*WINNERS POSTED* Free Soul Restoration Tuition & Amazing Prizes + 24 Hour Lighting Sale!



First off, thank you so, so, so much for your participation and for spreading the message around to so many women! Our hearts have been softened for you as we read through your comments and we just really hope that every single one of you beautiful souls will be able to take this class. Don’t forget about the 24-hour lightning sale that started  this morning at 5:00 MDST– big discount!!!

Congratulations to our three winners!

Jody Bunda

Sarah Treanor

Janeen (no laste name posted)

If you three could just shoot me an email to malary@bravegirlsclub.com, I will get your awesome packages sent out to you this week and you’ll be registered for Soul Restoration to start on August 6th!!!

Sending so much love to all of you brave girls. (There are 60,000+ of you as of this weekend– WOO HOO!) You’ve got until tomorrow morning at 5:00 MDST to catch the sale price, don’t miss it! Have a wonderful week!


Our most popular online class, Soul Restoration, is starting up again on August 6th and three of you lucky girls will be winning tuition! Not only will you get access to this incredible life-changing class, but you will also receive a box of some really wonderful Brave Girl goodies right at your front door. Now how does that sound?! Hang with me for a moment and I’ll let you know how to enter the contest…

SR prizes

Soul Restoration is an 8-lesson class which will be open all the way until January 1, 2014… that way you will be able to watch the lesson videos and do the assignments on your own schedule and at your own pace. This is the last session of 2013 and we REALLY don’t want you to miss out!

If you are not familiar with our online classes, head over to this page to learn all about Soul Restoration… don’t forget to come right back to enter the contest for free tuition!

Brave Girls Club - Soul Restoration

Thousands of wonderful women from all over the world have joined us in taking Soul Restoration over the past few years and it has been an amazing experience to interact with them through our online community… here’s what a few of them have to say about Soul Restoration:

“There are just no words to describe how this course has changed my life! My friends and family have told me what a difference they can actually see in me. I’m stronger, more courageous and not afraid of living this life I’ve chosen to live and keep on the path I am on. My proudest thing I’ve done for myself is learning how to get rid of toxic people and things that were keeping me down and feeling so yucky about myself! Melody makes you feel so encouraged and loved even though you haven’t met her personally! I can’t thank Brave Girls enough for how they’ve changed my life and my outlook on life and people enough! I will be a Brave Girl FOREVER!…” -Renee Barrere

“I’m not sure I can put into words what Soul Restoration is doing for me. But since I don’t usually lack words, I’ll try anyway. ;-) I’ve never felt such release, such relief, such self-realization – and we’re only on Week 3. I’ve learned so much about myself – the good, the bad and the ugly… and it’s transforming my life into what my life had the potential of being. The tears, the smiles… the comradery of the other ladies in the course – the beauty of friendship… it has consumed me and I don’t even want to go to work – I want to stay home and work on my Soul…I can’t say enough about it. If you have the opportunity to do it – DO IT.” -Sandi

“I am so excited about my life!! This class has been WONDERFUL!!! Finding Brave Girls is helping me create and live the life I never thought possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! This workshop changed my life! I am more aware of who I am, of what makes me happy, sad, tired, frustrated, joyful, peace-filled…and I know what I can do about it now!! This is one class I would recommend to everyone!!!” -L.A.

“When I started the class I wasn’t aware that I was in need of restoring. Funny to write that…but its true. I was just hoping to create art! I was looking for a way to get inspired again. What I got out of this class is so much more than just creating art. I learned that there are things in my life that have made me strong and brave. There are things in my life that have made me vulnerable. There are things that I am so grateful for…and things that I never want to think about again. The curriculum in the class helps you to come to grips with all of it. To take each piece of your life and examine it. To find peace in yourself, to gather it and take it into your soul. Each lesson is a gift. It is hard work and some lessons come easier than others….but they all matter and they all work and they all make you whole. Melody’s approach is like sitting with a girlfriend. It’s comfortable…its funny. Each week comes with videos…and honestly they were my favorite part. Being able to have her in front of you helping you understand that weeks’ lesson was a gift. My journey in Soul Restoration allowed me to connect back to who I am deep down. You don’t have to be an artist! There is so much more going on than the art…the art is a vehicle for healing. Watch the videos of the lesson…watch the art technique videos and most of all enjoy the process….its so very worth it!” – S

So if you’re thinking that you’d like to give it a shot, here’s how to enter the contest…

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, explaining why you want to take Soul Restoration… Why would it be good for you??? If you have already taken Soul Restoration and want to do it again, leave a comment saying what you got out of it and how YOUR life was changed.

It’s as easy as that! And if you’re an over-achiever, you can ‘pin’ one of the images from this post to Pinterest and leave another comment saying you did so.

Here are all the AWESOME prizes that will show up on your doorstep along with your Soul Restoration tuition!

SR prizes

  • a signed copy of our book, A Little Bird Told Me
  • a super darling custom Brave Girls Club tote bag
  • a signed art print of your choice
  • a custom Brave Girls Club water bottle
  • a handmade leather cuff that says “brave girl” with pretty turquoise embellishments
  • 5 sheets of Brave Girl tissue paper
  • 1 random pedestal art from the Melody Ross Brave Girl line
  • 1 random pocket mirror from the Melody Ross Brave Girl line
  • 1 random door hanger from the Melody Ross Brave Girl line
  • a ‘Love Matters Most’ necklace from the Melody Ross Brave Girl line
  • and one of Melody’s beautiful hand painted rocks that says ‘beloved’

prizes collage

That’s all worth more than $270! Or you could just say it’s priceless…

SR collage 2

Come join in this amazing giveaway and maybe you’ll win a chance to have a life-changing experience!

But there’s more good news… The winners of this contest will be posted Monday morning at 5:00 a.m MDST. If it just so happens that you aren’t one of the three lucky winners, we are doing  a 24 hour LIGHTING SALE for the first time ever! This 24 hour sale will begin at that same time (5:00 a.m. MDST) and you will be able to register for Soul Restoration for only $75 (regularly $99)! Repeat students can register for just $19 (regularly $25)… Don’t forget, it only goes for 24 hours so set a reminder for Monday! 

Spread the word, girls! Good luck!



  1. Suzanne Vogel says

    I kook the Art course 1 and 2 while recovering from kidney failure/transplant. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it was the beginning and motivation I needed to start writing/crafting after a long road of recovery (for which I’m stronger everyday!) And now I am ready to delve further in taking this healing journey through some broken places of my spirit of and have the hope that through soul restoration it will help calm the static of my mind to help steer me on the right path I should be going.

  2. ginger says

    Due to the 24hr sale, if I sign up & pay, will I be getting the “kit” that’s ref. to in the description of this course?
    Do I have to be able to post online pics of what I create, or join any “Social media forum” ie Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

    Thx in advance for the answers!

    Happy creating,

    • malary says

      Hi Ginger! I’m sorry, there is no kit included with the purchase of Soul Restoration. However, there is a detailed supply list where you can find out exactly what you need! There is no obligation to post pictures of your art or to join in any social media… it’s all your own preference! :)

  3. Kate Mylin says

    Hi. I really could use a shot in the arm …of positivity & creativity. You see, I’m usually very creative, but last year both of my brothers got 2 different kinds of cancer, and by 2013, I lost both of them.My heart hurts…and i just shut off my creative juices. Please help.

  4. Tonya says

    I would love to take the class again! I was so busy and did not take time for myself!! I really need to take it again!

  5. Jill Pitzer says

    I finished half of soul restoration and then couldn’t finish because my dad died and I couldn’t face it. I need to revisit it now that I’m in a different place emotionally. I am ready to do some restoring!

  6. tina gilbert says

    I’m a Brave Girl!
    Took the course as a gift to myself for my 41st birthday… but am feeling the need for a refresher course!!
    I pinned the row of awesome Brave Girl Boots … cause I wanted to remind myself that I AM a Brave Girl! Yes, I am!

  7. Michelle says

    I want to take Soul Restoration because I feel like I need it. I’ve become bitter and negative due to some difficult parenting situations and the toll it’s taken on other aspects of my life. This sounds like what I need to help myself accept and handle my challenges better.

  8. Kirstin Korte says

    Oh, how I would love to get to take this class! I am a single mom with 3 sons and beginning a new job next month. My plate is full, but my soul is depleted. I have been in survival mode for so long, I forgot how to channel my inner me and be creative and breathe. Money has been so tight that there is no way I could justify the class if I didn’t win it. You gals are great. Thank you for bringing me bits of inspiration to keep me smiling! :)

  9. Elizabeth says

    I am in the middle of a long journey to transform how I feel about my self, my soul, and my body. I would love to take this class to help me to remember how important it is to take time to continue the journey of growth!

  10. says

    I participated in this last Soul Restoration class……I loved every bit I was able to complete!! Just how life seems to go I was thrown quite a few curve balls that I was not prepared for and with those came stress, a visit to the ER, a scare I did not see coming, and a HUGE responsibility of being in charge of a 38th annual Event in my little Idaho town!! But thru all of that I managed to be BRAVE and even though I haven’t been able to make as much of the art projects that I had hoped to be able to, the JOURNALING is what has helped HEAL some of my past. I would LOVE another opportunity to be lucky enough to take this AMAZING class again. I <3 where my life is heading……thank you Brave Girls!! <3 <3

  11. kelly insley says

    I would like to surprise my 16 (turning 17 year old daughter )with it. She has had a very difficult two years with depression and had to drop out of school. Her friends didn’t understand why she didnt’ have energy to socialize and have since dropped out of the picture. She is a very brave women with a strong mind and a beautiful heart. It think she would love doing this course. She is really creative and loves art and reading. Through all of it I have admired her strength and her courage. She has taught our family what it means to keep pushing through even though many days have been an effort just for her to get through the front door. I am very proud of her. I am excited to see the woman she is emerging to be.

  12. kelly insley says

    I would like to surprise my 16 (turning 17 year old daughter )with it. She has had a very difficult two years with depression and had to drop out of school. Her friends didn’t understand. She is a very brave women with a strong mind and a beautiful heart. It think she would love doing this course. She is really creative and loves art and reading. Through all of it I have admired her strength and her courage. She has taught our family what it means to keep pushing through even though many days have been an effort just for her to get through the front door. I am very proud of her. I am excited to see the woman she is emerging to be.

  13. becky says

    I know I’m too late for the contest! :( boo. I really want to take the class because I have been doing a major body overhaul. started running, eating better the whole works. Now to work on my confidence.

  14. Jane Bayer says

    I shared a story with Melody last week about my son’s 16 yr old girlfriend and her younger sister. I am not comfortable sharing all the details openly on this blog. I am entering the contest for Zoe and her younger sisters behalf. They lost both their parents in a horrible tragedy a little over a year ago. I can’t even imagine how difficult their lives are right now. Its hard enough being a teenager, but to lose both parents, and have no family in town is incredibly sad. Zoe has started a website to help teens share stories, and live a positive life – “Live to Love” If I win, I will have her sign up for the online course and give them the Brave Girls gifts. They are truly the bravest girls I know, but are going through a horrible time in their lives. I want to help know there is support out there to help them heal, and invite happiness in into their lives. Thank you!

  15. Darlene Melvin says

    would love to win since I am going to host a group of women at my home to take this!! It would be most AWESOME – and the ‘stuff’ ?? OMGeeee.. love it all. and love you guys!

  16. Diana Yarish says

    I cannot put it into words really well. I have wanted to take soul restoration for a while now. I am in a marriage that is going on 20 years, but almost dissolved, so we are rediscovering it and redefining what marriage means. I have three daughters. Two of which are teens. One of which leaves in a few weeks to go to college! I do not have a job but I mentor other women in art and my husband and I run a ministry to college aged kids. And, honestly, I am just tired. Exhausted. It is so easy to get lost in all of that.
    I am 43 and I feel like I do not even know who I am really. This course would be a blessing to my soul for sure!

  17. lori says

    I have followed the daily inspirations and would love to spend time in an actual class. My kids are all leaving the nest at college, gradschool and finishing highschool. I am trying to find my way in a new stage of life

  18. Tiffany Smith says

    I am always inspired by your posts! Brave girls truly do make a difference and inspire so many people. I feel like I have been stuck in a rut of depression ever since my dad passed away from cancer three years ago. Others life events have happened…good and bad. A marriage (very good), a miscarriage a year ago and the death of my eleven year old lab this February. I try to keep the pieces together and move forward, but some days are just tough to get out of bed. A dream several weeks ago, stating that I need to let my soul cry. I would love to finally release the sadness and move on. Perhaps Soul Restoration would do just that. Please consider my request for free admission. Thank you for your time ❤

  19. Laura says

    I am 53 and became aware of the Brave Girls through my daughters, I always thought it was for younger girls in their 20’s or 30’s but as a single working mom of 4, also found lots of inspiration for myself. As my girls got healthier, I feel I have gotten healthier too. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WISDOM!!

  20. says

    Hello Fellow Brave Girls,
    I’ve been watching from a distance…sharing your posts on my Fb page on a daily basis and being encouraged by them. I’ve been trudging through the muddy darkness of depression, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. I’ve spent months in therapy both individual and group in a desperate attempt to survive the hand “life” has dealt me. Without going into detail…..it has been the most excruciating two years of my life! However, I am a BRAVE girl and stronger than I ever knew I was! I’m coming out the other side of this a better ME! I’ve been wanting (and needing) “Soul Restoration” but haven’t been able to afford it because of my circumstances. I’m stepping out on faith to order this at the SALE price today trusting God will give me favor because it’s something I so desperately need. Art is so cathartic for me it let’s my spirit say things my words can’t. Not to sound cliché …..it gives my spirit WINGS! I’m looking forward to expressing my heart and purging the darkness that still lingers in my spirit.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! For being the wonderful girls that you are and creating so much joy and encouragement. For being REAL and sharing your own struggles. For giving so much of yourselves on a daily basis. You have been a lifeline for me in the darkness and I wish I could repay you for all the encouragement you’ve given me!

  21. says

    My heart is joyful as I think of all of the countless girls, both young and old, that God is healing through the Brave Girl Club. I am so excited to have discovered this safe place to rest and recover.
    Life can be hard on the heart of a girl. Leaving us wounded and broken…uncertain of who we are and where to turn. Hope flickers and we call out for help, praying our voice is heard….that someone cares.
    My name is, Roxanne. I love to create beautiful things! I would love to join hearts and hands and walk bravely through, Soul Restoration. That I might finally be free and divinely inspired to soar great heights and unknown places.

    Thank you, Melody and Kathy! You are making a huge difference!!!

  22. shonda Graner says

    It took me way to long to get out of an abusive marriage, being a single mom with 6 daughters was very frightening. I went back to school and in three weeks I will graduate,and finally have time for me. I would love a chance to take your course and allow a little more healing in my life. I am thankful for all you do and enjoy your post and stories . Thank you for your hope and dedication to others.

  23. viviane says

    Love this giveaway and hope to take this course. Art in community is so healing. Glad to know about brave girls all over the world who are bettering their own lives and the lives of their community as a result. Our own healing and liberation is good for others too.

  24. Eva Delamater says

    I would love the opportunity to take this class. Many monumental and trivial events have led me to be right here right now. A small example is that I found this website while sitting in my 21 year old sons hospital room. I was googling chip art project images after buying some of your products at an Archivers sale (medical emergency monumental, sale trivial). I could give you hundreds of examples just like that from the past year. The universe has been screaming trying to wake me up to show me a better way. I am ready to listen, learn, put into practice, and then help others on their journey.

  25. Deborah Todd says

    I am still recovering from another brain seizure and other life events but I always follow Brave Girls posts and artwork to help me get through it all. Love you girls! ~Deb. aka “Hippie Chick Art”

  26. Sher Baechtold says

    I’ve wanted to take this for a long time and it’s just not in the budget. I’ve been going through a lot of changes over the past few years and I’ve wondered how this would help (I know that the posts and website have helped!)…Sher

  27. Kim Rannells says

    This last year has been a difficult one. I had to move my daughter to Colorado for a month to a special program to help her overcome anorexia and my son is currently working through some major depression and anxiety issues. I am with them every step of the way. Being their mom is the most important role I play and I love them beyond words. It does have a tendency to wear you down, however, and at times, lose yourself. I think I need Soul Restoration right now in my life. Perhaps a higher power led me here. I need to recharge the BRAVE girl inside of me.

  28. Victoria says

    Soul Restoration kept me sane through my divorce, first year back in college and selling my home. Now that I am in my own new home, I believe that a refreshing of the skills I learned will help me banish all the “icky” of the past few months. Journaling is my life preserver and art takes me to a safe place but the group chats with Melody and Kathy and the weekly videos and tasks provide unimaginable support to move on to the next step. See you all on August 6 th!

  29. shelley says

    Truth be told I LOVE the BRAVEGIRLS!!! I am the mother of two teen boys, my 16 year old has been in a relationship since the 8th grade with a girl who struggles with depression and anxiety. It has been a learning process for all involved but she’s such a lovebug. Your inspirational, informative, always uplifting stories, posts & art are key and a part of our everyday. You are doing such amazing work!!! I am Filipino and followed you on your quest there…seriously! Sincerely! you are changing the world one brave girl at a time…you are all a blessing to yourselves, each other, your families & the world. GO BRAVEGIRLS GO. and a huge THANK YOU for inspiring my day every single morning :) xo

  30. Shawn stewartmaddox says

    The reason i want to take the soul restoration is simple, i am tired of just exsisting. I want to live my life to the fullest and i need help to figure out that path!

  31. Yvette Rodriguez says

    I had taken Soul Restoration the last time it was offered. It literally changed the quality of my marriage to the point that I am incredibly happy and satisfied (I was contemplating a divorce). I was able to delve into things and pin point the areas of my life that needed changing. Things that had been overlooked before. I would love to redo the class because I’ve recently had to spend time with extended family and lots of negative feelings creeped up. I want to work on this so that I can move past it! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  32. cynthia cross says

    I just left a long, heartfelt comment, but your website must be jamming up because it didn’t process. Now I don’t have time repost b/c I am going to be late for work! :( Would love to win and to even join the online class b/c i need to do some soul excavating. Too many life events in the past few years have left me feeling like I need a buoy! The online class is already closed, even though I tried at 5:25 AM Los Angeles time. I’m sad about that–hope you will let us at least register for that! Many thanks! –Cyn

  33. Brenda says

    I have been wanting to take Soul Restoration class for over a year now but just don’t have the money. My husband had a heart attack last year, and we are filling bankruptcy. It has been really hard I love my house and my car. and I fill like I have lose every thing including myself. I so lose and even those things are getting better I still do lose. I just can’t get out of this deep whole. I have no self love, I have been put down enough that is hard to even get up let alone start climbing the ladder again. What I would like to learn in this lesson is to start loving myself again and to know that I’m worth it.

  34. cynthia cross says

    I’ve been following Brave Girls Club for a long time, and I finally want to do something about it. I feel like I’m in-between chapters of my life, and am on the cusp of change, and I need some buoying right now. The past few years have been crazy insane: pregnancy, not pregnant, having a child, losing my mom to cancer, tenure job, on & on. There hasn’t been a lot of time to process THE LIFE I’ve just been through, and I’m feeling wind blown & in need of some soul stuff. I love Brave Girl stuff. It helps to open me up, excavate, and examine the mines of my soul. I would someday really like to take a workshop IN PERSON. I woke up early just to register for the online class, but by 5:25 AM Los Angeles time, it was already sold out!! :( Noooooo! Please let us register, or give us a chance to register at a later date. The winning package is gorgeous and fantabulous, and makes me smile deeply. I would love to win!! But should that not happen, then the next best thing would be letting me register for the on-line class! Many thanks! Peace & Love! :) –Cyn

  35. Holly says

    I’d like to try to find the brave strong girl hiding inside me…

    And the art opportunities sound spectacular :-)

  36. says

    I have wanted to take this course for a while (several years, actually) and now as I approach 40 and the life there after, it is truly the perfect time for this opportunity to come into my path. Timing is never perfect and my life is super hectic, but the “need” for this course out ways the chaos! I would love the opportunity to take this class! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

  37. says

    I have been wanting to take Soul Restoration for quite some time but I have never been more in need of taking it than lately. Melody seems like the best person to help me get through to the next stage in my life where I feel confident and strong enough to follow my dreams!!

  38. Sheila Parcell says

    Wow! I never thought of my soul like a house..it clicked when watching Melody walk up to the old empty cold house, with paint peeling, carpet coming up, windows shattered and the dark rooms. The dark rooms that I would love to shine light on! Over the last several years life has tested me, loss of my dad, infidelity, weight, loss of close friends. As I write this tears are starting to run down my cheeks, but I’d like to think of them as tears of joy instead of sadness.

