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UPDATE: Aaaaaaand the winner isssssss….. Laura

 Here is your comment so you know it’s you!

“I pinned the image with the Radio Flyer – just made me SO happy for some reason! And, this weekend, I saw – and felt – 3 of my four beautiful daughters hanging out in my room with me. Laughing, talking loudly, and just being together! That, to me, is BEAUTIFUL!!”

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Thank you so much for participating, everyone. I have loved reading your comments about the beauty in your life… there is so much goodness when we seek it. :) Don’t forget that these awesome tools are on sale for the rest of the week!!


Well, first of all… it is THEE most beautiful morning here in Idaho. I was up at the crack of dawn and I watched all the different phases of the sun rising. It took my breath away. Check this out! Completely untouched…. sunrise2 sunrise3 sunrise1 Isn’t that incredible? It just kept getting prettier and prettier. We live in one amazing world, don’t we? Anyway… let’s get down to this fun giveaway business! If you’re crazy about Chip Art like us, then you are going to LOVE the giveaway and sale this week. And if you’re not familiar with Chip Art… no worries, we’ll get you educated right here. :) block & mallet sale You probably know that we are totally IN LOVE with Chip Art supplies and they are a huge hit at Brave Girl Camp. We’ve mentioned our “Chip Art Room” in the Art Barn… a whole room dedicated to all the supplies where we can go and pound our litte hearts away.  Their possibilities are so limitless… use them to add beautiful, debossed designs to chip board, leather, clay, hardcover books, soft metals, canvas panels… the list goes on. These tools are a lifetime investment… and we know you’ll be addicted the second you touch them! block and mallet 1 These are a couple of videos that will tell you everything you’ll want to know… Introduction to ChipArt Chip Art Tutorial and Ideas This week we have a sale going on in the Brave Girls Shoppe for 20% Off the Chip Art Mallet and the Chip Art Block. Those are the basic needs for you to get started with all the rest of the tools! block and mallet 2 Head over to the online shoppe to check out all the other amazing Chip Art supplies… there are SO MANY! But first, enter the Pin it to Win it Giveaway and maybe you’ll get lucky and win one of these gems! It’s very simple to enter, just follow the steps below:

  • Choose your favorite image from this post and ‘pin’ it to Pinterest.
  • To make it super easy, there’s a little button at the top and bottom of this post that says “Pin It”, so just click that button and select the image(s) you want to pin.
  • If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you will be guided through setting up a free account when you click on the “Pin It” icon. Or go to this link to join Pinterest.
  • Then come back to this post and comment, saying that you pinned… and tell us about something beautiful you saw this weekend!
  • At noon on Tuesday (MDST) we’ll randomly choose a winner from the comments, verify the Pins over at Pinterest, and post the name of the winner right here in this post.

Alright, get pinning! And don’t forget to check back on THIS post tomorrow afternoon to see if you are the winner! Have the most wonderful day. xoxo


  1. Gypsy Chaos says

    http://pinterest.com/pin/284289795200932902/ I pinned your sunrise3 photo – which I was going to pin once I read the post! It is a GORGEOUS sunrise!

    I saw the most beautiful thing this past weekend at dinner on Sunday. My three young adult offspring, my husband, plenty of food and good conversation. Moments like these are becoming less frequent as they go their own ways. I cherish having them living at home – for now. ; )

  2. Linda Neel says

    I pinned the chocolate desert because I LOVE CHOCOLATE! The most beautiful thing I saw this week was a rainbow shining through the rain clouds in New Mexico (which is rare these days!). It reminded me of when I was a Rainbow Girl growing up and of the promises of GOD…….

  3. stacykathleen says

    I pinned it♥ The sunrise was fabulous and I love the colors of the wagon, the blue and the browns of the crafting supplies♥

  4. Judie says

    I pinned the block and mallet. This past weekend, I watched an osprey sore over the river and trees, clutching a fish in its claws, then land in it’s nest and feed the babies. It was very majestic and peaceful!

