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First of all, THANK YOU everyone for joining in this giveaway! We have already grown several hundred members since posting this at the beginning of the week… So to all of you new Brave Girls, welcome!! We are so happy you are here. :) And now to announce the 88 winners….

Let’s start with the 8 winners of the giveaway bundle:
1. Susan Stroligo
2. Brianna MacLellan
3. Kimberly Tan
4. Rebecca Lynn Dickerhoof
5. Tonya
6. Kristan Frazier
7. Private Name – I (Malary) will email you personally!
8. Heather Kendrick

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!! If you are on this list, please send an email to support@bravegirlsclub.com with “Giveaway Winner attn: Malary” in the subject line. Please include your first/last name, email address, and shipping address. We will get your package sent out right away!

And here are the 80 additional winners of the “I Have An Idea” Canvas Class:

  1. Donna Danielsen
  2. Toni Johnson
  3. Jacie C.
  4. Jill Stroud
  5. Lila Shaw
  6. JanW
  7. Autumne Horan
  8. Rebecca I-f
  9. Chris Heavin
  10. Pamela white
  11. Vicki M
  12. Marilynn
  13. Vickie
  14. Donna Shaw
  15. Loretta
  16. Amanda (March 3rd comment)
  17. Amanda (March 4th comment)
  18. Kathy Chaves
  19. Debra Scott
  20. Lauren Ashley
  21. Pearl Brown
  22. lindakaysart
  23. Adrienne A
  24. Kristene
  25. Nichole M. Lewno
  26. Angie F 
  27. Diann Martinez
  28. Tanya Wilson
  29. Denny Nkemontoh
  30. JulieC
  31. MaryBeth Martin
  32. Wendy Nixon
  33. Toni K
  34. Melissa Schwartz
  35. Melissa M
  36. Lisa B
  37. Michele Watson
  38. Jonna Stephens
  39. Kaere Schmidt
  40. Megan Fortin
  41. Shae Delicia Powell
  42. Susan Sanelli Hammack
  43. Joann Brown
  44. Deborah Freeman
  45. Sandi Tygar
  46. Ashley Messersmith
  47. Robyn Burfeind
  48. Bernadette Dotson
  49. Pamela Cass
  50. Tamara Mulkey
  51. Kelly Ruder
  52. Annie M
  53. Cindee
  54. Kristin Pope
  55. Jeannie Connor
  56. Marnie Price
  57. Leslie Pond
  58. Sonja Sargenti Spiller
  59. Jessica Justice
  60. Lynne Ingram
  61. Terry Watson
  62. Renee
  63. Vanessa Johnson
  64. Rebecca Aydelette
  65. Ree
  66. Mandy Waters
  67. Tina Li
  68. Julie (1st commenter!)
  69. the jenuine article
  70. Nancy W
  71. Marie Edwards
  72. Gwendolyn Fajardo
  73. Christine N
  74. Lori Ballasch
  75. Brigid clark
  76. Susan Best
  77. Mary C. Nasser
  78. Jen Ashenfelter
  79. Sandra
  80. Edie

And CONGRATULATIONS to all of you as well!!! If you are on this list, please send an email to support@bravegirlsclub.com with “Giveaway Winner attn: Malary” in the subject line. If you are on this list, please include your first/last name and your email address and we will get you signed up for the class as soon as we receive your email!

Have the most wonderful weekend. xoxo


Happy Monday, dearest friends!

On March 1st, we hit 80,000 members on our Facebook page. It has been an amazing ride since the first day of Brave Girls Club over 4 years ago… and it is so wonderful to watch this tribe of women grow each day! We are thankful beyond words to be a part of this incredible movement. So… to express our gratitude to you, your loyalty, your love, and your contributions — we want to put on an AWESOME giveaway!

This isn’t a giveaway of just one item to one person… This is a BUNDLE giveaway to EIGHT of you! (You know, to celebrate 80,000.) Included in this bundle-of-goodness is the following:


All you need to do to enter is watch the video below of Melody reading “You Are Going to be Okay”… and then write a comment telling us your favorite part. (Also, please specify which art print you’d want.) Easy peasy, huh?!

Okay, before you start submitting your entry comments… We’ve got one more thing! In addition to the eight winners of the giveaway bundle, a total of 80 (yes, EIGHTY!) of you will win tuition to the “I Have an Idea” canvas class. How great is that?!

You have 24 hours to submit your entry and tell all your friends about the giveaway! We will do a random drawing tomorrow, March 4th at 1:00 pm MST. Winners will be posted that evening. Edit: This giveaway will be open for entries until Friday, March 7th. We will do a random drawing at noon MST and winners will be posted that evening… Go ahead, write your comment for your chance to win!!!

Have the most beautiful day.

P.S. – Soul Restoration starts TOMORROW!!


  1. kim mies says

    It is all about acceptance isn’t it? Acceptance for your self no matter who you are…your happy traits, deep concerns, creative talents and physical and mental outlook. We must accept ourselves with all the roses and onions and then open up with courage to others who may not accept you. Im ok…makes me judge myself….try not to be too hard…YOu are loved…

  2. Brianna MacLellan says

    Wow this brought me to tears. There’s so much powerful truth in such a small book – it’s so beautiful. At first the words may sound so simple but that simplicity is what makes it such a beautiful story. She’s found a way to tell her story that allows the reader to hear their own story as well and that’s amazing. It’s that type of connection that truly does inspire others and makes us realize we aren’t alone. This is such a beautiful and meaningful story almost a bedtime story for the soul.

    Oh and if there’s still time for the giveaway my favorite print is This is your life.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you are awesome Melody!

  3. the jenuine article says

    I like the reminder that joy will return in a really big way. I ‘ve been through some very unjoyous times and have done my best to overcome. I now use my days sharing my time, art, smile, support and it serves as my therapy for the past, as well as my comfort in knowing that I can be in control of making myself a happy today and tomorrow. If “Choose to See the Good Stuff ” happened my way, it would be a wonderful thing, as I do need the reminder sometimes. Thank you for what you do…all your messages seem so timely, I often wonder how you know what’s swirling in my mind! Thanks for strengthening my wings. : )

  4. Donna Danielsen says

    I’ve tried so many times! I don’t know if the contest is over. My favourite passage is “Your heart may get broken along the way it will suffer so much after being betrayed it will sting and ache but you’ll find your way and you are going to be okay”. The print I would love “It Is Going To Be Okay”

  5. Delyne Mayer says

    This part speaks to my heart .. “You may find yourself trapped by something someday, Your captor saying you have to stay, You’ll find your way out, for sure, some way .. ”

    I am my own captor and by living authentically, being true to being me, I will break free of the cage I have created and will fly free.