    Joy that I can have again, feeling like I am walking out into a new sunrise. I can feel the warm sun on my face and a smile I’d like to see again.

    Thank you for the chance!

  39. Mamatwoboys says

    I have been looking at this class for years! I feel called but never quite feel like there is room or $ in my life. I think it is time for that to change. All things considered I must prioritize myself in order to be a good wife, mom and friend. It’s time. Thank you for the opportunity.

  40. Tracy O says

    For years I have struggled with depression and anxiety. I have a hard time believing I have value or deserve good things. Then, nearly two years ago, my 20 month old daughter died, which crushed my spirits more deeply than anything else. I struggle with the guilt that we don’t know why or how she got sick, and that I couldn’t save her. I cannot find myself in my grief, though I keep trying. I think a soul restoration is in order.

  41. Debbie Y. says

    So ready for the opportunity to learn and grow. Not only is the class a wonderful prize, the goodies that come along are amazing. Just thinking about all the lovely gifts hand packed by the Brave Girl staff makes me giddy. Crossing my fingers:)

  42. says

    Having taken one of the Brave Girls Classes already, I know how fun and inspirational they are. I have all sorts of motivating signs to remind me to be brave and do good in the world. it’s great just being part of this community. I’d like to take the soul restoration course to deepen the connection to my true self, to allow the gifts I’ve been given to open so I can share my light with others… To be fearless and true to what is truly right in myself and my interaction with those around me. Good luck to everyone! ~Hobby

  43. says

    It’s about JOY!!
    My deep desire has been to join the Soul Restoration group for a LONG time now. I see/feel it would be a gigantic piece to this crazy puzzle called life…..fully opening myself up to walk the path of joyful creativity. I LOVE what you girls are doing for SO many people!! Thank you for your love contribution to this world.
    HUGS & Peace,

  44. Annie LeMaster says

    I took this class two years ago and it CHANGED my life! It is however, time to clean out my soul house once more and this time FOR GOOD!

  45. Krista says

    I would love to take soul restoration, to learn how to love myself. I keep trying but the old tapes are just so ingrained I guess. This opportunity could help me get unstuck, and in a hands on way find something positive about myself. Hopefully help me re-write some tapes that play constantly in my head. I think if I could love myself more, then I could love others more, and that’s what I really want.

    Thank you for this great give away!

  46. Heidi says

    I feel like it was fate that I was having trouble sleeping and found the facebook post for this contest at the top of my feed an hour before the contest was scheduled to close! I’ll be perfectly honest, you had me at “soul restoration!”

    I graduated from university last year, but have found myself stuck at a job that I’m afraid to leave, even though it is holding me back both financially and creatively. I’m constantly at odds with my own body, just begging it to get me through the day without having to drop everything for a nap or a cry. I’m struggling a lot with finding the courage to break my own barriers and move forward for whatever great things the world surely has in store for me. Maybe the Soul Restoration class is just what my soul doctor ordered? :)

  47. says

    I would just LOVE to take this class! I recently began my soul book haven taken that class and I’ve found it so restorative to do something purely for me. I had been stuck in a bit of a rut and as usual was trying to find the answers to all my questions someplace else. Through doing this project I realized all the answers lay within me – I just had been ignoring myself. I can only imagine what the soul restoration class would do for me. Thank you for everything that you girls do!

  48. Dawn Hobbs says

    I took SR about a year and 1/2 ago. It was amazing and really helped me move forward to start creating an amazing life. I am now on the correct path and would love to take the class again because I feel I will be able to really dig deep, get out of my own way and make this big dream of mine come true! LOVE being a brave girl!!

  49. Marlana Strand says

    This course is amazing! Learning to put people on the moon has changed my life. I would love to repeat the class as some of my PDF files that I printed got water damage and I would love to have all the journaling prompts and lessons back. I still have more truth cards that I would like to do as well. Thank you, Melody, for sharing your love with the world. You are so loved in return!

  50. Andrea says

    Hi, I realized that my post did not show up. So I try again. I loved Restoration 2 so now I would love to be in this course too. Love, Andrea

  51. Carren Panico says

    I keep looking at this class and keep wanting to do it. Ive been feeling so lost and really needing to find myself and my voice and this class really calls to me. I have had trouble most of my adult life figuring out who I am and I am sure this class could bring me some clarity.

  52. Ursula says

    Sometimes we have to start diggin a little deeper to find the treasures within us and to stop playing so small because the world is not served by my playing so small.

  53. teri kallem says

    I look forward to your posts everyday. When I saw the title”Soul Restoration”, it drew me in. This would be a perfect fit in my life right now. Over the past 2 years I have dealt with some of the most painful situations that I never dreamed I would fins myself in. I pray everyday for God to help me stay focused on Him and I have hope that there will be peace on the other side of all of this. I think this course would be life changing! thank you for this opportunity!

  54. Amanda in GA says

    I have been wanting to take one of your classes and am not sure how I missed this going on and now it it the last minuet! I don’t think, I know these classes will help me become me again. to many things that are to close to my heart to share out in public.

  55. says

    So many of my blog friends have taken Soul Restoration and have raved about it! I’d love to know that experience!! There’s a part of me that I know is hidden, and is reluctant to come out even when I sit in quiet to “meditate”. I have things within me that need to be explored!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  56. SueB says

    I would love to take this class. I am taking Body Restoration and really benefiting from it. Thank you for the opportunity to win a place in this new class.

  57. Jennifer Volatile says

    Found all my new friend through Facebook and I LOVE it!!! The daily affirmations are like having coffee with a best friend every morning! It carries me through the day and everyone in my family is benefitting! Thank you!!!!!

  58. says

    My friend Karen took this course and said it was the best course she had taken all year. I have seen it come and go from your site and never felt like I could take that leap. Now I do, I really think I’m ready to leap, for me.

  59. Susan Hughes says

    My heart, soul and body need to rediscover the beauty of life…. to get over why bad things happen to good people. Hoping the lessons learned in this class would trickle down to my two young children to teach them to love again.

  60. says

    I am so inspired by how you have created your life to be exactly how you want it. Mine is still a work in progress but I have been trying to follow my dreams. I started with a vision and made a design board for my life. I moved to Hawaii- someplace I always dreamed of living. I do meaningful work helping the men and women in the military to heal from the wounds of war and PTSD. But I feel stuck-for example- I can never seem to get enough studio time for myself to develop as an artist. I also have a hard time keeping my own spirits up sometimes. I feel disconnected from my profession- as you say, when you are true to yourself not everyone likes it.I think this course would help me to clear a lot that would enable me to grow and also allow me to provide better help to others who need and deserve a hand up.

  61. says

    I have recently found out about Brave Girls and I am excited to learn more about Soul Restoration! I think that by following this course I will uncover more about my creative side and dig deeper into my authentic self. I am sure there are parts of me that are quite buried and I would like to get in touch with them again. Thank you so much for this opportunity as i approach a milestone birthday.

  62. Lynelle Nelson says

    The class would be good for me because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but can’t afford to do it.

  63. Brenda Sutton says

    It is exciting to think of what type of possibilities can come from this workshop. Although, I might be a little bit afraid of the changes to come. It is time to take the risks.

  64. Ronda Conley says

    Always looking for a growth opportunity, pressing in and moving forward. It is like a work of art changing and becoming more beautiful with every added stroke of color. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly join this class and journey somewhere new inside my SOUL. Peace & Love. Namaste

  65. Stephanie says

    I would love to win a free class with Soul Restoration. I have looked at the classes online and have thought maybe something like this would help me. In the last 4 years I have been through so much. A 22 year marriage with a physically and mentally abusive ex, bad relationships, a miscarriage, a loss of my career and feel empty and drained with life. I sometimes feel I have lost my soul. I can’t seem to find happiness….something is missing. I’m a single mom of four and I hate that my kids have seen and felt the pain that I have went through. I want to be the best mother to them and show them that even through all this adversity in life..I can overcome it. I know its in me…I just need encouragement in getting in back.

  66. Leesa says

    I have long loved the Brave Girls Club wisdom and messages, but I have never taken part in any of the workshops. I am in need of some juiciness, some deeper wisdom and soul unfolding and renewal.
    In recent months I have been pouring my self into offerings for other women and though I adore helping midwife my sisters, I am finding my self in need of care, inspiration and refueling/rejuvenation.
    I would utterly adore to be one of the ‘winners’ of the Soul Restoration tuition and the amazing prizes! It’s been a long while since I last treated myself to something so lovely and my spirit is calling for a soul restoration! It would be so good for me to delve into the vibrant hues of soul refreshment, as I know with some guidance to the very depths of my being, I will find abundant and precious treasure just waiting to be shattered like stars to illuminate my soul anew.
    Thank you for such a lovely offering.
    Infinite blessings

  67. EsteeMagz says

    I need to win the Soul Restoration class because my husband of 17 years has decided to divorce me. Apparently he’s known this for more than 17 years, and was just waiting for the right time to tell me how he really feels. I’m starting over. And, I’m broke. I can’t afford to pay for the class. I do believe the rest of my life can be the best of my life, if I’m brave enough to face it. I found the Brave Girls Club on Facebook just when I needed it. The blogs, posts and photos always touch a chord and make me smile. A little bird told me that I need this class!

  68. Jennifer Bowers says

    After the loss of my community of friends, the death of my mother and too many years struggling with depression from having a “survival mode” childhood, I have dedicated this year for a reset. I don’t know how to do this for myself, but I am trusting the Universe to provide the opportunities I need, and the proverbial hand-holding I desire, to become healthy inside and out, and to reconnect with that bright, joyful, creative, energetic and optimistic little girl buried deep inside me. I just need a boost in the right direction. Winning this prize would be incredible and I would be very grateful to be chosen. But I trust it will go to just the right Brave Girl. Meantime, thank you for always being a bright spot. I have already “won” by discovering your page. :)

  69. April says

    I want to take this class because I feel like parts of my life are in the dark and they need light. Soul work is a way of life for me, a continual process. I am open to whatever light this class brings to my life. I don’t want to go into the class with an agenda or an idea of what I want to get out of it. I’m open to whatever will be enlightened to me. Thank you giving us the chance. Good luck Brave Girls.

  70. Suzz says

    I would love to do this…..life is a bit like groundhog day! I’m a wife, mother, sister, daughter and a good friend but i’m at the point of turning the page into a new chapter of my life and I don’t know who ‘ I AM ! ‘ anymore!

  71. Jessie Brown says

    I have been daydreaming of taking this class. I have major life changes coming my way, and feel the best way to face them head on is to really know and love myself. I am so excited for whoever wins the prize! :) I am certain it will be a blessing.

  72. Bethany hills says

    I actually would love to give this class to my sister. She needs to know how beautiful she is…of course I would take the class with her 😉

  73. Toni Santanello says

    I have never been around such amazing women. The workshop I took with the 1st class of Brave Art School. Something was missing and it still is. Lovely ladies shared about being a brave girl. I however am a Brave Girl In Training, or a Brave Girl in process. There is a little place somewhere in me that just cannot get by a boulder in my way. I have heard over and over again from the wonderful gals that I have met in the last year saying how much Soul Restoration changed their lives. I want to move forward too.

  74. Jessica Justice Engel says

    I have signed up for the class once before and I never was able to get through it due to being so unbelievably depressed…..Up until last month I had been in a marriage with someone who had decided a couple of years ago he didn’t want me anymore because I had become too much trouble (I have a uncurable chronic disease, and my children were too taxing) I have never felt so alone AND be with someone.
    I would love to win this because I would gift it to my best friend Julie and then I would pay the re-take fee so we could take it together. We are both Brave Girls facing life head on and taking charge of our lives…..finally.

  75. Tammie says

    Please! Wow what an amazing chance, life changing and the ripple it would have on my kids and everyone around us!

  76. Melissa says

    I’ve wanted to take the Soul Restoration class since it first began. In fact, I’ve asked for this class as a Christmas present, birthday present, and Mother’s Day present. I rarely ask for specific gifts since I don’t feel that I need much and I’m always appreciative of whatever I’m given, but when I truly want something, I’ll ask for it as a gift instead of buying it for myself. And I’ve REALLY wanted to take this class. But each time I’ve gotten some other gift that, although was appreciated, wasn’t nearly as meaningful as this would have been. I’ve asked my husband why he didn’t get me this gift, and instead got me something really trivial. His reply was because he wanted to see me open something, and if he bought the class, there would be nothing to open. I was a little hurt by this since the gifts seem to be more for him than me. But as I write this I’m wondering if maybe I’ve had some influence on his gift choices. There have been times my mom gave me money in lieu of a gift and told me to buy what I wanted or something that I truly needed but wouldn’t buy for myself. I’ve always put the money in the bank and paid bills with it, or spent it on my kids or husband. In fact, my birthday was two weeks ago and a check from my mom is still sitting on my desk. My husband bought me a gift and I reluctantly asked if I could return it so I could use the money toward this class or the Art School class. He readily agreed but I have yet to sign up for either class. I just can’t give myself permission to spend money on me!! I know this class would be life-changing for me, but I can’t seem to justify the expense. Ironically, if my daughter asked me to purchase the class for her, I would do it in a heartbeat! So to win a seat in the class would be amazing, wonderful, and deeply appreciated, as it’s a gift I can’t seem to give myself.

  77. Kristen says

    Hi! Oh golly, I hope the contest is still open. I am currently in hardcore business launching mode. I am starting The Goddess Awakening Project – using energy work, body work, coaching, and Tantra (my trade) I am looking to empower women, create radical self-love, boost self-worth, and redefine beauty standards. The clearer, healthier, more centered, and closer to my true original self I can be, the more I will be able to help other women. I would love the opportunity to go through this program to heal and clear further in my personal life. Every penny I have at the moment is going to either my son and our day to day needs, or to my business, so I do not currently have the funds to do this. I would love to be chosen though!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!


  78. says

    Why I’d like to win a Soul Restoration… Well, my nightmares used to be about giant spiders and things with too many tentacles. Now they are about my exes – and I’m not joking. I woke up at 2am this morning almost screaming because I’d dreamed that I’d forgiven one of my exes, again. It seems that there’s a bit of me that’s definitely learnt and moved on, but another bit that just finds the wrong sort of situation familiar, hence comfortable. It scares the crap out of me. I don’t want a rerun.

  79. Michelle Joy says

    I am not sure how to win, but with a sense of no hope in my life and my heart broken down on a daily basis……..SOUL Restoration sounded like an answer to a prayer. I hope I win.

  80. Jody bunda says

    I really think soulf restoration would be amazing for me at the season of life I’m in. I have 7 children. 5 here on earth, two waiting for me in heaven. I’ve always been really good at moving on from things, by acting like everything’s fine. Covering up my feelings and emotions. Having zero boundaries for myself. Well, at 34……I’m realizing this is very unhealthy, and I just can’t keep it up. I need to work on me, for the first time ever. In hopes that I can really start to feel at ease, with all aspects of my life. Wife, mama….just me.

  81. says

    I so loved the Soul Restoration class I took earlier this year – you are not exaggerating when you say these classes change your life.

    Thank you

    Karen x

  82. Jules says

    Going thru some of the most intense soul restoration ever currently in my life. My faith has grown in a way I wish everyone could experience. Praying for the kind of marriage God intended us to have and healing for my family. Soul Restoration: NEEDED. Thx Melody for this chance. Bless your heart.

  83. Joanne Williams says

    I have pinned the prizes image. I love, love, love the stone :-)http://pinterest.com/pin/421157002624106106/

  84. shelly says

    I would LOVE to take Soul Restoration because I know that my life has much more in store for me than what I am currently experiencing. My life is good…steady job, amazing family, the greatest friends. BUT, I am missing vital beautiful pieces of my soul. I have been neglecting some of the most important parts of me and simply keeping my head above water-existing instead of thriving. I was lucky enough to be a part of Brave Girl Art School session one and I know in my heart this is class (and hopefully some day a BGC camp) is part of my path. Light & love to all of you! ~shelly

  85. shelly says

    I would LOVE to take Soul Restoration because I know that my life has much more in store for me than what I am currently experiencing. My life is good…steady job, amazing family, the greatest friends. BUT, I am missing vital beautiful pieces of my soul. I have been neglecting some of the most important parts of me and simply keeping my head above water-existing instead of thriving. I was lucky enough to be a part of Brave Girl Art School session one and I know in my heart this is class (and hopefully some day a BGC camp) is part of my path. Light & love to all of you! ~shelly

  86. Joanne Williams says

    Over the past four years I’ve had life changes of a move and motherhood which knocked me off my feet. I also experienced deep mental and emotional family trauma during this period. I felt completely lost, vulnerable and isolated. Conventional therapy did not empower me completely. At the beginning of this year, I rediscovered my creativity and it’s been like a reawakening of who I was, who I am now and who I want to be. Winning this course will help me on this journey of healing and finding/loving myself and exploring my creativity which I connect with so deeply on a soul level. Your work is amazing. Blessings to you.

  87. Lisa Claiborne Williams says

    I posted a comment yesterday, but I’d like to just say one more thing. I love The Brave Girls Club so much, I am blessed by this club in so many ways. It came into my life at a time when I really and truly needed it the most. Of course I would love to win the Soul Restoration Class, my soul is dry, and hurting. My body is sick and doesn’t work as it should. I have fought this illness for over 8 years and although I am worn out, I will keep fighting. However…I know that what I am going through is no more difficult than some of the things many others in the Club are going through. We all feel lost sometimes, we all hurt, we all need love. So, my heart’s hope is that for whomever wins, it will be a genuinely life changing experience. May it bring renewal, refreshing, peace, love, and joy to your precious soul. Here’s to new beginnings and soul healing. xo

  88. lori says

    I took this class last year and thought I “GOT IT” but over the past few months the life that I thought was coming together and was turning a corner has come crashing down around me and I find myself in a lower spot then I was the first time. I need to get my Brave girl pants on and restore my soul. I would love the opportunity to do this again. It really is wonderful

  89. KellyAnn says

    I need to find myself and my voice – after staying in a loveless, soul-sucking marriage for 24 years, I took the first BRAVE step in my life – by filing for a divorce. Even though everyone from his sisters, to my family, to our priest had urged me to leave years and years ago, I wanted desperately to make it work, especially for our two beautiful children. I know I shocked myself as much as my ex-husband by finally saying enough is enough. I am worth more, I will not be made a fool, I would rather be alone and happy than married and so lonely.

    What a freeing feeling to finally be divorced – after a 2 1/2 year long dragged out, money-sucking procedure. I know I surprised myself as much as my ex-husband that I stood my ground and didn’t give in to his demeaning claims and threats. I am free!

    Now to repair the damage to my self-esteem, to lose the excessive weight from turning to the comfort of food, to celebrate every time I do something on my own, by myself.

    I have survived the death of my marriage, but am now struggling everyday mourning the death of my very best friend and supporter since the day I was born- my dear, sweet mom. She died very suddenly and unexpectedly just six months ago from a brain aneurysm. I am so glad she saw me finally take those BRAVE steps to break free, but I ache missing her encouragement, generosity and unconditional love.

    I stumbled upon your site and am drawn to the beauty, the hope and the promises……I’d love the chance to win a spot in this class – to find ME again. Thank you.

  90. says

    Soul Restoration has been on my wishlist for the longest time, and I’d give anything for the chance to dive into it all.
    I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety ten years ago, but suffered for many years before that. There have been great times, but more often than that, darkness. I have tried counselling, every medication under the sun, and still it is a daily struggle. So I’m now looking for non traditional methods to heal what is broken within me, and would love a chance to see if Soul Restoration can help me find a way to heal

  91. Lyn says

    Oh my….. <3 <3

    With 9 children, I always look for ways to be better… better parent, wife, human! What a blessing it would be to be a part of Soul Restoration. The title of the class sums up what it can do for me. I welcome it :)

  92. Tiffany says

    I have recently become brave enough to start clearing the toxic people from my life. It is scary and it is at the same time such a bringer of peace.

    I want to continue to learn how to become stronger, braver, better. Since I was violently attacked at the age of 6, I have been afraid of just about everything. I realized just months ago, that I don’t even know who I am anymore. I have let fear and anxiety rule me for too long. I want my 5 children to have a better role model. I want to feel alive again!!!

  93. Lynne Lundy says

    The last 2 1/2 years have been a wild and glorious ride! I got laid off in late 2010, and decided to take a few months off to be quiet before God, reflect on where I’ve been, and seek Him for where He wanted me to go.

