Booooootiful & Fun Halloween Projects!!!

Halloween is in a few weeks, and I rounded up 5 awesome posts from the past with some GREAT Brave Girl ideas for your festivities! 

  • Melody makes an ingenious Jack-O-Lamp out of a re-purposed lamp…
  • Carl makes beautifully creepy fabric-covered skulls…
  • Kathy and Terry make stunning painted pumpkins in Turquoise (of course!)…
  • Kallie shares 11 creative and sometimes hysterical  ideas for home-made costumes for YOU to wear…
  • Kathy shares her world-famous recipe for her criminally-addictive Caramel Corn…

Have fun with these spooktacular ideas!

Jack -O-Lamp

(by Melody) In honor of being asked to be a judge for a contest sponsored by PLAID, where you get to trick out a pumpkin in pretty much whatever way your beautiful mind wants to do it…..I decided to re-purpose some kind of pumpkin-y thing to announce the whole shindig to you… what I did…is I re-purposed a lamp that has been sitting in my garage. I saved this lampshade because I loved the shape….I saved it even though I accidentally put a candle underneath it, which burned a hole in it….(I am not so fabulous at safety……) I still have to figure out what to do with that hole….but, I’m pretty happy with how the lamp turned out. I still want to add some trim, and I’m thinking I might just do a little vignette of three lamps of different heights, but I will show you how I did this one to start……… (Read the rest of this post here)


AMAZING Fabric-Covered Skulls

(by Carl Roberts) If you’ve been to Brave Girl Camp, then you’ve met Hilarie.  If you haven’t…then you’re in for a treat when you do.  She is sparkly and fun and awesome.  She and her husband Carl LOVE Halloween.  Every year, they throw a big party that everyone really looks forward to.  They love to have a good time, and for their family, Halloween is bigger than Christmas.

So last year, Carl and Hilarie found out that none of us at Brave Girls Club is really THAT into Halloween…I think Carl took it personally and made it his mission to make Halloween likeable for artsy girls who like pretty things.  This is what he came up with….. (Read the rest of this post here)

Beautiful TURQUOISE Pumpkins (and why  not!?)

We had another spectacularly perfect Brave Girl Camp last week.  Ahh….it was so great.  So so soooo great.  But we’ll tell you about that later.  What I want to tell you about now is about setting up.  We all showed up (the staff, that is) on Tuesday morning at 8:30….all ready to start the day and make yummy & pretty things for the Brave Girls who would be arriving later that afternoon.  So Kathy shows up with 2 of the most beautiful pumpkins I have ever seen.  They’re TURQUOISE!

And they have layers and layers and pretty colors.  They’re sooo perfect.  We’d seen her late the night before and those pumpkins were orange.  In her cool, collected, graceful way, she said she’d painted them early that morning.  I don’t think she painted them while she was blow drying her hair, but we sometimes let jokes go too far and that’s what the joke became.

Anyway, I love these.  I can’t wait to make some for my porch for Halloween & Thanksgiving.  Won’t they be sooo much prettier than carved pumpkins?!  I love them!! You’ll find a video tutorial by Kathy and Terry PLUS written/photographer instructions in the full post. (Read the rest of this post here.)

11 Homemade (Fun) Halloween Costume Ideas

Here’s what happens every year on Halloween…we have a party to go to…it’s on the calendar and I feel prepared for it days in advance.  I have costumes for the kids, candy for the trick-or-treaters, and hot chocolate for when we get home freezing.  I feel ready until like 30 minutes before it’s time for us to run out the door…that’s when I panic because I haven’t given even one second of thought to a costume for myself…

Maybe if I’d given it 3 seconds of thought I’d of bought a costume….then again…maybe not.  It seems like the majority of costumes out there are on the revealing side.  Not really my thing.

What happens is I end up scrambling for something and feeling frustrated and frazzled that I’m so behind and going to be late because I hadn’t thought of a costume for myself.

I was thinking about how annoying it is to have to think about that at the last minute, so if you’re like me and if this same thing happens to you, I went through my closet and came up with some last-minute costume ideas.  Hope this helps you think of a costume BEFORE it’s time to run out the door. :)

(Read the rest of this post here.)


Best Caramel Corn EVER (Seriously)

(by Kathy)

Fair warning: Our gal-pal Jeanne Oliver emailed me after having this Caramel Corn at Brave Girl Camp and told me that she had made it twice already and had started calling it “Crack”! It really is that good. What could be better for your Halloween Party??!   (Read the rest of this post here.)

Have fun making lots of new Halloween memories this year!


kathy and the brave girl team


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