Kindness Messages…ready for you to pass out to the world!

Hi Guys!!! TOMORROW WE ARE STARTING!!! We will be handing out kind messages to people on the day after Thanksgiving, all through the holidays. For everyone all over the world who is going to join us in the BGC Holiday Challenge…’s a PDF to download 3 pages of messages…so now all you have to do is print them out, cut them out and pass them out….if you want to go a step further, you can pass them out with hot chocolate and cookies!!! Make sure you videotape it or at least take some photos and we will include you in our video in early January.


if the link doesn’t work, just copy and paste this address into your browser…

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, watch this little video and we will explain!!! (you can see it much bigger a few posts down from here….)

WE HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US!!! Read all about the challenge HERE




100 AWESOME THINGS!!! You might SEE YOURSELF in the movie!!!

see it??? RIGHT DOWN THERE??

If ya can’t see it…..CLICK HERE YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!


  1. Kristi says

    I watched your video a while ago and I just remembered it today when I was trying to come up with an idea for decorating the girls’ bathroom during our Teen Camp this summer. I am so glad that you have these saved in a pdf file so I can just print them out, cut them apart and then tape them all around for the girls to read. I hope the girls will take the truths to heart!

  2. says

    I work for Southeastern University & we have four female resident directors who are in constant contact with the ladies on campus. As part of a little Christmas gift, my friend/coworker & I made little Ball jars with grosgrain ribbon filled with the words of kindness to put in their office. That way they can grab one when they need it or the ladies that visit their office can grab one. And, one of the resident directors is making them in turn for the leadership in her area.

  3. says

    Hit the streets with my “kindness” artillary! My youngest, 10, was with me, when I handed one to the checker at K-mart. She read it, broke out in a huge grin and said, Thank you–I really needed that. My daughter said, Mom, what did you give her to make her smile? So I showed Sammie, she asked if she could have her own pocket of kindness……and so it goes, on and on and on!! Thank you so much for the reminder to be kind every day, all day!! Blessings this holiday season and I absolutely cannot wait to meet you all in July!!

  4. says

    I am leaving one in my daughters lunch everyday…she’s a freshman in high school and needs to be reminded how awesome she is.
    I also had them in my purse and left them in peoples carts at the store when they weren’t looking…it was so fun seeing their reactions!
    Gave one to the salvation army bell ringer with my donation too.

  5. says

    Awesome! Thank you for the print outs! I loved the video and have been thinking about how I could do this, you are wonderful and I am so very grateful to have the Brave Girls Club in my life 😀

  6. says

    I love this idea so much! I printed out the pages, cut them into strips and stuffed them into my apron pocket at work yesterday. At random times I asked someone to reach into my pocket for a happy thought. It was wonderful to see the reaction as they read their messages. Photos? No. Why? Because as I came around the corner on my way to get my camera, my son, who is stationed in Iraq, was standing in front of me. It was a complete surprise and all I could do, after I realized it was really him, was hug him and cry. As I turned around to explain, there was a quilt shop full of cutomers standing there watching us with tears in their eyes. The camera will have to wait for another day. :)

  7. says

    Oh Heather, loved reading your message this morning. Praying God will continue to bless you and change your heart.

    I just wanted to say that for those of you with no car or video camera like me, you can still do this with your cell or computer. You can leave texts, emails even messages on FB and blogs and then take pictures if you want to share your kindness here.

    Also you can do this with your neighbors and your kids. We write encouraging and sweet messages on our mirrors and glass doors, even on the frig. It all wipes off and I know my daughter and exchange daughter woke up with smiles when she was living here last year. I believe kindness starts from home and in our homes. Work from the inside out!

    Hope everyone is having fun today delivering their messages. Enjoy this ever so beautiful, awesome weekend and life we have been given. <3

  8. says

    I am printing these and taking them with us tomorrow as I take my girls on an outing…I can not wait to watch them spread the love….the next generation of brave girls!!! (and yes, I’ll take pictures!)

  9. says

    I love, love this idea, ladies! I just read about an author (can’t remember her name) who goes to the self-help section in a bookstore and leaves notes like the ones you wrote inside them for people to find. I thought that was so touching.

    I’m totally keeping these messages in my purse…right next to my Brave Girl notes to read at stoplights..on certain days they make all the difference.
    love you all so much! I’m saying continual prayers for all the Brave Girl Dreams to come true..I know they will.

  10. says

    Participating in this TOTALLY made my day today! I was initially feeling down about not having a bunch of money to blow shopping. When I went out to get the few things I could, I focused instead on passing out your Kindness Messages.

    This is HANDS DOWN the very very best way I have EVER started out the Holiday Season. AND… without a doubt, the very very very best way I can imagine focusing on the REAL reason for the Christmas Season.

    Thank you for bringing us this idea. It has changed me!

  11. val gould says

    this touched me deeply this morning! I saw it on margies site!
    I took the challenge and am running with it!
    im at work right now. I started with co workers i dont normally talk to.
    its amazing!
    thanks for the challenge!
    I made 35 and have passed out 5….30 more messages of kindness love and hope to go!
    amazing! simply amazing!

  12. Emily says

    What wonderful messages, I have been leaving them around the place at work & giving them to people…
    tomorrow I’m going to make some fortune cookies with these messages inside & take them into town to give away.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration!!


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