You have amazing ideas…..please let them be born. (yes, YOU.)

This is another one for all of you beautiful dreamers, creatives…makers, artists, visionaries…musicians…writers….mothers…gardeners…friends…lovers…..PEOPLE. It is in ALL of us.

And this is just more about what I talked about in THIS POST.

I am writing this because I am now 100% certain that I am not the only one who used to feel like I was the only one who feels this way. AND when we find that out…that we are not the only one…and ALSO that OTHERS thought THEY were the only one…..a whole bunch of little candles get lit…and what used to seem so dark now is light….and it’s not so scary….and not so confusing…and there’s nothing to feel ashamed about anymore. Because…it just IS….and it doesn’t separate us anymore, but it unifies us. That is soooo awesome.

This is one of those things

I am finding that when I am in my creative cave, trying to let a new product line, or class, or a new phase of my marriage, or a serious issue with one of my children…..whatever sacred thing it is…..when I am in my cave of creative solitude trying to let something sacred be born creatively, it is a kind of difficult that has no words.

I used to not talk about it because it all felt so unexplainable…and so sacred/ridiculous/out-of-control. Embarrassing even. Humiliating sometimes. Because….when something is trying to be born….an idea….or something sacred….it is sort of all-consuming. No one seems to want to talk about it…..mostly I think, because there are no words. It doesn’t always feel good…..and then you have to explain/defend yourself to others why you are dedicating so much of your life and energy to something that is difficult and sometimes does not feel good. I have found that I hate having to defend myself. Especially when I am trying hard to just live as authentically as I can. When I am doing exactly what my deepest truth is telling me to do. But sometimes…..special people just need to know what the heck is going on with you. They wonder why you are doing what you are doing……

Well….the answer is because sometimes you can’t NOT do it. When an idea or a sacred something creative wants to be born…….it won’t let you NOT let it be born.

I used to think I was the only crazy person who dealt with this dilemma. So…I just didn’t explain my long bouts of creative isolation or brain-fogginess or distraction.

Then, I started to talk to a few of my creative friends and found that as women…..we are always trying/needing/feeling-called to birth SOMETHING. It is part of us, part of who we are….maybe it’s the same for men. I just feel like we are always on our way to creating SOMETHING. And sometimes we just try to hide that part of ourselves, because we think…WHO AM I TO CREATE ANYTHING? But, it still calls to us.

Some of us keep trying to resist it for years and years and years or even just for weeks or months….and truly, it is the worst kind of misery…..way worse than the uncomfortable parts of sitting on bed rest with your idea, nurturing and letting it be born the way it wants to be born….whether it’s a collage or a book or a song or a room needing to be decorated, or a journal entry or letter, or a marriage or a cake or a garden or a scarf to be knitted……or a class to be taught or a home to be built or a new life to be remade.

When we resist it we are miserable.

Sometimes the creative bed rest need only last a few hours, sometimes a few months….sometimes even longer….just depends.

And we get phonecalls and emails and text messages that say “are you mad at me?” or….”why haven’t you called….”  and we just don’t know how to say……I am in the middle of growing something sacred and it hurts and it also is beautiful and wonderful and exciting and real, and it is taking all of the energy that I have right now…………

and we don’t know how to ask…..”can you be patient with me? will you still be there when I can get up and get going again? When this thing is born?”

So we get up and do things that we shouldn’t be doing right now. We put our sacred something at risk to get up and do things that are not the most important things right now….things that satisfy the guilt we feel when we don’t know how to explain that right now…for this little short time, I am doing the most important thing that I know to be doing….I am letting something sacred be born.

We have to start letting ourselves go on creative bed rest. It is short…it is not forever. Most importantly…we have to let EACH OTHER go on creative bed rest and not get testy with each other when we have to decline invitations, or when we can’t return phonecalls or emails for a bit…..when we can’t do extra things… is temporary…but we must allow each other that. We all have a need to be creative. We need to allow each other that need.

