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UPDATE!!! Congratulations to our winner….LizM, who pinned the FREE SPIRIT bag!!!

Liz, please email us at to tell us how to get your bag to you. Thanks for all the comments, Braves!! We love you!! XOXO


Happy Monday, beauties!!! This week we have a really special giveaway that you are going to LOVE. Plus there is a sale going on in our online shoppe that lasts until next Monday… Check out these gorgeous tote bags from the Melody Ross Brave Girl line!

brave girl tote bags sale All of these bags are top sellers in the Brave Girls Shoppe… they are huge (but not too huge) and beautiful and everybody absolutely loves them. We’re going to give one of them away tomorrow afternoon to a very lucky winner. And if that winner doesn’t happen to be you, from today until next Monday, all three of these are 10% off!!!Dream Bold Dreams Tote They’re like art on a bag! But it’s not just the typical art on a bag, it’s beautiful BRAVE GIRL art… These totes are soaked with rich colors, red roses, and vintage design with inspiring words. The simple and sophisticated shape allows you to store things of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Two shiny buttons adorn the ends of the handles and colored piping is the perfect touch to outline the artsy bags. Whoever carries one o’ these babies is a walking piece of inspiration to the world, now wouldn’t that feel good?! choose happy tote

To enter the giveaway, just follow the usual ‘Pin it to Win it’ steps… It’s very simple, I promise! Here are the instructions if you haven’t joined us before. :)

  • Choose your favorite image from this post and ‘pin’ it to Pinterest.
  • To make it super easy, there’s a little button at the top and bottom of each post that says “Pin It”, so just click that button and select the image you want to pin.
  • If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you will be guided through setting up a free account when you click on the “Pin It” icon. Or go to this link to join Pinterest.
  • Then come back to this post and comment, saying which tote bag you pinned… and let us know something brave you did this weekend!
  • On Tuesday evening (MDST) we’ll randomly choose a winner from the comments, verify the Pin over at Pinterest, and post the name of the winner right here in this post.

fre spirit tote

Go ahead! Take advantage of the 10% off sale and enter the giveaway so you can rock one of these gorgeous bags! And don’t forget to check back on this post tomorrow afternoon to see if you are the winner… Have the most beautiful start to your week! xoxo


  1. says

    This is my absolute favorite design- the free spirit one! Butterflies are significant in my life and I use them in my artwork all the time because they remind me of the transforming power of a life in Christ and how so very grateful I am for that gift !

  2. Lisa says

    I like all of them, but I pinned the Choose Happy bag, because I think its a great reminder to me and to the world, that we have a choice–make it the right one!! My brave thing this weekend was to reach out to my sister. Our relationship isn’t the best but we are making small strides towards each other, best as its ever been.

  3. Jaron says

    I pinned Choose Happy because I’m finally starting to get it – joy is my choice, and it comes from gratitude. Thank you Brave Girls Club!

  4. Michelle says

    I pinned Free Spirit. My Favorite Bag!! My Brave moment this weekend was to share my interview with my dear friend for a buying job! I have no experience but I applied anyway. I’m going for my final interview Friday.

  5. Anneliese says

    “Choose Happy” … nothing better than wearing your attitude to inspire yourself and others around you. My bravery pushed me to RUN as it was one of two options at the gym as part of our work out. I took the road less traveled – running in 95 degree temps as opposed to the rowing machine, which is easier. Choosing to be a happier and much more positive cross-fitter!.

  6. talissak says

    I pinned “Choose Happy” because I am a yoga teacher and overall very active woman but I have an arm/shoulder/neck injury that is healing. Last weekend this meant I had to sit back a bit during a big yoga event. I chose to enjoy the presence and the energy rather than be upset that my practice was limited.

