why SoulBook is the PERFECT summertime project

Summertime is the perfect time to create a beautiful, chunky little artsy SoulBook full of all of the things your beautiful heart knows, but sometimes forgets…

No big commitment, simple and inexpensive supplies. This is an awesome class you can finish while you’re on vacation, hanging out at home, or having a fun beachy weekend with the girls (of ANY age)!!

Brave Girls Club - Soul Book

“Are you like me? Do you ever have times when you find you have forgotten who you are are, what you want out of life, and what you are about? Your SoulBook  will help on those days…it will be a sort of guidebook for your soul…to use when you are feeling lost…ya know?

I wanted to design a fun, beautiful, quick art journal/book out of simple, inexpensive supplies like cardboard and tape, and THIS is that class. I LOVE IT and can’t wait to teach you how to make your own.

I’ll show you how to gather a whole bunch of this and that and use it to collage onto your pages. Then I’ve written pages and pages of words and sentences for you to choose from and cut out for your pages…things that every Brave Girl heart needs to remember…things that we sometimes forget.

Most important of all is that you bring yourself along so that YOUR SoulBook is uniquely yours. I’ll walk you through every step and give you lots and lots of ideas that will guide you through creating your very own beautiful, soul-stirring  SoulBook that you will LOVE!

XOXO Melody

Class Details

    • This class is Open Registration, which means you can start it ANYTIME you’re ready! No need to wait for a special session; YOU choose your start date.
    • This project can take as little as 6 hours to complete (depending on how artsy and detailed you want to get. YOU get to choose.)
    • Although you can complete this book in a day (we’ve done it in a live class) the online classroom will be available to you for 3 months after your registration date.


    1. Instructional class videos with melody…you’ll feel like you are right in the Art Barn sitting side by side!
    2. Downloadable printable pdf
    3. Easy step by step photos of exactly how to put the book together
    4. 18 (YES, 18!!!)  basic art technique videos to give you lots of ideas to get your creative juices going: Texture Techniques 1-4, Timelapse of Melody collaging, Junk & Textures 1-4. Chipart Techniques 1 & 2, Sewing Techniques 1-3, Painting Techniques 1&2, Mod Podge 1 & 2, PLUS ‘Shopping for Art Supplies’. You’ll have access to ALL these videos for the length of the class!
    5. For inspiration….photos of SoulBooks created by some of the Brave Girl Team…Melody, Kathy, Hilarie, Carl (YES, a guy…wait til you see his!), Camille, and Maria. Patrice’s is coming soon! (See a sneak peek of these photos here.)
    6. An online community group and Photo Gallery JUST for this class where you can post photos of your beautiful projects and share them with others

Only $49 (register here)

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Several small photos of yourself and your life printed on regular copy paper (just off of your home printer is great…make them 1” – 3” in size…) *these are ANY photos at any time in your life….anything that tells the story of YOU. We all love our families and friends…but remember this book is about YOU….so make sure you bring more photos of yourself than of your family and friends! :)
  • 9 pieces of thick cardboard cut to 6” x 9”.  Not cardstock and not chipboard (cut this with a utility knife from a cardboard box…it needs to be thick cardboard with corrugated cardboard in the middle…at least 1/8” thick)
  • A few rolls of fabric tape, gaffer tape, or masking tape. You could substitute athletic/bandaging fabric tape (found in the pharmacy section of most drugstores). You can paint or mod podge over it, so color/design don’t matter much.
  • A roll of masking tape at least 1” wide
  • A bottle of Mod Podge or other collage medium, either gloss or matte
  • A tube of black heavy-body acrylic paint
  • A tube of white heavy-body acrylic paint
  • 3-5 colors of your favorite craft or artist acrylic paint (tube or bottle…doesn’t matter)
  • Several paint brushes in different sizes (you will want a bigger brush to collage with, and 1 or more smaller brushes to paint with)
  • A pair of scissors that you can use for paper and fabric A palette knife or two
  • A cheap putty knife from the hardware store
  • A stash of your favorite scraps & treasures….
  • An old white candle or Acrylic Sealer Spray – to spray on your finished pages to keep them from sticking together
  • Waxed paper to put between your pages while your book is a work in progress

AND…here are some things that would be lovely to have:
-some random pretty buttons
-pieces of broken jewelry
-pretty little beads that you adore
-pieces of your favorite fabrics (even pieces of old clothes or blankets)
-bits of lace and pieces of old tablecloths or pillow cases that have been embroidered
-pieces of beautiful paper that you love
-random charms
-magazine clippings of beautiful things that make you happy to look at
-magazine clippings of words that describe you and make you happy
-pieces of ephemera from your life….wrappers, receipts, tags, notes and cards you have kept, things you have doodled on, quotes you have jotted down, event tickets, things on your dream list…..you get the idea…:)
-anything that is pretty, makes you happy, has texture and that you can glue down….

You’ll also need access to a good computer with high speed internet access in order to watch the instructional videos and print the pdfs.

This is such a fun and meaningful class!
We absolutely LOVE our 
SoulBooks and look at them almost every day.

You will love yours, too! 

Register Here

PS. CLICK HERE for some sneak peeks at SoulBooks made by Melody and the BG Team. Every one is different and unique and powerfully special…just like each person. We wonder what YOURS will look like…. :)



  1. Kamali Masters says

    Hi Melody, Just wanting to know if i have to buy a journal for this workshop OR do we make the journal?

    • melody says

      Kamali…we make the journal out of cardboard…it is really easy and you just use old cardboard boxes and cut them to size…i hope you will join us! xoxo

  2. Debbie Powyszynski says

    I love this! I just wondered if this class is $25.00 or $49.00. When I clicked on classes it says 25 then click on register it says 49. I’m looking forward to this project I did the canvas class and it was awesome.

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