    Over a year and 1/2 later, I was still unemployed and then diagnosed with Breast Cancer. What a gift this journey has been for me… trusting and finding consistent peace because of His strength!

    I’m healing after 3 surgeries with only have 1 more left, started a new job recently, and am still trying to find my rhythm and “new normal”….

    … I would love to be a part of Soul Restoration to find balance as I traverse this new territory of working full time again and physically healing from cancer.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  94. says

    I want to take Soul Restoration because for the past few years I have been diving into the darkness to do some soul work to escape one life I allowed to happen that was not me. Now I am creating a life from my authentic self. It is a huge restoration to my soul and has turned my living life upside down. I feel I would really benefit from this class because it would encourage me to dive even further to manifest what I need to call forth to help me. Mahalo for this opportunity.

  95. Tracy says

    I just NEED to do it. Many friends of mind said I must do it; I’ll take their word for it! I need my Day 1 to come soon <3

  96. Heather Haggett says

    I would love to experience a Soul Restoration. I have battled with my self esteem and my sense of self worth most of my life. I spent years working on improving my physical and emotional health and finally found myself liking who I was in my early thirties. I was blessed to meet and fall in love with an amazing man. We married and have been blessed with two beautiful children. Then shortly after our second child was born, I developed serious health issues that continue to plague me today. I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue on a daily basis, some days I can’t even get out of bed. I’ve gained back much of the weight I had lost. Every day I battle anxiety approaching even the simplest of tasks and fight to keep myself from falling into severe depression. I have lost my confidence and my courage, and I am finding it very difficult to find things to like about myself. My children are still young and I worry every day about how my illness and the accompanying effects of it will affect them as they grow up. I want to find my way to loving who I am, despite the physical and health difficulties I face, so that my children will grow up knowing that everyone is beautiful and worthy and special. I don’t want them to face the battles I’ve had to deal with most of my life because they are growing up witnessing how hard it is for me to like myself. I want — I need to show them that I truly, honestly, deeply love and accept who I am so that they will believe it with their entire beings when I tell them how amazing they both are. I want to restore my soul to the wonderful, amazing, incredible soul that it was when I entered this earth and began my journey. I want to teach my soul how to fly, so that not only will I be able to love myself unconditionally, but also so that I can then teach my children to always believe in themselves and the incredible things they were born to do.

  97. Erika says

    I would be honored to receive this lovely gift from this inspiring group. I know it would add so much value to a journey I started about 3 years ago to the day! My spiritual awakening began when I embarked on a journey to both train for my first half marathon and raise money for my favorite non profit. An organization the helped change my life after being diagnosed with CROHN’S. A chronic auto immune disease that possibly caused my dad’s death at 44 of colon cancer. My fundraising and training led me to conquer many of my fears: telling people about my disease; being vulnerable; asking for help; and feeling out if control.
    I ran that 13.1 miles in CA wine country, which was far from home in NE, and I fell in love. With myself. And I knew I had to move and leave everything I’ve ever know behind. To spread my wings and fly. To be a brave and courageous girl who follows her heart for crazy out of the norm reasons. I moved 1 year later. And now I’ve been in the Bay Area for almost 2 years. I’ve still been on quite the spiritual journey but I know I have so much more to work thru. I know receiving this gift would bring forth so much more change within me. I would appreciate it immensely.

  98. says

    As a cancer widow of 4 years I am in the process of rebuilding my life and my soul. I have made a lot of progress and am really working on paying it forward. The better I can make myself, the more I can help others. I have started a widowed person support group for my state and have been able to help so many others. I believe strongly in what you do and want to bring the “Brave Girls” idea to my group.

    Thank you for the voice you give to women and girls, there is nothing more precious.

  99. Heather Ann says

    Once upon a time a long time ago, Melody and I exchanged a few emails. We were both going through similar difficult times. I am now going through another growth period in life and would love to share in some of that wonderful energy of hers again.

  100. Heather Kriegshauser says

    My 10-year-old daughter is a cancer survivor and my 7-year-old son has autism and seizure disorder. They have both been through so much and they are both just so completely brave and amazing. Being their mom is such a tremendous gift.

    Being their mom has also been really, really challenging emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I wouldn’t trade a single moment, but I am definitely drained and weathered. I would love to take the Soul Restoration class to help me reconnect with my spirit.

    I just can’t thank you enough for all of the encouragement that the Brave Girl’s Club has given to me and to so many others. There have been SO many times when your messages have been exactly what I needed to hear, exactly when I needed to hear it. Thank you for letting your lights shine so brightly.

    ((Big Hugs))

  101. says

    Wining this would be like a dream come true. I keep hoping to be able to afford this class or any class like this.I really need something like this to bring me back to me. I have been feeling a bit lost lately and I am sure Soul Restoration is what I need.

  102. says

    Brave Girls’ Club came into my life with great serendipity. For two years I have experienced tremendous change, physical and emotional challenges, and am deep into the process of rebuilding my professional world by establishing my own business. Every day I become more and more aware of myself, as well as all I still have to learn. These years have been the definition of restoration of so many aspects of my life. From what I know about the Soul Restoration program, it will be a brilliant next step in my growth and transformation. I am so proud to be a Brave Girl!!!

  103. Katie says

    I would love to win the tuition and prizes. My father died very unexpectedly at 51 years young this past January. This happened in the midst of what will probably be the hardest semester (emotionally and academically) in my master’s program. My dad’s death along with many other stressors in my life the past few months has propelled me to ask hard, deep questions. I have begun to uncover how destructive certain aspects of my life have been through this time of question and am for the first time in my life being honest and actually working through multiple traumatic situations in my past. How I see this class fitting into my soul work is that I would love to continue to explore and uncover more of what is going on in my soul through art. My soul is in a process of grief, acceptance, and restoration and based on the reviews this course seems like a great place for restoration/healing to continue.

  104. Sharon says

    I emigrated for all the right reasons, but lost my identity, my career and my family as a result. I’ve had depression and anxiety and a breast cancer diagnosis, as well as losing my father. I fell into such darkness that I forgot who I was and feel I wasn’t a great mother.
    Now is time for me to regain my life and take a second look. I need a fresh start, and support to help me on my way. This is an awesome opportunity. I hope I am the lucky one.

  105. jean says

    A year ago I lost who I was, I was not brave enough to fight, I was brutally beaten by the father of the twins I was carrying. I lost the babies and my mind. I found this page and it reminds me that I am strong and can do it…. I feel the class would give me strength to keep moving forward, I am finding it hard to stay focused and not think about the days I lost my BRAVE!

    I need that strength back, so that I can help others be brave too!

  106. jean says

    my comment :)
    over the past year I have searched out things that will help me heal; I was beaten to the point I lost my twins I was carrying. I searched for things to help me rebalance and regain my self and I find such comfort and wisdom from the page and posts…. I want to be a brave girl! I need to be a brave girl….. I need the strength and wisdom of the people involved. I struggle to keep my strength and think it would be a gift If I could participate

  107. Amy B says

    I have taken the body restoration class and it was of tremendous benefit. I would love to take the soul class and learn even more.

  108. says

    in a giant transition and in need of restoration, grounding, and foundation. xxoo. it would be a great honor and privilege to be a part of.

  109. says

    I love your work and passion. Your words and website inspired me to start a “creative recovery group” using The Artist’s Way at my wellness studio, The Soul Source. It went so well, that we are starting the second book now with a group of amazing women. I am thrilled to continue to offer space and time to others so that more and more women are able to find their voice and creative spirit to keep the world wildly and abundantly nurtured and flourishing in love. It would be nice to participate on my own with a group and this Soul Restoration class seems like it would be such a wonderful way for me to receive instead of facilitate and host. As a small studio owner trying to make a big difference in the lives of people who need it most, it would be AWESOME to have tuition for me to take the class so that I can continue to help offset the expenses of offering community yoga and acupuncture rates. I already feel so much appreciation for this offering and want to thank you for making it possible for women to dig deeply into themselves in a safe and beautiful way. Namaste.

  110. Annette Johns Brown says

    I would love to take part in this class. I have looked at it for a long time now and thought of how much I would like to BE a Brave Girl and take part in this.

    I have struggled so much with anxiety and I just need to find a healthy way to let go of the things that I cannot control. I want to learn how to take better care of me.

  111. Martha says

    I have taken it before when you first started the class, sadly I only made it through the 3rd week :(. I need this so if I don’t win I will pay again and follow through. I just feel sad and by myself most days…I need to start and get through the 8 weeks I need to heal and find me again.

  112. carlanda williamson says

    i would love to win this class. i have had friends take it and they have raved about it. i am in the midst of a move and a lot of chaos with the work to make it happen. i think this is exactly what i need to ground me. thank you for this opportunity and also the extra goodies are so incredible!! carlanda

  113. Tabatha says

    I’ve been getting your emails for forever (back before your camps filled up 2 years in advance!) I’ve wanted to go to your camps, and take the online classes, but i cant afford it. I dont want to seem like another sob story, so I won’t explain why I need it.. If only you could see in my heart and feel it and feel how hard it is to breath sometimes, you would know.
    Wether I win or not, I want to tell you gals that you women are amazing and have been givin gifts from our Heavenly Father to help the women of this world love themselves and in turn loving themselves, they can love others. So essentially your talents that you so freely share, can help generations upon generations. That is amazing!

  114. Tabatha says

    I’ve been getting your emails for forever! I’ve wanted to go to your camps, and take the online classes, but i cant afford it. I dont want to seem like another sob story, so I won’t explain why I need it.. If only you could see in my heart and feel it and feel how hard it is to breath sometimes, you would know.
    Wether I win or not, I want to tell you gals that you women are amazing and have been givin gifts from our Heavenly Father to help the women of this world love themselves and in turn loving themselves, they can love others. So essentially your talents that you so freely share, can help generations upon generations. That is amazing!

  115. says

    deeply hopeful for this class for i am in a tumultuous transition that has me upside down. in all good ways, but in search of footing, roots, and restoration to journey on.

  116. Sue says

    I’m eager for a soul restoration and would love to win this package! I purchased Where Women Create Business and discovered you through that publication. I bought the magazine especially to read about you.

  117. Celena says

    There comes a time in your life when you have traveled a path that sets you in the right direction, you begin to feel full and complete and you know that you can do anything, but yet sometimes you find you may still hesitate, though you know in your heart everything will be ok.
    This is where I am at. I have walked a path that has brought me to be a confident women, but I still find times when I question if I can, like there is a part of me in a dark corner crouched down still afraid. I would love to take the Soul Restoration Class and coax that little part of me out of the corner so I can spread my wings and completely fly free, knowing I am truly and wholly capable of making my dreams manifest.

  118. Sarah says

    I have dreamed, seriously, of taking this but alas the budgeting has not been in the cards. I have no amazing and stand-out worthy words… The fact that I am even trying is what makes me a Brave Girl. :)

  119. Avery Paris says

    I am currently working on restoring my soul after losing almost all my faith. I almost died and everything from my past landed in my lap all at once. Oh, this would be such a gift, and thank you for the opportunity to enter <3

  120. Tammy says

    My goal as my daughter gets ready to go back to school is for me to restore. I ended a 27 year career and need a moment to hear my inner voice again.

  121. Gypsy Chaos says

    I have been struggling for many years to find my voice – I know I have a purpose, and I know I haven’t been able to identify it. I’ve had three years to work on this full time – yet I haven’t made much progress.

    I have looked at Soul Restoration so many times over the years. Knowing the expenses exceed the income, I have resisted spending the money. Why, since I spend money on craft supplies?? This would be a much better use of my money!

    Ah but maybe I am afraid to know my truth. Maybe I fear what I am supposed to do with my talents. Maybe too much of me would rather wallow in misery – the wee part of me that yearns to break free too weak to overcome the naysayers.

    I overachieved – right. – and pinned the graphic about others not liking who I am. http://pinterest.com/pin/284289795200926976/

    I am amazed – it’s 12:04 AM Mon, EDT or EST? I can’t keep them straight! Either way, the deadline is seven hours away and this is the second comment?? This can’t be right!

  122. Cheri says

    Taking this class would be the first big step for me into looking at and beginning to explore the possibilities of what life could be for me in this next stage of my life. I’ve spent the last 18 years concentrating on raising my family and their needs. It’s been easy to hide there and not have to work so much on my own self. I’m not even sure who that person is.

  123. says

    Hello, I am new around here. I have recently been captured by the beauty of this page, so I have it bookmarked. In a recent attempt to access another website, I “accidentally” clicked on this shortcut. I don’t believe it was accidental. I believe it happened for a reason, and here’s why…

    I was just recently physically released from a very traumatic situation that lasted for about a year. It literally killed me inside. I may be away from that circumstance on the outside but on the inside there is a lot of soul restoration to be done. I have to pick up the pieces.

    Most people don’t understand what is wrong because I am not in that place anymore, but they don’t understand what happened to ME.

    This soul restoration class reminds me that somebody understands. There is always hope and I just have to be a Brave Girl and believe it! :)

    I also have a blog if you want to ckeck that out :)

    Love, Jasmine! xoxo <3

  124. Cassandra Tubby says

    I would love to win this! I feel as though my soul definitely needs some restoration. On Mother’s Day our house caught on fire and we are lucky to be alive because I woke up to a loud bang at almost 4 am! Luckily we have old asbestos siding on our house so it was taking longer to burn. Then the next day we found out we were pregnant after trying for years!!!! We literally got to enjoy it for a week and a half.. before I had to go to the ER because I was bleeding a lot.. and they told me I might or might not be having a miscarriage because they couldn’t find a heartbeat (they said it was too early) and that they couldn’t really tell by the Ultrasound.. but that our baby did measure 6 weeks and 2 days! I got to see it on the Ultrasound. It was so exciting being able to see our little speck on the screen! So they told me to have my OB do another ultrasound at the appt I already had scheduled for 3 days later.. So the OB did a sonogram, then an ultrasound and the baby was the same size, she said everything looked fine and that the sac was intact and not irregular shaped at all and to get another US the following week to make sure it stayed that way. So I went to that appointment and they still didn’t hear a heartbeat.. by then my baby should’ve been almost 8 weeks, but it was still 6 weeks and 2 days in size. So they told me I was most likely having a miscarriage. I asked if I could wait another week just to make sure.. and had hope that my baby would grow or that maybe they just measured it wrong.. because of course I still felt pregnant.. (apparently you still have symptoms for up to 4 weeks after a miscarriage) So I had that US as well.. and they said that the baby was the same in size.. and they were going to schedule a D&C..they weren’t very comforting about it.. just matter of fact.. you’re getting this whether you like it or not kind of thing. That is the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with.. knowing that I could finally get pregnant after so many years of trying.. but I could not keep my baby.. and that it stopped growing inside of me several weeks before.. It’s devastating.. And the grief is unspeakable. I’m trying to push through all of these emotions one day at a time.. and I know that many people go through miscarriages in their lives and I hope that I am able to get pregnant again later on.. and carry to term.

    Somewhere in my searches on grieving I found the Brave Girl’s Club.. and feel that healing through art is something that would help me tremendously! I honestly hope I win because this would do my heart and soul wonders.. but I wish everyone else luck too!

  125. Keri says

    I would love to be gifted this class. I dream of going to BGC but until then this class will undoubtedly be the next best thing. I feel like my life has been turned upside down this past year with several losses in my world, including the death of my daddy and a recent miscarriage. I am trying to take time to remember who I am regardless of my circumstances. I create art because it is who I am at the core, but I have struggled to stay on course as I have felt frozen in a state of grief for almost a year now. I long to be the BEST ME, restored to my true design, discovering my inner beauty of strength, and empowered by my innovative, creative, passionate spirit. I have heard that this class has been life changing in so many ways, and that is exactly why I would be honored to be chosen to receive such a treasured gift. Delightfully Found One.

  126. Diane says

    There are times in our lives that things are meant to happen for a reason. This is one of those times.

  127. Rebecca says

    I don’t deserve this chance to win any more than any other Brave Girl. We all want this. We all need this. I am blessed just to have a chance to win. Thank you so very much for coming into my life and helping me to start the process of finding the true me.

  128. Noel says

    I am more than ready to begin healing… for so long I have been living in a black hole. I have felt so trapped by the lies of darkness and feeling depressed and of no worth. My heart and soul are ready to be free and I am ready to let go the negative feelings I’ve been hiding. Many would say I am a happy women, but inside, I’ve felt like a broken women for too long. I need to be me, I need to be who my creator knows I am. I am ready to stop letting others put me down. I am ready to stop lying to myself and heal. I am ready to be Brave.

  129. says

    I would be thrilled to take this class and also a little nervous. Moving forward means living your life out and helping other women live their lives out as Brave Girls…we were already created Brave. It is exciting to think of what type of possibilities can come from this workshop. Ever person that has shared about this workshop has said it is the best on they have ever taken.

  130. naomi says

    wow…. what an amazing gift. I love the brave girls….much love and thanks for the gift that you bring me everyday… faith and hope… love naomi x

  131. Leisha Sinclair says

    I spent this Saturday at a class with Stephanie Ackerman. She talked a lot about The Brave Girls. I was very interested in your mission. I have two girls, ages 10 and 13 and I am 47. I want to raise them knowing that they can do anything that they want to do and to know that they are so very special. I do art quilting and mixed media art. I am interested in learning art techniques so that I can teach classes to the women of my church to show them how special women and girls are. Thank you for this opportunity that your are giving to women to experience getting to know their spiritual side of them.

  132. Dawn says

    I took SR1 the first time it was offered and it was AMAZING! Sadly, I stopped creating after the 4th week because it got hard, really hard, to dig deep down and pull out the muck inside my soul. I watched the videos and learned the BG wisdom, but I didn’t complete the projects. I am so looking forward to taking it again because my heart is in a totally different place than it was 4 years ago when I started my soul work. If anyone is on the fence about taking this class I say “DO IT” You will not regret it! Melody has a way of leading you out of darkness and into the light and isn’t that what we all deserve?! I’m already excited for class to start!

  133. TammyS says

    I discovered your website just this evening. A friend posted your photo on facebook that said, “Beautiful girl, you can do hard things.” At first I thought that I should share this sentiment with my daughters. I am a grateful mother of two daughters aged 18 and 20. I am always looking for ways to empower them and to help them grow into strong, happy, generous women. I find this a hard task and it is my most earnest prayer. So, I visited your facebook page and found your website. I am so thrilled to be here! I love art and inspiration and women! I love anything creative and colorful! How awesome! I am overwhelmed and overjoyed! I read a review of your Brave Girls Camp where a woman described tearfully writing a letter to herself. I realized that I should be putting the same thought, prayer and diligence into loving myself that I do for my daughters. I’m hoping that by becoming a Brave Girl myself, I will set a strong example for my girls. All three of us can be Beautiful Girls that can do hard things. Anything! Starting today. Perhaps starting with your Soul Restoration class. I hope and pray!

  134. MonaLisa says

    I’ve been reading all the comments trying to decide what to write. . . How can mine stand out so that I could have a chance at this amazing class? The thought of it makes my heart sing. After reading so many heart cries, so many souls needing help, so much humanity I don’t need mine to stand out. I am blessed beyond measure, and I am thankful for all the good in my life. I’m learning how to make the not so good better, and I’m very excited that I found Brave Girls. As I am writing this, my six year old told me she loves me all the way to the sky and back.

    I don’t need to be picked. I am already blessed. :)

  135. says

    I would love to take this course, as I’m feeling that I am at a crossroad in my life. Single again, with kids moving out of the house. Feeling lonely much of the time. Wanting to continue to learn more about me.

  136. Angie gibson says

    I am so excited about this class!! I recently took the Art School online course and enjoyed every second of it. In fact I think I’ll start at the beginning and do it all over again!

    I would love to win free tuition for this soul restoration course!
    I am so inspired by melody’s energy and creativity. As a 41 year old unmarried empty nester I find myself with a lot of time on my hands and missing my daughter. I would love to learn melody’s tips and tricks to keeping an art journal full of inspiration and reminders to stay positive and strong.

  137. Sharon Keller says

    Soul Restoration
    It is not by chance I came across this site, nothing in our life is by chance. From a search for a woman’s hand in writing, I was led here by a different hand. The last year has been increasingly difficult. My mind is weary; my attention scattered and my love for my child is great, yet goes unexpressed except in frustrated actions and words. I want to take Soul Restoration to restore my soul.
    As mentioned, a general search led me to a picture in the achieves of this site, but I stayed to read because of the beauty of the material. I was glad to find the site was still active. Then, as I wandered around the pages, I read about this contest. To have access to the class’s soul inspiring inspiration activities and interaction would be timely in my life.
    I need to feel better about myself and all the talents I possess. Even as I do all I can, or so it feels, to move forward each day; as the sun sets I feel I have moved more backward than forward. After a year of this search for meaning and full time work I hear the edge to my voice as I speak to my daughter. I do not like the person I hear. To feel better needs to start from within, I think this class will provide the opportunity to work from within.

