Last chance for Soul Comfort, Braves!

Last chance to join our amazing SOUL COMFORT class!

Registration closes on Friday, Nov 15 . . . You’ll have classroom access through February 1, 2014 . . . The perfect soul-treat for yourself from now through the Holidays and beyond.

      • Find out all the details (including project photos and reviews) HERE.
      • Register HERE . . . we are waiting to welcome you with open arms!
      • $99 (or divide into 2 or 3 monthly payments).
      • Supplies are inexpensive and easy to find…you might have everything you need already.

Created especially for the tired, exhausted, overstretched and overwhelmed (is that you?)

Full of amazing lessons by Melody, plus beautiful projects by Melody, Kathy, and Patrice to fuel your creativity in very simple and easy ways that are meditational and relaxing . . . beautiful comforting things that will have your soul infused into them so that you want to keep them forever . . . all with the depth, high quality, and attention to detail that you’ve learned to expect from the Brave Girls Club team.

Here’s what other Brave Girls, just like you, are saying about why they LOVE this course:

Carey P
Everyone needs to find some breathing space in their life, Soul Comfort not only provides the space but gives you the tools to find the calm in the middle of everyday craziness. More than just a class, the support and camaraderie in the group is such a welcome surprise. We are all in the same place in our lives, needing to learn to slow down and take care of ourselves.

Kerri M
I love the “one bag” and the fact that I can be doing something in the middle of my living room and spending time with my loved ones at the same time.

Martha B
I love the bag, too! I love that I can pick it up and take it anywhere, and still get that little soul-healing “creative fix” that i so often crave, but don’t always have the time or energy to get out the paint, or clear off my desk. I love that it only takes me a minute to put all my supplies away when I’m done. I love the stitching….there’s something comforting about the feel of the fabric and the colors of the thread!

More reviews can be found here

Come join us!


  1. Terri Gately says

    I signed up and paid for the Soul Comfort Online class…….even bought my supplies. My mom passed away right after I signed up and well……..I’m finally where I feel like I need some Soul Comfort. I’m off for the holidays from teaching and am looking forward to beginning, creating and spending time with you girls. Much love and blessings to the Brave Girl Family. I will also see you at Camp in June 😉

  2. Christine Sloat says

    Is this a new class starting or should I register for the course that began in September…then won’t I be behind?

    • Kathy Wilkins says

      This is the class that began in September….however, you do it on your own schedule and the current class is online through February 1, so you won’t be ‘behind’…everyone is going at their own pace and there is plenty of time to finish. It’s such a great class, and it will be fabulous for doing throughout the holidays! xoxo

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