    My favorite print is I will keep being true to being me.

    Thank you so much Melody .. Much Love <3

    This is the third time trying to post .. here's hoping third time is the charm :)

  6. Nancy W says

    My favorite part is some may go and some may stay. I have had friends who I’ve lost contact with, families change, relationships tank and each life experience has constructed me to who I am today and I’m going to be ok. The print I would love is You are going to be okay. Thank you!

  7. Toni Johnson says

    Having just received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease for my husband, there is so much uncertainty ahead for us. I particularly hold onto “You will get older along the way, your beauty will change day after day, a new kind of beauty will be here to stay… and you are going to be okay” right now. There IS new beauty being discovered in our relationship. A wonderful, beautiful new depth of love and communication and closeness… even in the midst of the unpredictable and frightening changes. But we have the assurance we are BOTH going to be okay! Therefore, if chosen as a winner, I would be blessed to have the “LUCKY US” print… because we are.

  8. Jacie C. says

    My favorite parts of the video were “I make a difference” & “I inspire others”. Sometimes in my day to day living & sometimes feeling like I am going through the motions, I wonder if what I am doing is making a difference, if anyone notices or if I am making an impact in my own little corner of the world. This video tells me that “Yes, I DO make a difference” & “Yes, I do inspire others”! :)

    My favorite print is Brave Girl Boots!! :)

  9. Joanne says

    The line that resonates with me the most is the part that says “…but you will always find your way.” As far as the prints, it’s hard to choose, but I think the one I would choose is the one that says ‘Let’s Be Happy”. So glad to have Brave Girls Club in my life.

  10. JanW says

    Loved the whole thing! The sweet, simple message of “You are going to be okay” repeated throughout was effective and invites consideration for usage as a mantra for resilience. Working as a school counselor, I’m already thinking about ways that I can incorporate this piece into my work with my students. Thanks, and my favorite print is “Create what you seek…”

  11. Autumne Horan says

    I liked the entire thing but my favourite part is when Melody is talking about how I will find joy again and it will be okay again. I recently went through a divorce and thought I would never be happy again, well three months later, I’ve never been happier, it was the best thing that could have happened, I have so much joy, and everything is much more than okay. I love all the prints, but the BRAVE one is my favourite? See you at camp in June! YAY!!!!

  12. dawn says

    My favorite part is where I’m reminded that “you’ll inspire others along the way with the way you live your life every day – take time to life others somehow, some way”… such a great reminder and encouragement! Its quite hard to pick just one print, but right now – the ‘Choose to See the Good Stuff’ makes my heart smile… would love to have it hanging in my home! Thanks so much for sharing this milestone with all of us. Congratulations!!!!

  13. Rebecca I-f says

    I watched the video clip & the entire book is a gift of hope & encouragement….
    & it is every bit true, I will be okay & so will you… life can be nasty, but you (& I) will be okay 😉
    my favorite part of the Melody reading the book is “tomorrow is a brand new day & you are going to be okay”…
    my favorite art print is “BRAVE”…

    thanks R 😉

  14. Chris Heavin says

    First off CONGRATULATIONS ON the 80,000 +! I loved listening to Melody read You are going to be Okay. I really liked “You’ve got to keep Sparkling anyway” what a wonderful reminder to keep shining our light!

  15. says

    Yay! Third times a charm. So my favorite part of the video is when Melody talks about needing help/being hungry and not being afraid to ask. That has been my life the last few years. The economy hit my family hard in so many ways. It wasn’t always asking for financial help, but just support. And honestly those years have been eye opening and a weird sort of blessing in so many ways. I’ve met some of the best people ever, I’ve done things I’ve never done before and LIVED. Lot more than I had in the previous ten years. It was OK to ask for help, and people were more an glad to give it in what ways they could. I definitely learned who my real support system was. BG was a huge support during this time too. I am very grateful for Melody and the whole gang in my life for giving me courage and inspiration! I’d love the ASHES print if I was lucky enough to be chosen! Thanks for the great contest!

  16. Dannjean Colley says

    Would love to win my dear friend Diana Skurka won a week trip to your place in June! She is so excited! And I am so excited for her! So here is to being lucky!

  17. Jill S. says

    Here’s hoping it works…multiple comments are nonintnetional due to tech. Difficulties. Trust our wings is my art I’m in love with. The video I have seen so many times is always so applicable to that day I watch it. That moment. That time. That thing. Melody seems to be talking just to me
    Ike Wear e just chatting and. She sire assuring me as I sit there on my couch and cry.

  18. Vicki M says

    I watched this video several times and sobbed and sobbed. I’ve been in a pretty yucky place for some time now and I’ve been really missing my Mom. As Melody read this beautiful book, it was as if my Mom was speaking through her … and then I noticed Melody wearing a T-shirt that said “Mother the Motherless” and I knew for sure Mom was watching. Thank you, Melody, for sharing your beautiful gift with the world – your words get right into my soul and I feel like we’ve been soul sisters forever. I hope, one day, we get the chance to meet. If I were privileged enough to be selected in this giveaway, the print that I would treasure is “It’s Going to be Okay”. Thanks for doing this – and most especially thanks to you and all the Brave Girls for all the love, support and sisterhood you bring inspire in this world!! xoxoxo

    • Vicki M says

      Oh – my favorite part – (the whole thing!!!) but most of all, the sweet repetition of ‘it’s going to be okay’

  19. malary says

    (not from malary)

    i got chills as i heard some of the scenarios read…they were exactly what
    i had experienced and some of them i am still in the midst of. i got the
    sense that you have lived through things like i have and i felt your
    genuine compassion and experience with being okay after so much.

    it was especially anchoring to hear your voice and see the video, as the
    visual and audio helped ground me in the midst feeling a bit overwhelmed
    while hearing the scenarios and somewhat reliving scenes that I’ve pushed
    aside. the print ‘fly happy’ most moved me, for it represents what my life
    is becoming and will be more of, i hope, as i feel more okay.

    thank you for this experience (sharing the book via video) and for creating
    a space for authenticity. i think personal story is so powerful and your
    courage is inspiring.