    Thank you for providing such an inspiring site.

  138. SueB says

    I am about to cry thinking of having a chance to take this class! I have know it was for me (your other classes too!) since the first time I saw it here. I struggle with depression and anxiety. I am pretty much balance but I think a lot of you know how that goes. Through all the struggles through many years I have lost a lot of me, strength, self-confidence, etc. I work hard to better myself and believe in myself more, however I so often seem stuck. It is so hard to try to move forward. Blah! I am tired of this “state” and am soooo ready to change it. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

  139. says

    Hi Melody and Lovelies! I have bern in Soul Restoration 2 and I would so much love to do this course! I am derply in love about all you offer and so grateful that our path has crossed! I am so happy that I live in this great time where connections are possible like these around the Globe! Imagine that centuries before I should have taken a boat and a horse to connect with you from Switzerland to the U.S. I have a dream that one day I can hug you for real in your camp! ❤Andrea

  140. Lynne says

    I guess I should add to my post from yesterday. I found out in an eight word voice message that my mother died yesterday…no one thought it important to let me know she had been dying for almost a year…

  141. Dawn Burnside says

    OMGoodness, how I would “Love” to win this amazing & generous group of goodies, but most of all a spot in Soul Restoration would be great. I did take “Soul Restoration a few years ago & I can sincerely say it was a life~altering experience. The work I did was monumental, I faced demons that had been tucked away in my heart so deep, but when I worked on my time~line they began to come out. This class taught me how to deal with all the feelings that came out too. The reason I would love to take SR again is because I truly believe that working on myself never stops, if I want to remain healthy, I have to .continue working. And I think if I took it again, it would allow me to continue what I started 3 yrs. ago. Also, all of the awesome art that goes with this course is just amazing. So, Thank you for a chance at your generous give~away, & a chance to finish what I started. God Bless us all Brave Women.

  142. says

    Yes please throw my name in the hat. I would love to join you as I’ve heard nothing but magic about your work, and I love a bit of magic.

  143. Aaron Jardine says

    I would like to take and complete this course, as I really need to feel good again. About myself. In 2010 I separated from my husband of 17 years. We have two kids and I’m their primary caregiver. I work full time and attend school as well. It’s been a tough go, as so many women know so well. It’s taken a big toll in my self esteem, and I find myself disconnected from myself if that makes sense. I find myself just going day to day and I’m ready for more. My beautiful kids need more and we need to breathe again! Sorry for such a long winded explanation! I have heard and read amazing things about soul restoration and I really want to to be restored!!!
    Thank you for this wonderful chance!

  144. Amy Nutzell says

    Hmmm Soul Restoration would be awesome! I took the first Brave Girl Art School on Line thennWinhpgs and it involved soul searching and some restoration process along the journey of the course. I sure would love an entire class devoted to soul restoration! Hope I win!

  145. Colleen says

    I don’t think there are really any coincidences in life & when I found your blog today – very circuitously – I knew I was supposed to be here. It would be a very special gift to receive the tuition for Soul Restoration & all of the special extras. Discovering art as a way through pain has been such a gift & I would greatly appreciate this opportunity to help continue the journey. love & light…

  146. Michelle says

    I would love to take Soul Restoration AGAIN!:) I started the last course at what I thought was the perfect time…..but in February my life took a turn and has been moving at warp speed since. My father grew ill and so I went home to be with him for a bit. When I returned home my husband quit his job of 20 years and was unemployed for 5 weeks. He then accepted a new postion with a new company….in Dubai……He left April 4th leaving me and my sweet boys to complete paper work, pack a house, ship two shipments, sell a house, finish school, and head to Canada for the summer until we can meet him in Dubai. Sounds easy (and actually we were more than blessed through all of this) but there were so many other “things” that came along as well….

    The few sessions I did get to listen to and begin were just what my soul needed. I must say..my soul needs restoration and just plain rest more now than then…to keep me focused on the positive and embark on this new journey in this new country with joy in my heart and goodness to spread to all those I will come in contact with…..So excited that it is being offered again so soon!

  147. Gretchen says

    Oh, Melody!! Its a complete God thing that I ended up on this page at this very moment! I SO NEED Soul Restoration! My soul is so filled with cob-webs that need to be cleaned out!! I am in the very beginning of a New Season in my life and am searching for its purpose and path I am supposed to take. I was suddenly disabled 16 months and have found myself at home alone wondering why? What is my purpose? See, I was an elementary school teacher for 18 years prior to this, and I knew and embraced my purpose. But now I sit wondering. Questioning. There is so much of me alive in me I just know it, but the slumber of my soul is a battle. I would love nothing more than to win this opportunity! To seek, pray and uncover the beauty that once shined in my soul!!! Thanks for the chance!! Fingers Crossed!! (toes too! HA)

  148. Julia Sands says

    I turned 50 last month & in a life changing phase. I need inspiration, courage and compassion from within to carry me through and to find my true passion. Based on the class description and the comments left by those who have had the privilege of taking the class, it seems that it is the perfect vehicle to find & love myself.

  149. says

    This year I wrote about being molested as a child. I want to be a brave girl, but often I am the child sitting over the forced air vents in the floor seeking comfort from the warmth of the furnace.

    I know God loves me, but I struggle to love myself.

    I want to be restored.

  150. Stephanie S. in AZ says

    I have seen what you have done for my childhood friend Angie. She was well on her way to an inspired journey and your site and online art classes have propelled her and inspired her even more. She has recently shared this site with me and I am so grateful for that! I too am in a season of my life that could really use some Soul Restoration. My faith in God and my beautiful children keep me going but I am really trying to find my Joy againafter a really hard year. Wondering if I’ve really ever have had true joy in my heart that I could sustain through life’s inevitable storms and trials?
    Thank you for all that you do for us and bringing such hope, light and beauty to the darkness that brought us all together. I was in tears reading your families’story Jill. I hope I can learn to be as brave, open and honest as you are!

  151. says

    A year ago I did Body Restoration, it changed my life. I haven’t mastered body yet, but did find incredible answers and closure for lifelong issues. I wanted to do Soul Restoration and have yet to be able to afford it. Would love to be considered, thank you. You know you feel on the brink of something wonderful?

  152. Debi K says

    Not sure why, but I keep getting a message saying I’ve already said this, but I do not see it on the site. Anyway, here is a new comment: I’ve been struggling to move on after losing my mother in 2011. Some days I feel like I can do almost anything and then the grief and depression take over and I plummet to earth and just fall apart. I think perhaps this course would help me to address these issues and others that may be lurking beneath the obvious. I really need to discover who I really am now that I am totally on my own for the first time in my life.

  153. Debi K says

    I’ve been struggling to move on after losing my mother in 2011. Some days I feel like I can do almost anything and then the grief and depression take over and I plummet to earth and just fall apart. I think perhaps this course would help me to address these issues and others that may be lurking beneath the obvious. I really need to discover who I really am now that I am totally on my own for the first time in my life.

  154. Mary (Molly) says

    Wow what a fantastic prize thank you for offering :)
    I have wanted to do the course for so long now. I feel it would really help me at this moment in my life. We have made big decisions this week which are exciting but scary at the same time :)
    I have also pinned it on pininterest (as PixieMoon)

    Faery Hugs :)

  155. Kelly Aubert says

    I took Body Restoration and I just got so much more out of that class than I had ever expected. My children are entering adulthood and my life is changing and my life is evolving. I feel like I am finally learning to be the person I really am on the inside, if that makes sense? I think this workshop will be so helpful to me in my journey. Thank you so much for this opportunity! xoxo

  156. Joyce T says

    I would love, love, love to win this prize pack. I’m unemployed at the moment or I would’ve already signed up for Soul Restoration. This class would help me so much in getting unstuck and moving forward to embracing the life I have and becoming who I truly am. Thanks for all you do!

  157. Glenna says

    I just found your web page it looks wonderful I can’t wait to discover what you are all about. I have been looking for a way to feel like I am doing, walking the path I should be on. Sounds like this course would help

  158. Gretchen Bloom says

    I have lost 95 pounds since I participated in Body Restoration in January 2012. My life has completely changed for the better.I am now best friends with my strong, beautiful body. I would love to take Soul Restoration to compliment and augment the changes that I am making inside and out. Melody and Kathy, what you are doing is SO very important! Your daily emails have lifted me and encouraged me to go on bravely. They have been sweet reminders of God’s love for me. Most of all, they help me adjust my mindset to become the friend and sister that I truly want to be. Thank you so very much.

  159. says

    I have taken Soul Restoration but always seem to get Stuck before finishing. This year has truly been my year of transformation and I feel like Brave Girls Club has kicked that off teaching me the lessons of being gentle to myself, to be still and truly listen. I want to continue my journey towards fullfilling my transformation and leading my life gracefully.

  160. says

    We are all broken in one way or another, and I feel that my life and heart are mending, but would love the opportunity to learn and grow with the compassionate group from Brave Girls. My mission is to take the opportunities and wisdom that I have been given and walk along side those that need encouragement and help with stitching lives back together. Melody and the whole gang… thank you for what you do each day, it matters and is so needed!

  161. Rachel A. says

    I have lost myself over the past few years. Mothering. Work. Financial struggles. They have all stolen my ability to care for myself or even to know who I really am. I’m so tired of being angry/sad mama all the time.

  162. diana says

    I took SR last year, and really loved it, but I was not able to put my full heart and soul into it for my mothers disease took her away very quickly and passed away in Nov. I have been through a lot since with other hardships with family. I have recently accepted God fully into my heart and believe in him. my life has been on a changing roller coaster the past 3 years and I am ready to restore it. I have lost all intrest in doing anything because I don’t know who I am anymore and I believe with God and doing some soul restitution I can get back on track and begin my new life. I thank you Melody and the Brave Girl team for this opportunity and just this wonderful site I can come to everyday for some truths.

    Love xoxo
    Diana Burton

  163. says

    Oh how I need a pick me up right now and this would be wonderful to be able to help restore some peace in my life!!! I so hope you pick me!!!

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!!

  164. Kim says

    What a wonderful giveaway! I have really been focusing on finding my happiness this year. I think this class would be a great way for me to continue that process.

  165. Melissa Parks says

    Whose soul couldn’t use a little restoration? Even when life is good, you know that storms are gonna come! Be prepared!

  166. Janet says

    WOW on my way to make a comment for a chance to win the Soul Restoration give away I read the stories of so many brave woman who have and are currently facing things in their lives that I have and have not faced myself. I thought to myself each and everyone of them deserves to win the tuition.
    It reminded me that we each have our challenges to overcome and parts of life to walk through and how everyone needs a little help for the times when we get stuck in a challenging place in our lives. On my own I always think that I am the only one who is stuck or needs restoration or to get back to knowing myself. I participate in a church who’s culture is fully immersed in creativity and the arts…..it’s walls are lined with works of art from some amazing artist and they teach art. This year I became I student. I had ever taken an art class before in my life and although I knew I loved doing crafts I never considered myself an artist by any means. I spent the year learning about what it meant to be a kindergartner in a class full of 4th graders among other things and although I learned so much about drawing techniques I learned so much more about persevering when things are difficult then I ever have in my life. Unfortunately I was unable to finish the course because of lack of finances sending me into a downward spiral so to speak hence my currently stuckness. There is more to my story then this but it gets complicated so I’ll try to just get to the point. This year has really be a year of finding myself and it has been one of the hardest things I have ever struggled through in my entire life. Right now I feel like I am stuck in this tense place between who I thought I was and who I really am. For weeks now I walk in to my spare bedroom where all my art and craft stuff is and then turn around and walk back out. I can’t even look at the paint or brushes or pencils and paper I am not sure why. I am stuck to say the least and I need something to help me understand why and the tools to know what to do if I ever get stuck again. I feel like a woman about to give birth who’s labor has stopped….just stuck in delivery hard place to be for sure. I feel like I have entirely lost sight of the point of creativity or art and would love more then anything the chance to win the soul restoration course giveaway.

  167. Rachel says

    I read a few of the other comments as I was scrolling down and some of these other ladies deserve to win much more than I do and I almost didn’t leave a comment but I do want to say, thank you. Thank you to BGC for putting so much effort in improving the lives of other women. Women they have not even met! Surly God is using you to encourage and grow the lives of these women who are hurting in so many ways. I know you have encouraged me many times. I just broke up with a man whom I love, he feels like the other half of me on occasions but then on a whim he will take off and have no contact for a weekend?????? I can’t live like that, yet I still love him. BGC has helped me see I deserve better than a part time relationship! This week I started a group meeting for women to help encourage one another on a personal level and I will be using quotes from BGC! I think it shows how much we all need encouragement when we had 10 women show up and 6 more are planning to attend next time. Thank you so much for all you do!!! You have blessed me more than you can imagine!

  168. Janice says

    I lost everything 13yrs ago. I had spent years in college, pre med, had a University Nursing School acceptance for my Bachelors and offered a Chiropractic College admission. Wanted to go to medical school and into emergency medicine to help others in their most acute / fearful moments of life. Then my mother, my only family, was diagnosed with Alzheimers. She had nobody to help her but me, her only child and family. Soon, her problems and affairs became completely life consuming for me. I knew I could give her the highest level of 1:1 care, so I gutted a corner of my house creating a “safe room” for her and moved my mother in with me. I sadly with my heart breaking, gave up my college admissions, years of education, my job, and my dreams all for my mothers welfare. I was devastated.

    At the same time my life was turned upside down, I found out my husband had been cheating. He brutalized me over the next year projecting his guilt and confusion onto me. The Lord was convicting his heart, but he chose to run. On top of losing my job, mother, education, all my dreams, I now lost my husband.

    Over the next 13yrs I cared for my mother all by myself at my home out in remote rugged and cold country with her in a hospital bed with a feeding tube unable to move a limb or speak a word. I learned commitment has nothing to do with the hardship. It is all about staying faithful to your choice against all odds. And I faced insurmountable odds along this journey which changed me completely… lessons I would never have learned in a classroom! I did not think I would ever be “enough” for this task the Lord chose me for. ….

    Now, after 13 long years being a caregiver, my mother has passed on to be with the Lord. Her ending was peaceful. It was the ending I spent years advocating for sadly, with my local medical establishment. I endured bullying and being branded and judged with the words various doctors wrote about me in my mothers file. It was me against “them” . I took on the my entire local medical system, standing in harm’s way to protect my mother and her right to proper care. In the end I won. I finally could not deny, yes, “I am enough, Lord.” With His help, I was enough.

    But now, in the aftermath, I am BROKEN. My heart is just so so sad from all the losses and hurt from so many events and people I have been challenged by. I have not had a Christmas or Thanksgiving in 13yrs. Everything I have ever loved is now gone, and I struggle to rebuild my life in the midst of financial devastation as the marathon of doing home care for an Alzheimers patient will do as I fight to keep my house.

    My dream if I had the money would be to go to beautiful Idaho and do Brave Girls in person, but I am so thankful at the chance to win the online class as a possibility to help me rebuild, reconnect, and reinvent myself from ground zero, where I now stand. God Bless. ~ J

  169. Susan G says

    Somewhere along the way, I lost myself. I put everybody ahead of me and lost sight of who I used to be. I remember when I was much younger, taking strides and people turning their heads to look at me. I felt fierce! I need to feel that way again.
    I am trying to find that inner spark of fire I used to feel, the drive to move forward and do things just for the sheer joy of doing them and the feeling of accomplishing something, not caring about the little voice in my head that’s saying, “Why bother? Nothing good’s going to come out of it and nobody’s going to care anyway.”
    I want to believe I am more than the sum of my parts again.

  170. says

    I’m interested in this class because of a particular theme in my life. I lost my fiance’ last year in a helicopter crash, and I have also lost both of my parents – all before the age of thirty. I’ve been learning a lot of lessons about loss in my life, and especially in the past year. As an artist, I turned to art to make it through the days and moments when my mind and heart just needed a break from the grief. Art has saved me… I’m always looking for things that can help me explore my grief and loss more deeply, as well as my blessings (not only am I still close to his family, but I LIVE with them right now! He’s given me them, a beautiful family I didn’t have before). It sounds like this course could have some very valuable tools, ideas, and wisdom.

    I’m hoping to win it because, well, I quit my job after he died and am still only able to handle working part time right now. I have NO real plan for going forward yet – so I’m trying to save money wherever I can. Thank you for this opportunity! I greatly appreciate it.

  171. Erika says

    I took the art school session and loved it. If I had the money I would take advantage of this as well! You do a great job in motivating others and showing that even when you are in a cloud, you can still shine.

  172. says

    Somewhere along the way I have “lost” myself. Outside I am cheerful & friendly (most days), inside I am often cynical, depressed. I am “stuck” creatively & have lost the passion for my art. It is time to reclaim my “inner being” ~ the one who is compassionate & loving & creative & fun and who wants to create “Random Acts of Art” to bless others. It is time to reclaim my heath & happiness. My heart is now finally open to the message of Soul Restoration. I am 59 years young…..it is NOT too late to be the person I am meant to be!

  173. Heather Pearson says

    I signed up for Soul Restoration several years ago, and am longing to take it again. The first time around, we had just lost our home to foreclosure and I had gone through a very sad miscarriage. Unfortunately, I did not dedicate myself to the class to the extent I would have liked. I feel like NOW I’m ready to open my heart and soul to this project and soar. I want to be a shining example to my daughters of a strong, creative woman, and I know that this class would be the perfect way to jumpstart my journey. Thank you for the opportunity!

  174. Dawn Wolf says

    i would love to take soul restoration 1 over again. i got so much out of taking it the first time, but it seems like “life happens” and i;ve gotten stuck in the muck again. i lost my brother in January and it’s been so hard on my parents. my mom has had an operation for an abdominal aortic aneurysm and had a few complications from it. it’s been hard to see her struggle with so much. i guess i’m feeling lost. i have struggled with alopecia for years and have finally lost all my hair. there is nothing the doctors can do for it. it is not a life threatening disease, but it’s been a big blow for my self esteem. who knew how much eyebrows and eyelashes helped with your appearance? it’s something everyone takes for granted. every morning i look in the mirror and wonder who is that woman staring back at me? my hubby has been very supportive about this. i chose to where a wig, but i wish i had the courage not to. i need to take sr1 again. when i took it the first time, people said they noticed a change in me. my hubby saw the most change. he kept telling me that i will only get what out of it what i put into it. and he encouraged me to work on it daily. i retired on disability at 30 yrs old (and that was 13 years ago). that was a big blow for me also. i had 2 spinal fusions. life has thrown me some curves and believe me, i never in my wildest of dreams thought my life would be like it is now. i feel so lost and need to find some direction. i need to find the positive in life and find the courage to dream once again. that is why i’d love to win a chance to take sr1 again.

  175. Renee says

    I would LOVE to win this class! I’m currently in the middle of a divorce from an alcoholic, and now having to start over with a new career raising three amazing beautiful children. I want to be the best mom and example of a strong Brave Girl that I can for them- I know this class would help me stay strong & give me much needed reminders and encouragement why I am doing this!!!

  176. Margaret Kemp says

    Hello! I love love love everything about Brave Girls. You ladies are wonderful and inspiring! I have spent the last two years in and out of hospital, trying to sort out ongoing health issues. Finally this year I have had a hysterectomy and ovaries removed. I am now six weeks post op and feeling like I am getting my life back on track. I believe the Brave Girl Soul Restoration would be great at this stage in my life, to help me focus and love the changes that I have gone through.
    Keep up the good work wonderful ladies
    Marg xxx

  177. says

    Wow, what a wonderful gift and wonderful class. I am always seeking ways to restore and rejuvenate my life and walk with God. I love the quote by CS Lewis that basiclly states, “our lives would be so much more joyful if we looked at it as a training ground rather than a playground.” I’m paraphrasing but the idea is to remember our life is to prepare us for heaven, not create heaven here. Although my life seems pretty heavenly most days. :) Thanks for the opportunity! I’m sharing…

  178. Sharie says

    Well, like many many other women who have posted in hopes of winning the coveted spot in soul restoration, I too would benefit greatly by having this wonderful and inspiring experience. I love ART and have a huge passion. I have a career in art which I should be very grateful for, however, it seems I’m not happy or satisfied because I do everything for everyone else and never get recognized for my own work. Ive been working in yhe industry gor yrs. yet still not doing what i really want to do. i feel i have been wasteing my god given talents. In fact often times others take the credit for my hard work and yrs of experience and natural talents. I can’t say anything because I am compensated well and feel I would lose my job because of it. Not only am I suffering inside from my job but I am silently suffering from a marriage that I too have felt inprisoned to for many years! I recently (2 1/2 yrs.), finally stood up for myself and separated frm my partner. I have felt a huge release, but still have a part of me who is chained to the outside of the cage. I can’t figure out what is wrong with me! Why can’t I let go and “Be Free” once and for all! I feel numb most of the time just to survive. I could go on but this is getting lengthy. Nevertheless, I would absolutely love and be honored for the opportunity to finally learn how to free my spirit and soul, but to also finally be able to create for ME!!
    Thank you so much! :)

  179. Lori Tee says

    I cannot begin to tell you (or write) how I have been inspired by everything you are doing for all of us Brave Girls in the world. I serendipitously stumbled upon your website and my world has never been in the same. THANK YOU.