AND THEN….when the beautiful sacred creative thing is born….we need to feel safe in sharing it with the world. We need to cheer each other on in the whole process, and then treat each other’s sacred something with sacredness and respect.

And most of all….we all just need to not really care too much what other’s think of our sacred something. Because that is not what it is about……it is about letting it be born, then loving it exactly how it is, protecting it as fiercely as we can,  and then letting it have a life of it’s own……no matter what the critics have to say.

We need to not have to feel afraid of what others will say or do if it is not good enough……..or if it is SO GOOD that it makes others feel sad or jealous or angry or whatever……..because sometimes…..OFTEN TIMES….the thing that wants to be born just HAD to be born…..and it is not in our control. We did not create something to be better or to turn heads…..or to impress or to be judged in any way. So if it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH or if it is TOO GOOD……..we are scared to share it once it is born. And many times, it was born FOR THE VERY PURPOSE TO SHARE WITH OTHERS….to bring JOY, BEAUTY, TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, HAPPINESS, PEACE and UNDERSTANDING to the rest of us. Sometimes what is wanting to be born in us has NOTHING to do with us……..and we have to let it go out and have a life of it’s own.

Again…whether it is a song or a poem or a photograph or a painting or a meal or a novel relationship or an event or a solution to a problem. Sometimes we are the only way for it to be born….and if we did not stop and listen to that calling…it would never be born…..and someone, somewhere needed that EXACT thing….and that THING, that creative masterpiece was BORN with that purpose in mind.

…and then we knew it was worth it.

I write this to tell you to stick with it. I write this to tell the girl in Colorado who is writing a novel that you might not ever know why you have felt so called to put everything aside in your life aside from your family, and live in this deep loneliness, to finish it……but that you know that you MUST…and that it will be worth it! .And you are not alone!!!  And the clothing artist angel girl in Texas who pours her heart and soul into every beautiful masterpiece creates for the world because she wants everyone to feel her love and that’s how she shows it…I write this to the sweet beautiful artist in California who sits in her house making art videos to teach thousands across the world how to make art online…even though it’s so lonely sometimes, because she can’t NOT do it….it is her calling. I write this to the heartbroken soul in Florida who just keeps making art….night after night….because it proves to herself that she is listening to her soul….and because she CAN’T NOT make art… is healing her. I write this to the young grandma in Melba, Idaho who pours over every cookbook looking for the PERFECT recipes to feed to others so they know how loved they are. She can’t NOT… is one of her callings. I write this to the songwriters and the gardeners and the knitters and the jewelry makers and the painters and the yoga instructors and the dancers and the singers and the comedians and the quilters and the teachers. To all of us who are called to CREATE (and I believe this is all of us)….WE CAN’T NOT.


So if you must do it, you must. And some days it won’t feel good….and that is ok. Some days you will doubt yourself…and many days others will doubt you. Some days you will feel guilty and many days others will attempt to make you feel guilty. MANY days you will not understand and MANY MANY MANY more days others will not understand.

It is ok.
It has to be born.
Let it be born.

We need your light, your creativity, your unique contribution to the world.
YOU need to let it happen.
pass it on….pass on the love, the encouragement and the appreciation to every artist you know……


  1. janet says

    god is the ultimate creator and we are created in his image. so therefore, we all can create it’s in us. god put it there when we were made in his image. when I received that, it was an open door to possibilities.

  2. Karen says

    Wow Melody. This is not the first time I feel you are speaking directly to my heart. This is so timely and speaks to true for me right now, as I’m venturing into a new (and scary) direction. I am listening to my heart and trying something new, giving up the “idea” of a career that I am “supposed to have”. (I often feel that pull between being “productive” in the eyes of society …and even family….and creating art that feels so much more “me” than anything I’ve ever done). I am being creative like I have never been before (it’s always been there…but just in the background, as a “hobby” or “playtime”). Well, I can’t ignore the call any longer. I do feel that strong and undeniable urge to create….it’s really powerfu!. So, turning this passion into a career has become my goal…and I’m slowly moving forward. Do I know the outcome or exactly how I’m going to get there? Heck no. But I just don’t want to regret not giving it a go. Thanks for your encouraging words …as always.

