We are 4 days into Soul Restoration 1, and we are LOVING it!  It’s so fun to go through this journey with such amazing women!!  And you all know when we get so excited we just can’t help ourselves soooooooooooooo we’re making it a GIVEAWAY DAY!!!

We are giving away


{which is going now and will be going until the end of the year.}

Soul Restoration 1 with Melody Ross

Here’s how it works:

1. Think of your very favorite “a little birdie told me – Daily Truth”

2. Write about it on your Facebook profile or your blog…
(ie: My favorite daily truth from Brave Girls Club is _____ because _____.)

3. Come back here and leave a comment to this post including a link to what you’ve written and you’ll be entered!

We will choose and announce our 5 winners on Monday (August 1st)!

a little bird told me...your daily truth from the Brave Girls Club

Can’t wait to see which “Daily Truths” are your favorites!

{Hope you know how much we LOVE you!!!}

BGC Team


  1. Krystle Vinton says

    I would like to thank you for this opportunity. I recently found your website and decided to sign up for the daily emails after reading about deadheading the flowers. Obviously I am in the very beginning stages of my journey. I received a message via email about feeling lost. I have felt this way for many years. I have been on antidepressants though I don’t feel they are working or that I am necessarily broken to that point. I have 2 daughters and want to be the best role-model I can be. I miss me and want me back!! Thank you for helping others like myself. I look forward to growing with you. I would also like to thank Jen Leigh for posting her wonderful experiences with your organization which gave me the courage to find this amazing group!!

    Thank you for the opportunity. Krystle Vinton

  2. Amy Walker says

    My favorite birdie is “Dear persistent girl….” from July 28 (last week)…because I have such a hard time remembering that there is a plan for me and that I am not an accident…I was born for a purpose that is greater than my understanding. My mom just reminded me this past weekend that God has a plan for me and it will be greater than I probably will ever realize and I just need to be patient. I need to remember to let things go and just let this plan happen for me. You see, I have been trying for 7 painful years for motherhood to happen, and it has been so hard to watch people around me get pregnant at the drop of a hat. And, wouldn’t you know, I just found out a co-worker recently found out she’s pregnant….trying hard to be happy, but it’s also a hard pill to swallow. I know there is a plan for me, but I need to remind myself that I am not in control, God is…and I need to let him work through me. Thank you for all these daily truths!!! They really help me get through the tough times. Here is the link to where I posted it on my facebook wall. (I hope it posts…:)

  3. BGC Tech Support (Jeff Maughan) says

    (Posted for Diana Villalpando)

    My favorite daily truth from Brave Girls Club is “Almost everything that is beautiful and true requires some kind of sacrifice on our part. We cannot look at this as a loss, because truly, we are trading something good for something better. It is a wonderful thing and a path to happiness. Be brave enough to let go of the good things that are holding you back from the best things. (12/28/10)”

  4. says

    My favorite daily truth from Brave Girls Club is “The PROVING MY WORTH trap…..” because I find myself falling into it and it provides me knowledge that I’m not alone in it and guidance to bring myself out.

  5. says

    I have so many that I love! I scrolled back on my FB page and found that I posted one on April 22, 2011. Dear Overwhelmed Girl… .!/Katie.Letcher

    I commit myself to way to much sometimes and I really think that I do that so I can keep my mind off of focusing on ME and what I really need b/c it’s always easier to fix someone else then fix yourself right?

    I would love a chance to participate in Soul Restoration! :)

    p.s. Brave Girls Club ROCKS!

  6. Heather W says

    I have taken both SR1 and SR2…I want to share this amazing journey to the REAL YOU! The YOU that you were meant to BE!!!

    I posted one of my many favorite Daily Truth’s on my FB page here;

    I cannot imagine a better gift than this to give to someone else who deserves to BE!

    Thanks so much Melody and Kathy
    Much LOVE!

  7. Jeana says

    My first one and it really hit home! Love this!

    What would a leap of faith look like? What is it that is holding you back? Would it be so bad just to take that first step? Would it be so bad to stop and really honor yourself and at least listen to that longing? …

  8. says

    I wrote about how today’s truth spoke to me it on my blog:

    It is so hard to go through painful or traumatic times, upheavals in our lives, dramatic changes, losses or periods of anguishing sorrow.

    But, the light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel is the hope that we can embrace.

    Whether through the BGC Daily Truths, a paragraph you read in a book, or a fortune cookie with your chinese food lunch, or a word that resonates almost like an echo, reverberating within your soul that you happen to hear on the radio or tv…that is when our soul is speaking to us. It is speaking our unique truths….

    These whispers to our soul are what will HEAL us. If we listen and take a leaf of faith.

    And after experiencing so much pain and heartache in our lives, perhaps sometimes we must get really quiet to be able to hear that sweet sound again. It is hard to trust again once your soul has been broken. But

    My soul is filled with love, and hope, and happiness, and passion for my dreams has been renewed….I thank you for the beautiful and comforting way you have enveloped me in your love and light through Soul Restoration 2 as I have started my journey toward healing and finding my truth.

    I pray that one day I will be able to take Soul Restoration 1 as well…and I of course would love to hug each of you in person one day at the Brave Girls Camp!!! :)

    Many blessings and love and light to you all!