  180. Joanne Williams says

    Over the past four years I have gone through life changes of motherhood and moving which were very difficult and traumatic for me. I also experienced deep family trauma during this time. As a result I completely lost my sense of self and feel very isolated. I have given up on conventional therapy. At the beginning of this year I rediscovered my creativity and its made a big difference already. This course would be an amazing gift for my healing and creativity.

  181. joyce avans says

    What I have lived through the last 6 years I wish on no one else. I have with God’s strength and the prayers of others, made it through. I have fought back from a place of darkness where my husband thought he had lost me. I was diagnosed with PTSD. I had to relearned how to live in a world where I was frightened by just ordinary sounds. I got better and then my health collapsed for different reasons. This too has been battled and won. I am now in the process of reclaiming my life. Taking your course in soul restoration would fit in so well with the other things I am working on. Through it all though, I can truly say I am blessed.

  182. Wendy A says

    I took this class last year but was unable to finish it because life just gets in the way. This time, I want to dedicate ME time to it if i was to win.

  183. Wendy A says

    I took this course last year and was unable to finish it. I would love to take it again as I have told myself, “this year I am dedicating more time for ME”. Life seems to get in the way of too many things.

  184. Sharon Andrews says

    I LOVE Brave Girls courses. So far I’ve done the Art school sessions 1 & 2 which were amazing. I’ve also started Soul Book which is just awesome too. I’ve tried inner work courses throughout my life as I’ve struggled a lot with depression from severe pain & find juice & inspiration to keep trying in all these classes. I was disappointed I missed the soul restoration 2 class & would absolutely be over the moon to win a place in soul restoration as I most definitely wont be missing the next soul restoration 2. Thank you Melody & Kathy & all the Brave Girls who make these classes possible for those of us who cant attend the camps, just yet. Hopefully one day that will be a possibility Hugs & thanks for the chance to win a spot & some definitely one of a kind beautiful prizes

  185. says

    I’m Ready! I’m Ready to rebuild me! I’ve been a Stay at Home Mom for the past 5 years and am a little lost in what I’m supposed to do now with my oldest starting school and still staying at home with the baby during the day. It’s time for me to find me.
    We’re going through a few shifts in our life, I’m trying to maneuver it all. I’m ready to recharge my soul and figure out what I really need to be doing with these beautiful talents that God has given me. I know I’m not here to be lost. I have a bigger purpose. I’ve gotta find out exactly what that is. I’d love to take Soul Restoration!! I {heart} Brave Girls Club!!
    Thank you for your inspiration!!

  186. Brigid clark says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take the Soul Restoration course! After going to Brave Girls Camp, seriously, my life opened. . .everything has changed, it has been such a journey and it’s not over, I have so much to discover about myself– it’s crazy that it has been there hidden, laying dormant because of all the layers of yuck I had covered it over with. . .
    And my dad would be super psyched!! You should see what he and I have cooked up in his workshop!!! Well, you will it’s coming your way next month, Melody!! :)

  187. Melanie G says

    I still go back to my SR book and look through it. I try to follow the light instead of the darkness. I think of my house and those that I have let closer and those I have not let back in. Its a happy place. Such a wonderful class.

  188. Julie Moyer says

    Melody and Kathy, you all mean so much to me. Brave Girl Art School was amazing and life changing for me. To say I loved it would be an understatement.
    You guys are the flour in my pantry-a staple in my household! You really do Rock! Through your amazingness (yeah it can be a word!) you pulled this story out of me. It just came spilling out-so here is why I would love to take Soul Restoration. Blessings! Lots and lots of Blessings!

    Yikes! Here I go!

    Once upon a time there was this little girl…
    She loved to sing and dance and dream big dreams.
    Life was full of a lot of Joy.
    Then many ugly things happened for a really long time.
    She lost her big dreams and her songs became silence.
    She grew into a capable young woman, because that’s what was expected, and she strived to make everything go just right.
    But she felt empty, as if something was missing. Who was she anyway?
    Was her ladder leaning up against the wrong building?
    Then she got sick.
    Breast Cancer they said, she was only 30.
    She tackled it and came through with flying colors.
    In the process she met a wonderful man and they got married.
    Soon to realize that two broken people don’t make a whole.
    The years went by and things got worse.
    Where was the light? It just seemed to get darker and darker.
    Divorce? she asked. “No” was the answer she heard in her heart. She knew that she had been called to stand.
    She didn’t know it then but she was a Brave Girl.
    Years went by and even though the road was rocky life got better. “Never give up!” became her mantra.
    Unbeknownst to her, a storm had begun to brew inside her body.
    There was this pain in her hip, and it got very very bad.
    Time for tests they said. And then the phone call…
    Again. Breast Cancer they said, it has gone to your bones. Stage 4.
    She was 45 and scared.
    Treatment began, it was a long and difficult road.
    Day by day she chose to listen to the still small voice, the Voice of Hope, the Voice of Life.
    With the help and love of family , friends, and her Doctors, she became a Two Time Survivor!
    Hip hip hoory!
    One day at her computer, she saw a little ad, Brave Girls Club it said. It was so pretty and bright!
    Click went the mouse, WOW went her thoughts. What have I found here?
    She knew in the deepest part of herself, she must. Must enroll in Brave Girl Art School.
    The door was opened and she stepped through.
    Are there any words to describe what it’s like to discover who you really really are?
    Who you were created to be?
    Peace I think. And so much happiness in discovery. And fun, and tears, all the emotions!
    So that’s my story.
    And now I’m ready for Soul Restoration. To restore what was lost. To be the most and the best of who I was created to be.

    I love you guys!!

  189. Kate B says

    I’m in need of this class because I’m ending 7 difficult years of heart rending pain and part of ending this will be finding the me I’ve lost and identifying my part in this process, but also the responsibility of others, and then letting it all go by moving towards what I want, focusing on the good things I have and honoring my own voice as much as I do that of others. I love art, but am not super talented. I would love to learn ways of using it as a vehicle of self expression and as a healing tool and voice!

  190. Carrie Tucker says

    I’m not very artistic but always wanted to be. Then I made some truth cards and realized we all have beauty inside us, we just need to let it out. Would love to take Soul Restoration to see what I uncover, something tells me I will be amazed again :-)

  191. Stephanie W. says

    With so many changes in my life as a single parent it is easy to forget myself in effort to make ends meet and take care of the needs of my four children. I want to discover who I am again, make goals and keep them, and learn to love and cherish myself with all of my imperfections. Your soul restoration class sounds like a wonderful way to begin my journey. Pick me pick me!:)

  192. Kim W. says

    I have taken SR1 before & it helped me to peel away several layers of “untruths” and I didn’t even get through the whole course! I really want to take it again & finish peeling away the old layers & repaint my “soul house!” :)

  193. Jill says

    I would love to be able to take the Soul Restoration class because I’m sure it would only add to the soul restoration that God is doing in me during this time in my life. It’s a season of new beginnings, but also of fighting for a marriage and a covenant that is too important to walk away from. It’s a time of rediscovering beauty and growing in love. Although it looks like everything is falling apart, I believe it’s really a time of restoration.

  194. Coco Kirch says

    I would love to take a guided journey to restore my self- confidence and learn to love me just as I am TODAY. I am more than a body that is too large…I am beautiful inside and always try to put good in the world. I am super empathetic and caring to everyone EXCEPT myself…I want to find out why I dont value myself as much as others and change that! I have so much more love to give and life to live!!

  195. Lauren Carroll says

    I would LOVE to win a scholarship I am a stay at home mom of a handsome boy and beautiful girl, and I want to be the best I can be for them!! It is easy to lose yourself to a marriage and motherhood and I ant more. I want to make my family proud and more than that I want to make myself proud! I love what you ladies do and the inspiration you give to many!

  196. says

    I would love for my sister to be able to take this class with me. If my name gets chosen here, I’d like to be able to GIFT it to my sister. I could provide you with her mailing address. :)

    I have someone who has GIFTED me the class Soul Restoration for which I am so incredibly grateful.

  197. Stephanie Singleton says

    I know my chances are slim to none but one simple answer as to why I would love to take this course. I am BROKEN.

  198. Phyllis says

    I found brave girls through another blog – someone who went to camp and who shared her experience. The past 20 years have slowly worn me down – betrayal, a parent’s suicide, being caregiver for two elderly relatives with dementia, kids growing up and leaving home – I feel like so much has happened that’s never been dealt with-it’s just been stuffed inside. I need to let it go and find out who I am now and where I need to be going.

  199. Kim says

    You, your site and your work have added SUCH a blessing to my life and have enabled me to give out Brave Girl Truth cards to many others – spreading your love and uplifting messages has increased my opportunities to bless others. I am in the midst of actively accepting and OWNing my story -and releasing the fear, shame and unworthiness many of us carry. I would love to BLESS someone else by gifting them one of your free SOUL restoration classes – in fact I just met her at an art class today! She shared that she is just beginning her HEALing journey – what a better way to begin than with a gift of one of your classes!

    Blessings for all of you and what you do!

  200. says

    Wow! This would mean so much to me. I need some soul restoration in my life. I need some Brave Girls love & wisdom to help me find peace!
    Thank you for bringing such positive & beautiful light & love to the world! xo

  201. Rachel says

    Oh wow, I can’t make words to really explain why I need to do soul restoration. My soul is buried and soul restoration seems like such a dream. Love you brave girls!

  202. Jennifer says

    This class would be an amazing blessing in my life right now. I feel that I am finally ready to begin some hard and much needed work on myself…

  203. Angela Russell says

    Looking forward to Soul Restoration because May Brave Girl Camp was amazing! And life changing!

  204. says

    I am doing Soul Restoration 2, which has been awesome for goal making and focusing on what I love to do, I think Soul Restoration 1 will be the perfect basis since it is about healing your past, which I think is keeping me for moving forward as well as I could, love you all girls, you are giving real lives and happiness, true and meaning to so many women around the world, may God bless you all!

  205. Sue says

    I just discovered you last week when I purchased the “Where Women Create Business” magazine. I bought the magazine specifically for the article about Brave Girls Club.

    Your ideas speak to my soul. I want to create an artistic business but I need help in getting going. From comments I’ve read about your class I think this class is just what I need.

    I’d be honored to receive your gift!

  206. Holly Luther says

    I found out in Nov of 2012 that I have an inoperable brain stem tumor. I have had to make many changes to my everyday life. I have always loved art but never seemed to find the time for it between work and kids. Now I can’t work anymore and am legally blind(I can see a little but it is very different from how everyone else can see) My sister introduced me to art journaling and I am currently taking soul restoration 2. It has truly been life changing I love it!!! I work on it daily It is the perfect outlet for my creativity plus I find it has helped me cope with things in a way I didn’t think was possible. My 6 year old and 3 year old sons paint with me daily now Its a very fun family activity we all have had the best time doing this. I would love to have the opportunity to be able to take soul restoration. I feel it would help me complete my transformation into the life I want to live.

  207. Jen Woosley says

    I took soul restoration but in ever finished it. I got stuck on my timeline and sort of just….didn’t want to go there. Since then I have taken both art school classes. Aged a year and started a wonderful new journey into the last year of my 30’s. I would love to retake it and face my soul house – clean it up and really restore it before I head into another decade of my life.

  208. Cathy Johnstone says

    I read your inspiring story in the latest Somerset Studio magazine. I’m here checking out your website and thought why not enter the contest. My journey in life is making some big changes now and I would like to win a spot in your Soul Restoration workshop.
    Blessed Be Malary Ross – Brave Girls Club

  209. Mikell says

    Wow! This class would be a real blessing for me right now. This has been the most difficult year of my life. A couple years ago I took in both my elderly parents. My Dad was completly disabled suffering from strokes, and Parkinson’s. my Mom was in poor health and needed knee surgery. After many struggles, and accidents we put Dad in the nursing home. Mom got her knees taken care of.eleven months ago she had to have open heart surgery, and I took care of her here in my home, while traveling back and forth to the nursing home. The end of March I was with my sweet Dad when he took his final breath. So sad. Unfortunately it was only one week later that my beloved oldest son suddenly passed away. As of now, we still have not received the final report explaining his death. To say that that devastated me, would be an understatement. He left a wife and two young children. I’m just so sad. A few months ago, my youngest son was having financial problems. Both he and his girlfriend moved into our home. We are not wealthy, by any stretch of imagination, and it has been a real financial strain. I’m so glad I can help my family, but am exhausted and depressed. . It would mean so much to attend this class. Maybe I could begin to heal a bit. Your words have been just the balm for my soul on so many days. God bless you. Thanks!

  210. monique says

    I have been following Brave Girls since the start and love everything you stand for! I find encouragement in your postings, share in your personal experiences and most of all find that as I experience life’s ups and downs I’m not alone. I have been to rock bottom and slowly climbed my way out over the years to find myself in a wonderful place where I love myself. I know that I can change myself when I am not happy about my attitude or outlook instead of wallowing in my sorrows and isolating myself. I think being able to be part of Soul Restoration would keep me moving in my journey and allow a creative outlet that I loved for so many years but am having trouble finding my “art” again.

  211. Crystal says

    This giveaway could be a life changer for me. I have been going through some major life changes. Just finally found the courage to exit an extremely abusive marriage. I am trying to pull myself up by my “brave girl” bootstraps and this class / giveaway would mean so much.

  212. says

    I’m on a soulwork journey; reading, praying, simplifying, meditating, taking classes and courses and wonderful workshops, receiving daily online encouragement and inspiration from so many women of faith and courage and energy… This year has been a year of ‘change’ for me – the word that chose me at the beginning of the year and has been working like yeast all through the first six months of it. I know the truths that BGC has to offer me through Soul Restoration will continue to encourage that positive change, will root and bud in my spirit, fill me up so that I can pour out new energy and care to others.

  213. Cassy says

    I took Soul Restoration last year and it was amazing. Putting as much of my heart and soul into the course helped me to release some old traumas and move on. I am still enjoying the process and rewards of maintaining this life of peace, love, and light. The messages and lessons are beautiful and affirming.

  214. Lynda says

    I’ve been inspired by the Brave Girls ever since my good friend referred me to the website and list serve. I’m recovering from a 21 year marriage to an abusive man and a very difficult divorce. The divorce ripped my family apart…definitely not what I dreamed for my life as a young girl. I love your image of the bird who is freed from her cage. I wrote a poem about being a bird who was freed from her cage only to find that her foot was chained down to the outside of the cage. That’s where I feel I am right now. I’ve redecorated my living room with empty cages and free birds to remind myself of the Brave Girls who share so much love. I could use some more support so I can truly free myself of that cage once and for all. Please consider me for your Soul Restoration scholarship.

  215. Lynne says

    The last few years have been tumultuous. I had to finally break all ties with my family, things became so toxic, it was unhealthy. My husband of over twenty years finally became sober, something I never imagined would happen. While he dealt with his demons, I had to start dealing with my own. Therapy and nightmares defined my existance. After twenty years as a stay at home Mom, I started to figure out how to re-enter the workforce. I am always the picture of clam on the outside, but a tornado of emotions rages on the inside. I have recently rediscovered my creative side, and find it healing. I have heard so many amazing things about Soul Restoration, and perhaps it is time to take the plunge…

  216. Lynne says

    The last few years have been tumultuous. I had to finally break all ties with my family, things became so toxic, it was unhealthy. My husband of over twenty years finally became sober, something I never imagined would happen. While he dealt with his demons, I had to start dealing with my own. Therapy and nightmares defined my existence.After twenty years as a stay at home Mom, I started to figure out how to re-enter the workforce. I am always the picture of clam on the outside, but a tornado of emotions rages on the inside. I have recently rediscovered my creative side, and find it healing. I have heard so many amazing things about Soul Restoration, and perhaps it is time to take the plunge…

  217. Suzy Gray says

    I’d live to win bg goodies. Soul restoration was a gift from my best friend. It made such a difference in my life…: creating boundaries for the “moon people” and just protecting my soul even from myself. It opened my eyes just how hard I was on myself. The art really concretes the topic in your heart and the bonus was all the great messy techniques I learned. I love my closed for restoration book

  218. says

    I would love to take SR again!!! I did it the first time it was offered and loved every, single, minute of it. The timeline project really changed my outlook permanently :)

  219. Diva Kreszl says

    As an empty nester I am trying to learn and embrace all the things that brought me joy as a child, at 57 years young I need to let go of my inhibitions and dance, paint etc. whenever the mood strikes me. Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity to win a Brave Girl’s Soul restoration!!!

  220. Laura says

    My blog is on hiatus, since I have lost my way. I have no idea who I am any more. Maybe that is not the worst but I don’t seem to feel like I am ANYONE. I need to find an identity so I can move forward on a path. Each foot step feels so heavy and takes me no where.
    I tried to get excited about art and life and inner healing on my own, but without support that is only a path towards disaster. All I am finding is more pain and disappointment and feelings of why bother to try any more.
    I learned yesterday that I am facing homelessness in less than 30 days. Although the art supplies I have gathered are found objects or someone else’s leftovers (except for a wonderful gift box I did win from a blog hop!) I see the potential in them. I can not afford to pay tuition for a class that I very much NEED to help me get out of this bleak, deepening, rut of self despair. I WANT to see possibilities and have hope again. I WANT to feel I have value and can make a contribution to the world. I NEED to learn that I have as much value as others I have tried to please for so long. My hesitation in asking for a chance at this great opportunity is that I will have to rely on public computers to connect to the lessons. Still, making a commitment is a start at giving myself that much needed kick in the butt to refind MY value. The idea that I do have several months to complete the 8 lessons tells my rational mind that it is doable if I don’t quit. Not wanting to let you down, if I would be gifted tuition, would motivate me to show up.
    I did pin http://pinterest.com/pin/100486635408695963/ and share with others.

  221. Katrina says

    I would love to have a chance to take this class ever since I heard about it from a friend who has recommended it to me over and over again. I feel I would benefit from the class as a tool to express myself positively while continuing to work on managing my relationship with my mom with whom I have a pretty toxic relationship. Likewise, my sister cut me out of her life when she met her husband, claiming that she never liked me and that she just wanted to move on…so it has been tough for me over the last couple years. We are on a relatively tight budget as my husband is a full-time student, so I am the breadwinner in our family, wife, and mother. I really would love to be able to win this so I can do something for me. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  222. Angi says

    My life has changed a lot in the last 3 years. I feel I am well on my way but… then I get hung up on something that just should NOT be an issue at all to me. I think this course can help me find out WHY I am really getting hung up, the root cause and how to work through it.

  223. cindy Walsh says

    Last year was an especially tough one for our little family. I am a single mom who also has a
    severely disabled child. I had health issues myself for the first time ever..and boy that can be humbling.
    Parker, my son, has been accepted as a make a wish kid. As wonderful as that is, it is a lot to come to terms with. I am a nurse, and usually the one taking care of everyone else. I have been
    following this website this past year but not physically able to participate. I just love what this club stands for. Go BraveGirls!

  224. Anna White says

    I took this class last Spring, in conjunction with therapy, and it was an amazing transformational experience. I love Brave Girls and the message that you out into the world. It is so needed and beautiful!

  225. Jeannine Cooper says

    After 36 years it marriage DVD being everything to everybody, I have lost me have been a wife, mother, caregiver to my dad, and now I need to be the caregiver of my soul and I think this us just the catapult to accomplish what I need in order to be happy with me for the rest of my life.

  226. Jenn says

    I loved SR and would be so glad to take the course again this year! It was life changing. For the first time, I really knew in my heart that I was brave. After doing each lesson, I was surrounded by evidence that proved the yucky lies in my head were dead wrong. What a gift! Thank you BGC. I’m sure each time you take this rich curriculum, you learn something new about yourself.