  3. says

    This is great!!!! I am a creative, I have scrapbooked over 15 years and I’m still raising kids and I work full-time and I’ll most likely work until I can retire, I’m new here and I know I’ll never ever read all the blogs and I also know I don’t have to read them all because it’s ok to take small steps and I trust I’ll come across the things I need to read to help me. I’m at a computer at work for 8 hours Monday through Friday so really the last thing I want to do is be on a computer again. I watched the cool whip video, it was funny, but on a serious note…it was sad. I know people get consumed with social media and I for one haven’t gotten consumed before too and sometimes I get consumed with my job and then I know it’s time to step back (or retreat) for awhile and rest and create. I want to start blogging about my creations, but I know I really don’t have the time in my life to do that right now so I know that I’m in a growing stage and I’m ok with that too. Anyway, this post was really great and I think we really are all trying to birth something everyday of our lives. I’m glad to be hear and I look forward to learning and sharing. I need to figure out how to change my icon pic – I think that is something I set up a few years ago when I created a word press account that sits waiting to be “birthed!”

  4. says

    From the {once} heartbroken soul in Florida, thank you. It is was this very birthing process you described that released me from so much. You captured it beautifully!

  5. Deborrah Morgan Simmons says

    Thank you for this site and thank you, Della for sharing it with me. There are a lot more of us out there than we knew, apparently!! I believe FEAR, holds us back from our on need to create. Once you let that go; amazing things happen. This is how I now teach my middle school art students. Don’t be afraid of what others will think or say; don’t be afraid to try something new!!
    Reading this site and looking at all the crazy, creative things that women from all over are doing now, inspires me everyday. Creative people feed off of creative people! Thanks again for sharing and remember: NO FEAR!

  6. Della Lemoine says

    YES! Thank-you for CREATING this site!!!
    Someone out there gets it! I thought that I was all alone with this wonderful chaos living in my head, my heart and my soul!
    This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us REJOICE and be glad in it! Psm 118:24.
    My definition of REJOICE is: to look, listen, smell, taste, touch and be amazed, then to soak it up and bask in it, BE THANKFUL and
    then, let it all spew forth from you as creation!

    So, whether you take an empty nest from a tree and bring it to life again with angel dust glitter and tiny clay eggs
    and hand it to someone as a gift to be enjoyed or you leave it there and bring others to see and marvel at the craftsmanship of nature, you are creating and sharing wonder, you have REJOICED!
    Why this urge to create??? Why? Why?
    An inherited trait, maybe?
    Ahhhh, aren’t we all children of the original, the alpha and omega of CREATION, our Heavenly Father!

  7. says

    Beautiful Charlotte! I can so relate & understand. Wow! I am grateful to my friend/graphic artist for sharing this page with me. She shared it in November, 2011 & I am just able to read it. The timing couldn’t have been any better. God is Good! Many blessing to you all.


  8. says

    Melody, thank you for this! It is everything I feel & couldn’t put it into words for all of those around me. Thank you for helping me understand as I know being a creative is part of my calling, and have a better understanding of why it can be lonely & painful at times….yet exciting, because you know something new is brewing. I am for sure in my labor pains….I feel it coming soon. Please pray for the candle maker in Texas.