  5. fancyscrapper says

    I pinned it! http://pinterest.com/pin/29695678765915006/ Thanks for a chance to win!

    What did I see that was beautiful this weekend? Two of my beautiful daughters returned home after working trips. That was a beautiful sight indeed! One more chick is still gone for the whole month, and when she floats home, they’ll all be back for awhile again.

    Savoring this.

  6. Jen Savage says

    Thank you for the gorgeous sunrise picture! I pinned the tools in the wagon because my kids love using them! The beautiful thing I saw this weekend was women consoling a sister who feels like she’s not reaching her potential because she hasn’t been able to have children and generally cheering each other on. Beautiful moment.

  7. says

    I pinned the Radio Flyer wagon and chip art supplies on my craft ideas board. The most beautiful thing I saw this weekend was a miniature horse farm and of course my turkey – Fred and my chickens – Faith, Hope, Joy and Charity.

  8. Cynthia Long says

    Pinned! I used sunrise #1. The most beautiful thing I saw this weekend was a movie with my family. I was able to get out of the house for a little bit despite the pain from my fibromyalgia. Normally I miss out on so much that my husband and son do, but not this time! ;0)

  9. says

    I pinned one of your lovely sky photos to my Special Places board. It’s such a gift to be in the right place at the right time to catch life’s beauty! Thanks for sharing! My week-end brought the faces of my college-aged kids home for the summer, in the same place at the same time, watching a movie together! Those moments are as fleeting as the sun rise in my home. V

  10. Wendi says

    Pinned the radio flyer picture! So many beautiful moments…hmmmm…to choose one, I guess it would be the way the sun was shining off of Mt Adams over here in Central Washington on a crisp clear summer day :)

  11. Amy says

    I pinned it! Something beautiful I saw this weekend was the Monet Garden at a local Arboretum – gorgeous! The water lilies were the biggest I had ever seen.

  12. Trisha says

    I pinned three things from this post — I loved the second sunrise photo just before the sun peek over the hills. Beautiful!
    I also pinned the part at the top of the post — I love that, and it is so very true.
    I also pinned the block and mallet – but not really because of that, but the alpha featured in the photo is the one I aspire to own. 😉

  13. Laurie says

    Pinned! The most beautiful thing I saw this weekend was the surface of my craft table!!! It’s been buried under product and paper for months. Hopefully I cleaned it off just in time to play with the Chipart Goodies I’m going to WIN!!! heehee

  14. Loretta Jones says

    I pinned your beautiful sunrise picture. It brought tears to my eyes at this tender time in
    Arizona, thinking of those incredible 19 firemen who lost their lives trying to defend our countryside, which looks very similar to this beautiful picture. How blessed we are to be
    surrounded by such beauty in this world, and such good, kind and devoted people who are
    willing to give all they have for the safety and happiness of others. The tributes to these men I am seeing every day bring a great deal of sadness, but at the same time a great deal of joy
    and gratitude.

  15. Wild Kristin says

    Pinned your beautiful sunrise and the cool mallet and sample letters. The most beautiful thing I saw this weekend was the sweet, laughing face of my great nephew!

  16. Lannette Ring says

    I pinned it! I saw the beautiful mountains of Montana for the first time this weekend and a black bear!

  17. Laura says

    I pinned the image with the Radio Flyer – just made me SO happy for some reason!
    And, this weekend, I saw – and felt – 3 of my four beautiful daughters hanging out in my room with me. Laughing, talking loudly, and just being together! That, to me, is BEAUTIFUL!!

  18. Amber says

    Pinned it! Loved watching my cat lay in the sun spot shining through the window ~ seeing the utter contentment in her face.

