Happy Friday!!! Hope you enjoy this little look into what we have been up to this week…

melody soul comfort journal

Most of us have been working on getting the new Soul Comfort class ready for its launch next week. We are getting so excited about it!!! Jeff and Kathy have been doing lots of the important technical work, Brock has been filming, and my mom (Melody), Kathy, and Patrice have been working on the projects. Here is my mom mom creating an amazing journal that you are going to LOVE writing if you take Soul Comfort.


brock eating sandwich

When we work at The Ranch, which is our parents’ house, we get free food if we want… Brock took advantage of that perk while he was filming Soul Comfort videos this week. :) If you have kids who are moved out, I’m sure you have the same situation every time they come to visit!

max driving tractor

Camp is coming up next month and that means it’s about time to start getting the property all beautified again! Marq (my dad) and the boys have spent every day this week working hard out there to make it pretty for Brave Girl Camp and the wedding. There is still lots of work to do, but they have made tons of progress in the past few days. We can’t believe the little boys are big enough to drive the tractor!

boys loading branches

There were some dead trees that they cut down and spent hours loading all the branches into this trailer, it was totally packed full by the end of the day. Thank goodness for the brave dudes. :)


your soul aches for this

I got to do what I love most this week– being in the kitchen with food and a camera! If you haven’t already seen this post, you’ve got to get some peaches this weekend and make the recipe… I only know it’s good because Danny (my fiance) literally swooned every time he took a bite. :) I also helped my mom with some Soul Comfort promotion photos like the one above… “your soul aches for this.” We can’t wait to show you the rest in a few days so you can see what it’s all about!

And that’s what we’ve been doing this week… It has been a good one. Wishing you the most beautiful Labor Day weekend!

xoxo – malary & the brave girls team