    Happy Creating!
    <3, Shan~

  9. Charlotte Phillips says

    I failed to mention above that I completely lost myself after spending a lifetime trying to please others…living for others. I finally heard my soul…after meeting a soul friend. Together we took turns diving down into the sores…the dark spots…the lonely spots…to find where we had left our inner child. We held the ropes as each dove down into the murky darkness and brought back one pearl at a time. Each time learning more things about ourselves and gathering new tools. We crawled into our private caves and listened to the stillness…we had to pull away from almost everyone except our families. We somehow did this while being a wife…mother…daughter. But we had to feel the feeling we had resisted when we disappointed others as we twisted in our cocoons. One day on a trip to Florida…after spending 2 days alone…with without our roles…mom….wife…daughter we discovered that there was no one else there. We wanted to run back into those roles. We were scared to death to feel the loneliness. We realized we didn’t have a just “ME”.
    We had to go to the place we had resisted our entire lives…we had to face being “selfish”. We learned that there is a balance between selfish and selfless and the only way to find it was to allow the pendulum to swing back and forth. It was not easy…it was not without pain…it was not without loneliness… but we did discover this beautiful child. She was very dirty…lonely…sad…mad…frustrated…(the ego part) but she was also very loving…patient…tender…delicate…creative…funny…joyful…peaceful (the spirit part(. When we embraced this precious child…we asked for her forgiveness… we knew we had lost her somewhere along the way. But we had found her and we would not leave her again…There are days that we forget to put her on top of our awareness…she forgives for she knows we are learning. But we come back and back and each time we re-member how precious she is. She has given much….she allows us to see through her eyes…I see and feel the blue skies and warm bright sun…the flowers…birds…bees…colors….people…love ones…I taste more deeply… I hear more clearly. She gave me a whole way of looking at the world …of feeling the world. She gave me …ME. We are joining as ONE…and in that ONENESS I am connecting more deeply with others. Thank you for these wonderful words. You are touching others where they so want to be touched…the heart….the soul…the spirit…the mind…the body. Thank you and blessing to you!

    • Sheena says

      Thankyou for this, I so relate to these feelings. I was to afraid to draw and paint for 42 years, life took over in all the roles you mentioned. In the last year the art forums have helped and through one of them I have been guided to this amazing site, where another soul has put into words my journey and you know you are not alone with the feelings you are experiencing, it helps and encourages you to keep going, thank you.

  10. Charlotte Phillips says

    This has got to be the single most moving thing I have read in a long time. I cried to the depths of my soul!! I felt my soul saying, “yes! yes! Yes! I have been trying to tell you this.” Yet I could not fully hear…understand…comprehend…I was lost!! I cried deep deep tears…for she put into words what I have been going through for 12 years…it took that long to find myself…my soul…I had lost my way because I focused all my attention on pleasing others so I wouldn’t have to feel the guilt…loneliness…selfishness…but in grasping for that pole every day I lost the beauty in freedom…creativity…self-awareness…touching my soul…learning who Charlotte is…I hope you check this out if you struggle too♥ Thank you Lori (Gilroy?) not sure and Carrie Joy!!!! I needed this today♥

  11. says

    Dear, dear Melody,

    Oh my gosh. I’m seriously without words. This touched me to the very core of my being, made me sob, took my breath away.

    Thank you, thank you for expressing your beautiful, gorgeous self.

    I feel I can’t NOT share this on my blog…is it okay with you if I post the whole entire thing? I want everyone I know to read these sacred words.

    With love,


  12. kelleyj says

    Are you inside my head? My dear sweet sister signed me up for soul restoration and I am so excited. I’ve been struggling for months and can now see that God has used my sisters to help me out! You certainly know what you are talking about. Thank you!

  13. Frankie Brost says

    Wow..thank you for such a lovely post on my birthday!!!! and it hit all the right spots, as i am trying to find that peace and permission to be the person i am…your letter really hit the notes of the life song i am singing right now…thank you.

  14. Julie Ort says

    Melody, Thank you thank you. I cried through the whole post and then again and again when I re-read your message.

    Right now there is so much change in my creative world. I’ve been called to create so many things. That inner voice says “create this, create that, faster, faster. So many things need to be born right now, the loneliness is in the turmoil of what to start first, then next then…….

    Your message reminds me my turmoil is valid, the process is sacred; the results will come as my soul needs them to be.

    Your message reminds me to live my sacred authentic self and listen to my truthteller, who wants the best for me and will never let me down.

    Your message is a gift.

    Thank you most beautiful brave girl.

