*WINNER POSTED* Pin It To Win It Giveaway & 10% Off Brave Girl Necklaces



We have a winner! Congratulations to Jaime Leigh Ellis!

Jaime, please email me at malary@bravegirlsclub.com with your shipping address and we will get your necklace sent out right away!

Thank you so much for participating, everyone!


It’s MONDAY!! And it’s been a couple weeks since we’ve had a Monday Pin It To Win It, so we’re a little bit overdue for an awesome giveaway. This week there are three super-dee-duper beautiful necklaces on sale for 10% off in the Brave Girls Shoppe and we are going to give one of them away tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon!

necklaces sale

These stunning, unique necklaces have all sorts of awesomeness goin’ on! They each have a pendant framed in rhinestones, filled with beautifully funky art, and wonderful words. The brassy-colored chains are dressed up with dazzling beads and more rhinestones.

love matters most necklace

We LOVE these necklaces… Each of us girls at Brave Girls Club has a different one and we wear them all the time. They make a fantastic gift for your friends, sisters, mom, daughters, and of course yourself!

hello gorgeous necklace

To enter the giveaway, just follow the usual ‘Pin it to Win it’ steps… It’s very simple, I promise! Here are the instructions if you haven’t joined us before. :)

  • Choose your favorite image from this post and ‘pin’ it to Pinterest.
  • To make it super easy, there’s a little button at the top and bottom of each post that says “Pin It”, so just click that button and select the image you want to pin.
  • If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you will be guided through setting up a free account when you click on the “Pin It” icon. Or go to this link to join Pinterest.
  • Then come back to this post and comment, saying which necklace you pinned… and let us know what’s making you happy lately…
  • On Tuesday afternoon (MDST) we’ll randomly choose a winner from the comments, verify the Pin over at Pinterest, and post the name of the winner right here in this post.

love birds necklace

Go ahead! Take advantage of the 10% off sale and enter the giveaway so you can sport one of these gorgeous necklaces! And don’t forget to check back on this post tomorrow afternoon to see if you are the winner… Have the most beautiful start to your week! xoxo


  1. Lora Dawn says

    Love Matters Mos….it certainly does! Reminding myself to be joyful in my work is what is bringing me happiness theses days……and remembering to be right in the moment when I talk to someone……

  2. Fiona Allen says

    I pinned the Love Birds. Being happily in love has been making me so joyfilled. I recently took a leap of faith and started my own business and my hubs has been totally supportive of that. I feel like the love birds symbolizes us.

  3. Dianne West says

    I pinned “Love Matters Most” and I am happy today because I signed up for “Soul Comfort” tonight and watched the early bird videos with 3 of my most favorite people in the world: Melody, Patrice & Kathy. Love seeing how each of you did your supplies!

  4. Diana Villalpado says

    “Love Matters Most” because it it really does. Being good to each other is a byproduct of loving others, despite who they are, whether you know them well or not, and even regardless of whether they love you back. I’m happy because it’s a truth I’ve learned from my truthteller, and I have the type of family that has inspired this in my own life. :)

  5. Janette says

    I pinned the love birds necklace because it represents why I am happy right now. I’m happy because I am on holiday in beautiful Langkawi, Malaysia with my husband. We leave for home in Australia tomorrow evening but we have had a wonderful holiday, rekindled the romance and met some lovely people.

  6. says

    I pinned the “Hello Gorgeous” necklace. A great reminder for me! http://pinterest.com/pin/110197522105640989/ is the link … Hopefully you can mail it to Australia! 😀

    I feel happy that I am blessed with the opportunities I have in my life, to create and live my dream of becoming a psychologist! Just need to get through the assessments for my masters program and I am there! Very very blessed! :)

  7. Beth Rogers says

    “Love Matters Most” is the one I pinned. It’s been a tough summer with three family members getting their angel wings in the past three months. This phrase summarizes what has kept me going through it all, and gives me hope. Not quite happiness yet in my life, but I can be grateful for and savor the small joys that come my way.

  8. says

    I just pinned the LOVE BIRDS necklace. Love little birdies and this sparkly blue design.
    Lately, what is making me happy is bicycle riding again after so many years of not. It feels so freeing and reminds me more and more of the things I loved to do as a child. I’m ready to do more of those things now.