  20. Marilynn says

    I loved everything about it, but what stood out the most to me at this moment was the part where she talks about “…you’ll have to move on from something someday..”
    If I’m lucky enough to win the “It’s going to be okay” print really speaks to me.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  21. Gwendolyn Fajardo says

    All I’ve ever wanted is to be loved and accepted and for someone to tell me that everything will be okey. People come and go – often without notice. I am thankful for those who have come into my life to teach me the lessons I’ve needed to learn – and – I swear I a working on forgiving those who left me on the side of the road! I love being a Brave Girl and part of a loving community! I would love the “You are Good” print – Blessings!

  22. says

    Congratulations on 80,000 followers!!! That’s 80,000 women who are learning to Be Brave!!! My favorite print is “Keep Being Brave” because I always need that reminder and I would love to have another set of books so that I can give them to a person who is truly in need of them!

  23. Vickie says

    I have always believed that people cross our paths for a reason, so I love People will show up along the way – Some will go and some will stay – You’ll be changed and strengthened either way and you are going to be okay. Thank you for sharing a beautiful book, it says so much about this journey we have called “Life”.
    I hope Lady Luck is on my side and if she is I love the print: There is no better friend than a sister, it is especially touching to me. I didn’t have a sister growing up, God blessed me with a sister in law that is a sister to me in every way. She is the keeper of my thoughts and secrets and I’m lucky to have her in my life.

  24. Donna Shaw says

    Favorite comment was(Your Faith might get wobby along the way youll forget what you know to be true somedays hold tight to the true anyways) My sweet granddaughter lost her twin boys in dec.I stand strong for her,but inside I am so shaken to the core of my heart.Hard to look into the brokenss of her eyes if im not Brave.I have to be okay for her.Love the book and the print its going to be okay.Been with you guys for four years,I needed you all so much.Thank you All.

  25. Lori Ballasch says

    I love
    ” then joy will return in a really big way”
    I am counting on it!
    For now I am going to “Sing my bravest song” (love that print!).

  26. Brigid clark says

    Oh! We love this book at our house, we have even given a copy to Fiona’s school where she read it out loud to everyone. . . So, all of it, it’s all beautiful!! What print??? OOOO Surprise me!!! :)

  27. Loretta says

    It is going to be ok that would be my choice…. I lost my job and my dear husband has been out of work since November. But we are going to be ok… I have come to the Brave Girls Club many times for happy or sad times thank you for all you do..

  28. Amanda says

    I love this book! I bought two a few weeks back! My favorite part is “people will show up along the way, some will go and some will stay, but you will be changed and strengthened anyway, and you are going to be okay.” Melody makes everything really seem like it will be okay. God bless her! And…my favorite art print is the Happy people think happy thoughts. Amen, girl!!!

  29. kathy chaves says

    I am 50 years young….and having Melody read to me was a treat. Just taking time for that was refreshing. I think the sweetest line is….” keep sparkling anyway”. The print that I like is…”CHOOSE HAPPY” with the flowers. Thank you. Enjoy the day! – Kathy

  30. says

    My favorite thing about the video is listening to Melody’s sweet voice….
    and seeing her beautiful smile.
    My favorite line is : then joy will return in a really big way.
    that has been my journey for the past several years~ seeking joy.

    The art print that I would choose would be Sing Your Bravest Song.

    Congratulations to the Brave Girl team on this wonderful accomplishment!!!
    Keep changing those lives for the better. I love you for what you do!


  31. Amy B says

    I’m gonna sparkle and shine! What an encouragement for this moment, thanks.
    Love the brave girl wings print. Thanks for your generosity :0)

  32. Debbie says

    I forgot to mention that I love the “Make Beautiful Life” print. Would love the opportunity to win…

  33. debra scott says

    I loved the book and the part about your Faith.the whole book speaks to me.simply love it.I love the print hello sunshine ,I used to sing you are my sunshine to my daughter and now she is 16 and trying to find her way so I would love the print so could hang it in her room.. Thank you so much for this chance to win suchan aamazing gift.

  34. Trish says

    The book is beautiful, the way Melody reads it makes it all the more beautiful. I love this amazingly simple and yet profound mantra. I also love your daily truth emails. Thank you and hello sunshine!

  35. says

    My favorite part was “You’ll sparkle and shine along the way……” I feel like the people around me are not comfortable with the new me. In addition, I’m learning to deal with criticism and people not being happy with a changed and better me. I’d like the art print, “You are loved.” I do a lot for others and I pour into others daily and having a print like this reminds me of God’s love for me. Be blessed everyone :)

  36. Vickie Taber says

    Whoops! I guess my original comment did not post. There is just no way I can possibly chose a favorite part! It is just beautiful! If I don’t win it, I am going to buy it sometime soon. Every page spoke to me…….it’s message is hope. For me anyway. xo

  37. Lauren Ashley says

    I have to say that the most calming part, for me, was Melody’s voice. When I took Soul Restoration, I was going through such a rough time and it was the videos and the words of encouragement that really stuck with me. That being said, my favorite part of the book was probably the part where it reads “people will show up along the way, some will go and some will stay, but you will be changed and strengthened anyway, and you are going to be okay.”

    What bold and concrete words…they make me feel so much better about me :) Also, along these same lines…my favorite print is BE YOU :)

  38. Pearl Brown says

    Hearing “You will sparkle & shine along the way, too bright for some others who may walk away; but you’ve got to keep sparkling anyway and you are going to be ok” really spoke to me. I believe that it is my time to sparkle and I know that the Melody is opening that door for me. I would love the “Oh Happy Day” print if I am selected.

