{UPDATE: WINNERS POSTED!} A Giveaway to Celebrate 80,000 Facebook Members! Thank You!



First of all, THANK YOU everyone for joining in this giveaway! We have already grown several hundred members since posting this at the beginning of the week… So to all of you new Brave Girls, welcome!! We are so happy you are here. :) And now to announce the 88 winners….

Let’s start with the 8 winners of the giveaway bundle:
1. Susan Stroligo
2. Brianna MacLellan
3. Kimberly Tan
4. Rebecca Lynn Dickerhoof
5. Tonya
6. Kristan Frazier
7. Private Name – I (Malary) will email you personally!
8. Heather Kendrick

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!! If you are on this list, please send an email to support@bravegirlsclub.com with “Giveaway Winner attn: Malary” in the subject line. Please include your first/last name, email address, and shipping address. We will get your package sent out right away!

And here are the 80 additional winners of the “I Have An Idea” Canvas Class:

  1. Donna Danielsen
  2. Toni Johnson
  3. Jacie C.
  4. Jill Stroud
  5. Lila Shaw
  6. JanW
  7. Autumne Horan
  8. Rebecca I-f
  9. Chris Heavin
  10. Pamela white
  11. Vicki M
  12. Marilynn
  13. Vickie
  14. Donna Shaw
  15. Loretta
  16. Amanda (March 3rd comment)
  17. Amanda (March 4th comment)
  18. Kathy Chaves
  19. Debra Scott
  20. Lauren Ashley
  21. Pearl Brown
  22. lindakaysart
  23. Adrienne A
  24. Kristene
  25. Nichole M. Lewno
  26. Angie F 
  27. Diann Martinez
  28. Tanya Wilson
  29. Denny Nkemontoh
  30. JulieC
  31. MaryBeth Martin
  32. Wendy Nixon
  33. Toni K
  34. Melissa Schwartz
  35. Melissa M
  36. Lisa B
  37. Michele Watson
  38. Jonna Stephens
  39. Kaere Schmidt
  40. Megan Fortin
  41. Shae Delicia Powell
  42. Susan Sanelli Hammack
  43. Joann Brown
  44. Deborah Freeman
  45. Sandi Tygar
  46. Ashley Messersmith
  47. Robyn Burfeind
  48. Bernadette Dotson
  49. Pamela Cass
  50. Tamara Mulkey
  51. Kelly Ruder
  52. Annie M
  53. Cindee
  54. Kristin Pope
  55. Jeannie Connor
  56. Marnie Price
  57. Leslie Pond
  58. Sonja Sargenti Spiller
  59. Jessica Justice
  60. Lynne Ingram
  61. Terry Watson
  62. Renee
  63. Vanessa Johnson
  64. Rebecca Aydelette
  65. Ree
  66. Mandy Waters
  67. Tina Li
  68. Julie (1st commenter!)
  69. the jenuine article
  70. Nancy W
  71. Marie Edwards
  72. Gwendolyn Fajardo
  73. Christine N
  74. Lori Ballasch
  75. Brigid clark
  76. Susan Best
  77. Mary C. Nasser
  78. Jen Ashenfelter
  79. Sandra
  80. Edie

And CONGRATULATIONS to all of you as well!!! If you are on this list, please send an email to support@bravegirlsclub.com with “Giveaway Winner attn: Malary” in the subject line. If you are on this list, please include your first/last name and your email address and we will get you signed up for the class as soon as we receive your email!

Have the most wonderful weekend. xoxo


Happy Monday, dearest friends!

On March 1st, we hit 80,000 members on our Facebook page. It has been an amazing ride since the first day of Brave Girls Club over 4 years ago… and it is so wonderful to watch this tribe of women grow each day! We are thankful beyond words to be a part of this incredible movement. So… to express our gratitude to you, your loyalty, your love, and your contributions — we want to put on an AWESOME giveaway!

This isn’t a giveaway of just one item to one person… This is a BUNDLE giveaway to EIGHT of you! (You know, to celebrate 80,000.) Included in this bundle-of-goodness is the following:


All you need to do to enter is watch the video below of Melody reading “You Are Going to be Okay”… and then write a comment telling us your favorite part. (Also, please specify which art print you’d want.) Easy peasy, huh?!

