace necklaces

2 authentic Jeanne Oliver Designs bags

jeanne oliver bags

An amazing vintage Poloroid camera that works perfectly + 3 packages of film

and more original art!

Celina's poloroid

an amazing selection of vintage tooled purses……so gorgeous!

tooled purses

and a favorite original painting by artist Kolleen Harrison of LoveWild ….with a beautiful little story behind it….

kolleens love

We even have a genuine Louis Vuitton handbag………donated by Jeanette Priddy from Full Circle Exchange…one of her favorite things she is letting go of…

louis vuitton

THis is just a very small sampling of the beautiful things to be found!

The auction will be held starting Thursday evening through readysetauction and we will have more details for you very soon!

Remember as you are buying…this is not just to purchase a lot of wonderful, beautiful, favorite things…this is for these girls…our sisters. Be generous with your bids…it will do SO MUCH GOOD!

and…thank YOU for BEING so so sooo good.

Sending you all so much love,




  1. Pam says

    Is there an e-mail I can have Paypal send money to? It’s easy…just go to your Paypal Acc’t; click on send money; then enter and e-mail address where the money will go to (doesn’t MFT have a way of collecting the money that comes in to their e-mail for this cause?). Tell us how we can give money…..bottom line: that’s what you need!!!!

  2. Frankie Brost says

    @Kathy Wilkins–thank you!! I saw the beautiful items up for auction!! So fun!!
    I’ll be bidding soon! Best wishes and praying the goal is met!! XO! Frankie

  3. Gina says

    Kathy and Melody, I have gone on the BG site numerous times today and yesterday and I do not know how to go about bidding on auction items. Can you tell me how to do it? Also, is it too late to donate?

    • Kathy Wilkins says

      Frankie, we are still working on putting in all of the items! It’ll be this evening…sorry for the wait! We had no idea it would take this long…wait until you see! And I will reply to your personal email soon, too. So nice to hear from you, friend!! love, kathy

  4. Judy Nadler says

    To make a sacrifice today that will change the future of these brave women who deserve a better life and a safe home is a “no-brainer.” I’m in, and will be promoting the fundraising and auction on Facebook. We can do this!!
    XXOO to Melody, Kathy, Maddy (happy birthday) and all the brave girls who work everyday to support their sisters here and around the world.

  5. Joanna Kelley says

    We just made a donation. How much do we have to raise so Melody can keep her boots? C’mon Brave Girls — fork over some cash!!! You’ll feel so much better for it!

  6. Dianne West says

    I’m praying that whoever gets the winning bid on your beautiful boots will give them right back to you, dear Melody. They really must stay on that pedestal in your closet … and the $$$$ really must go to Dahlia House. I’m not sure how the auction works – and I’ll be at work and unable to participate during the day … but rest assured I’ll be bidding when I can to make that happen!

  7. Shae says

    Oh Melody … you have such a beautiful heart and soul. You are bringing so many of us together to help these sweet Brave Girls. I am believing prayers will be answered.


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