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Congratulations, Sherri!! You are the lucky winner this week. :) Just shoot me an email to malary@bravegirlsclub.com with your shipping address and I will get your package sent out right away!

And to the rest of you wonderfuls, thank you so so much for participating! Don’t forget that these darling memo cubes are on sale for the rest of the week only. :)



We’re back in action, girls! Hip hip hooray!!! We sent away the audit papers at the end of the day yesterday, we started today with cleaning the Clubhouse to rid of all that negative energy that was bogging us down, and now we are all getting back to what we love to do! We are beginning to feel surrounded with renewed energy… So how about we celebrate this goodness with a giveaway!

memo pads sale

In the Brave Girls Online Shoppe, we have some super pretty little memo cubes. And this week, a few different kinds are on sale for 20% off! We’re also going to give one of them away to a lucky winner tomorrow (Wednesday) evening! Not a lot of you have discovered these beauties, but we totally adore them… I love keeping one on my desk to write reminders to myself or to write little notes to the BGC team. Kathy has one on her desk that she uses all the time, too. These cubes are the perfect size and they are sooooo much more pleasing to look at than plain old post-it notes!

life is beautiful memo pad

They are 3×3″ square and 1.5″ deep, each filled with 340 gorgeous pages. Every surface, both inside and out, is covered in beautiful art and rich colors… And they all say something wonderful that nourishes the soul, “Life is Beautiful”, “Free Spirit”, and “Dream BIG”. Do you want one yet?!

dream big memo pad

To enter the giveaway, just follow the usual Pin It To Win It steps listed below… Don’t worry if you haven’t ever done this before, it’s very simple. Promise!

  • Choose your favorite image from this post and ‘pin’ it to Pinterest.
  • To make it super easy, there’s a little button at the top and bottom of this post that says “Pin It”, so just click that button and select the image(s) you want to pin.
  • If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you will be guided through setting up a free account when you click on the “Pin It” icon. Or go to this link to join Pinterest.
  • Then come back to this post and comment, saying that you pinned… and tell us about a “choose happy” situation you’ve had lately!
  • On Wednesday evening (MDST) we’ll randomly choose a winner from the comments, verify the Pins over at Pinterest, and post the name of the winner right here in this post.

free spirit memo pad

So go ahead and choose your favorite memo cube (I know, it’s hard to choose!), and have fun Pinning… Don’t forget to come check back tomorrow to see if you are the winner! And if you don’t get lucky, the 20% off sale will last through the rest of this week so don’t miss out on your chance!!


  1. Deborah says

    I pinned Dream Big……that is what I choose because great things happen when you keep a positive attitude and dream big!!!!! Never settle for anything less.

  2. Cheryl Gelsomine says

    I chose to pin the Dream Big cube… I am making a plan for my future and it may take some time to come to fruition. So I am dreaming very BIG right now. <3 Love all the Brave Girls in this world. So supportive and loving.

  3. Karen says

    Pinned it. My choose happy situation is an ongoing pursuit of peace with myself in the midst of the chaos in my life.

  4. Kristi Willson says

    I pinned it! My “Choose Happy” moment was this last week when my family was visiting from out of town. My niece and my daughter were fighting the whole time. But I had to realize why they were fighting and focus on keeping my cool. I decided to enjoy their time with us instead of getting upset with the two of them.

  5. Rachel T. says

    Pinned it! And, so many choose happy moments every day! Today’s was to choose happiness while working on an ambulance after 2.5 hours of sleep… :) Love you BGC!

  6. Selenaintx says

    I pinned the Dream Big memo cube! My Choose Happy experience is that lately I have not been eating very well and just not taking good care of myself. I decided instead of beating myself up, I offered up some self love, forgiveness, and the choice to turn things around. Now I’m happy to say I’m back to taking better care of me!!!

  7. Nina says

    Pinned “live the life you imagined.” my happy? Hmmm well lately Ive been doing art everyday…i joined an index card a day challenge since the beginning of June and frankly, doing art EVeRY DaY makes me happy, in everything I do. So I cant really pick one thing….just overall it has improved my mood!

  8. Anna says

    I’ve pinned – Free Spirit . My Choose Happy experience happened when my oven decided not to work, just before my in laws were expected to arrive. At first I was a bit crazed, but then I decided that there wasn’t much I could do. I accepted it and went on to “plan B.” We had a great visit – good food and out for ice cream for dessert. I’ve pinned Free Spirit because I’m going to be visiting my daughter this week and she is a free spirit.

  9. Lynn says

    I have pinned it! Brave Girls is so inspiring and your quotes just seem so perfect. My Choose Happy Experience–my daughter is having some medical issues and your blog and quotes always seems to be written for us. Thank you for always inspiring us and helping to clear my mind. A positive attitude is the way to help us get through this. Thank you.