  7. Traci McDonald says

    I love and pinned all 3, but if I have to choose 1, I pick “Dream BOLD Dreams”, because if you do that, you can’t help but to “Choose Happy,” which in turn gives you a “Free Spirit!” It’s the domino effect of LIFE!! The BRAVE thing I did this weekend is I started my “Braille Manuscript!” I’m taking a very intense course through the National Library of Congress to become a “certified Braille transcriber!” I’ve been working on the 20 lessons for about 10 months now, and the manuscript is the huge and final test to get certified!! I’m so excited! I work for the school district with children who are blind and visually impaired, and Braille their school work! I have to share this, when I first came across your website a few years ago, and I was taking Soul Restoration 1 & 2, I would say to my husband, “I’m gonna go hang out with my new best friend “Melody!”that’s how I felt! And I’d go get lost in my computer with all your wonderful inspiration! You also helped me get through a few very tough years! I have a beautiful daughter who got caught up with some terrible addiction issues. She helped me with some of my art projects for my class! It was healing for us both!! She is doing wonderful now!! Thank you so much for all you do Melody and the Bravegirlsclub staff!! You are all amazing!! Thank You for being an inspiration to us all!!

  8. Debbie Rutledge says

    I chose “Dream Bold Dreams”. This weekend, I went to a new church alone and met 7 new people and went to brunch with them after church. I have been trying to make some new friends since my recent breakup, but haven’t found the courage to go anywhere new. This took a lot of courage and I let my Brave Girl out and did it. I am so proud of myself.

  9. says

    I chose ‘Free Spirit’ for several reasons: I believe I was born free spirited and would like to inspire others to realise their potential; and I just love the color combination and the work of collage! Beautiful!!!

  10. says

    I chose “Choose Happy.” This weekend I went camping for the first time with all three of my boys! (Last time I just had one). It took bravery to head out, but ended up being marvelous and magical!

  11. Julie J OBrien says

    I picked Dream Big Dreams, although I also love Free Spirit. I love how well Melody’s art looks on the bags. :)

  12. Anna Glenn says

    I pinned Dream Bold Dreams as it resonates with me right now. I’m pushing myself to achieve my goal of running 10k in October to raise money for a cancer hospice charity.

  13. Jude says

    I chose the beauty Free Spirit Bag and the bravest thing I have did over the weekend was leave my husband to oversee my boy’s birthday party whilst I went and held my market art stall Ruby Jude ;)

  14. Rachel Miller says

    I chose the “Free Spirit” tote…I LOVE that tote so much! My brave act this past weekend was *finally* deciding to pursue getting my masters degree…now on to the application process!

  15. Toni Moore says

    I posted the Free Spirit Bag! I truly am a Free Spirit. Freedom to express myself is a core value to me. That may be wearing Dorothy Colored Red Shoes while I Bee Bop on my walk. It could also be a Tutu and the Button Bow I wear the the grocery store. I don’t mind the strange looks I know they are just scared. But I absolutely love the grins those are my kindred spirits. That is how I sprinkle my glitter across my world by being my Authentic Self stretching the bar of The Normal people all around me.

  16. Jen Savage says

    I pinned the Choose Happy tote because it reminds me if you’re choosing groceries or goodies you may not find what you want but you can always choose to be happy! I was brave this weekend by looking deep inside my relationships and soul to find out what I do to destroy peace and what I do to create it. I made a goal to be a peace-maker! :)

  17. Shaela Cruz says

    I chose dream big dreams…it’s been 4 months since I started my own law practice and it’s been scary, powerful and rewarding:-)!

  18. Taylor says

    I chose Dream Big Dream bag. Something brave I did this weekend, was set boundaries for myself about what life is going to look like for me. & those boundaries have to do with my one of my big dreams.

  19. Kimberly Stapleton says

    I pinned the lovely “Choose happy!” bag. As the single mother of two young girls, one with intense special needs, I face a lot of challenges and am often riddled with guilt. This weekend, I chose to change my thinking and inner voice and it is already making a huge difference!

  20. says

    I gleefully pinned “Choose Happy” — a choice I need to make daily, hourly, minutely. :-) This weekend I was brave by diving into a huge pile of photos from my childhood, featuring many loved ones I’ve not seen in many moons. It was emotional and intense and important and good. Thanks for the chance to win, and God bless you always.

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