Behind the scenes…saying goodbye to the old Clubhouse…

WHEW! It’s Friday and it’s time to give you an exciting update on some of what we’ve been up to at the Brave Girls Clubhouse. Today we JUST finished moving out of our lovely old Clubhouse…our first real ‘office’ outside of our homes, and the place where we had SO MUCH FUN for 3 years. I spent a couple of hours there this morning doing some final cleaning, and I will admit that I got a little sentimental. Although we have moved to a new place that is SO AWESOME (photos coming soon) and that we all totally love, we have so many amazing memories of the things that went on in the one and only ORIGINAL Brave Girls Clubhouse.

First a little of the backstory. Back in 2010, our little team turned a cement box into an absolute wonderland…full of light and color and fun.  Marq (Melody’s husband) helped us with everything that needed built or painted or welded. Melody had a huge vision of colorful video sets and about a zillion other projects. Marq started with the video sets…. (see how sad and gray this place was to begin with?)

Brave Girls Club - building video sets

It started simply enough, but Melody had SO MANY IDEAS…a few weeks of hammering and sawing and painting and wallpapering and thrift store hunting and light hanging later…..and it became THIS….

Brave Girls Club - video sets

…and this dreary front office….

….became THIS!!!……

Brave Girls Club - Front Office of Clubhouse
Hard to imagine, isn’t it?  Well, we spent the next 3 years working out of this amazing place, making so many of our dreams about Brave Girls Club come true…

Brave Girls Club - at the clubhouse

We wanted a place where we could have FUN while we worked, and holey moley…we had a LOT of fun at the old Clubhouse!  (Can you see the paper clothes that Melody glued to the little man and woman on the rest room sign? And it was evidently dollar corn dog day at Sonic. :)

The big flaw with our beloved old Clubhouse was that there were no windows, and we love love LOVE sunshine and light. So for the past couple of weeks we have been moving into a NEW Clubhouse, one with plenty of natural light. That meant tearing all of our lovely things down and packing them up, and getting ready to drive down the road…

Brave Girls Club - packed to movel

We dismantled every little thing that had made our Clubhouse so beloved…and got it ready for its new tenant.

longshot copy

We have returned the warehouse to its old sad self…yeah, I’m sentimental about it. So to cheer myself up I’ll end this post with a video that Brock put together a while back from bits and pieces of video he shot in the Clubhouse. You’ll get a glimpse of the VERY serious business that went on there. I hope the old Clubhouse remembers us and all the crazy fun we had together!

Goodbye, old friend!! Next week….photos of the NEW CLUBHOUSE!!!!

Have a great weekend, friends!

love, kathy



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