  227. Kathy says

    I would love to get inspiration to get through a turning point that is coming in mine and my family’s life. I am seeking clarity to make the best decision for myself and family. Thanks so much, love your products!

  228. Renee Barrere says

    Oh my! I just pinned several items and can’t remember all the ones I just did!! Hope that won’t cancel my entry of pin to win.

  229. Kristi ottmar says

    I have looked at this class for so long and just haven’t been able to fit it into our budget, with kids in a colleg and a hubby who can only work parttime, I would love to opportunity to partake. I know that its high time I stop taking care of just everyone else and take a look at me. Ive been on the sidelines for way too long and this would allow me to tap into the creative part of my soul which powers and moves the rest of my body.

  230. Renee Barrere says

    I cannot add to what my testimonial above says except for I’m continuing on my journey of life and making a new Life Restoration book. Since I gave my testimonial my husband went into an alcoholic rage and attempted to kill me along with other things he did to me that changed or altered my life completely, emotionally and physically! The classes that Melody and Kathy offer are a way to find yourself, your true self and become who it is you REALLY are inside! If you are hurting emotionally this is the perfect way to begin changing your life and how you feel about yourself. I unfortunately retracted back into self cocooning myself after my hospitalization from the attack and allowed fear to consume me, I’m not saying it doesn’t still consume me because it does, but I’m taking the steps I need to heal and learn how to love myself again among other things. I’m not posting to win a scholarship, I’ve been through this course and want someone else to benefit from it’s healing aspects and the love and support they put into this course. However, I’ll admit I’d love to win a framed art piece of Melody’s or even the jewelry to show the world I AM a Brave Girl and dang proud of it!! I’m beginning a new journey of healing again, just in a different way than I was before to try to find peace within myself once again instead of fear. I just LOVE the Brave Girls Club and so proud to be a part of this amazing family of other Brave Girls out there too!

  231. ann-marie says

    We all have a story and as I read the previous posts I realize many of us share a story-line or two.I would love to start my next chapter in my book with Soul Restoration being the title! It will be an exciting,eye-opening,thought provoking,tear jerking,healing read.It will definitely be my favorite book! :)

  232. Jill says

    I discovered “Brave Girls” this week and it was so serendipitous… perfect timing. I would love to take this class. This year has been full of change and transition for me. I feel like I’m gearing up for something big… I don’t know what it is, but I want my heart to be open and ready for whatever good is coming my way. xoxo

  233. Kim says

    I would love this! My parents have both passed, my kids are all almost grown (3 of 4 are now adults and 2 married). I am trying to figure me out now. Trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up…lol. I had my first child a week after I turned 17 and married and divorced and married again and divorced again and married again.. I have always been it seems mom, or wife. Add into that daughter, I took care of my mom until she passed. Care giver to many as I was an EMT and now I work in the ER. I am thinking of going in to nursing, I have always wanted to write a book, I used to love to draw and do arts and craft things but put it all to the side. I want to find me. I want to figure out who I am. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t trade my kids for anything, nor my time with my parents and all the lessons I learned along the way but now it is time for me, to see who I am and where I want to go, what I want to do.
    I would love to win the Soul Restoration to help me find me!

  234. says

    I took the Life Restoration Class this spring and it changed me. It not only gave me new perspective on my life, but helped me to gain the confidence to let go of past dreams and really define who I was and what I wanted out of life. I would love to take the Soul Restoration Class and continue my journey forward. Thank You! Thank You! for having the courage and grace to share your wisdom and insight with us.

  235. Cheryl says

    There are so many of us that would benefit from your Soul Restoration class. I don’t believe I am any more or less worthy to win than the other ladies.
    Life challenges has been numerous for me in the past year, but the Brave Girl daily posts have reminded me “this too shall pass”. And the encouragement and little reminders reshape my thoughts and I KNOW without hesitation I will survive. Brave Girl is amazing, I can only imagine how much more I’ll grown through Soul Restoration.
    Praying God will bless me with the gift if free registration. Or the funding should I have to pay for it.
    Thank you for all you do for us in need or encouragement, a laugh, and a strong reminder of who we are.
    May I get an email saying congratulations Brave Girl, come join us God has blessed you.

  236. says

    I started Soul Restoration last year, but got hung on my timeline, there was just too much “icky” for me to revisit. I would love to take the class again so that I can get unstuck on those parts of my life. I loved the class until then, love creating the art too, it is AMAZING. The online forum and chat is PRICELESS.

  237. says

    The timing of my awareness of Brave Girls Club and this class could not have been orchestrated any better. I am a public speaker, advocating for individuals with disabilities. Through my messages I have not only helped others I have opened a cavernous hole in my soul. Growing up with a disability is not easy. Dealing with the psychological crap that comes with is is worse. Not to mention some of the pain from mistakes I have made in my adult life. I am in the process of creating a writing/art/scrapbook journal to drain that crap out. This class would be perfect! Thank you very much!

  238. Amanda S says

    My job tried to suck the compassion, caring and creativity- at times it felt like all that was good in life was being taken from me. I had to relinquish the titls, most of the pay and stay on in a much diminished role in order to preserve my health and sanity My soul feels battered and could certainly use a recharge.

  239. Jen says

    Wow, I came across this site through Pinterest and am so glad I ended up here. I am currently in the process of working through the emotional remnants of abusive relationship issues that I have had in my past. While they have defined me for a long time, I am proud to say that I am beginning the process of no longer allowing that to happen. Toward the end of last year I had a change to my seizure disorder that has had far reaching impacts into my work and personal life. Being less able to function in my well established patterns has changed everything and I am working hard to reestablish everything in a healthy way. I would love the opportunity to refresh my soul and add the lessons you are offering to my journey. The course looks wonderful and the website speaks to me on a level I really appreciate right now. Truly discovering me and being able to give what is needed to, myself my family and the students I work with would be a true blessing. Thank you for what you do.

  240. teresa says

    as a mom of an only child that left for college this past year, i have been struggling to find my role in this world again. even though i work and volunteer like crazy, my proudest and most fulfilling roles are that of mom and wife. redefining “me” has been a tougher road than i would have thought! i tend to spend a lot of time helping or giving to others (which i wouldn’t trade for anything in the world!!) but it sometimes means that i tend to neglect my own “soul”. maybe because it’s easier that way….maybe it’s just because that’s what girls do…but i do know there is a need to stop, slow down and build your own passions. making yourseld do just that is an entirely different story! just recently found brave girls products and gifts, researched online and signed up for your daily emails! on camp waiting list and if i don’t make it, will see you in 2014!!

  241. Emily says

    The more that I do with Brave Girls, the happier I find myself becoming. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Camp this past year, and am currently in the Body Restoration class and it has all helped me so much in slowly starting to work through my issues and find the happy girl underneath! When nothing else seemed to work, looking at or working on the art projects I’ve done has pulled me out from under the blanket of depression. I want to sign up for Soul Restoration to continue on this path of light!

  242. Sara Windsor says

    I have been so wanting to be able to take a class with you…ever since I found BGC. And Soul Restoration would be so perfect right now! My 19 yr old daughter just moved out and all the way across the country…a huge change, and a hard change, but at the same time I am excited for her to be beginning on her own journey and happy to see her flying with her Brave Girl wings! I have also just recently started an art journal…my first since the ’90s when I was going through a couple of years of deep depression. And this journal is so different, mostly in the kind of art I am creating in it. But, part of the intent is the same…to grow as a person, to find what I value in myself and my life, identify new goals and how to reach them etc. I am sure that Soul Restoration would be of great help to me! My fingers are crossed! Thanks so much for offering three free tuitions! Peace to your heart, Sara

  243. stacey hamm says

    The last few years have been incredibly difficult: breast cancer which has left emotional as well as physical scars that I’m finding difficult to overcome; a relationship that meant EVERYTHING to me and nothing to him. I
    know a shift is happening in my life, and I am not quite sure what that means. I want to get my whole self working together with intention. I’m trying to be brave, and perhaps this course can set me on the path to healing.

  244. Angela says

    I really don’t know much about all of this…just what a friend on Facebook has shared and posted. But this sounds like something I really need to do…either winnig it or just doing it. My mother passed away in August. We had not spoken in over 5 years. Too much to write, but it was the only option for me. My step-daughter dropped out of HS and now has a 4 month old son…whom I sooo love!! My son just graduated from high school and is leaving for college very soon. He and I are very close and his absence is going to be extrmemely difficult to adjust to. My husband lost his job in May. He has started his new job this week however! So theres some great news! There’s so much more I could say here…but basically, my life has been turned upside down the last year or so. And I just need help finding myself again. I’m 40 years old and I’m just feeling kinda lost in this big crazy world right now! So many changes, so little time. I would love to participate in the Soul Restoration!

  245. says

    This is for Julie. I have taken the class twice, and each time I feel an ache that my friend Julie would have a chance to do the same. She and her husband are sacrificial people who live in a little log cabin with their two girls. They are people who give and give and give. At the same time, they have little or no money. Julie is a brave girl. She is a creative vision keeper. She needs an opportunity to discover this for herself and embrace a new path. All the tools that come with Soul Restoration are a perfect fit for Julie’s language. Therefore, I am hoping and hoping and praying that I will WIN this class so Julie can receive a precious and abundant gift.
    PICK ME. ooooooh. PICK ME. : )

  246. Julie Cordwell says

    My WISH is for someone that hasn’t taken this class before to win it – someone with a soul as dry as the desert, because this class quenches your deepest thirst and you truly know that you are LOVE. That you are VALUABLE. That you are important. It radically changed the way I treat myself and I can see now that others are treating me differently too. I am starting to take care of myself in many small ways – it is beginning – and I am living again! It’s a true MIRACLE for me. I’m going to sign up for the $19.00 special on Monday to take it again because I LOVE all the art projects during which I can meditate/heal. ALTHOUGH, I would love to win all the free goodies that are gorgeous – someone new – deserves this CHANCE. I love BBC and Melody and all those that work with her to make this happen for women everywhere – you will never know how you all have helped me come back to me. xoxox

  247. Bev says

    I’d love to take this course. It’s been such a year of personal loss and I could definitely use some soul restoration :)

  248. Kelly says

    All I can say is that I was searching online for something to heal my soul. Call it a gift from God, but a Brave Girls post showed up on my FB news feed. I started looking into it and so wanted to take the Soul Restoration class only to find that registration was closed. I looked further and found that you didn’t have to take that one before taking the Life Restoration class. So, I “settled” for the Life Restoration class. Was I in for a surprise!! It is so amazing! I didn’t “settle” for anything. I got more than I ever dreamed of and am still getting it. I can’t wait to register for Soul Restoration. I have dealt with physical and emotional abuse for so long. Healing myself inside and learning how to feel and be happy and at peace has become a priority in my life. I want to break down the wall that I can almost physically feel inside of me. I want to be a happy and whole person! God led me here, so I am following. So excited!!

  249. Kate says

    Discovering Brave Girls Club has absolutely transformed my life. I am completing Life Restoration now and just registered for Body Restoration. My goal is to complete every course you ladies create and gift to all us Brave Girls. I actually just told everyone at my exercise class this morning about your website and online courses because of how Life Restoration has completely changed my perspective and the way I am living my life, the way I want to live it, every day. (I even wrote a blog post about y’all not too long ago!) I would be so honored to be chosen as a winner. It would be the best gift!! Thank you for the healing empire you are creating. Xoxo

  250. says

    Going into three years of Widowhood has left my soul parched and it solely needs restoration! I know someone who has done the lessons and it made such a huge difference in her life…Being Brave has been like walking through molasses but I have trudged through to the shore and want to continue to enlighten my life! Many Blessings for what you are doing with this website!

  251. Kathy says

    This sounds like a great course to give me the push I need to start my own business with my husband and aim high, instead of remaining stagnant in my life. We are at a crossroads and trying to make the best decisions for our family. Thanks so much, I love your products!

  252. Sara says

    THis year is a transition for me and the ultimate goal is freedom. Freedom for self doubt, shame and unworthiness. Freedom to be the person I lost. I believe Soul Restoration is a big part of this journey.

  253. Susanna says

    After a long 2 years of major changes, hard changes—a traumatic divorce, realizing abuse, becoming a single mother to 3 young children…..I am ready to take charge and see my potential. I could use all the support I can get!!!

  254. says

    I just discovered “Brave Girls” this past week, and it was pure serendipity… perfect timing, with a perfect message. I would love to take this course, as I’m going through a lot of personal growth and transition this year. I feel like my life is gearing up for something big. I don’t know what it is, but I want to be ready. I want to be brave. I want my heart to be open and prepared for the wonderful things that life has in store for me. xoxo

  255. Char Davis says

    I would love to do this for myself- time to find the new me waiting to get out! I think this would be really great healing therapy! And fun too! Thanks so much for offering the class and the fun prizes! Oh and I pinned it to Pinterest too because I would LOVE to win your beautiful prizes!

  256. Char Davis says

    I would love to do this for myself- time to find the new me waiting to get out! I think this would be really great healing therapy! And fun too! Thanks so much for offering the class and the fun prizes!

  257. Karen says

    As a kindergarten teacher, I am raising up brave girls and boys on an annual basis! While I wholeheartedly love my job, and the little ones in my care, I am often soul depleted by their life stories. Sme days I just come home and cry. Children carry the burdens of their parents dysfunction – abusive relationships, alcohol and drug addictions. I have kiddos who are in and out of protective custody, and I am their one constant. Although I meet the challenge every day, some days are a struggle. How can they learn when they are hungry or afraid? It’s my job to figure out how to do that, and make up for the parenting they are missing.
    I need to nurture my own soul in order to nurture the souls of others! I would be truly blessed by this course!

  258. says


    I love that you do classes to help women find themselves and learn to be more brave in their everyday life. I recently stumbled across you in the latest Somerset Studio and fell in love with what the Brave Girls Club represents. I could definitely use a little more brave in my life. In fact, my most recent blog post was titled “Learning How To Be Brave”. I have been through a lot in the last year. I was divorced from my husband who I had been in a relationship with for almost a decade. My husband and I had grown apart and despite many rounds of counseling we just couldn’t seem to make it work. My soul was dying a little more everyday being in a loveless marriage and I knew if I ever wanted to be happy again I had to find the strength to leave, so I did. It was the hardest decision I have ever made in my entire life and filled with so much guilt. I felt like I had failed everyone, my husband, our families and our wedding vows. But I also knew I had to do this if I ever wanted to truly thrive again. As a result I ended up moving out of the house we owned together and into a tiny little apartment. I had to take care of myself for the first time in, well…ever. It was terrifying. Not to mention because I asked for the divorce, I lost most of my friends and had to start all over in a city I never really wanted to live in, in the first place (I had moved here because of my husband.) The first few months were excruciatingly lonely. I had my dogs, my blog, my art, and a couple of good friends who were complete lifesavers to get through those first awful months. There were days where all I wanted to do was cry. I had to find a lot of courage in those days.

    Things are much better 10 months later. I started seeing a man, who I believe is my soulmate and makes me exquisitely happy. I wish I could find the same sense of peace and joy in my work now. As a social worker providing counseling services to children my job is physically and emotionally draining. I would love nothing more than to make my art full time and teach others how to do the same. I was an art therapy minor in college and I would love to teach others to heal themselves through the wonderful power of art. This is where the learning to be brave part comes in. I am so scared of failing. All these gremlins in my head tell me “you aren’t good enough, you’ll never make it, who do you think you are?” I am scared about the money, which is already horrifically tight, and I am afraid of falling flat on my butt.

    The recent murder of an acquaintance sort of “woke me up” and made me realize life is too short to NOT chase your dreams. In theory I know this to be true but in practice it still scares the bejeevies out of me. I am hoping if I am lucky enough to win the ability to participate in this class I can start building a community of other brave creative women around me, so we can encourage each other and reach for our own personal stars!

    Best of luck everyone :)

  259. says

    The last few years have been really hard for me … caring for my father and watching him slowly lose his grip on a life he fought so hard to hold onto. And then when he passed away it seemed my purpose for life had gone with him, so I was bogged in depression and pain. And then there were some family issues and my brother and nephews broke my heart and I thought I would die … and in a way, wanted to! Crafting and then art have helped me to heal and start living again, and I am finally beginning to be ready to fly … I think that soul restoration would give me the wings I need to really fly and be free of the hurts of the past. And oh, how I want to fly free … completely free!

  260. Kiki Halbert says

    I would love to win this course. I’ve been debating it for some time but I need it. I have had a year or two of difficulty dealing with chronic illness and I need to find my own light again, my own self again and be me, not just someone who is battling this illness (with success). I’ve concentrated too much on fighting it, instead of growing me.

  261. Lori Cavicchioni says

    I’ve been wanting to do Soul Restoration for a LONG time and a friend inspired me. She just signed up to do a camp! Can I say “jealous” in a good way!? I’m fueled by a constant state of change and positivity and need another jump start. I think this is the perfect way to do it!

  262. says

    I have taken Soul Restoration II. I don’t think I was quite ready at the time, because all I did was cry :/ I feel I am more open to exploring what I need and what I truly deserve from this life. Thank you for the chance to win!

  263. says

    I am Soul Restoration over achiever! I have taken the course 2X and would love to have a third change to do it all again. Every time I take it I relearn, recharge, and reinvent, improving on all that I have taken from the class. But to get to know what Soul Restoration has done for me even deeper, I can put it in to one inspiring sentence for those who haven’t experience it yet. It helped teach me how to love myself, body and soul, right where I am, right now today. It inspired me to create a site for Plus Size women, and a local meet up group where plus size women learn ways to love themselves and connect with each other to help us through the tough times and emotional challenges tied to body image. I am happier, comfortable in my own skin, joyfilled, and so glad to have found this wonderful class.

    I am not posting here to win. I have already won. Twice. I applied for a scholarship the first time I took this class. I was in financial trouble and yet this class kept calling my name. Everywhere I looked this class would show up, or someone would tell me about it. I prayed about it and asked God to show me how to pay for it. This is what happened. A few months before had been my birthday. My parents had given me a check and somehow I lost it. I didn’t know I lost it, I had simply forgotten. A man found the check on the street, called my parents and mailed it back. There was the first $100. Then I got an insurance refund check in the mail. There was the second sign that I needed to sign up for this course. Then lo and behold I won a scholarship. There was no doubt in my mind that I needed this course, and it has been a book that I refer to all the time to remind me of where I was and where I am now. My favorite lesson, although probably the most difficut what the building of my “Soul House”. It to this day holds so many lessons, and reminders in everything I do. It gave my life value. Thank you!

  264. Keri says

    My soul is in need of some sweetness and kindness so that I can then pour that back out onto the people in my life. Right now it is flooded with hurt, sadness and is not open to love. This needs to change.

  265. Valerie B. says

    I have been trying to find my life’s purpose for a while now with yoga, mediation, soul inspiring readings etc. I can feel that I am getting close, so maybe the Soul Restoration class is just what I need to lift me all of the way out :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  266. Joyce says

    I would love to win this prize and take soul restoration. I am currently unemployed (have a new job that will begin August 19 yay!) but am feeling stuck and discouraged. Soul restoration would be a great tool of encouragement and empowerment for me.

  267. Karen says

    I’m not sure what to say. I feel like I have to convince you I need this … my words rarely seem to get to the depth of what is going on in me. I’m not hurting as bad as some that I read on the comments and so feel that I don’t need it as much. I seem to always be on the edge. Not bad enough ~ not good enough. I can sense I need this now. I’ve thought about it alot and now is the time … so win or not, I will sign-up and I know God will provide the healing I need.

  268. Sarah says

    About 10 months ago I didn’t recognize the person I saw in the mirror. I was going through a breakup and combined with some medical issues did not feel like myself. I felt lost, and didn’t know how to get back to being happy again. I wouldn’t sleep through the nights, I’d wake up crying, I couldn’t concentration at work. Finally with the encouragement of a coworker I went to see a counselor and through talking with her I was able to get. My medical issues better understood and slowly started trying to focus on doing things for me and not for others. I opened my mind to “saying yes” to new experiences and trying new things. I did a lot of “soul searching” and it made me realize my job wasn’t really helping my happiness, so I applied for over 30 jobs within 8 weeks to get a change. None of those jobs worked out but within that time I became more positive realizing that of a job didn’t work out, there had to be a reason and it just meant something better was out there. I also made the decision to begin my MBA, something I have always wanted to accomplish and now seem as good a time as any to start. I am very exciting to begin working on this personal achievement, every time I talk about it I smile, so I know I’m making a choice for me and not because others are telling me to. I hope the advanced degree will assist in my search for a different job but I’m really more looking forward the challenge it presents and knowing this is a decision I made my MYSELF.
    The point if my story is that personal growth and realizing what it is you want out of life can be a long struggling process and I would love the chance to continue my personal growth journey through the “soul restoration” class. Being in my 20s, learning about my “true desires” early on in life will help me to live a more fulfilling life.
    Thank you for reading.