  39. Susan Stroligo says

    I viewed this video some weeks back and it reminded me how often my daughter, Emily, would say those very words to me. I raised her by myself (with some help of course). My life has not been easy. Full of things not so easy to speak of. She is all grown up with children of her own. She still says those words to me.
    As I viewed it tonight these phrases jumped out: “I will walk steady one day” “you are going to be okay. you really are. I promise” “you will learn sadness along the way. your heart might feel like a fallen soufflé. then joy will return in a really big way and you are going to be okay.
    My sister was killed in a tragic car accident in November. She was leaving the very next day to be close to her daughter and new grandson. Patty was an amazing woman. She lived fully. Today was an especially difficult day. I think I cried all day. And now, like Emily, you are telling me once again, I am going to be okay.
    Please send me “I love everything about you”

  40. Carol Oldfield-White says

    Loved listening to Melody read her words of love. The affirmation of ” you are going to be ok” through it all, gave me such hope. Thank you so very much for this beautiful book. Love ya

  41. says

    I was going to watch this video a few days ago, but thought I would save it for a day when I really needed to hear it. Well, today just happened to be the day, I needed to be reminded that through all the rough spots, I am going to make it through it all. Today, I decided to let go of hope that my marriage can be repaired. Today, we both decided that we need to go our seperate ways after more than a year of trying and trying and trying. My heart is broken, but I know I will survive and be better off in the long run. It stings and aches and there will be yet more tears, but I will be happy again some day. I know it will be difficult, times will try my every strength, yet, I will be OK, if not better. I have hope and faith and strength and Brave Girls showed me that I CAN and will be OK. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  42. Carrie F says

    People you love will pass away…but you’re going to be ok.

    I think of my dad a lot. He was one of my best friends & we talked every day, I could go to him with anything & he would always have the best advice. I’ve needed him a lot in the last 11 years for his words of wisdom, I know he’ still here watching over me & helping me when he can.

  43. Adrienne A says

    I enjoyed listening to Melody read the book. I could relate to many of the things written in the book and found myself nodding in agreement. I felt so encouraged every time I heard Melody say, “you are going to be okay.” I felt calm and a sense of peace; something in my heart agreed with those words, ” you are going to be okay.” It was soothing like when I take a deep breathe and release that breath slowly. The words that also resonated with me and tugged at my heart was “you have to keep sparkling anyway.” I am in the stage of finding beauty in the ashes and know that I have to keep sparkling anyway. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and for making this well needed video. If I am lucky to win, I would love to win the print Put On Your Brave Girl Wings.

  44. Kimberley Tan says

    Thank you so much for that beautiful book. I don’t think I had a dry eye through the entire reading. There is a lot going on in my life and for me to keep hearing that it will be ok was good for me to hear. One of my favorite parts is when we are to sparkle and shine and that some may not see or even want to see. I keep reminding my 11 year old daughter to always shine and be proud of herself. Thank you again. Very inspiring and will want to listen to it again.
    I absolutely love the print she will not be caged. Both my daughter and I will be free one day for many different reasons.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words……..

  45. Kristene says

    It doesn’t matter if I win or not, I NEEDED that today and am going to share it with others that I KNOW need it to…thank you Melody for all you do! And I WILL keep on sparkling along the way! And in case I do happen to get lucky and win….Hello Sunshine is my favorite! I love you and all you do!

  46. Nichole M. Lewno says

    “People you love will pass away, it’s just something that happens along the way, you’ll miss them just about every day, but you are going to be okay” – Print: “YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH TODAY”
    LOVE and always find comfort over and over watching this video for so many reasons. It always has me shed a tear, especially when it comes to the losses I’ve felt and wondering how I can do everything that my Family & Brave Sisters need from me each day, that I sometimes stray…but I know that everything is going to be okay!
    HUGS xoxo

  47. Josanne Wiorek says

    I love when Melody reads “You will mess up…if not now, you will someday” and she smiles. I really will be okay. My favorite print (how does one even begin to choose?!) is The one that says You Are Enough Right Now. I need to get this book for my teenage daughter who really is going to be okay.

  48. Kelly Gustus says

    Well, I love this book and listening to Melody read it simply calms my frazzled nerves every single time I listen. Having broke my leg and missing Soul Comfort, I was so angry at myself for tripping the afternoon before I was to leave. I was angry for being clumsy, angry for falling and sparing my shoulder to take out my leg and angry that I was going to miss the best time ever and was really really looking forward to being in Idaho with beautiful women from all walks of life and loving, learning, creating, crying and laughing. But, “your heart will get broken along the way….you are going to be ok.” And I am going to be Okay, I will be at BCG in Sept and the ladies I missed are so kind and beautiful to befriend be from afar! And again, I will have the best time ever! And I will listen to Melody again and again to remind me that I too am “Going to be Okay”. Thanks a bazillion and congratulations for such a great achievement!

  49. Tamara Karlin says

    What a wonderful daily mantra no matter what kind of day you may be having. I love how soothing the words are in hearing Melody read them aloud. I would love to add the Choose Happy print to my home. Thanks for all you all do at BGC. Congrats on reaching 80,000 followers!

  50. Angie R. says

    I really like the book. I am struggling lately to find peace with my 12 year old son. It has become difficult to work with him to improve his attitude towards me and school work. In addition to that I am losing the job I have had for 12 years this month. A little stressed but I know “I am going to be okay”. The package you are giving away would really help remind me to stay grounded and give me something to relieve some frustration. Thanks for reading.

  51. Tanya Wilson says

    What a beautiful way to celebrate your followers!! My favorite part of your reading was the part you read of people that you love will pass away, and you will be okay. Before my Mom passed away, she held my hand and said, “you will be okay.” This touched my heart and melted. I have lived day to day with her words echoing inside. Such a beautiful book, I love it so much but I know someone that could use the reminder a little more than myself, so I would pass it along if I were to win it!! This year my OLW is “strength”. So the print “Strong enough” spoke right to me!!! Thanks for the chance to celebrate with you!!!

  52. Diann Martinez says

    While listening to the book being read, I started to think of those lines and how I was brought back to certain times of my life. The different stages of being in love, losing love, motherhood, child, wife. There was something in every word that reminded me of a part of my life and how we learn to survive, by understanding that it will take time and effort, but we (I) will be okay, am okay and am happy with my survival in life. I have many things to learn, even at my age; but I have those memories that not only remind me of what I have overcome, but who I am. I am okay….because I love myself. I can be in a room full of people or by myself and I can be happy with who I am.

