So what IS Brave Girls Club?

Brave Girls Club is a worldwide community of women who want to live the best, happiest, most productive and fabulously brave life they can possibly live…and that means something different to every single one of us.

Brave Girls Club is an online community, a portal for amazing connections, a news source for everyday heroes, a resource for great ideas, amazing endeavors, everyday problem solving, realistic recipes and unforgettable get-togethers. Brave Girls Club is a place to feel free, to feel peace, and to feel brave. Brave Girls Club is not an exclusive club…every woman is invited. Brave Girls Club is life-changing fun, life-changing truths, and life-changing friendships.

WHAT do we want to create here? These are the ways that we want to leave every woman when she visits us….

We want every woman to feel safe in her dreams, safe in her weaknesses & frailties, safe in her strengths and accomplishments….safe in who she is and how she is and what she is. Brave Girls Club is a safe place to be just exactly who you are and who you are working to become.

We want to remind  each other how capable we really are…especially when we are not feeling capable at all. We want to show each other that there’s all different kinds of talents, strengths and skills. We are all capable of so much more than we know!

We are not only capable…we are POWERFUL! We are resilient and strong and we each have the power to make our lives and the lives of others better and more joyful. We have the power to overcome, to restore, to change, and to be happy no matter what our circumstances are. We have the power to create things that have never been created before. We have the power to make the world a better place….and we all need to use that power!

We all need more happy places to retreat to. We want to create one of the happiest places around….how will it be happy? It will be happy because it will be filled with stories that will inspire us to overcome and make the most of things….it will be happy because you will meet people just like you whose stories will make you smile….it will be happy because it will be filled with beautiful things, beautiful people, beautiful places and beautiful truths. It will be happy because you will be here with thousands of other women who want to have life-changing fun!

We want to create an environment where we all feel encouraged to seek out and find our personal missions in life, and then feel encouraged to live them. We want to encourage each other to try new things, to forgive, to be happy in spite of obstacles. We want to encourage each other to create real and lasting connections…to take care of each other and look out for each other. We want to encourage each other to seek for truth and beauty, all the days of our individual lives.

Brave Girls Club has already connected women together from all over the world with our mountain retreats and get-togethers….we want to do the same thing with our online community. We want brave and powerful women to find each other, no matter where they live. We want bonds to be formed and friendships to flourish. We want people to find out about what you are doing to change the world, and we want you to see that there are other women just like you. Imagine what we can do when we all find each other!

You already know so much more than you think you know. You are so much stronger and braver and more resilient than you remember. You know what to do and you know how to do it….we just want to remind  you. We want to remind each other…when we fall down, when life knocks the wisdom out of us…when things happen that make us draw a blank and paralyze us….we want to remind each other of all that we know, of all that we are…of all that is meant for us.

We want to feel alive, every day! We want you to feel alive again….we want you to get your dreams back….remember who you are and what you have always wanted to do with your life. We want you to LIVE A GREAT BIG LIFE!

So what is the GOAL of BRAVE GIRLS CLUB??????


  1. Penny Luckenbaugh says

    So many thanks for the daily truth- it starts my day off with a positive message of encouragement and caring.
    I am in a transition phase of my life just now- new(wonderful) relationship) some career dilemnas, a grand-child joining the family who will be raised by a family “Village” , and each day is challenging. Your truths give me the feeling that I am part of a group of strong, caring women, who I may never meet, but are a cheering section.
    Thank you for coming into my life-quite by accident- at just the right time.
    Penny in Portland

  2. marilyn wegner says

    I am a 72 year old women with a 7 year old inside that wants so much to be a brave
    girl. I have just learned about your web-site and your Brave Girls Club and I want
    so much to be a part of this community and to raise my 7 year old inside to be
    brave, creative, happy, and kind. I hope that I can find the support and creativity and
    encouragement that it takes to live life one day at a time.

  3. says

    Hey would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using? I’m planning to start my own blog in the
    near future but I’m having a difficult time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m
    looking for something unique. P.S Apologies
    for being off-topic but I had to ask!

    • Kathy Wilkins says

      Hi, Anya — We’re on WordPress right now using a buddypress template that we have customized quite a bit (as you have noticed, lol!). Good luck with your blog!!!

  4. Becky Perry says

    Gosh, I think I am brave to join a group like this! I don’t know quite where to start but I will look around.

  5. CarlisleMLH says

    I heard of your site and Soul Restoration course from a friend. All she had to say about her experiences here encouraged me to check it out. Already I’m enjoying just getting acquainted w/ what you are all about. When I started to read about what you want to create, and I read “Safe…” I felt something wash over me (or actually through me, like each little cell was opening up in joyful relief), and then “Capable…” I started to cry gently and happily, and then “Powerful…” and I felt right at home! I haven’t even taken the course yet; I just wanted you to know that your wise and loving welcome is deeply appreciated! :)

  6. Andee says

    I just found this site today though a face book friend. I am 65 years old and just about to buy my first house!! I really need to be a brave girl now!!!! :) It is an exciting and scary time for me. I couldn’t hafve found ‘The Brave Girls Club’ at a better time. No matter what age we ‘girls’ are, we need help and encouragement from each other.

