*UPDATE: WINNERS POSTED* Pin It To Win It Giveaway & 20% Off Select Art Prints!



We are so sorry for the three day delay in drawing the winners for this giveaway! There have been some technical issues. But now, here are the three winners… Congratulations to:

Deborah Byron

Jaynie Smythe


Rebecca Malekian

Woo hoo!! If you three beauties could just shoot me an email to malary@bravegirlsclub.com with your shipping address, I can get your prints sent to you right away!



We’ve got three absolutely gorgeous art pieces on sale this week in the Brave Girls Shoppe and a few of you are going to win a print of your choice in whatever size you want!

select art prints sale

From today until next Monday, these three prints will be on sale for 20% off in the shoppe. And we’ll also be giving three of them away– one each to three very lucky winners! The drawing will be tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, hop on board quickly if you’d like to win one of these beauties…

lucky us art print

To enter the giveaway, just follow the usual ‘Pin it to Win it’ steps… It’s very simple, I promise! Here are the instructions if you haven’t joined us before. :)

  • Choose your favorite image from this post and ‘pin’ it to Pinterest.
  • To make it super easy, there’s a little button at the top and bottom of each post that says “Pin It”, so just click that button and select the image you want to pin.
  • If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you will be guided through setting up a free account when you click on the “Pin It” icon. Or go to this link to join Pinterest.
  • Then come back to this post and comment, saying which art print you pinned… and let us know some good news in your life!
  • On Tuesday evening (MDST) we’ll randomly choose three winners from the comments, verify the Pins over at Pinterest, and post the names of the winners right here in this post.

choose to see the good stuff art print

These prints are seriously stunning! The amazing printer gets every single little detail and texture… and the colors are super rich and beautiful. Once we get your art printed out, we take it to Melody and she personally signs it just for you. (The “www.bravegirlsclub.com” and copyright symbol will not be printed.)

you are beautiful art print

Go ahead! Take advantage of the 20% off sale and enter the giveaway so you can enjoy some of this wonderful art! And don’t forget to check back on this post tomorrow evening to see if you are a winner…

Good luck beautiful, brave girls!


  1. rebecca malekian says

    I pinned “choose to see the good stuff”. Brave Girls Club has changed my life! I see the world differently now, I am much happier and I have a better perspective on life! Just goes to show what you focus on becomes you.

  2. says

    I pinned the lucky us print onto my inspire me board!! Due to jobs my husband and I have lived in different states for over 6 years……the end of September he retires and is moving back to Idaho!!! I sure cant wait!!!

  3. says

    I chose ‘You are beautiful’ for my daughter who is a precious and beautiful young woman but does not feel like she is anymore. I guess it is too late for entering the competition because I was blocked, but I wanted to say it anyway :)

  4. Cheryl Gelsomine says

    I pinned Choose to see the Good Stuff…
    Good News… I just began a new year of teaching as today was the first day of school. Last year was the worst year I’ve ever had and I refuse to have that happen again. I am going to Choose to see the Good Stuff and make every year the best year.

  5. Sherry Nowlin says

    Hi I pinned the “You are Beautiful” picture. My good news is I am taking Soul Restoration so I am happy. This is a truth I need to believe. Also it is such a stunning picture.

  6. Taylor says

    My choice for the rest of the day is to see the good in stuff. I have the choice to choose & I need use it wisely. I needed that message today!!

  7. Jennifer says

    I’ve pinnted two but I really love the ‘choose to see the good’ print. I need this message often :)
    My good news is that I had a lovely bday surprise dinner this week with family.

  8. Carrie L. says

    I pinned “Lucky Us”, I adore art with little birds! My good news is that I got to have a picnic lunch with my hubby today!

  9. Rachel T. says

    I pinned “choose to see the good stuff!” It’s so beautiful and such a great reminder to always choose joy. Good news…my best friend will be having a beautiful baby soon! 😀

  10. Jennifer says

    I pinned two but I love the ‘choose to see the good stuff’ print the most. I need this reminder :)
    Some good news is that during our anniversary dinner I solved the murder mystery and won tickets to come to the dinner theatre again :) lol

  11. says

    I pinned Lucky Us! We just bought a vintage travel trailer to refurbished. It’s a mess and we can’t wait. Lucky Us!!!!! It will be the first thing that goes in.

  12. Dianne West says

    I pinned “Choose to see the Good stuff” because that’s how I’ve tried to live since losing my husband … and how I encourage other widows to look at life.

    My Good News: I gifted Soul Restoration back in April to a young widow who was really struggling – and then never heard from her. Until this morning. She shared in a blog post that she has stopped drinking and she can see a way forward, can imagine a future without her husband. She didn’t give any credit to SR, but I know the amazing difference BG makes in lives and I am positive you played a part. So thank you, again, for all of the resources you provide to us.

  13. Belinda says

    I pinned “Choose to See the Good Stuff.” We always have the option to choose joy! I originally typed “chase ” joy, which sounds even more fun!

  14. Denise says

    I was reminded today that we can always ‘choose to see the good stuff’ in ourselves, others or life in general. Even when looking at something that may have caused you pain in the past, there is room to see the good if we choose to see it. (Thank You Teri).

    I pinned ‘Choose to see the good stuff’ onto my Pinterest account here: http://pinterest.com/delanrn/boards/

  15. Rebecca Lovell says

    I pinned “You Are Beautiful”, because it’s something I try to remind my girls and my self all the time (as well as the boys in our life!) And happy news? One of my sons and his girlfriend are expecting a baby boy in January! I’ll be a grandma!!! Yay!!

  16. Janie Smythe says

    I chose “You Are Beautiful” because if I win it I will place it in my counseling room to remind each student and teacher that come inside that they are BEAUTIFUL! I’m sure they will walk out with a smile on their face! ;0)

  17. Jill Jensen says

    I pinned the “choose to see the good stuff”. Wise words and I love the colors in the print also. Thank You!

  18. Kristen Conley says

    I love the butterfly “You Are Beautiful” print! I am loving all of my BG stuff! But this print belongs in my daughter’s room. And she is also the “something exciting” in my life. She has been blowing me away with what an amazing person she is. I am so proud of my sweet 8 year old <3 http://pinterest.com/pin/170292429633319193/

  19. Glenda Propst says

    I pinned the butterfly because it represents my truth teller and that is something my truthteller would always say to me :)

  20. says

    I pinned “lucky us,”. It’s been a rough couple of years with family loss and a spouse who is an alcoholic but I have to believe in things getting better, that there will be luck and good things and I am trying so hard to see the good and not be swallowed up by what has been raw and hurtful.

  21. says

    I pinned the lovely “Lucky Us” although they are all beautiful. My good news is… I am overcoming challenges and hardship by focusing on faith in God and also focusing on gratitude.

  22. says

    I pinned the lovely “Lucky Us” although they are all gorgeous! My good news is… I am battling and overcoming doubts and challenges by focusing on faith in God and also by choosing to focus on gratitude.

  23. Pamela Aulds says

    I pinned the You Are Beautiful print with the Butterfly….My good news is…I just received good news back from some test results..Yaay!!!..

  24. says

    they’re all beautiful! i pinned “lucky us”. honestly, it’s been a rough year for my husband and me (feeling like life is very unkind right now), and i’m hoping that having that piece hanging in our temporary home will attract some positive energy…

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