  53. Angie F says

    I loved the whole video! My favorite thing was Melody reading the whole book aloud. It reminded me of when my Grandmother read to me as a little girl. I never felt so safe and special since. As you repeated those words, “you are going to be okay”, over and over, Melody, I truly believed it. Thank you.
    And if I’m lucky enough to win, I love the “You are Good” print!

  54. says

    The sound of Melody’s voice is so soothing and brings peace. I like the whole book, especially ‘You’ll sparkle and shine along the way…’. The print of Sing your Bravest Song is becoming an important mantra this year – thanks for the chance to win!

  55. says

    “Too bright for some others who might walk away, but you’ve got to keep sparkling anyway…”
    The hope and the joy and the grace. Beautiful words. Beautiful format. <3

  56. says

    “You will likely mess up somehow, someway. if not now then someday. you are going to learn so much that day.” This is my favorite line if I had to choose I think. Lots of hard, hard life lessons.

  57. says

    Ii cannot choose one phrase but I truly love the fact that no where in this book does it say that it will stop raining and all your problems will go away. You must continue to walk through the muck and the mud. You will make mistakes. But you will be okay. What a message of hope.

    I like the art piece where the cage door is open and she is free.

  58. JulieC says

    My favorite part? Hearing this over and over again, its the message that I so desperately need to hear right now (I trouble you not with the details).

    But you are going to be okay

    Actually think I will listen to the video again for reinforcement. Because I am going to be OKAY!



  59. says

    I love the underlying message of your book, it’s ok to not be okay for just a little while and then you”ve got to pull yourself together and you will be okay! What a sweet sweet book, I think I need to get it for my granddaughter to give her when she gets her first broken heart ♥ to let her know that it’s part of life, and to be expected. ♥ My print choice would be “Believe in your wings”.

  60. Sandra says

    My favorite part is: “You’ll sparkle and shine along the way/ too bright for others, who might walk away/ but you’ve got to keep sparkling anyway.” I love the “Hey Soul Sister” print (code: PRINT10064). Thanks for everything!

  61. Wendy Nixon says

    Difficult to choose my favorite part, because so many of the book reflects on my past or present. “you are going to be okay” resonates. I would say if I were to choose one part would be “Tomorrow is a brand new day and you are going to be okay”…. and some will leave and some will stay…. So many lovely prints to choose from, but I like “You are enough and so much more now” and “The joy is in the journey”.

    Thank you for all you do Melody. This journey has been an awakening. I have heard this video several times, but always an inspiration to hear again. I passed my extra one to my sister, who also was excited to have the gift of the book. <3

  62. says

    “You will likely mess up somehow, someway. if not now then someday. you are going to learn so much that day.”
    I’ve made many mistakes in my life, but it’s all a part of the journey.

  63. edie says

    I tried to ick a faborite part… but the rhymes just entrance me and so many o fthem have meaning. I think the best part is that I just keep saying “I am going to be ok” “I am going to be ok” over and over and it gets to be an ear worm.

    I would love to win Focus on the Love!


  64. Rebecca Lynn Dickerhoof says

    such words of wisdom – thank you for writing this little treasure! I think this book will make a great graduation gift for some of my favorite seniors this year. It was hard to pick, but I really liked “you’ll inspire others along the way, with the way you live your life every day, take time to lift others somehow some way, and you are going to be OK” – a reminder to set the example and help others but also to give thanks to someone who has inspired or lifted you too.

    i love your art prints, but “sing your bravest song” is probably my favorite!

  65. Tonya says

    How do you chose just one? There are many… the ones that spoke volume to me were when she said, People you love will pass away…… Your heart will get broken along the way…. You’ll have to move on from something one day…. BUT YOU ARE GOING TO BE OK…. . My youngest child died last January and then I rekindled with the love of my life the following month, only to be beaten by him 6 months later.. so I’ve had to move on from two people in my life that I gave everything to/for……. but I am going to be OK…. although every morning is a gentle reminder….

    So many pieces of the art inspire me but my favorite is Put on Your Brave Girl Wings…… Love that!

  66. Melissa Schwartz says

    My favorite part is that with all the things this journey of life throws at us we will be okay. My print pick is You are good enough right now.

  67. Tricia says

    I love each time it is said…and you will be ok. I love love love the “Happy House” print. It feels so warm and inviting. I would love to do another class.

  68. says

    Hey Brave Girls…my favorite part of the book is that part that talks about people coming and going in your life and how that changes and strengthens us either way. I really love the whole book so much and I feel like it speaks to the hearts and spirits of every woman in the world. The book is like a beautiful progression through the actual journey of life and best of all…at the bottom of each page we are reminded of that little truth we so often fail to believe or choose to ignore and that truth is that YOU REALLY ARE GOING TO BE OKAY! If I could pick a print it would be Keep Being Brave! Thank you

  69. Karen says

    “People will show up along the way; some will go and some will stay;
    You’ll be changed and strengthened either way; and you are going to be okay.”

    What a magical phrase: You are going to be okay.
    I think I shall tuck it close in my heart, to be drawn out again and again, like a talisman against any whispering fears and self-doubts.

    Blessings to each of you at “Brave Girls Club” for all you do and give to us—I eagerly devour each and every e-mail I receive, which always contain a “just right for the moment” message!

    (My favorite print is “Put on your Brave Girl wings!”)

  70. Karen says

    Just hearing the message, repeated over and again, “You are going to be okay” — that, in and of itself, is a gift I am holding close…
    The one small part that spoke loudly to me, however, was:
    “People will show up along the way, some will go and some will stay, you’ll be changed and strengthened either way, you are going to be okay.”

    Thank you for all you do and give through this site. I eagerly read each e-mail I receive (and am always deeply touched, spoken to!). Blessings to each and every one from Brave Girls!

    (My favorite print is “Put on your Brave Girl wings!”)