  269. Kay says

    I thought when my children became adults all would be right with the world. But 2 are struggling in this terrible economy and I feel so lost, both as a mom and a woman, on how to best help them. I am feeling so stressed yet I never find the time to do things for myself. This would help me do that, help me relax and feel refreshed, so I could maybe then better help them feel blessed and refreshed also.

  270. Melanie says

    I am a stay at home mom and my son left for college 1200 miles away. It has been a year of adjustment. Some illnesses along the way and I really think I could use this class. :-)

  271. Julia says

    Oh! I would LOVE to take this class! I am 21 and have been struggling for 3 years with chronic Lyme disease and severe panic and agoraphobia. I had a breakdown yesterday while thinking of all the things that I cannot do anymore, how much my life has changed. After a few hours of being at my lowest point I pulled myself together and decided I CAN make things better! I went online and saw that my Mom had posted an inspirational quote from BraveGirl and I know it was meant for me to see! It hit home and helped me pull myself back up from being so low.

    This class could be just what I need to heal and move forward!

  272. Karen says

    After losing my mom last June. I have lost my “creative” champion. I could call her to tell her about a new project or when I was stuck on one. She helped me learn to sew, by coaching me over the phone, from 650 miles away. No matter how hard I try, I am lost now.

  273. says

    I would love to attend Soul Restoration. I desperately need to gain focus and my creative self back. I have been working an crazy amount of hours in my casino job for the past 2 years. I am burnt out and need to find my way back to my passion.
    Thank you

  274. Linda A says

    I’m stalled on several different fronts. I left a corp job to pursue several creative endeavors which have gotten pushed to the back due to a part time job. I need to get to the bottom of this. HELP! :)

  275. says

    This is just the right timing for me. I recently left the corporate world to pursue my art full time. Now, more than ever I need connection with other like minded women. I am also on the waiting list for Brave Girls camp in the fall!!

  276. Kim says

    Why do I want to take Soul Restoration? Because I have been so busy taking care of everyone else’s soul I think I may have forgotten that I actually have one……. :)

  277. Shelly B says

    I have gone through many huge changes in my life over the past few years, from becoming a mom, major health scares in my family, working hard to improve my own health, and two career changes in just the past 9 months. It’s been stressful trying to juggle it all, and I’ve kind of lost touch with myself during the process. A friend of mine had a wonderful experience with the Brave Girls club and speaks so highly of it, so I am very interested in an opportunity to participate in the Soul Restoration program. :)

  278. says

    Loved Soul Restoration!!!! Still working on my book and taking the class again will give me the umph I need to finish it. All of Melody’s Classes have helped me realize that I am indeed “Worth It”. I am an artist. The only class I haven’t take so far is the Art 2 Class. Love them all.

  279. Carolyn E. Waller says

    I’ve always been a happy person, but recent events have left me beaten down emotionally and feeling as if I’m jinxed. I need a shot of encouragement to renew my passion for Living Out Loud!

  280. Tori Dawson says

    Okay so here’s the thing, I feel like I’m at a crossroads in life. I feel like I put my whole life on hold to stay at home and home school my kids. Don’t get me wrong I love being with my family. However, I feel that I let go of all my dream and hopes. Some days it’s hard for me to remember who I am outside of being a wife and mom. I would love to take this class to redecover my own passions.

  281. Terri says

    I’m trying to nurture and recapture my creative self. “A Little Bird Told Me” this could be the next true step on the journey. Lets see…

  282. Diana Lee says

    I took Brave Girl soul restoration a couple of years ago but in my crazy world I never quite finished it. I would love to start over and do it again. I had surgery in January and it has changed my world and I think taking the class would help me so much. Thanks for the chance to take the class again and to win all the wonderful goodies!

  283. Rachel says

    This is a difficult one, I could beg you please, I could threaten to hold my breath until you say yes, I could cry or have a tantrum, but the truth of it is that life has been very difficult for me the last few years both with bad health and complex and difficult personal issues, my soul is crying out to be nourished but unfortunately I have no way of funding this for myself so while I look and lust after this course regularly it has been something to go on my “To Do, one day” list. I hope that makes sense and I am sure it will be an absolute treat for whoever wins, Thank you for your generosity and if I don’t win, I look forward to doing this course at a future date.

  284. Melody Wright says

    I also “pinned” the image of the prizes on Pinterest – I really want to be a Brave Girl and want to spread the word so others have the opportunity to check out to Soul Restoration journey!

  285. Melody Wright says

    I am so excited about this wonderful opportunity! I am another Melody, also with 5 children and a love of discovery and learning. I have loved the artwork of Melody Ross since I first discovered it several years ago – her art resonates with me and I want to be a brave girl, too! My children are adopted and all came with special needs; this has taught me so much and I am so grateful for the lessons learned and the journey shared. Now the kids are growing up and I have the time and energy to reconnect with my own inner vision and wisdom, and sense of fun and humor! I’m a certified life coach and a multimedia artist, and I use these skills together as I write and facilitate workshops empowering others to go deeper, to connect with their dreams and goals, and to live life in their own truth. I would love to go on the Soul Restoration journey with you!

  286. says

    I need this class again. Wow, I am having a tough time at work and ready to give it up. Except I am a single momma and need to pay my bills. I need to revisit my soul restoration. Thanks for the chance.

  287. says

    I need this class again. Wow, I am having a tough time at work and ready to give it up. Except I am a single momma and need to pay my bills. I need to revisit my soul restoration. Thanks for the chance.

  288. Faith Gaspar says

    YES!!! A Sale… A Give a Way…. What more can a Girl ask for??? Count me in…. I would love to win some goodies on my doorstep….


  289. Kara says

    I need soul restoration to help find me, my aunt took her life a few years ago and I’m dealing with it by helping others with their grief, I’ve made the most amazing people but part of who I was is still missing!

  290. Kylie-Jo says

    A lot has happened since I did Soul Restoration and I have slipped off the path I was on. Having a chance to do the course again will allow me to get back on the right path and keep me moving forward. I would really love to be able to do Soul Restoration again xx

  291. Rene' Groom says

    Soul Restoration – Ah, that sounds about right. I have been dreaming of taking this class for some time. Why havent I? It seems that every time I manage to set some funds aside, one of the kids step in with a need and…. my guys are mostly adultish…. hardworking kids, responsible, but like a lot of people there seems to be more month then money sometimes and rent and tuition and …..always seems to come before they are quit ready. I feel that Soul Restoration what I need. I am on my second attempt at leaving the working world and trying to make it on my own as a writer – and sometimes taking leaps of faith require a little bit of encouragement.

  292. Karen Anderson says

    I would love the opportunity to take this amazing sounding class. I don’t have a massively dramatic reason, just a number of small ones that probably affect lots of people!
    Three months ago we moved to a different part of the country, away from family and friends in order to support my hubby’s career. At the same time I changed my career path so things have turned upside down recently! I’d love the chance to stop and draw breath, these classes sound like the perfect opportunity.
    Sending loads of good luck to everyone who enters! Xxx

  293. Becky Carl says

    Dear Brave Girls,
    I hope and pray to win this class or have the funds to pay for it. I am in a slump because my heart is so grieving the loss of my family of origin in the last 2 yrs. First it was my sweet Mommy on July 12, 2011; then my sweet brother Jim on Nov. 28, 2012; then my Pops Phil, My stepdad who loved my Mommy so much on March 6, 2013; then my only other sweet brother Eddie on March 29, 2013. Although all of them had health issues, we did not expect to lose them as we did in the timing we did. I was always the care giver so this has come as a blow to my heart and being. I am thankful to have my Lord and Savior by me through it all and so blessed that I had a wonderful family. I am so thankful to have a wonderful husband and 4 wonderful sons to share my life with. But I am still so sad. I am hoping this class will mend me along with Gods help which I constantly seek. However, I pray that the ones who need this most win it since I know there are many out there hurting. Thank you for all you do for others, I hope to be able to come to a retreat one day. Love and Blessings, Becky

  294. says

    It’s been a rough year. I’ve been bedridden and in and out of the hospital with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which means neurological illness. Healthcare is my field, so usually I’m the caretaker. I am back up on my feet and the BGC emails and the one minute/ one paragraph course has been a life saver. It gave me so much to look forward to and fight back in to getting better. I’ve recommended your site to all my fantastic women friends, and been a fan for some time. Not working has left my bank account lean, so a free class would be the best gift. I’ve included your positivity on my blog along with how to flip an illness into something life changing for growth and wellness, otherwise known as post traumatic growth. I’m looking forward to being able to do my art again soon. Also, I gladly pinned the giveaway. Thank you for all that you do. It’s been truly inspiring.
    J. Hope Ogden

  295. Susan S says

    I’ve been waiting for this to be offered again! I’ve taken SR@, which is now Life Restoration, but am at a point in my life where I really need Soul Restoration. I can’t wait for it to begin as I have hear only wonderful things about it. I’m signed up for BG Camp, but not until Oct 2014. I can’t wait that long to begin this powerful work. In Gratitude to Melody, Kathy and all the Brave Girls organization and awesome members.

  296. Alicia Bias says

    I feel like I’m drowning most days…sometimes I don’t even feel like trying to swim…and last year I almost ended it all. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, but that is not all…in the past ten years I have had many brushes with death and two heart surgeries to fix it but still suffer from time to time; a degenerating spine with chronic neck pain, prescription meds, surgery that did not help, and just recently a herniated disc in my low back that left me unable to go on a small vacation with my family (our first one in years); I have a ten year old son with autism who was diagnosed a week before my second heart surgery and who tests my limits everyday. I spent 3 years going back and forth to occupational therapists, speech therapists, behavioral therapists and feeding therapists for both he and my other son who has a sensory processing disorder and could not chew food until after his third birthday (that’s a long story); we adopted a daughter two years ago (her birthday is Sunday) after four years of waiting and a devastating failed placement after we were there for the birth and were supposed to bring her home; my husband left the church three times during this time period and I was left to be the strong, faithful example to my kids despite the sorrow and heartache… And did a darn good job of it. But I am broken now… Years of having no choice but to be strong have left me battered and scarred and that is why I could not handle this past year of my life and why I almost ended it…we lost our house this past year… We didn’t have a choice, our adoption broke us and we had to make a choice…we chose that baby girl. We are currently living in a tiny apartment trying to pick up the pieces now. My husband, who was a cop for over ten years and had his own brushes eith death, just changed professions and that was a huge blessing and maybe a major turning point in our lives…but it’s going to take time before we begin to see our financial situation get better, and we are burdened with so many medical bills. I am lost… Every time I have tried to make plans and dreams for my future I have been thrown another curve ball. Maybe I just don’t know who I’m supposed to become. I used to dance…I was a dancer for 18 years. I was a musician, and a scholar, and very active in every way. I was a photographer for a few years but that is long gone as I can not sit at the computer to edit photos that long anymore. I feel like I have lost myself, and even more painful is the realization that I’ve spent ten years trying to create a new me because of my circumstances but I have failed. I didn’t mean for this to sound like a pity party… I’ve actually never told most people about some of what I’ve been through… but I feel that this couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I need to find out who I am again, outside of the things I can no longer do but spent my life doing. I need to know that life isn’t always going to feel like this and that there really is a rainbow that comes after the storms of life. I would be honored if you would consider me for this class.

  297. Kristan Frazier says

    I’d love to continue what I started at Brave Girl’s Camp! Either way, I am treating myself to this in August!

  298. Stephanie Frisby says

    I took Body Restoration and loved it! I have been wanting to take Soul Restoration forever. Brave Girls Club has been life changing. Thank you for all you do!!

  299. Sheri Allred says

    The last few years have been a huge learning curve. I went from knowing exactly who I was, to having to redefine every aspect of my life. Suddenly I found myself learning about things I’d never planned to research. This certainly wasn’t MY life! It was my turn for a mid-life crisis, but everyone around me was falling apart. I would love to participate in this class–I’d love to fill my cup!

  300. Chris says

    My soul has been awaiting a wake up call! I have felt the stirring of “something” more and can’t seem to find my way to seeing what it is. I would love to be able to take part in Soul Restoration and revive my spirit.

  301. Ashley Oliver says

    All I can say is I need a little help. I have been dealing with things that have happened to me in the past. Here lately try have come back up. These past events have made me a different person than I would have ever been had they not happened. I wish to be a new me; to finally realize the potential I have within myself. I truly believe that Soul Restoration could help me do this. Thank you for this wonderful generous opportunity you have given to all us brave girls of the world!

  302. cheryl says

    recently a family memeber of mine took it upon herself to inform my children that i had been seeing a psychiatrist as a child.my children than proceeded to call me crazy and refused to listen to me ,a;so at the time i was trying to get a divorce.I actually started to have flashbacks about the reasons why I was seeing a psychiatrist and was experiencing post traumatic stress disorder all over again.I,ve recently joined RAINN to now help me cope with being molested as a child.i no longer speak to this woman who is denying it ever happened.I started to look at my experience from my childhood from a legal aspect and am realizing now that these people have been using my money to support themselves.i also belive the stsue of limitations ran out and thats what they were waiting for.Real eye opener regarding family,so this course would help me greatly along with therapy i am now seeking to try and get on with my life without these so called family memebers,I literally have been homeless denied services i keep trying to work suffering from post traumatic stress and some days are overwhelming.but i do anyway.people talk my children stay away its ok one day they will understand what i am saying is true.

  303. Janeen says

    I’ve been watching the brave girl posts for about a year and can’t tell you how much the “little bird told me” posts have helped in my struggles. We all have challenges, and it’s nice to hear such positive words and reminders of hope. I never post to boards or comment on anything, so writing this post is actually a brave girl step for me. I would love to attend brave girl camp someday when I have enough courage, and I think the online class would be a wonderful way for me to start healing and take a step forward. Melody was so inspiring to me that I donated to Manila house because she was so passionate about it and I was so glad she helped being awareness to this.

  304. Lisa says

    My goal is simple. I need to become more fully engaged in life. My good friend took your class and said it’s life-changing in ways she never imagined. I’d love to be able to share in that experience! Thank you.

  305. Kelly says

    I would love to do this workshop. My son had surgery on his foot so I have hospital bills to pay on a teachers salary. I recently divorced my bipolar husband and he died last week. In a couple of weeks both of my children will leave home for college and I will be an empty nester. I would love for my soul to be restored!

  306. Samantha says

    I would so appreciate winning free tuition because for as long as I’ve followed the Brave Girls Club (over a year now, wow!) I’ve wished I could participate. The daily emails have touched me, made me cry, given me a suckerpunch in the gut- sometimes when I needed it most. My soul has been so weary lately, weighed down by many worries and frets and wonderings about whether I am on the right path… for the longest time I have been meandering around the center of a roundabout, fumbling for the right direction to take. Recently I finally made a choice and now I have a scary new path that will take me so far from home and far from everyone I’ve ever known… I believe it’s the right one and that it will lead me far away from the people, places, and situations which have been especially beating down my soul this year… and I’d love to let go of all of this past through the soul restoration course, and get in deep touch with the artistic side of me. I have all of this artsy ‘stuff’ collected that sits around, not being used because I’ve been so down and uncertain and felt uncreative and unwise. I’d love to be able to explore it all again and turn all the random craft bits into something beautiful. It’d be a wonderful opportunity… but not one I foresee being able to afford on my own anytime soon.

  307. Cory Boll says

    All the testimonies share this course is life changing. Plain and simple: Soul Restoration is what I need and what I desire. I want out of this funk and would love to learn and grow through this course. Everyone in the comments above spoke to my heart. We all need it, we all deserve it. Thank you Brave Girls.

  308. Marsha Grace says

    I need to have my soul, my spirit, hope restored once again, so I can be there more fully for my loved ones who need me.
    Thank you.

  309. giraffemom aka carol :) says

    …Because my soul needs restoring…

    …Because I’m feeling battered and bewildered…

    …Because I don’t like the person in the mirror…

    …Because I want to feel worthy of the love my husband freely gives me…

    …Because my daughter deserves to have a better role model in me than i had in my mother…

    …just BECAUSE…

  310. Jennifer Busselle-Dunn says

    In August I turn 55. Recently I have found myself floundering a bit. Starting, stopping. Getting stuck. I need a nudge, a clearer path, a lightening bug glimmer. Soul Restoration is that glimmer, shining down the path helping me to see a little more clear.
    Thank you.

  311. Leslie C. says

    I just extricated myself from a job that was very toxic to me, and I’d love to have some help reclaiming my soul!

  312. Mary says

    As a mom and wife I have chosen to put my dreams on the back burner for awhile. I am ready to rediscover who I really am and what contributions I can make to the world. What is going to be my legacy? I think finding this purpose will make me a happier mom and wife.

  313. Jacqueline Isaly says

    I am an Addictions Counselor and therefore the majority of my energy and care is given to and focused on others. Being able to take this course would provide a very needed opportunity to refill my own soul.

  314. Deneisha says

    I was so excited to see this and I immediately started thinking about what u would say…why I want to take this class…the rut I’m in…the limbo my life is stuck in

    And then I started reading the other comments and I got ready eyed thinking “I guess my life isn’t THAT bad” and I realized that I want to take this class because I’m tired of minimizing my life and issues for the sake of others.

  315. jeannie connor says

    As the mother of a five year old and a newborn, and wife of a professional hockey equipment manager means I am a single mom more then half the year. I am constantly juggling household, work, and mom-sponsibilities so that everything gets done. Sleep and me time? What’s that?

  316. Shannon says

    I just turned 45, and, while I think I’ve been somewhat brave, I know inside how much I defer to everyone else’s feelings, needs, perceptions, and put off my true feelings and dreams. I just discovered Brave Girls, and would love to participate in the Soul Restoration class!

  317. Tammy says

    This past year has been a daunting challenge for my husband, our daughter, and me. We like so many these days are dealing with medical bills from several health crises, job loss (me for 13 months; my husband for 7 months), loss of our home to foreclosure, and family members who have turned their backs on us. Through it all, we have drawn closer as a family. But I struggle, often alone because I don’t want to lay anything more on anyone else’s load, to find strength and courage as things continue. My very being cries out inside that there is more to me than failure, more to me than any health issues but more & more I have a hard time believing it. I can’t restore myself to inner wellbeing so I can be who and what I was placed on earth to be. I want to grow and be and do and show my precious 12 year old daughter that your past does not have to claim your present or your future.

  318. Pamela Roberts says

    I am at a transition point in my life and looking for clear direction and would love to have the Soul Restoration class to facilitate. I pinned the lovely prizes.

  319. Stephanie Frisby says

    I have taken Body Restoration and I can’t say enough good about it! It helped me see others in a better light and realize we are all in this together. It helped me realize how damaging we can be to ourselves when we tell ourselves untruths. I have always wanted to take Soul Restoration. I feel I could greatly benefit from it as a wife, a mother, and a youth leader. Everyone needs to feel loved and accepted and the best place to start is by loving ourselves.

  320. debbra says

    I follow your fb page, I love your creativity and positivity! I would love to take the Soul Restoration Class! ~debbra

  321. Laine says

    I am actually registering for my Mom. She really could use some restoration. I’d love to gift this to here.
    Thanks for your generosity.

  322. Sage says

    I am so ready to let go and release all that is holding me back. I would love to be on this journey with you and all the Brave Girls out there.
    Thanks so much for this beautiful offer.

  323. Pamela Aulds says

    I would love to be able to take Soul Restoration because,Well, my Soul definitely needs Restoring & I think this would be just the help I need to do that…I have been doing some Deep Soul Searching lately & its been hard…I have felt so lost for so long …I’m hoping this course could help me find my way back to myself again…Thank you for the chance & possibility of winning…

  324. Layla says

    Your posts are little fragments of hope, encouragement, and kindness throughout the day. I could use more of that. :)

  325. Theresa L says

    I just so want to learn how, (or remember how ) to feel and be worthy. Creative Blessings, and thank you for the opportunity. Good luck ladies.