  9. Pamela Aulds says

    I pinned Love Matters Most ~ What is making me happy lately is that summer is almost over & all the joys of Fall are just around the corner !!!

  10. Mary Anne says

    I pinned Lovebirds because what made me happy was coming home to my “lovebird” after a nine day vacation of being away from him :)

  11. Jordana Woodard says

    I pinned Love Birds because it spoke to me. Making me happy right now is organizing years worth of “stuff.” I feel lighter already!

  12. Dana says

    I chose “love matters most”. I truly believe it’s part of my life’s mission to be love so that spoke to me the best! :) I too am enjoying the transition to fall! Ready for the energy that comes with cooler temperatures and a little bit of cocooning to accompany it as well! :)

  13. Cheryl Gelsomine says

    Oh… man… 10% off!! lol… I just ordered / bought one on Saturday. UGH. I should have waited. Aww well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    I pinned Hello Gorgeous – I need to be reminded sometimes. <3 Just signed up for Soul Comfort and that makes me really happy!! So does the fact that the June 2013 have virtually set up a network for my poor students to be able to have sketchbooks.

  14. Juel says

    Love Matters is the one I pinned. What is making me happy today? That this time next year I will be celebrating my 50th birthday at BG Camp!!

  15. Karen M says

    I pinned Love Matters Most, it’s a beautiful reminder for every day ! I’m happy and content today because I get to spend time with my beautiful daughter and her wonderful husband this weekend !!

  16. Donna says

    I pinned all three of them! It’s too hard to pick just one. My favorite though is the Love Birds. I’m happy today because I’m so excited to be starting Soul Comfort! And it’s nearly fall, my favorite time of year!

  17. says

    I pinned hello gorgeous and love birds because I couldn’t choose just one. Cleaning out my closets, getting rid of another boat load of useless clutter, and getting ready for fall is making me happy today.

  18. Traccie says

    I pinned love birds. I am feeling rather stressed out because my daughter is leaving (to Idaho) for college this weekend AND there was a major change in my husbands job. However, I am very happy that my sweet daughter is having this adventure and my wonderful husband does well at his job.

  19. Emily says

    What’s making me happy is getting my new jogging stroller in the mail. Now I can get back to exercising and trying to get control back of my body, which seems to have betrayed me with chronic health issues. And I pinned the Love Matters Most necklace because, well, it does!

  20. Becka Webber says

    I pinned the “Love Birds”
    Rain makes me happy! We have had a rainless summer where I live and last week we finally were able to enjoy the summer lightening and thunder storms. I was in heaven!

  21. Jaime Leigh Ellis says

    I pinned the “love birds” necklace because it is absolutely gorgeous! The two birdies are representing the undeniable love I, as a single mom, have for my sweet daughter. We have a connection like no other. I have happiness in my life, soul, and heart because of my sweet Aveline. Each day is a new discovery and learning experience for her. I am beyond humbled to have been chosen to share each moment with her…

  22. Stacy says

    I pinned “Hello, Gorgeous” What a perfect necklace and reminder to view as one looks in the mirror. As a mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, etc….We are all gorgeous in our own way and one should never forget that! This is a perfect reminder of that :)

  23. Isla says

    I pinned the Love Birds. Taking my dog for a walk makes me happy because it makes him so happy. He really loves those long walks in rain…

  24. sharon obrien says

    I pinned the “Love Birds”. It seemed to really resonate what is making me happy, right now, in this moment, and that is the mass of tiny birds singing and playing in the tall bushes, right off of my deck. It is like a little birdie playground, there for me to watch while I work. I am grateful and fortunate.

  25. says

    I pinned LOVE BIRDS because it is awesome in it’s celebration of love, birds, and teal sparkle! I am happy lately because fall is here. It is a time for our family to get back in the groove of school activities and enjoy crispy leaves, change of colors, and even some fall organizing in the home.

  26. says

    I’ve pinned the beautiful and profound “Love Matters Most” necklace. What’s making me happy these days are my three daughters, my own “brave girls”. They are the lights of my life!

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