  10. Cassandra says

    Pinned the dream big cube to cute. My choose happy moment was when my family recently lost someone, and I tried not to be bitter about it, I kept my spirits up and we are all much better now. You guess inspire me so much, you are strong and sometimes I feel so weak them you remind me I am strong.

  11. Cassandra says

    Pinned the dream big cube to cute. My choose happy moment was when my family recently lost someone, and I tried not to be bitter about it, I kept my spirits up and we are all much better now. You guess inspire me so much, you are strong and sometimes I feel so weak them you remind me I am strong.

  12. Shelley O. says

    I pinned the Free Spirit memo cube because I am a free spirit, and because it is so beautiful! My Choose Happy experience? Well I have been having health issues since last August, and lost my job because of it. I am feeling much better now, but am having trouble finding a new job that pays well enough. However, I work every single day to stay happy and upbeat. As my beautiful little momma, may she rest in peace, used to say – “this, too, shall pass”. Thanks so much for the chance to win a memo cube! Hope your day is BEAUTIFUL!

  13. Nicole says

    Pinned!!! I have decided to make a conscious decision to be grateful,loving & filled with gratitude for my wonderful life every day. I have the power to control my feelings & reactions. xo!

  14. Lynelle N says

    I pinned it! For some reason copy and pasting the link to the pin is not working on my phone.

    My choose happy moment pretty much involves my whole summer. It’s been going on for several months already. Despite it all, I tell myself that the best has yet to come.

  15. Erin Hayes says


    My happy moment is daring to keep going every day despite the things life has thrown on me. So I chose to have a happy moment every day (when I remember…). And if I don’t remember, I cuddle with my kid since she always brings me happiness.

  16. Bethany says

    I pinned “Dream Big.” My Choosing Happy moment is joining the Soul Restoration class coming up and shopping for all of the supplies for class. It was so fun, I can’t wait to use all of them. I am like a child on the first day of school with fresh notebooks. Let’s do it!

  17. Bethany says

    I pinned “Dream Big.” My Choosing Happy moment is joining the Soul Restoration class coming up! I can’t wait!

  18. Kristin says

    I choose happy when I’m overwhelmed with the kids, the house, a traveling husband, battling depression… And instead of letting it bury me, we build a fort in the living room and eat popcorn and ice cream for dinner in our pjs and save the struggle tomorrow : )

  19. says

    “Dream BIG” is basically my motto right now for my life! I was Brave and took some steps to make my life better!
    My ‘choose happy’ moment was signing the papers to become a Nail Tech student! I never imagined I would feel the light come back into my eyes after the tragedies I have gone through in the last year or so, just by doing that simple thing! In the middle of week three, and having a blast!!

  20. Emily says

    I pinned the Life Is Beautiful cube. I need a constant reminder right now while we uproot our family and move across the country! Thank you!

  21. KristyJane says

    I pinned “Free Spirit” because this has been the summer of finally getting back to own free spirit after a difficult three years post divorce from a 20 year marriage. It feels so good to be back to old free self and to realize that I truly am a Brave Girl <3 The Body Restoration class this summer has been a beautiful eye opener for me as I know it must be for so many Brave Girls out there!

  22. says

    I pinned “free spirit” and my happy moment is that the sun is shining and my family is together. My daughter is leaving for college soon and I want to treasure these last moments of having all of my little ones close.

  23. Ann J says

    Pinned. Love the little bird cube “Life is beautiful.” So colorful and it would look great on my new desk. My “choose happy” situation…After 4 years of working for a boss who was Attila the Hun reincarnate, I got a new job with a dream boss! Happy! Happy! Happy!!!!!

  24. Judie O says

    I posted the Dream Big memo cube to remind myself to dream everyday! My chose happy moment? After a very difficult day at work and despite my desire to just curl into a ball on the sofa, I honored my commitment for my friends and I to gather for the full moon (we were delayed one night because of a storm the night before). I am so glad I choose to be happy, we had so much fun and this morning I woke up feeling energized for the new day!

  25. Kristi says

    I pinned it! Adorable! My “Choose Happy” moment today was to hide someones feed from my Facebook account! Thank you for all you do…

  26. Belinda says

    Just pinned the “Dream Big” memo pad to honor my daughter who is going out of state for a job interview. I am choosing joy in this one because she is dreaming big and making her dreams come true!

  27. Karlene Boss says

    I pinned Free Spirit. These cubes are so cute. I faced some disappointment this week because my hubby’s chemo was longer than we thought. I choose to take one step at a time and face the extra treatments with a brave face even though I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs. This is my choose happy.