  326. Lisa says

    You have no idea how much I’ve been wishing I could attend Brave Girl’s Camp, but it’s so far out of reach for me that my second choice has been Soul Restoration…because boy does my soul need to be restored. If I even have one any more. After my husband walked out with no warning 2 years ago the end of June, abandoning a 23 yr marriage and two amazing kids, I thought was destroyed. Then I got back in touch with an old college friend, we began a relationship I though would end in marriage…he even asked and I said yes. I thought we were building a new family. Until he told me a week and a half ago he loves me but isn’t in love with me and the relationship isn’t right…even though I’ve been asking what’s wrong for six months, he’s left me dangling. And he chose to leave the same week my ex did two years ago. And I don’t know what is left of *ME*. Why I’m not good enough for a man to love me. I turn 47 years old next week, and I have no idea who I am or why I should even keep trying to go forward. I need to find a reason to not just give up. Soul restoration would be the BEST birthday present I could receive ever, this year in particular. I need to heal and find out who I am and what I might possibly have that is worth anything.

  327. says

    I want to take this class because I am turning 60 this year. I spent November and December helping my sister take care of our very sick mom. She came home and we helped her get settled in in January and in February I got a virus and was really sick. I didn’t really start to feel better until May. In between all of that I had a lovely bout with kidney stones.
    Your health is something you take for granted until you don’t have it. It makes you realize that the little things are really the most important in this life.
    I want to take this class because I think milestone birthdays are a good time to think about your life, and work to take better care of yourself. I am working on my Soul Book right now but this class sounds so interesting to me…As a professional nanny I have always been a caretaker….I’d like to take care of my self for a change.

  328. elizaneth shea says

    I could really use this class, life hasbeen a standstill, divorced after msny years of marriage and lost my job after 21 years i also need to put myself first. Good luck everyone

  329. Jamie says

    I would love to participate in the Soul Restoration class. Truly I have been lost most if not all of my life. I keep thinking something is missing and if I can just find it I will find myself and that comfortability with life. I have faked “being me” for so long that most nights I fall into bed and cry myself to sleep. I feel like I can’t help my kids because I have no idea who I am so who am I to give any advice… I spend most days so frustrated with myself that I turn out to be the “cranky mama” most nights. My poor husband has no idea what to do with me any more, and he has tried so hard, that now it’s just easier to avoid me and I can’t blame him :/

  330. Gina S. says

    I would love to win tuition (and the great goodie box!) for the Soul Restoration class. I am 43 years old, living alone in a city I’m not crazy about, with the people I love most loving on the other side of the country. Each loss, disappointment, and set-back in life has been harder to rebound from spiritually. I would like to be able to reset myself to be able to recognize and love the life within and around me.

  331. says

    Soul Restoration was the very first online class I took and since then have taken Soul Restoration II (now Life Restoration), Body Restoration and Brave Girls Art School and even have been blessed enough to attend Braves Girls Camp. I’ve grown soooooo much since that first class. I can;t believe how asleep I was while awake. I’m starting to step out… to reach out… to be brave and share. Trying so hard to not just “get through” life and “survive” but to really LIVE life. But it’s still so hard some days… some days I’m so tired. I would love to go back and take that very first class as a refresher, especially since I never finished all the weeks and projects. I would love to compare my thoughts from then to what they are now. Thank you for this opportunity! I love you all at BGC!!!!

  332. Sue says

    I would love the chance to do a Soul restoration online class for many reasons.
    It’s been a tough year for me in all areas of my life.
    I only 2 months ago split up with my partner, which led me to need to find a new home for myself and my children.
    My daughter hurt herself after having been bullied online (she’s doing fine now) I show her a brave face, but feel devastated by her want to self harm.
    I work in a family business (specialty lingerie boutique, for tricky to fit sizes) in which I am the face of. The business has been up for sale now for almost a year and does not look like it will sell, so my brother has decided that we shall close the business next month..I will dearly miss helping the ladies that have come to rely on me so much.
    This also means that I will need to find myself a new job.
    I love being creative, however I find myself feeling empty and not overly inspired to make anything. I know that if I could get past this block, it would help me heal on many levels.
    Soul Restoration could be the gentle push I need so much. I’d like to think it could help me finish the year in a brave, happier, healthier way.
    I’d love to receive the beautiful Brave Girl parcel too.

  333. Dianne West says

    I’ve been recommending Soul Restoration to widows in Widowed Village who are ready to do this work. It (and Camp) changed my life and helped me to find my way in this new ‘alone’ life. I would like to retake the class so I can do the journaling that I didn’t accomplish the first time. My Soul House book is so precious to me, and the timeline brought incredible awareness (even though I had to fill out half of the back of it!). Recognizing that I get to decide who to let into my soul house was enlightening. And sending my former boss to Pluto (the moon was still too close for her) made an amazing difference in my life. Thank you ♥

  334. Dagney Grant says

    I want to do this class because I have been struggling for the past 6 months emotionally & need to get ‘unstuck’!!!
    Your brave girl emails always lift me up….so, I know doing this class would ve transformatuve for me. Think this class would be amazing…..

  335. Tammy Wong says

    After experiencing a life changing head in car collision and years if recovery I feel like I need to move forward. I would live to take the class and know it would benefit me so much. The giveaway products are gorgeous!

  336. says

    I actually tried to register for this course last week and only got a reply that the course registration was close. This is wonderful and I will register on Monday! So thrilled as I am so ready for a transformation. I have been spinning my wheels on going forward with some pretty big changes in my life, but I keep getting stuck in 2 areas. It would be such a wonderful thing to get past these and truly make the life I want happen. I feel like it is a knot in my chest that I just can not release. I need to let go of the things that are holding me back. I need to build up my courage and confidence.

  337. Shelly says

    Working as a psych nurse can take a lot out of you. By the end of my shifts I am emotionally drained- sucked dry. I try to help- not only at work but in every aspect of my life. I think about others more than myself. It’s time to change that! I currently work with eating disorders and acute psych. One of the therapist at my facility recommended this to all the staff. I have wanted to start it for quite some time. Ive heard such great things that I even recommend ‘body restoration’ to my ED clients- another one I hope to try. I would love to do this for myself- because the more I do for myself, the more I can do for others :)

  338. says

    This is an amazing giveaway. I am rediscovering myself now…about to move into my forties and a mama and a new entrepreneur. I am connecting with my inner soul in a new way and this would be such a beautiful way to continue my journey.


  339. Tiffany Grantom says

    I’ve been embarking on the grand adventure of serious writing for about the last year. I’m digging around in my guts and pouring myself out on the page because I know there is a specific work for me to do. I’m not there yet. I’m busy with 5 kids, volunteering at church, teaching childbirth classes, and just getting by. My soul is pretty tired, and frankly, lonely. I need restoration, however the Master sees fit to provide it, so I can keep on with all I have to do. I would love for Brave Girls to be a big part of the next leg of my journey! Please!

    Tiffany Grantom

  340. says

    This looks like just the thing I need. I’m a caregiver for my mother, who is in Stage IV kidney failure and is undergoing dialysis treatment. It’s a struggle to find time to take care of myself. I’d love to be a part of this.

  341. says

    This looks like just the thing I need. I’m a caregiver for my mother, who is in Stage IV kidney failure and is undergoing dialysis treatment. It’s a struggle to find time to take care of myself. I’d love to be a part of this.

  342. Tracy P says

    hi :)

    I am currently enrolled in Life Restoration and am so glad I took this course. I’ve been going through a dark phase in my life and this course has helped me beyond words. I dream of some day going to a Brave Girls Camp so I thought I would take classes in the mean time while I try to save up. I would love to continue my journey in another class from the Brave Girls.

    I want to win this not only for the lovely gifts that I would love to own but more importantly for the class. My soul as a woman, a mother, a wife and a teacher often needs lots of restoration and I would be grateful to receive this love throughout the summer and school year. I am sure my husband and kids (both at home and at school) would appreciate it as well. :)

    Thank you Brave Girls for what you have started and continue to do for all of us! I appreciate it more than you know… or maybe you do and that is why you continue to give so much.

    And because I am that over achiever I have shared on Pinterest and through Facebook :) What a wonderful birthday present this would make :)

  343. Veronica Adkins says

    For twenty years, I have been something or someone to everyone else, from caregiver to PTA president, and everything else in this journey of life.Losing myself along the way.I recently started working on myself, trying to find “me”,- spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The trainer at the gym said to me this morning-” you have to love yourself first and everything else will follow-and why would you put diesel fuel into an unleaded tank?”I would be delighted to win tuition and goodies for Soul Restoration!

  344. says

    I would so love to do this course…. to clean out the dark spots that weigh me down, so that in restoring my own soul I can encourage others to do the same, and to be the best version of me :)

  345. Mary Pluhar says

    Look at a map of Montana….
    Find the area with no towns in the east central part of the state…
    Find a dot on Hwy 59 that says “Cohagen”…
    Population 30-ish if everyone is home.
    Imagine being a daisy-heart in a land of practical lawnmower souls, dancing in the sun while those around see it as a means to a commodity….

    I’m so hungry for kindred spirits, for soul food, for some way to connect with others who are brave enough to dance with their daisy hearts!

    While all the products are wonderful and it would blow the minds of my in-laws to see that sort of whimsy in my life, I’d really just love to have the opportunity to take the class…and not have to justify it by selling a cow.


  346. Cassie S says

    I’d like to take the class because I think somewhere along the way I have lost myself. I’d like to get back to what’s important.

  347. Ashley says

    I’d finally designate the once-a-week appointment with myself and rediscover the parts of myself I’ve always loved.

  348. Kathleen Drey says

    I am truly ready for Soul Restoration! I have taken the 2nd biggest leap of my life by starting a new dream job and leaving my old job behind. I was their for 23 years and finally found the courage to change my destiny. Life is beautiful and I want to be inspired every day. Brave Girl make me find my creativity that has been hidden for while. Take me on a journey.

  349. Annie says

    I took SR and grew so much! My life has changed completely for the better. I am now on my way and feeling so great about what lies ahead for me! So worth while and the rewards are so huge! I would take this course again in a heart beat!

  350. Jan I. says

    I would really love to take this course. This has been my year of transformation, and its been tough trying to peel off the layers. Art and artsy are my mediums, I love to write, and have been dying to take this with you gals! I start teaching again this year – its been four years, and this would be a great companion to keep my spirits high!

  351. Angie says

    I would love to take Soul Restoration! I am the caregiver of four Family members. My Daughter that is 13 and has Down Syndrome, both of my Disabled Parents and My 86daughters year old Grandmother. I feel this would help me enrich my life and also be a blessing to them also. God blesses me daily with paychecks of the heart, this would be an honor. Thank You and God bless

  352. Penny says

    I love my friend Penny dearly so I am apply for this on her behalf. She is stuck and when I say stuck I mean forever stuck. She keeps saying, I am trying hard, I really am but I think her perspective and fear is keeping her caged in. She has tried therapy for years but it hasn’t made a difference but I think this can make a difference. Actually, I know it can make a difference because I have done it. Plus, her wings can’t heal because she keeps breaking them by taking on too much to please others. They heal a bit but when she tries to fly she hits her head against windows and again she is set back and falls into the same pattern. Brave Girls Club is the BEST and since she is furloughed for the next three months through the government cut backs, she would have enough time to focus on herself and complete the projects. A win win situation. I don’t want to see her hurting anymore and I can’t fix her she has to grow through this journey and let her wings, heart, soul and head be free so she can fly again.

    Thank you for reading my plea and I hope she gets a spot. XO

  353. Julie G. says

    I want to take S.R. now that I am post Gastric Sleeve surgery and lost 80 lbs. so I can do more work on the inner part of all this!!

  354. Jacie C. says

    I would LOVE to take Soul Restoration! I have been encouraged to share my life story with others & haven’t been able to step out of my “comfort zone” to do so. I would love to grow my “BRAVE” wings & become a Brave Girl! :)

  355. Phoenix says

    I just turned 40 and am going through that proverbial midlife crisis. I’ve been through a lot in my life and am at a point where I need to make some changes and figure out what to do with the next forty years.

  356. Lisa Claiborne Williams says

    I’d love to take the Soul Restoration Class because I’m fighting a life threatening illness and my soul could use a little restoring. My soul is tired and worn out from fighting just to stay alive. Your posts and little birdy letters give me hope, thank you for the chance to win something so potentially life changing. :)

  357. Cindy Easter says

    I took your Brave Girl Art class, and would LOVE to take Soul Restoration, if only for the edification that I am worth the effort I put into nourishing ME! Thank you for the opportunity at a chance to win a spot! And those other goodies … way over the top kind!!

  358. Sherry Morales says

    After working in ministry work for almost 20 years this August, my husband and I have prayerfully stepped down to take a break/sabbatical from it all and focus on our family and four children.
    Our ministry work was all I’ve ever known and now I feel – well, I don’t know what I feel. I guess that is why I feel like I need to take this class. We are enjoying the time with our children and visiting and worshiping with other ministries, but I feel kind of lost. Love your work so much and really believe in YOUR ministry. Thank you for this chance!

  359. Becky says

    I’ve wanted to take this class since I first heard of it, but it just hasn’t been in the cards. In the last few years, my life has changed so much that sometimes I don’t even recognize it anymore. I’d love the chance to work through the painful parts and discover real joy again. I think Soul Restoration could help me do that.

  360. Kelly Mc says

    As a result of the online classes and my camp experience, I am becoming whole. I am so grateful for the opportunity to “restore.” Each class I take brings me closer to the woman God intended me to be. The beauty of this process is truly remarkable; it is unlike any therapy or soul work I have ever done. For me the work is so deep that I do not finish in the allotted time, I so appreciate the repeat price and the opportunity to connect to more women who are on a path to fulfillment. When I think about the condition of my soul house when I started and its condition today, I am humbled with gratitude. I look forward to revisiting this class, I think this time I will finish! Thank you always for all that you do! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  361. Darlene says

    I would love to do Soul Restoration. I would like to make some more changes in my life. I want to add some more art to my life. I need to restore my soul and get some more inspiration in my life. I got to thinking and I just remembered after I made my comment that I never took Soul Restoration. I love the gifts that a you are offering as well and I would so love to have all of them. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try and win. I hope I am one of the winners.

  362. Lori51 says

    I pinned SR Collage 2. I really love the necklace Love Matters Most. Because when love is present evil does not have a change. I am excited for Soul Restoration. The first time I took it, it really helped me find who I was. Now it is once again time to rediscover.

  363. says

    I would be thrilled to win a spot in Soul Restoration! I learned so many new techniques in BG Art School and my time at camp – Soul Restoration would round out my healing and learning.

    As of today I feel like there is closure on a very tough decision I have been faced with – Today is Day One!

  364. Darlene says

    I would love to do Soul Restoration again. What I got out of is being able to see where I need to make changes in my life. My life has changed by relaxing more and enjoying life more. I’m trying to have more fun and put a little more art in my life. That I can be a Brave Girl and that I have it in me to make changes in my life if I put some thought and some work into it. I know that I need to make more changes in my life. These gifts would be so amazing to have.

  365. Lisa Alden says

    I would love to take the Soul Restoration series as a way to emerse myself in some art projects for soul searching, exploration and healing. I am a full time middle school ar teacher and run a family owned restaurant with my husband which keeps me so busy that I don’t have time for being creative myself. I believe the structure of the Soul Restoration class would help me to make the time for self expression through art that I yearn for. Peace, Lisa

  366. Karen says

    I’d love this gift because Idaho is a state I’ve never been to, and it would help cross off another state in my quest to see all 50 states. Also,it feels like I’ve lost myself, my curious spark, and this would be the perfect way to find the courage to lead a brave girl life!

  367. Ash says

    I’d appreciate this gift so much. This week it all came to a head: I’ve been helping others and neglecting myself. I woke up ready to change that, I just wasn’t sure how. Thank you for providing this opportunity to whoever you pick.

  368. Angie Gibson says

    I am a 41 year old empty nester, which is pretty rare. It can be an especially lonely place to be at times because it’s so unusual for a 41 year old to have a grown child. All of my friends have smaller children and are busy with them, and their husbands of course. But, I was a teen mom and I worked my tail off to not be a statistic. I have been employed by the same company for 21 years and have a fantastic job in PR. My daughter is in her last year of college and is receiving her degree in PR as well. I have been divorced for 10 years and she was my sole focus and priority. I’m so proud of her ambition and I thank God every day that she has chosen this path and is such a sweet soul.

    That being said, I’ve got a lot more time on my hands these days and find myself hearing that old knock of depression or loneliness at the door – but I’m able to ignore it most of the time. I signed up for the Art School about 2 weeks ago and have watched almost all of the videos now. I’m a tiny bit obsessed. Okay, a lot obsessed :-) I just picked up a paint brush for the first time in my life this past March and I haven’t stopped painting yet. I have really found my niche and Melody’s tips, style, techniques, and all of her wise words have really ignited my creative fire.

    I would love to take the Soul Restoration class because I have been wanting to find a way to integrate more “soul food” into my art. I have my writing journals, and then I have my art work, but I’ve yet to really find a way to combine them into one big happy place. The bits and pieces of “soul work” sprinkled throughart the Art Course made my load feel lighter and my heart feel happier. I am sure that this course would provide even more of that.

    Thank you so much for what you do at Brave Girls Club. You are changing lives and that’s a beautiful thing.

  369. Cat says

    I am in my early 50’s with 3 very active school aged children. I have my own part time business using my physical therapy background to provide fitness and balance training for individuals and outdoor workouts for groups. I enjoy this very much, however when I am back in my home I feel a dark shadow come over me and I lose all energy and happiness. I’ve been married for 17 years of which the last year has been almost unbearable. I feel the Soul Restoration Class will help me explore these feelings and face what my body is trying to tell me. I miss my old self but sometimes think she is gone. I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I don’t want my children to think this is who I am. I would really like help with the tuition because I can’t afford this on my own. Thank you for considering me.

  370. says

    I have been struggling with depression for many years and in the last year and half began having serious anxiety issues. While I have amazingly been able to manage them without going back to medication, I am to a point where I am beginning to see the light, but need that push to really connect to it. My goal is to actually find a way to share this sort of enlightenment with other women is similar circumstances through my art. I just need to get there first!

  371. Abi Taylor says

    I had the pleasure of taking a class of yours some time ago and find you incredibly inspiring. I could sure use another dose of that!
    And I soooo need all those goodies 😉

  372. Krystle Vinton says

    I would like to take Soul Restoration for many reasons. I am young and have 2 young daughters I would like to be a better Role Model for. I have suffered with depression for many years, not to the point of ending my life but questioning my whole existence and hating myself for being broken. In February I had a miscarriage and through medicine found out my husband had cheated. I had an ectopic pregnancy shortly after in which my husband finally admitted to cheating. I feel empty and that I am not being the best I can be for my children or myself. I would have taken this class a lot sooner but couldn’t convince myself that I was worth the cost of tuition. I am hoping to take the class regardless! Thank you for the opportunity!

  373. says

    This class seriously CHANGED me!!! I LoVED it and would lOve to do again!! Plus those prizes…I would LOVE to have!! Brave Girls Club has set my soul on fire with love and passion like I never knew I had for ART and caring and sooo many things. Thanks so much!!!

  374. says

    I moved from my hometown a little over 6 months ago and while I am happy to have finally made that first move, adjusting to a new location has proven more difficult than I imagined. Some days I feel like I have it all, but more often than not I find myself reflecting on the things that are lacking in my “new” life. I know that this isn’t the way to live life, and I am searching for things to help me with this transition.

  375. Kara says

    I have been wanting to take this class since I first learned of it! I am recovering from an eating disorder and I think this would help me care for my heart and soul as I can continue learning to care for my body. It would be a wonderful next step in my healing journey!

  376. Leslie McMurray says

    This sounds like exactly what I need. A full body massage for my soul. The last 10 months have pushed me to the brink. The end of my marriage, the loss of my home and 90 days ago the loss of my job. Still, my spirits are high because I have ME! I’m learning I have value. I have so much to give. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! Leslie

  377. says

    I would love to take Soul Restoration because I am ready to continue the healing in my life in big ways. I am firm beliver that creativity and journaling is the way to do this, at least for me it’s essential. I am deeply longing for big shifts in my life, I can feel that I am on the edge of them and I know this would support me in a big way. Blessings to you all!

  378. Linda Neel says

    I signed up for Soul Restoration earlier this year. I watched the videos, but didn’t have time to work on the projects, and truly get the full benefit from the class, due to changes in my life. I want to take it again and complete the projects as we go along to that I can “truly restore my soul…!” I will share the Soul Restoration information on Facebook, too!

  379. says

    I want to take Soul Restoration because I am returning from the brink of despair and nearly ended my life this past winter. God is healing me in amazing ways, but I have to work at my recovery too. One day I hope to go to Brave Girl Camp! Please nominate Melody to be a TED speaker…I did, and wrote about it – http://christinamariehernandez.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/tednominee/ I think she will inspire the world! I’m an overachiever and pinned one of the collages too.

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