Our BIGGEST weekend giveaway EVER–with a $1799 BRAVE GIRL CAMP prize!!!!


Drum Roll please!……….The winner of her choice of 2014 or 2015 Brave Girl Camps is……DIANA SKURKA!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Diana!! And thank you times a MILLION to every single one of you who entered! We included every entry from the blog, here on FaceBook, and those who entered by emailing us. There were over 1000 entries!!!  (Diana, please email amy@bravegirlsclub.com asap with your contact information.)

To every Brave Girl who entered this drawing . . . we are overwhelmed and touched and filled with gratitude for each of you and for your entries. We have been sitting here reading them since Friday as they have come in, and we have been at it all morning today. Our hearts are so full. We wish that we could have each of you come to camp . . . we really do! It was VERY hard to make ourselves choose the winner because we knew that so many would be disappointed. (The winner was chosen by a Random Number Generator.)

We just want you to know how important you are to us, and how much we love you and that we think of you every single day. 

We hope that you will consider registering for Brave Girl Camp. We have tried to make it as convenient as possible with a variety of dates and payment plans. Below are the dates for 2014 and 2015. All of the 2014 camps are filling up rapidly, so if next year is YOUR year, don’t wait!

2014 Camps

March 18-22, 2014 (a few spots left)
May 6-10, 2014 (a few spots left)
June 10-14, 2014
September 9-13, 2014 (just 2 spots left)
October 7-11, 2014

2015 Camps

March 17-21, 2015
May 5-9, 2015
June 9-13, 2015
September 15-19, 2015
October 13-17, 2015

Of all the things we do at Brave Girls Club, Camp is hands down our very favorite. There is just nothing like spending face-to-face time together and witnessing the life-changing results of the work we do there with our beloved campers. Check out the details for registration for camp HERE

If it’s just not possible for you to come right now, we hope hope hope you will consider taking Soul Restoration with us. We developed that online class specifically for those who couldn’t make it to actual Brave Girl Camp, and it is patterned closely after the curriculum that is taught at camp. RIGHT NOW the last scheduled session of Soul Restoration is in session, and you will have access to the online classroom through the end of the year. Our new private Face Book group for this class is growing into the most amazing support system and a place to support and encourage and love each other through the joyful but sometimes prickly process of learning, healing, and progressing. Registration is open for a few more weeks, and we are having such a great time doing this class right along side everyone in this session! Come join us!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!! And congratulations to Diana!!
kathy, melody, and the brave girl team

PS. We know that it was challenging at times to get on the site to enter. Our site was bogged down by all the traffic much of the time, but we were sure to include every single comment, every email entry we received, and every entry on our FaceBook page in the drawing so that everyone who wanted to be included was. We allowed 30 minutes of extra time so that we were sure each and every entry had been received, and then we used a Random Number Generator to choose the winning entry.



Okay, we are EXCITED over here at the Clubhouse! We are neck-deep in prep for our October Brave Girl Camp, and WE LOVE CAMP!!!

AND last month the newest Where Women Create Business included a beautiful article about camp (with our 10 best retreat planning tips)! Here are some screen shots…

Brave Girls Club - Brave Girl Camp article in Where Women Create Business

Brave Girls Club - Brave Girl Camp in Where Women Create Business


SO…because we get excited about Camp and we get a little crazy around here on Fridays…

WE ARE GIVING AWAY a spot at any of our 2014 or 2015 camps to ONE lucky winner!!!

To enter, just leave a Comment as instructed and we’ll randomly select the winner on Monday at noon MDT. 

Your comment must include three simple things:

(1) Answer this question after watching the 2.5 minute video below…”What is the message on the rock at the very end of the video?”

(2) Answer ONE of these Camp Trivia questions…(click here to go to the webpage with all the answers):

  • What’s the name of the Ranch where camp is held?
  • What river is the Ranch next to?
  • What river is the Eagle Hilton Garden Inn next to?
  • Brave Girl Camp is held in what town?
  • How do campers get from the hotel to the Ranch each day? What kind of vehicle?
  • In the Testimonials section, Kallie tells us about promises she made to herself at camp. What is one of those promises?
  • What is one menu item from the Sample Menu section?
  • Do you have to be an artist to attend Brave Girl Camp?
  • Complete this sentence: Our goal is to make sure you have the ______ of your _______!
  • Are there payment plans available?

(3) Answer this question: Why do you want to come to Camp!

It’s as easy as that! We will randomly draw a winner from the entries on Monday morning, so DON’T WAIT to enter…it’s fun and quick and easy.

Have fun answering the questions! We can’t wait to read your entries. :)


kathy, melody, and the brave girl team

PS. We are currently working on moving our web host to bigger system that can handle all our traffic. In the meantime, you will sometimes get an error message on our site that says Resources Exceeded or Access Denied or other not-very-nice messages. We apologize…this will be resolved in the next few weeks. But for now, if you will just refresh or reload the page, it will generally come up with another try or two. Thanks for your patience! We want everyone to be able to enter this contest, so if it’s persnickety, you might have to try a couple of times.


  1. Karo Hamilton says

    Congratulations Diana! That is so awesome, I can’t imagine how excited you are. I hope you have the most amazing time. :)

  2. angie says

    What is the message on the rock at the very end of the video?
    “you will be okay”

    Complete this sentence: Our goal is to make sure you have the ______ of your _______!
    “The time of your life”.

    Why do you want to come to Camp?
    Unfortunately, I am so busy and overwhelmed and stressed and running mostly only on adrenaline, that I would not have the time to do something like this for myself unless it was made possible by the path of least resistance (haha). And the way I see it, the path of least resistance would be for it to just kind of ‘magically’ happen for me (not to diminish the extensive planning and preparation that y’all put into each and every Brave Girl Camp).

  3. says

    You will be OK… The ranch is near the Boise River… Because nothing would fill my soul more than to spend magical time with my creative sistas! I’m preparing to open up my very first brick and mortar shop, and although I am finding the strength within, I don’t always get the support and encouragement I would love to have from some others in my life. Thanks so much for this opportunity! You really give me inspiration every day on your beautiful site. XO

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