  28. Sherri says

    I pinned Dream Big. My “Choose Happy” moment came as my husband was getting depressed about the lack of job offers…as in none. He was upset and it was tempting to let him wallow in his pity party. However, I told him that he still needed to stay positive and keep dreaming. There would be a time when the right job came along. We needed to be happy where we are and keep pressing towards our dreams.

  29. Deborah K says

    I pinned? My choose happy was choosing to enjoy my sister’s company rather than yell at my daughter for the damage to my new car that she “forgot” to tell me about.

  30. Jennifer Bairos says

    Here is my pin
    A recent choose happy situation for me was leaving my son at daycare this morning. Even though we were both a bit sad, I thought about what a great person was taking care of him while I was at work and how happy we’d be to see each other again when I picked him up.

  31. Kelly Mc says

    How did I miss these? They are adorable! I use note cubes all the time and often give them as thank you gifts! I have to get some! My “choose happy” moment this week was smiling through two tasks that I have put off, one was my bathroom floor (repair and clean) the other was dealing with an icky confrontation that I have been avoiding about money. I was brave and did it anyway and stayed with myself the entire time, honoring my truth. I couldn’t have managed this confrontation a year ago. It is all due to BGC and the growth I’ve made as a result of doing the work and letting God do the rest! Thank you!

  32. Pamela Aulds says

    I pinned the ” Life is Beautiful ” Cube ~ My Choose Happy situation… Let’s see… Well to tell the truth,age has always been just a number to me & Never bothered me…But… I will be 56 this coming Saturday on the 27th & for some reason I have been feeling kinda down about it this year… Sometimes I feel like I fell asleep at 18 & woke up at 55…But I am Choosing Happy Anyway…Even tho sometimes it’s not that easy… I put my Big Girl Panties on & Do it Anyway…..

  33. says

    Pinned to ‘my favourite products’ SO cute – thanks for the chance to win!
    I chose happy when I was recently faced with a situation where I could have put my family into an uncomfortable situation – we chose to ‘do our own thing’!

  34. RJ Appel says

    I choose the “Free Spirit” cube for that is what I am striving for, as well as it reminds me of my friend referenced here. My “choose happy” situation: I had a conversation with an amazing woman today who has inspired me to ‘choose happy’ every day. She has gone blind due to cataracts and is awaiting surgery AND had a leg amputated last month. She is in hospital for rehab and never misses a beat. She is so upbeat and positive that others around her have asked her how she does it. I smiled as she and I spoke for I knew what her answer was (for she taught me this years ago when I was going through cancer). Her response: “You can do one of two things – be miserable and sore and all that does is make you more miserable OR you can be sore and happy and somehow you just don’t feel so sore anymore. And me – I just am gonna be happy!”

  35. Karen Bardini says

    I pinned the free spirit cube. I’m not sure if it was this week … but my happy was to register for your Soul Restoration class. I am so excited to be starting that soon. Getting all my supplies together. Woo Hoo!!

  36. Cheryl Gelsomine says

    I chose Dream Big. I am interviewing tomorrow for a new job that I really would love to be chosen for… I have big dreams, love my Brave Girls, am so very grateful to have been able to go to BGC in June. My “choose happy” for today is that I have a lot going on after just having surgery… 3 different things that were scheduled for my week have been changed/resceduled last minute. Instead of feeling burdened, giving in to my horrible feelings that were plaguing me this weekend I chose instead to be happy and welcome the changes. If it is meant to be it will be. No sense in not being happy. I feel bad that I complained about being unhappy… but that is going away too – I’m supposed to share… if we keep it in, it continues to be that infected wound that Melody speaks of… I choose to be happy. :) Thank you ALL OF you Brave Girls for your continued support and good advice. Love you all.
    Cheryl <3 Happy Brave Girl.

  37. Shannon says

    I pinned the Dream Big pad here: http://pinterest.com/pin/122652789824828484/

    As for a Choose Happy situation, I’ve been fortunate that there’s not a whole lot of bad stuff in my life right now, but I am trying to lose weight, so I’ve been in situations at restaurants and family stuff where there’s food around, lots of really yummy looking food, and I choose to focus on my long-term happiness and eat healthy, because I want to continue being happy for many, many years to come.

  38. Josanne Wiorek says

    I pinned it! I chose the bird with *every little thing you do matters so much* because this has been a hard summer for me…running our farm while my husband is in China. I’m always behind and feel like no matter what I do, it’s never enough. Thanks for the reminder that every little thing I do matters! I think I’ll go make popsicles for the kids. :)

  39. Sonja Schulz says

    I’ve pinned! My “choose happy” situation? I’m trying to stay in a positive place mentally while doing some much-needed deep cleaning. This is my summer vacation—-clearly not a vacation-vacation, but I know I’m headed in the right direction to lesson the chaos for my family and for me! So, choosing to be happy that I do indeed have this time as a gift to get this much needed chore done!

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