  71. Lisa B says

    My favourite part: “Tomorrow is a brand new day, and you are going to be okay.”
    I love this whole little book. Thank you Brave Girls Club! I like the “You Are Loved 2” art print. It is a good reminder. :-)

  72. Michele Watson says

    My favorite part of the video is Melody reading about making a difference along the way, but you’ll doubt yourself every day. I have 4 beautiful daughters that I want to inspire to believe in themselves. I try to lead by example, but I do have days that I doubt myself. It is an amazing reminder that even though I may have an off day, I am still making a difference in the lives of my daughters. It is hard to pick just one art print, but I would have to select “This is your life”. It is the perfect message to share with my girls, and myself as well. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  73. says

    People you love will pass away. It is just something that happens along the way. You will miss them everyday. But you are going to be okay.

    I miss my grand mother everyday. She always made time for me no matter what she had going on. She was the most beautiful woman I have every known.

    Your book made me think of her. It is absolutely beautiful!

  74. says

    “you’ll have to move on from something someday” really grabs me… And the repeated affirmation of “going to be okay” As for the prints, my creative self really loves Dream Bigger” but my practical self longs for Let’s Love Each Other. I’d be thrilled to be surprised if I were to win. Thanks for such a generous give away.

  75. Mikell says

    Oh my…. So many things hit home. Loss of loved ones, broken heart, betrayal and stumbles. This really spoke to my heart. Thanks!

  76. Megan Fortin says

    My favorite parts are the repetition of “you are going to be ok” and the saying “some will leave and some will stay” I suffer from multiple serious autoimmune issues and have just spent the past two weeks in the hospital, I have months of physical and occupational therapy ahead of me and I kept watching this video over and over to remind myself that I’m going to be ok. It’s my everyday mantra since coming home, when the pain gets too much, when my legs buckle when I try to walk, when I can’t find the words to ask for help and when I’m feeling helpless and frustrating I remind myself that I’m going to be ok. The second saying I appreciate is about people who leave and those who stay I have lost a lot of friends who weren’t true friends but the ones that have stayed beside me are truly my soul mates. I love the print that says trust your wings, it’s something I need to work on. Thank you brave girls club for inspiring me and giving me the extra boost of confidence when I’ve needed it.

  77. says

    My favorite part is…”You’ll win and you’ll lose along the way / you will find out who will truly love you those days / hold tight to those people, come what may / and you are going to be okay

    I love the Hey Soul Sister print :)

  78. says

    “Your muscles will ache along the way from pushing yourself to the limit that day and you might have to keep going anyway.” OMG – life as a new mother – this is it. Thank you for the reminder that we will still be ok.

  79. Michelle Arnold-Yeager says

    “You’ll sparkle and shine along the way
    Too bright for some others, who might walk away
    But you’ve got to keep sparkling anyway
    And you are going to be okay.”

    Sometimes I’m too sparkly
    and sometimes they say,
    “you’ll never fit in” – but Hey
    I never wanted to, Anyway!!

  80. Susan Sanelli Hammack says

    I liked “you will likely mess up somehow, someway. if not now then someday. you are going to learn so much that day.”

    My art print choice is “Sing Your Bravest Song”.

    Thank you!! xxoo

  81. Liz says

    My favorite print is: Be Brave Today
    I loved Melody reading the book! Best page for me was “your heart will get broken along the way….you are going to be ok.
    Thanks : )

  82. Joann Brown says

    What did I love about this book? Seriously, how can I possibly choose? All I know is that I HAVE to have a copy of it – and I have to read it to the girls at Girl’s camp this year. That’s all there is to it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This book holds so many truths & gems! Thank you for this. Love.

  83. Jacqui says

    I’d had a really bad week last week. I’d filed for divorce, split up with my boyfriend and on the way to a half marathon race my trains were cancelled so I missed my race. However I was doing the race as part of my training for a full marathon I am running for The Samaritans. I was gutted to miss the race. My instinct was to head home, curl up and cry. But I dug deep headed home and went out and ran a half marathon anyway. So ‘your muscles will ache along the way from pushing yourself to the limit that day and you might have to keep going anyway’ really rang true to me. It was a real turning point in me knowing that I’m going to be ok. Most of that book rang true to me after a difficult two years after splitting from my husband and I’m finally finally believing that I’m going to be okay. So if I were lucky enough to win ‘believe in your wings’ would be my print of choice.
    Keep believing brave girls xxxx

  84. Ora says

    The parts of Melody’s book that speak to me are first, the need to sparkle anyway, and second, hanging on to the truth on those days when my faith falters. My favorite print is YOU ARE LOVED 2. Thanks!

  85. Regan says

    My favorite part is Melody’s ability to make me feel calm and peaceful and safe and mothered through reading her book. I noticed her shirt right at the end and that says it all, mothering the motherless.

  86. Theresa says

    Thank you so much Melody! My favorite part of the video is just listening to Melody’s soothing voice read her beautifully written words. The art print I would love is This is Your Life.

  87. Deborah Freeman says

    I’ve watched this since the day it was posted. Because of what I deal with everyday, I need to believe that I will make a difference again someday, that joy will return again someday and that I REALLY will be ok. <3

  88. says

    I love ‘you will sparkle and shine along the way’ it makes me smile every time I hear that! I love the sisters prints as I bought Soul Comfort for my sister and we both grew even closer by creating together xxx

  89. says

    “You are going to make a difference along the way but you might doubt that everyday you’ll see it all somehow someday and you are going to be ok”

    I love this as my passion in life is fighting Human Trafficking but it often feels that no matter how many times I share with others it seems like I am not doing enough.

    She Broke Free is my favorite!

  90. homelifesimplified says

    love the whole thing but highlights are the parts about difficult days and staying strong anyway.

    i would love the “joy in the journey” butterfly print xxx deb

  91. Jalyn Webb says

    I love when she speaks about joy returning in a big way ! And I love the print that says brave! Trying to be more brave every day – and focused on living a joy -FULL life.

  92. Corey says

    Love this book! I read it to my kids as a bedtime story – they love it, too. My favorite part is “Even when you’re on your right path each day | sometimes you’ll want to leave or stray | you’ll have to be strong on those difficult days.” It’s a good reminder that even when you know you’re doing what’s best for you, it isn’t always easy.

    I’d like to win the SHE BROKE FREE print. Thanks!

    Sorry if this is a duplicate….I posted earlier but it never showed up.