  19. Julie A Cordwell says

    Pinned it to win it! The beautiful site I saw this weekend was my family sitting down around the dinner table to eat a home-cooked Greek meal that I cooked for them. I don’t get to spend my days cooking much anymore, and it’s rare for the family to sit down together. I was so grateful as I looked at each one of them. Grateful for my family, my home, the time to spend with them, and the freedom to be who I am becoming (with the help of BBC of course!)

  20. Anna says

    I pinned sunrise 1. Beautiful ! A beautiful site this weekend – all my babies with fur sleeping at the foot of our bed. Two cats, Chevy and Nugget, and our old gal dog, Abby.

  21. says

    I pinned the radio flyer wagon full of chip art goodness! Because playing and pounding leather at BG Camp reminds me of carefree childhood days. And this past holiday weekend I saw so many beautiful things: fireworks over the bay, waves breaking on the sand, my son’s happy face, my dog’s playful leaps, my husband’s fishing victorious smile, the sun and the stars.

  22. Cris says

    I pinned your mallet, and your FABULOUS sample letters…!!!!

    I was camping near the Haymen fire (Colorado) and was in awe of God’s majesty – the area is slowly being reborn, but in the meantime we are seeing things that would have been hidden if not for the scorched land…

  23. says

    I proudly pinned the mallet and Chip Art Block.
    It was a beautiful sight to have my tribe home for a delicious bbq’d salmon dinner (my family of four + Grandma and my Aunt) this past weekend.

  24. joyce avans says

    I pinned the raspberry chocolate deliciousness! My beautiful moment, a humming bird at my pineapple sage bush.

  25. Traccie says

    I pinned it. I loved watching my five year old watching the fireworks. It was a beautiful thing.

  26. Ann Beardall Anderson says

    I pinned it! I had the most beautiful weekend, so picking one thing is really difficult. I saw love in it’s purest form. I saw nature in the best and worst of circumstances. I saw pure happiness and joy and the second most beautiful sunrises and sunsets from my home in Colorado!

  27. Julie B says

    I pinned the mallet and Chip Art Block. I saw a lot of beauty this past weekend. My favorite was when a young girl signed a poster for Wounded Warriors and wrote “Go Warriors!”. She was smiling as she wrote it, and I bet it brings smiles to the Wounded Warrior group who will receive the poster. God Bless America!

  28. Antoniette Saunders says

    Pinned it, of course! 😉 And I saw so many beautiful things, but the one that tickled me most is my 2 year old kissing my 5 year old’s shoulder when she bumped it on the corner of a table … nothing artsy, nothing colorful, just beautiful compassion today in a world that needs it <3

  29. kristina says

    I pinned the block & mallet to my “products i love” board. The sky is one of my love languages…seriously! A nice cloudy morning was my beautiful this weekend.

  30. Carren Panico says

    I pinned the sunrise. So beautiful. For my own beauty we are on vacation this week and yesterday I was up early looking at the placid water. It was so serene and peaceful. No picture though, just images in my mind.

  31. Joanna May says

    I pinned the block and mallet. So something beautiful I say was the the love on my autistic son’s face when his new puppy crawled on his lap and began to lick his nose.

  32. DeEtta says

    Just started the “Wings Art Class” so I am sure this would come in handy! Thanks. The sunrise pictures are beautiful. We also have beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Kansas. They are just so awesome!

  33. Pamela Aulds says

    I pinned the Block & mallet,,,,Something beautiful I saw this weekend was the look of surprise & total excitement on my grand-daughters face as she saw her brand-new little puppy for the 1st time…it was Love at 1st sight….:)

  34. Amanda Milne says

    I saw my family laughing, playing, praying, watching fireworks, picnicking and enjoying life all together. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Sure do hope I win this set, I have been eyeing it for a very, very long time!!!!!!!!

  35. Kelly Mc says

    I pinned your beautiful Sunrise 2 photo! Something beautiful I saw this weekend???? Hmmmm, ahhhh I know, the backyard filled with lightning bugs just after sunset! It was a spectacular light show! It completely made up for skipping the fireworks in the heat!

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