Okay, before you start submitting your entry comments… We’ve got one more thing! In addition to the eight winners of the giveaway bundle, a total of 80 (yes, EIGHTY!) of you will win tuition to the “I Have an Idea” canvas class. How great is that?!

You have 24 hours to submit your entry and tell all your friends about the giveaway! We will do a random drawing tomorrow, March 4th at 1:00 pm MST. Winners will be posted that evening. Edit: This giveaway will be open for entries until Friday, March 7th. We will do a random drawing at noon MST and winners will be posted that evening… Go ahead, write your comment for your chance to win!!!

Have the most beautiful day.

P.S. – Soul Restoration starts TOMORROW!!


  1. kim mies says

    It is all about acceptance isn’t it? Acceptance for your self no matter who you are…your happy traits, deep concerns, creative talents and physical and mental outlook. We must accept ourselves with all the roses and onions and then open up with courage to others who may not accept you. Im ok…makes me judge myself….try not to be too hard…YOu are loved…

  2. Brianna MacLellan says

    Wow this brought me to tears. There’s so much powerful truth in such a small book – it’s so beautiful. At first the words may sound so simple but that simplicity is what makes it such a beautiful story. She’s found a way to tell her story that allows the reader to hear their own story as well and that’s amazing. It’s that type of connection that truly does inspire others and makes us realize we aren’t alone. This is such a beautiful and meaningful story almost a bedtime story for the soul.

    Oh and if there’s still time for the giveaway my favorite print is This is your life.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you are awesome Melody!

  3. the jenuine article says

    I like the reminder that joy will return in a really big way. I ‘ve been through some very unjoyous times and have done my best to overcome. I now use my days sharing my time, art, smile, support and it serves as my therapy for the past, as well as my comfort in knowing that I can be in control of making myself a happy today and tomorrow. If “Choose to See the Good Stuff ” happened my way, it would be a wonderful thing, as I do need the reminder sometimes. Thank you for what you do…all your messages seem so timely, I often wonder how you know what’s swirling in my mind! Thanks for strengthening my wings. : )

  4. Donna Danielsen says

    I’ve tried so many times! I don’t know if the contest is over. My favourite passage is “Your heart may get broken along the way it will suffer so much after being betrayed it will sting and ache but you’ll find your way and you are going to be okay”. The print I would love “It Is Going To Be Okay”

  5. Delyne Mayer says

    This part speaks to my heart .. “You may find yourself trapped by something someday, Your captor saying you have to stay, You’ll find your way out, for sure, some way .. ”

    I am my own captor and by living authentically, being true to being me, I will break free of the cage I have created and will fly free.

    My favorite print is I will keep being true to being me.

    Thank you so much Melody .. Much Love <3

    This is the third time trying to post .. here's hoping third time is the charm :)

  6. Nancy W says

    My favorite part is some may go and some may stay. I have had friends who I’ve lost contact with, families change, relationships tank and each life experience has constructed me to who I am today and I’m going to be ok. The print I would love is You are going to be okay. Thank you!

  7. Toni Johnson says

    Having just received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease for my husband, there is so much uncertainty ahead for us. I particularly hold onto “You will get older along the way, your beauty will change day after day, a new kind of beauty will be here to stay… and you are going to be okay” right now. There IS new beauty being discovered in our relationship. A wonderful, beautiful new depth of love and communication and closeness… even in the midst of the unpredictable and frightening changes. But we have the assurance we are BOTH going to be okay! Therefore, if chosen as a winner, I would be blessed to have the “LUCKY US” print… because we are.

  8. Jacie C. says

    My favorite parts of the video were “I make a difference” & “I inspire others”. Sometimes in my day to day living & sometimes feeling like I am going through the motions, I wonder if what I am doing is making a difference, if anyone notices or if I am making an impact in my own little corner of the world. This video tells me that “Yes, I DO make a difference” & “Yes, I do inspire others”! :)

    My favorite print is Brave Girl Boots!! :)

  9. Joanne says

    The line that resonates with me the most is the part that says “…but you will always find your way.” As far as the prints, it’s hard to choose, but I think the one I would choose is the one that says ‘Let’s Be Happy”. So glad to have Brave Girls Club in my life.

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