  7. Sarah says

    I see a lot of posts on Facebook. The one that drew my attention to checking out this site was all about patience an getting through the dark times. I feel so lost and alone it leaves a huge knot in my stomach after being dumped by my boyfriend. I really need all the reminders so I don’t beat myself up and I’m hoping that I find that here as so many women have.

  8. Anna says

    I found this site when my mom signed me up for the Little Butterfly emails. I’ve always been confident in myself but these daily emails help me so much more than I ever thought they would. I’m seventeen and I read these emails every single day and have even referred them to a few of my friends who are pretty down with themselves. I’m so glad there are people out there willing to help. It’s a great feeling. (:

  9. Monica says

    I have tried to sign up for the daily emails three different times. Each time I put in my email, and go through the steps, it says I will receive an email shortly to confirm. I have yet to receive an email, and do not get the daily emails either. My sister really loves receiving your emails each day, and I was excited to get them too. I don’t know how else to get them? thanks, Monica

    • Kathy Wilkins says

      Hi, Monica – I have checked our system and it shows that we have been sending emails to your hotmail address since 5-10-12. Is it possible that they are going into a junkmail folder?? You might try adding to your ‘safe senders’ list and see if that helps. Let us know! xoxo

  10. hpygrammy says

    @ Amy – i’m 61 – please don’t think that 40’s is too old – i’m loving this site and feel wonderful that i found it, even at my ripe ol’ age of wisdom 😉 I look forward to your posts/shares etc.

  11. Savannah says

    wow… this is so cool… it’s a shame i’m way too young, but i’m definately going to reccomend this to my mom- she really needs some of this happiness-she’s going through a lot, especially with her two crazy children! thanks for the inspiring words.

  12. Belinda Arnold (strongheart) says

    Love this website!! Just found it and am planning on signing myself and my daughter up to take this uplifting class!! Can’t wait!!! Thank you for sharing your heart Melody!!

  13. Leah says

    This site is great. It is nice to see a place where women can go to get encouraged and to encourage! Thank You for your warm, accepting and flowerfull place!!

  14. hollie says

    Thankyou for this. I am about to take on a very frightening journey and need something like this to consume the darkness. Much peace to all of you.

  15. DeeDee Arielle Cox says

    I am so excited to be a part of this group of women! At age 58 I don’t consider myself too old because inside of me I still look at the world with the wonder and joy of a child. In 2003, my oldest daughter, Amy, died as the result of a car accident on her way to teach 2nd grade. I have always had the ability to write about and through anything…until then. I could not express my emotions through writing so I began to do so with art. Now I do both and I am excited with taking these Soul Restoration classes and then being able to share what I have learned with others.

  16. Linda says

    Hello beautiful ladies of all ages!!! I am 50, a very young at heart 50, and have found many many ladies here in every age range and it’s great that we all are supporting one another. We each bring something different and it’s amazing what a beautiful montage of phenomenal ladies this site has!

  17. Vicki says

    From a 51yr old “Aussie” Brave Girl, thank you for developing such a wonderful and inspirational site.

    Finding you has come at exactly the right time in my life.. doesn’t it always happen that way? :-)

    Thank you from the bottom of my aging but joyful heart.

  18. Sheila Burt says

    I have only begun to search through the wisdom and encouragement on this site and am already inspired to go ahead and dream my dreams and walk into the next chapter of my life smiling and confident. I am 55 yrs old, retiring from my job on April 29. My goal is to slow down, enjoy my grown daughters, my 3 wonderful grands, my home and husband and to purse a little hobby/business on the side. I have been a little nervous about our finances, but ya know, as long as I am healthy, have a positive attitude and have my family’s support, everything else will fall into place I am sure. We only get one chance at this wonderful life we live and we need to take the reins and steer it in the direction of our happiness and well being. Keep up the good work, ladies! I will continue to browse your site. :) ~Sheila

  19. Reggie says

    Thank you so much for your uplifting site! I am so touched by your work. The pictures, messages of hope, love, comfort, encouragement, inspiration and so much more offered keeps me grounded in the knowledge that women are not alone in this phenomenon of life! I LOVE THE ARTWORK as a platform for healing, nurturing and self-discovery. One day, I hope to be able to come out to share in the experience of Brave Girls Camp. I KNOW I will fit in, be accepted and nurtured there along with the countless women who are searching for the truth about themselves that only we know is deep inside our souls. I AM READY FOR MY TRUTH and your site has inspired me to delve deeper into my own inner wisdom to bring those truths in plain sight, into the light of life. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK and I’m spreading the word to all of my friends about your magnificent work on behalf of women worldwide. Hugs and love to you all at Brave Girls Camp…

    Reggie Castello

  20. Kathy Corbett says

    Amy – the ladies that are in that photo that are 39 and over will SURELY be loving you for THAT comment!!! *smiles*

    YES – women of ALL ages come together and enjoy the Brave Girls site! I am 40 and just recently completed the online Soul Restoration course (an AMAZING course that I recommend to everyone I meet!) There were women I connected with that were in their 20’s and others that I connected with that are in their 60’s!!! You’ll find a wonderful group of caring, sharing, creative and insightful women in almost every stage of life.


  21. Amy Haffling says

    I had the impression when I first signed up that this site was for women of all ages but the above photo only shows younger women. I’m afraid that I made a mistake now and am too old to be a part of this wonderful website/blog. Are forty something women too old to belong to the Brave Girls Club? I hope not, because I was finding the site very inspiring!


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