  15. says

    I love this post. It validated the place I find myself right now. This year and last have been all about soul-shifting for me. THe thing that I long cherished, the treatment center i founded/my career, is falling back from its place at the center of my worth and identity. As this has happened, wonderful space has opened up for new beginnings of my true loves. (family, art, writing, creating, and simple country living) But i find myself clinging to my “old self” even though I know it has outlived its usefulness. I have felt called to a full creative life (primarily writing and painting and teaching workshops). But I have been unwilling and scared to explore this path for fear that others will not understand. The call is so strong that it has grown from a whisper to a loud roar!! Thanks for the truth and encouragement!

  16. Karen Dodson says

    Wow. I needed this today. I have been going through SO much this year. So far, 2011 has been pretty crappy. Art will help me get through it, but I’ve been neglecting the creative part of myself because I am being pulled in so many different directions. But now…I’m going to let it go and let the art out.

  17. says

    I am SO grateful that I came across your article! I have been bewildered (and feeling guilty) as to why I don’t feel like doing things with my friends right now. I just backed out of going away for the weekend because I just feel like I need to concentrate on this life journey I am on right now. I am feeling creative and inspired! Things are changing…and changing for the better!!

  18. Kreta-Knox says

    Amazing!! Thanks so much for putting a voice to all the thoughts so many of us women have and never say. Your way with words is truly encouraging, inspirational and so full of love!

  19. cindi says

    You are so spot on! A wonderful friend and I were talking about this BEFORE I read this post!
    You are a gifted, intuative, person, keep it up!,

  20. says

    This totally hits home – I’ve been in that space where I can no longer NOT – and I’m thankful for those nudges & the passion to do it, stepping out of fear and into the sometimes terrifying, but exhilarating mess of making.

  21. says

    Thank you SO much for this post! I just completely shifted gears in my “professional” life because of that not-so-little itch you are talking about. I shut down company I have owned for over ten years…..not because it wasn’t doing well, but because I have “forever” felt the call to be doing something else! No matter what I did, there was always this little voice that kept tugging me in a different direction. I have to tell you that there were days when I literally thought I was going crazy because there were these colors and words constantly flying around my head and I knew that somehow I just had to get them out! It took a little time to build up the confidence needed in order to JUMP….but I finally did and for the first time in a long time it feel like no matter what happens, I am living authentically and honoring all of the little voices that have been dying to get out for so long!!!
    Your words have offered a bit of validation at a time when I need it most! Thank you for being you and for having the courage to put your heart and soul out there like you do! You are a true inspiration!!! Unlimited blessings to you!

  22. says

    You have an amazing way with words. I want to come & get a hug from you right now. It’s crazy to me that you have such insights and then share all of this goodness with the world so freely. It inspires, encourages, and grows love and hope in so many.

    I was already on the verge of crying until I saw this:

    “I write this to the heartbroken soul in Florida who just keeps making art….night after night….because it proves to herself that she is listening to her soul….and because she CAN’T NOT make art… is healing her.”

    Ding, ding, sing, that’s me – Heather, from Florida ;). I was up until 1am making a mini-book last night, in fact. I couldn’t NOT DO IT! How did you know? It’s like sitting in church and hearing a sermon where you start crying & think “geeze, was the pastor a fly on the wall of my life this week?!?”

    I’m on the creativity heals kick, myself. Have been for a few months now – almost a year. After having an alcoholic dad (who passed away – very quickly – from cirrhosis of the liver 3 yrs ago, at 49) and a codependant/narcissistic mom (whom I truly love, but it’s the truth)really “did” something to me. I’ve been trying to heal for a few years now (without REALLY trying in all honesty). My creativity is really helping me. It helps me to focus on it rather than the pain and loss. Even having an amazing husband and two beautiful, healthy kids doesn’t make that pain and loss hurt any less, though. It’s wonderful – don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed and thank the Lord above for them – and what we have in eachother – everyday. Sometimes, though, it makes it hurt more. I try so hard for my family. To be the best me I can be for them, and me. I feel deprived that mine didn’t try harder for me. Hopefully, one day it will hurt less. I think that I know it will.

    Thank you for the gifts of your words. You must be one amazing woman. Courageous. it take massive courage to speak the truth. Good job nurturing your gifts, so you can share them with others. God bless!!

