Behind the Scenes: This Week at Brave Girls Club

Happy Friday, braves!! It has been a wonderful week here in our little world. Our next Brave Girl Camp starts in just over two weeks so some of us have started preparing… No matter how early we start getting ready, camp always creeps up on us and our guests arrive before we know it!

Lots of other good stuff also has to happen while some of us are getting ready for Brave Girl Camp. Jeff has been working extremely hard to build an amazing new platform for our website. You just wait! Sabrina has been diligently doing the bookkeeping and keeping us all reminded of what’s going on as a team. Brock has been doing what he is best at– filming and editing more videos for Soul Comfort. And Amy has been in contact with all our camp guests, getting things lined out before we get to embrace them when they get off the bus at Brave River Ranch in a couple weeks!!

What you get to take a peek at this week is what Kathy and Patrice have been doing in the Art Barn…

modpodging table 2

Kathy found a new table for the supply room and painted it turquoise… then we decided to ModPodge it up with all the truths and images from our camp curriculum.
modpodging table

Kallie and the kiddos came over for a while one day for a visit and happily helped us cut out some words. They are so good to us! The table looks super awesome now that it’s finished… we’ll do a blog post later about the whole process so you can do something like it if you want to. :)

sewing area

The Art Barn needed a makeover and Patrice and Kathy were determined to get it done by the end of the week. Well guess what, of course they got it done! My mom (Melody) is has been out of town so she hasn’t even seen it yet. This is the new sewing area, complete with two sewing machines and lots of shelves and drawers filled with all the goods.

red couch art barn

Here is the new red carpet area that was transformed this week… Those two did an amazing job at making this place feel so much more homey. Doesn’t this make you just want to sit down and put your feet up with some nice music and good company?

turquoise counter

The once super-messy-cluttered counter in the art supply room has been cleaned, organized, painted turquoise, and adorned with some pretty vintage vases. There were tons of other great things Kathy and Patrice did to improve the Art Barn but we can’t give everything away before Brave Girl Camp. :)

Hope you enjoyed the little sliver of what went on at Brave Girls Club this week! Have the most wonderful weekend.

xoxo – malary & the brave girls team




  1. Nancy C. Lorenz says

    Oh. . . . I can’t wait! New table to look at! It looked so awesome and can’t wait to see it at camp! Just awesome. . . And the art barn so pretty and cleaned up! I have to have a talk with those ladies when I get to camp and have them come redo my studio! Oh so pretty! You all do a wonderful job! melody will have to go out of town more often!!!! : ). I am so happy, happy happy to get to come enjoy it next week with the rest of the sweet ladies who signed up for Octobers camp! As Susan said above you all are just trying to tease us and get us excited ! And we are!!!!

  2. says

    What a wonderful, happy place. Someday, someday….I will see it with my own eyes. Congrats to all for all their hard work. I don’t know any of you but I have watched you progress for a couple of years and I just signed up for Soul comfort…I am proud of all of you. Peace & Love

  3. Michelle says

    Oh my gosh…the Art Barn looks so different from when we were at camp :) Enjoy the experience and the loves, new braves!

  4. Susan Sanchez says

    I am coming to Camp in October and I can’t wait to see all these spaces you have been transforming.. This is just a teaser! Counting the days to meet you all. <3

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