Has life kind of messed with you a little bit?….(it gets old, huh?)

Walk with me for a minute, ok?…that’s all we gotta do right now….I just want to talk to your beautiful exhausted self…..

-what if I just want a simple life

Have you ever asked yourself.…. What if I just want a simple life…what if that’s what makes me happy?….am I freak? Will I make it? Is that ok? How long will I have to keep running like this to keep up? What if I don’t want to play these crazy games anymore?

-melody whoa

Seems like I have sat through hundreds of conversations where once we get to the center of the center of the center of the truth of the matter……..this is the question that comes up. What if I don’t want to keep doing bigger and bigger and bigger and grander and grander and grander things? What if I just want a simple life? Am I going to be okay?

Walk with me for a moment, friend………will you? It will just take about 5 minutes…I want to show you something…………this is important, I wouldn’t ask you to spend that much time listening to me if it wasn’t…..so…will you just walk with me for a minute and let me tell you a little story? Just click below….


ok…that is all of your time I want to take tonight. I have been thinking all day about what it would take to get you to go on this journey with me…….because I know you need it….I so want you to come on this journey with me…I know that it is going to be so good for your soul….so good for your life, your future…so good for all of the people you love the most……

I hope you can join us. I hope you can make the sacrifice and be in this course with us…I promise you it is worth every penny…and is worth every minute you will spend….


But if you can’t…..we are offering a special scholarship program……we want to help anyone who wants to take this course, but who can’t…..


This is how this scholarship program will work……..

1. Anyone who is enrolled and registered and has paid for THE WALK online course can help someone get a scholarship

2. A paid member of the course who  knows someone who needs the scholarship, and would benefit from it…..you would write them a letter of recommendation (to us) after you have asked them if they would do the course….commit to it.

3. They write a letter telling us why they would love to take the course and that they would commit to it.

4. Send us both letters……with the name and email of the paid member of the course. Tell us whether you need a 50% discount or need a full scholarship. (we know you will be honest) Send to support@bravegirlsclub.com

5. The scholarship is given as needed….either 50% off of the price, or free of charge…depending on the need….and the  paid member of the course is their “sponsor” and looks out for them…..

(if you want to do this, and do not have a sponsor…email us at support@bravegirlsclub.com and tell us why you would love to take this course…and we will match you with a sponsor…ok?)

We are giving out as many scholarships as we see fit……..but every scholarship must have a paid sponsor and will require a letter from both the sponsor and the recipient of the scholarship…….and a commitment to help each other along the way.

(The deadline for scholarship applications is midnight January 15.)

This class is that important…….it really is.

so, come and be with us, ok?

OH! Also…all paid registrations will get the gift of TWO copies of our new book “YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY” …one for you, and one to give away….

-you are going to be okay

Here’s a video of the book…it has been making big beautiful waves of love all over the world…thousands of copies being passed around since it was released a few weeks ago…..and we will send you TWO COPIES with every registration!


Please come and be with us!

It will be worth it!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!



  1. Kim Alcock says

    I dont know anyone who is signing up but boy I sure could use this course! A full scholarship unfortunately. This has come at the exact moment I could use it. Either way I think this is a beautiful course and can help others so much with those lies. xo

  2. Darlene says

    I don’t know anyone either who is signing up for this course but I would love to get sponsored for the course. I know I could use it.

  3. melody says

    If anyone out there wants to do this, and you need a discount or a full scholarship…and do not have a sponsor…email us at support@bravegirlsclub.com and tell us why you would love to take this course…and we will match you with a sponsor. :) no one left behind.

    • melody says

      we would still LOVE to have you, if you want to do this, and do not have a sponsor…email us at support@bravegirlsclub.com and tell us why you would love to take this course…and we will match you with a sponsor…so happy to have you along. xo

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