  23. Judy Gray says

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and insight and I thank God for your GIFT to express in written form what I am feeling in my soul. Thanks.

  24. Sam says

    I spent the entire 3 day weekend working on 1 piece…. 1 collage piece. I felt guilty for ignoring the housework, ignoring friends, ignoring the piles of taxes I need to do. Tired of feeling guilty because the dining room table was hijacked and no longer a place for eating. I just wanted to nurture my creative spirit and bring to life an idea roaming inside my head………
    Thank you for validation!

    This is going on my mirror in lipstick!!!!
    It is ok.
    It has to be born.
    Let it be born.

  25. simplyhandmaid says

    ……Wow!…I am so glad you posted this and I read it today….I have been in a fog of wanting to follow my heart and feeling so guilty and feeling pressured by others who do not understand…thank you from the bottom of my heart…you are such a tool for God in my life…thank you…I am so grateful that you share these thoughts …I am sure it is not easy to uncover yourself to the world sometimes….Continue to be faithful to what God is saying…you are making such a difference in the lives of people like me….MUCH LOVE….

  26. Leigh Burger says

    This is it. This part right here: “And most of all….we all just need to not really care too much what other’s think of our sacred something. Because that is not what it is about……it is about letting it be born, then loving it exactly how it is, protecting it as fiercely as we can, and then letting it have a life of it’s own……no matter what the critics have to say.”

    This is the chapter I’m in right now. I’m scared. I’m nervous. What will the critics (family, friends) say? I can’t listen to that part of my mind. I have to listen to my heart. I can’t NOT do it. I hear ya, Melody. And I WILL do it. Thank you!!!!!!

  27. says

    Your post made me cry. And -” I have found that I hate having to defend myself. Especially when I am trying hard to just live as authentically as I can.” – hit the nail on the head in how I’ve been living for the past couple of years, days, minutes. Nothing makes me feel worse than when people put me or my art down. And yet I go on as my art is healing, even if it feels like I’m only creating for one-me. Thank you for this post. I will print it and keep it with me for guidance.

  28. says

    Thank you.. thank you… thank you!
    Your “love letter” is beautifully written, and touches my soul.
    From every corner of the world, at one time or another… I believe every creative person has felt this way. It is comforting to know, we are all human! :]

  29. Sandi Moran says

    Once again, thank you. You have shared so many gifts with us that we will have forever. I will always be a Brave Girl now.

  30. says

    Wow! I skimmed this post a few days ago and today I was called back to it…now I understand why.

    I have so many things to be ‘born’ that I now understand I need to give myself permission to ‘bear’…

    Thank you Melody for a post that will resonate with so many brave girls around the world … you are amazing!


  31. says

    Thanks this hits home not for me wanting to create but just life. Life lately is pulling me in all directions and my sister is hurt because she is lonely and I don’t call her. I am in my quite place just trying to keep up with all that is being thrown my way. I think about her daily, but don’t pick up the phone or email her and she gives me grieft about it. I am sorry and don’t want to hurt her but need her to understand that my distance isn’t due to me not loving her but that I have to much on my plate and need to handle it my quite way. I really don’t need the lectures that I need to make time for myself, because I now that, but right now other things just need to take priority and I accept that. Why can’t she? Sorry if I am venting, but you blog hit me.

    Thanks for all your life insite, you are an amazing women!

  32. Nancy D. says

    You certainly have a knack for putting all our feelings into words!…Thank You!…so nice to know you’re not alone.

