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Brave Girls Club - THE WALK


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About “The Walk”

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You are probably here because you feel like it’s time. It’s either time to stand up and move forward toward something that is calling you….or it’s time to stand up and walk away from what is hurting you. Either way…it’s time.

You might not even know exactly what it is time for…..there’s just something in you that knows that it is time. I am so glad that you are here. I want to invite you to sit by the campfire with me for a minute……

Once there was a girl who loved to find the light.


Here is a map that represents a journey that I want you to go on with me

……and the most important parts of this journey are…

the carnival, the campfire and the climb

I want to invite you to go on a walk. The funny thing is… are going to be walking on your path, and I am going to be walking on mine. Life is amazing like that…..

it’s when we lose our way and try to walk the path of another that things get painful….and our own paths are always calling to us……..

You see…we all go through all sorts of highs and lows in life. Sometimes we go through loooooong stretches of joy and growth…..and sometimes we go through loooooooooong stretches of hardship and growth. Sometimes we go through stretches where there is hardly any growth at all….but where we feel like we are going going going and giving everything we’ve got to buy a ticket to where everyone says we are supposed to be…..but then we are just spinning and spinning and spinning….but not really going anywhere at all.

Sometimes we spend years like that…

…and then sometimes, it’s just time. It’s time for us to make big changes…and it’s time to make small changes…..sometimes it’s just finally time to head in a direction that we know we are supposed to go but that we’ve been too afraid to start heading toward because we are not quite sure what the journey will hold……….

Brave Girls Club - The Walk

….sometimes it’s time because we are tired of the spinning….and the competing….we are tired of not hearing our own truth…..

sometimes it’s time for the big walk up the mountain to where we will find what we are looking for……..

Most of us have at least one big journey like this in our life that we really have to take alone, for the most part. Some of us have already had two or three or more big times in our life when we had to climb a steep mountain……some of us are in the hardest parts of a journey RIGHT NOW….but ohhhhh the gifts that are at the top of that mountain…

We are going to break our journeys down into 3 very important parts….the parts that we all encounter on our own paths……

Again…these parts are…. the carnival, the campfire and the climb…..

We are going to explore the way we’ve been distracted by the sparkling, shiny, loud and seductive carnival of chaos…..not the happy fun colorful, joyful carnival that we visit from time to time…..but the cheesy one filled with con artist carnies that wants to suck us in for a lifetime……the one that it seems like everyone is standing in line to be a part of…the one where you give everything you’ve got, day after day, to win the big pink teddy bear that you really don’t even want………the one that is fun to visit but no way to live…..the one that can pick up and leave us at a moment’s notice and head on to the next town………with all of the carnies mocking you for ever thinking that you could win the games that were designed to make us lose…..

IMG_0435-287and we are going to expore the campfire……where life is simple, where life is true….where it’s ok to be alone and it’s wonderful to be surrounded by the people we love the most….where it’s quiet enough to hear our souls….and where nobody feels the need to take anything away from anyone else…but only to share what we’ve learned……where the light is glowing and warm and real…….and invites us to take it with us wherever we go…..

but we especially are going to talk about the climb………….the one we all have to take a few times in our life…the one where we learn the best lessons and bring back the biggest gifts…..the one that makes us who we are……….the one that skins up our knees and builds muscles we didn’t even know we had…..the one that has the most beautiful views imaginable if we will only look up…..

and then we are gonna make maps of all of these places we have been, and all of these places where we are heading………….

…….and why?


To make life easier for the rest of our days…… make it easier to decide where our life walk will take us……what we still want to learn….what we have to share…..and who we are each becoming.

So….let’s stop spinning and start walking…..and see where

this journey will take us….

JOIN ME…. xoxo  melody

(Click here for details including Lesson Outline and Supply List)


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