  93. Susan Brown says

    My favorite part of the video is every time she says “You are going to be okay”…. I’ve been divorced for 2 months now and have to keep telling myself this every day, some days, every hour or every minute. Your web site and blog have helped me SO MUCH through this very uncertain time in my life and the saying “you are going to be okay” is now my mantra! Should I win, I would like the print “She broke free”, since I’m learning that I was never meant to be caged!

  94. says

    The part of the video that speaks to my soul is the part about people we love passing away. Having just lost my Dad to cancer in Jan there are days the hurt catches me by surpise. But his live and legacy tell me that i am going to be ok. Thank you for such beautiful words of comfort.

    be blessed always,

    Sue B

  95. Ashley Messersmith says

    My favorite part of the video was “You may find yourself trapped in someway, your capture saying you won’t get away”. After being in an abusive relationship I come to see just how strong I really am and that despite all the things he told me I am Ok now. Love the whole thing but this is what spoke to me. Thank you for all your uplifting messages! :)
    “She can’t be caged” I think is the name of the one with the birds flying out of the cage.

  96. Stephanie says

    My favorite part of the video is when she says “joy will return in a really big way”. It’s so nice to be reminded that no matter what…joy WILL return. :)

    I love the Wild Heart, Gypsy Soul print. Thank you! You guys are awesome!

  97. Kim says

    My favorite part was “Don’t get discouraged about that today, you will be ok.” Sometimes we all need to be a little more gentle with our souls. :) I love LOVE “Life is so beautiful”2. Thank you! :)

  98. says

    I had already watched this a few times before, but I was GLAD to watch it again. See, I just registered for the Soul Restoration class, thanks to my dearest and sweetest girlfriend of 15+ years. She introduced me to Brave Girls Club a few months ago, and last week decided to suprise me with a gift of the tuition for the Soul Restoration class. (She knew how much it would mean to me at this time in my life!) And so today, as I watched Melody reading the book again, the two parts that really had meaning – the part about taking time to lift others, and holding tight to the ones that love you. We all need our dearest and sweetest girlfriends in the world, reminding us that even though we fall like souffle, joy WILL return, and we need to keep sparkling and shining, one day we WILL understand it all…in the meantime, we have each other!

  99. sandi tygar says

    hard to choose my favorite part, but i’ll go with “no matter what happens day after day, you will always find your way” and omgosh how perfect is the print with the cage and the birds and the ‘she broke free’… it’s ME.

  100. mindy says

    favorite part = ” you WILL understand someday “…along with the repetition of ” you are going to be okay ” = GOOD medicine…as for an art print = ‘ I really love you ‘ ….THANK*YOU for this opportunity.. G-D BLESS YOU.

  101. Julie says

    Oh, how I love that little book with a big message! “You’ll make a difference along the way, but you might doubt that every day,” spoke right. to. my. heart. Thank you for that. Choosing a favorite print is just as hard as choosing my favorite part of the book, but I just love the Love Life print. :)

  102. says

    “You’ll sparkle and shine along the way, too bright for others who may walk away…” – OH, that part resonated. Thank you for that amazing quote <33

    If I was lucky enough to win, I'd love the "choose to see the good stuff" print!

  103. Robyn Burfeind says

    I love how real you are Melody! I am taking The Walk course now and feel like the work I’m doing is so healing, part of that is becasue you present it so delicately human! Everything in your book comes from deep in your soul and thats what I love most about it! Thank you! I am so blessed I found the Brave Girls Club!

  104. says

    The part of the book that I needed to hear today were the lines that said I will mess up but will learn so much. Thank you! I love Brave Girls Club.

  105. mindy says

    ” you WILL understand someday “….was my 1st thought. ..but, SO grateful for the repetition of the wordage : “you are going to be okay ” as well. As for the art print ~ > I really love you <. .. THANK*YOU for this opportunity…G-D BLESS YOU.

  106. Pamela Cass says

    “Tomorrow is a brand new day…. and you are going to be OK” —- Makes me feel full of hope! I really love the print “Sing your Bravest Song” — Thank you for a chance to win!

  107. says

    I just like hearing the phrase…”you are going to be okay”. It reminds me that I will. Thank you Melody. (If I am lucky enough to be picked…I like the “You have done enough” print.

  108. says

    My favorite part is the whole book, but if I have to choose, then for today I choose, “Take time to lift others, somehow, some way,and you are going to be okay.” I find this to be true,and it truly does make things more bearable.

  109. says

    My favorite part of the video is “You’ll make a difference along the way, but you might doubt that everyday.” I’m a first year high school teacher and I question myself, my methods, and whether I’m doing anything other than beating my head against the wall with certain students. Yet every once in awhile I get a glimpse of hope and someday I really do hope that I’ll “see it all somehow someday”. Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement.

    “Hey Soul Sister” art print please

  110. Annie M says

    WOW, I love this little book full of truths! I esp. connect with the statement “beauty will change day after day. A new kind of beauty will be here to stay” Getting older can be difficult. I’m trying to “learn” this. I really would love to win and if I win I’d like the Sing Your Bravest Song print. Thanks~

  111. Cindee says

    BEFORE; When I was little my creative gifts flowed and my little girl self was free. AFTER; I was afraid and told I was wrong and too sensitive and slowly the little girl went deep into hiding. The fear and suppression only grew. When I married and then got sick, the cycle was cemented and I didn’t even realize I’d stopped all together – stopped drawing, playing piano, creating, thinking, being….
    That was 30 years ago.
    I am trying to being HER back – the scared little girl. She needs to be OK. Rescued. Restored. I’m reaching out, telling her it’s OK, that she’s safe now.
    Slowly she is beginning…

    I have a stirring inside that can no longer hide or be denied. New life is growing. There is a creative birth coming. And I feel like I’m going to burst!

    Thank-you for this site. For your words.
    Thank-you for considering helping me gain the push I need.

  112. Kristin Pope says

    I have been struggling this past year in finding the right path to travel down when it comes to my best friend of 20+ years. Watching this video I wasn’t expecting to hear a passage that might finally help me. Your passage “You’ll have to move on from something someday and your heart will be aching to stay but you’ll have to move on anyways” gave me the AH-HA moment that I needed to possibly push me in the right direction for my life. Brave Girl Wings is the poster that I adore.