  33. LaDonna Loehrke says

    This really speaks to me right now.
    I love creating and have been wanting to start a business with it, but have been doubting if my creations are good enough.
    My grandmother played a big role in my creative life starting in grade school and since she has been gone I feel that she would be happy to know that I have continued my love for creating and sharing it with others.
    Praying I can move forward without doubts!
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart! ♥

  34. says

    Melody, you keep rocking my “comfort” boat. It’s like you are right in front of me telling me to get off my fanny and just do it, it’s what I’m being called to do, that sacred something. Thankyou :)

  35. says

    I am blown away by this post…you have so beautifully described exactly that thing that happens to me, that I didn’t know anyone else experienced! I had popped over here from Lara’s MPG blog, and I am so glad I clicked on that link! I have been struggling so much lately with whether it’s even “worth it” for me to keep struggling through my creations. There is the uncertainty, the guilt, the self-doubt, and yet the thought of not creating SOMETHING is too horrid. Making stuff, this whole creative process, is my soul’s life-blood, whether I’m working on a new handbag, creating a new dress pattern, photographing my garden, or practicing piano, I need that creative time to be myself, to express everything in my soul that wants to come out…maybe even needs to come out. I cannot thank you enough for writing this letter. I think those solitary days might be a little easier now…and when I’m feeling hopeless, I’ll come back to this letter and remember that I’m not alone in this struggle. Thank you ever so much!

  36. says

    Not even 1/2 hour ago, I wrote in my journal about having an idea, and trying to figure it out in reality and by the end of my journal entry I had about talked myself out of it…but NOW, I am refreshed to see where this idea can go. Please keep writing.

  37. cristina says

    being understood and supported for following our passions is such a gift…and it is so important to share that understanding with others. xoxo

  38. says

    Have I let you know that I think you are brilliantly created? That one of the things that needed to be born in all that you went through is one of THE most amazing things I’ve ever experienced? Your calling…to create, to teach, to write…etc,etc,etc (so many talents there, Mel) is helping the rest of us know that it is okay to embrace this miracle of creativity the we were given. God gifts us these talents and we give back to hiim by USING THEM. And you are so right—part of using them might involved holing up and refining it until it’s ready for the world. You said it perfectly.


  39. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this letter. I have felt for so long that I was in labor with my art but my “life” took control and my art went to the back burner. I now feel better giving it more time and love.

    thank you.

  40. Annie Harris says

    Melody…now I know, now I get it, now I can define it, now I realize the inner flutterings are my desires to create daily…now I know now is the time…not tomorrow…not next week…not at sometime time in the distant future—BUT NOW is the time to truly be me, without the guilt! It is the beautiful addiction…

  41. says

    you rock.

    plain and simple.

    YOU are a living, breathing, GORJUSS example of someone being true to what she needed to birth …. staying the course, trusting her path!

    thank you for your shining example.

    loving you,

  42. Jacqueline Steele says

    I read this love letter twice. So much to ponder, to digest. It’s so moving, so powerful, so true. I love you, Melody, my Brave Girl Superhero. :-) Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

  43. Kat says

    Thanks so much–
    I am getting over the “loss” of my LSS– living in my world of what ifs?
    as I struggle each day to unpack figure out what to do next–
    It will be ok,
    so it is ok to just rest and and wait for next creative project to call me back to life and enjoy it!

  44. Dianne says

    Wow. I’m speechless. You put into words how I feel almost every day, especially the part about other people not understanding our need to be creative. I have gone to bed very late many a night only to find my husband angry at me for staying up so late. I’ve said to him many times “I had to get that our of my mind so that I can sleep (or do other things)” and I know that he does not understand at all. It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only person who feels like this, because I sure did feel like the only one. I am so new to this group and now I am even more thankful that ever to be here. It’s already been such an amazing blessing to me! Thank you so much!

  45. Vivian says

    My tears are rolling down my cheeks… Thank you soooo much for writing these words that really, REALLY validate so many, many feelings that I have been having. My husband and I both make jewelry, and he will be able to relate to a lot of what you said, too. I LOVE what you said, “It has to be born.” This is SO TRUE! Thank you again.
    love, Vivian xoxoxoxo

  46. says

    This is it… this is why… I could not have said it better nor do I believe anyone else could have. YOU have hit it right on the nail!!! Wonderfully, perfectly… needingly said! Amen!

  47. Colleen says

    Wow! Well said… you put into words how I have been feeling for so so long but did not know how to express it? You have a gift and I so appreciate your sharing it with ALL of us! Many thanks!


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