Saving a sweater

Have you ever tucked something away for safekeeping? Or maybe hidden it because the time was not right to bring it out?

About two years ago I knitted a sweater. This sweater actually fit. And I actually loved it. That does not always happen when you knit, or at least when I knit. You have to love the journey of the stitches if you are going to learn to stitch. You also have to be willing to take things out and start over. Give yourself and your wool a second or even a third chance. Knitting, I have found is a not so gentle teacher at times. Learning about yourself and your journey is something you need to expect as you move along your path with needles in hand and hope in your heart. You never stop learning along this path if you choose to keep your eyes and heart open while you stitch.

Okay, back to my sweater. I have maybe worn my knitted sweater four or five times. I packed it away for safe keeping for a few months while moving to Boise. I came upon it the other day. I was so happy to see this old friend. This sweater I had spent hours sitting with, learning from her stitches. What I found when I happily pulled her out of the box was a hole about the size of a quarter smack dab in the back of this lovely sweater. Someone else had been sharing the box that she was packed in.

undone sweater

Something had ruined this garment that I treasured. If you know anything about knitting you know something like this is pretty much impossible to fix. She was ruined for sure. With a sad heart  on my way to the trash pile I had a great idea…. I could fix this problem with a little time and love. A patch over this wound would do the trick. I spent the morning stitching away.  Bought some new beautiful lace for the ties and she was like new again.

floss photo


Taking something that was ready for the trash pile and making something beautiful and useful is something we do a lot of at BGC. It is important to develop new eyes too see the potential in people and in things. Not always easy but definitely something to work towards.

front of sweater with ribbon

My dream for you today is that your life be full of beauty where there once was something kept hidden. Breathe new life into that thing once put away for safekeeping because someone did not cherish it as you did. Or maybe it was hidden away because it was just too big to face. You will be amazed how wonderful it feels.

finished back of sweater with patch

I know you can do it. It is not always as easy as stitching a patch.  Some people find healing in song, some with a paintbrush. Some in the outdoors. I believe that I have been pieced together with a needle and thread. With a huge amount of grace and mercy mixed with love and forgiveness. The time might just be right to see how all of this works for you. Keep your eyes open. You might be amazed at the stitches you create.

Happy stitching.

(Soul Comfort)


  1. says

    I love the way you made it better then before just like God dose with all our holes. Will remember this when I am struggling. You have made it uniquely yours with love and caring just like we are being transformed. Thank you for this story. It is beautiful!

  2. Leigh-Ann says

    What a beautifully written story. It inspires me to pull out an old favourite in need of some loving and resurrect it. Thank you.

  3. Missy says

    Beautifully expressed…in your writing, in your sweater, and in the amazing patch. You are a perfect addition to the BraveGirlsClub :))

  4. says

    Nice knitting work, so evenly and perfectly. Gorgeous patch too. The art school I studied with has a saying, coined by the founder/director: When you think it (your art work in progress) is ruined, it isn’t. Leave it for a while and when you come back to it you will know what to do to fix it. It will just be different from what you had first thought it should be. He is right. All we often need is a change of perspective.

  5. Felicia says

    I could feel the emotion and heart in this piece. What a wonderful lesson to share and inspire others to do the same. Thank you !

  6. Donna says

    Thanks so much for sharing your story Patrice! As a knitter, I know exactly what you mean! However, I love your sweater and the beautiful transformation you gave it! It’s so well loved!
    Hugs, Donna

  7. Tamara Karlin says

    LOVE this story Patrice & love your sweater even more after it’s transformation. Your needlework is such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing! Hugs! Tamara

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