  113. says

    I loved the whole video but especially about how when you age “a new beauty will stay”. I’m celebrating a birthday this month that sometimes feels like a sentence more then an accomplishment. I love the “this is your life print, the last “list” one. So amazing!

  114. Camille Keller says

    I LOVE the whole book and I’ve read it several times, but the part that distinctly spoke to me on this particular day is…..”People will show up along the way…some will go and some will stay…you’ll be changed and strengthened either way….and you are going to be okay.” I’ve been blessed to have so many good people in my life. Some stay. Some don’t. Some that you think will always be there even leave. But I am going to be okay. :) Thanks for your words! The print I would choose would be “Brave”. xoxoxo

  115. Meagan says

    I really liked the beginning of the video, I believe it was page 4…So true…. and I need the she broke free and rest a while reminder a lot…. between the two I cannot decide…. Thank you Brave girls for the wonderful message.

  116. Marnie Price says

    My fave is the “your faith might get wobbly along the way, you’ll forget what you know to be true some days hold tight to the truth anyway. And you will always be okay.” I have had days where my faith is shaken, this is such a good reminder and I have been known to say “I’m not okay” to those trusted few and they didn’t always know how to respond or understand what I meant. Just hearing those words “You are going to be okay” has special meaning to me as I know what “not okay” means too.

    Print, Hello there sunshine… :)

  117. Leslie Pond says

    I love the Fly Happy print! Fave line is “You’ll sparkle and shine along the way too bright for some others, who might walk away but you’ve got to keep sparkling anyway…”

  118. Erica says

    My favorite part is Melody’s comforting voice and the soothing music; each is melancholy yet with a bit of hopefulness we are each yearning for.

  119. Angie says

    You are going to be OK – I love how it ends all the parts, all the problemsa nd issues and I find I read it often.
    The print I would love is the Gypsy Soul one xxxx

  120. Kristan Frazier says

    The overall message of the video is what gets to me…yes, it will be, *I* will be okay. My favorite print (today 😉 is “Brave Little Bird.”

  121. says

    My favorite part is about stumbling and messing up along the way. Hearing Melody read this lovely book, I really believe that things will be okay someday.
    Knowing that I can get past those mistakes and live thru the rejection give me precious hope.
    Sonja S.
    p.s. I would have loved to have done the Soul Restoration class, but couldn’t afford to commit to it at the time. I really hope it is offered again. It seems like it would be fabulous therapy to use art to work thru some issues.

  122. Tina Li says

    ♥ Ohhh, I LOVE your new book “You Are Going to be Okay”! ♥ This would be my favourite!!! Many kisses and hugs from Germany :-*

  123. Mandy Waters says

    I listened to her read and tried to pick out my favorite part… I just couldn’t, I love the whole book! I would
    Love the “be brave today” Print!

  124. Ree says

    I have enjoyed your blog and daily emails. They are uplifting and inspirational, especially when I am having one of those days. I hope to, one day, attend Brave Girls Camp so, until then, I’ll be wishing on a star.

  125. says

    I have enjoyed your blog and daily emails. They are uplifting and inspirational, especially when I am having one of those days. I hope one day to attend Brave Girls Camp. Wishing on a star!

  126. Judy Nadler says

    I love the Believe in your wings print, although they all are so beautiful.
    My favorite part of the video is about the fallen soufflé — because I try so hard to make everything perfect and everyone happy, and the fallen soufflé is just one of those things that can happen — but it’s good to know I will be okay!

  127. robin says

    I’ve listened to Melody read this book before online….and each time, the part that resonates with my soul is “You will learn sadness along the way, your heart may feel like a fallen soufflé, then joy will return in a really big way…AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY!” And my fav canvas piece and quote during this journey with Brave Girls Club is “choose to see the good stuff” I’ve done most all of your online classes and have found that there is way more good in this journey i’ve walked thus far….. I just haven’t always “chosen” to focus on that part!!

  128. Rebecca Aydelette says

    I have been missing my dad a lot this week . . . “people you love will pass away, it’s just something that happens along the way. you’ll miss them just about every day, but you’re going to be ok.” Thanks for sharing this video. It’s beautiful. Believe in Your Wings is speaking to me today. Much love to all of you at BGC!

  129. says

    I really like the “You have done enough” print – the roses are so pretty. Love the reminder that you will be okay throughout the video. It’s a great reminder today.

  130. mary dryden says

    favorite part, people show up and may not stay, youll be strengthed and be ok. favorite print, “fly happy”

  131. Renee says

    My Favorite part is this, “You’ll sparkle and shine along the way too bright for some others, who might walk away but you’ve got to keep sparkling anyway…”

    I adore this art print and all that you do!!


  132. Frenchie Kessler says

    My fave part is at the end…’tomorrow is another day….it’s full of hope and the promise that regardless of what happened today, tomorrow brings a new slate!

  133. says

    You will learn sadness along the way, your heart may feel like a fallen souffle,then JOY will return in a really big way, and you are going to be okay…

    Favorite print: Be You… :)

  134. Terry Watson says

    My favorite part was the page about being hungry…. And being unable to pay….many meanings this passage has…love it!

    I like the art print “She broke free”.

  135. says

    Not quite sure of how you know but I’m willing to believe for just one more day. (And I think the “Strong Enough” art print applies to me) – Thanks!

  136. Sarah says

    I feel like a fallen soufflé today, thank you for that pick me up. I would love the art print: I Love You More Magenta

  137. Marcie says

    “No matter what happens day after day, you will always find your way” feel like I need to hear that every day!

  138. Amanda says

    My favorite part of the reading was when Melody mentioned your faith getting wobbly and that you were going to be okay. My art print would be She Broke Free. Thank you Brave Girls!

  139. Susan Best says

    There really wasn’t a part I liked more than another; the page about praying and waiting but still being ok is especially true for my life.
    Susan Best
    See you tomorrow in SR :) <3

  140. Jessica Justice says

    the part about that you will stumble, and you will learn a lot that day and you will be okay! believe in your wings print please
    Love y’all!

  141. says

    My favorite part of the video is Melody reading the book aloud…her voice is calming, and she takes her time reading. It’s very comforting. Thank you for the chance to win.

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