  9. says

    Today’s daily truth was especially good for me. It was truly poignant since it is a Monday and the beginning of another week of working at a job that meets my basic physical needs, but doesn’t feed my spirit. I am so scared to jump off this beaten track and do something different with my life, yet when I close my eyes and dream-this is definitely NOT the life I see. I see one that is much more creative and consistent with who I really want to be. This is the post I left on my Facebook Page:

    Brave Girl Daily Truths are SOOO much better than fortune cookies! This one, “That thing that’s been lingering on your mind, burning in your heart…..that scary beautiful thing that you can’t get out of your whole soul because it wants to be heard and acted upon……..guess what lovely? It’s not going to go away.” Makes me feel closer to having the courage to try a different life. The one I imagine.

  10. basicelements2fireclay says

    This Truth was so important to me…it is one of many that have taken a place in my heart and it helps to guide my life. The Truth is Dear Amazing Girl…I feel like it was a gift of knowledge that continues to be passed on. I hope you take a moment to listen to a story that has changed my life. Love and Light….Stacey

    P.S. – you might need to copy and paste this link…I apologize for the inconvenience.

  11. says

    My favorite daily truth from Brave Girls Club is _”Persistant Girl”____ because __I need to be persistant to reach my dream, MY dream!)
    I NEED to win this, I need to. I read Persistant Girl at just the moment i needed to. It has helped me to stay steadfast to my dream.
    Please please i need this.

  12. says

    I wrote about a phrase that Melody Ross said that is so true the best things in life are not very often the easiest things,and why at my facebook account I am like Lucy Martin del Campo. I am going through a dark time like Melody did I lost all material things like my house, medical insurance,job,etc. My marriage and my family is not so good either and I need to trust in God but it seems so difficult to thrust him with everything I dont have enough faith, not mental not physical strenght, I have fibromialgya, bipolarity and depression, I would love to find guidance and answers. Melody you did give me a spark of light sharing you story on the email you sent the other day, thanks!

  13.!/profile.php?id=622286291&sk=info says

    My favorite daily truth from Brave Girls Club is

    Dear Brilliant Girl,
    You are so incredible, and you are doing such wonderful things! You have so much more you want to do, too, don’t you?
    Sweet friend, when making plans, or making goals, or making lists, try to plan some time for setbacks, even expect a few “failures” along the way. This is NOT negative thinking; this is good planning and it will keep you from getting the wind knocked out of you.
    There are so many times that we are humming along, doing great, checking things off on our list, achieving our goals one after another — and then WHAM!!, something happens that spins everything out of control, or just gets us off track, or makes us too tired, or distracts us.
    Many times, these inevitable parts of life’s journey make us feel like we’ve failed, or like we maybe were on the wrong track, or like something is conspiring against us.
    Amazing girl, this is just part of life — plan for it. Plan for hurdles, expect difficulty and don’t be surprised at unexpected surprises. Just stand up, dust off your knees and elbows and get rolling again.
    Wipe away the tears if necessary, but DO NOT QUIT.
    You are doing this. You are capable, strong and amazing.
    You can do this!
    Do it with a smile on your face — enjoy the ride!

    because it’s SO life….it never goes smoothly like you’ve planned!

  14. Jessica Davis says

    July 26, 2011 was my favorite Brave Girls Club truth thus far because it reminded me to be patient with myself and to remember that the journey is a part of the process. It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow but someday the things that hurt so bad and cause daily struggles will be a part of my beautiful story and I’ll be thankful that they made me into the woman I’ve become.

  15. says

    My Facebook is set to private, so it might not show if you try to see it, but I chose October 13th, 2010 as my favorite truth. It’s a truth that talks about change, and doing things even though they may be hard. This is the theme song to my life right now. My best friend just recently moved to China, and it was as if I suffered a divorce. This girl was/is “My Person” as Christina would say on Grey’s Anatomy. We have gone through ups, downs, and every other part of the roller coaster ride of life. Two weeks before she was set to go, we suffered a pretty nasty fight and didn’t speak before she left. It has been an incredibly hard two weeks, but it has taught me that I can walk through this. I can feel the pain, and still survive. I can still love her and realize that we both behaved the way we did because we were both scared and didn’t know what was coming for either of us. She is an amazing person, and I miss her every day. But, I also know that without this moving on part of the process, I won’t become who I need to become.

    I would love to be a part of soul restoration, but being a single mom of two little girls, having a job and going to school full time straps the financial situation. I so enjoy the daily truths and love all that you as a group are doing for women everywhere. Thank you for having the Brave Girls Club. Thank you for believing that we all are worthwhile!

  16. Janette Pettey says

    I posted the linik to the Daily truth from November 30, 2010.. which was my birthday. After surviving one of the hardest years of my life, this spoke to me about it being OK and necessary to let go of things and people sometimes. I would love to go thru SR1 as I am still trying to work through the past year of difficulty.
    Thanks! Janette

  17. says

    Everything Little Bird tells me saves my day. My favorite so far is Dear Patient Girl. I am a single mom of two shining stars, and everyday we are faced with challenges that my children and I receive as blessings. I am reminded that it is my right to be brave through these difficulties and hurts. I do not have to cower in the face of adversity. I can stand up straight and walk right through the fire without getting burned, coming out the other side a vulcanized new me. I continue to learn and follow the path laid down before me, stumbling at times but finding my feet with the help of my Spirit. Each step is more confident than the last, more sure-footed. I simply need to keep putting one foot in front of the other to climb this mountain and eventually we will reach the peak! Thank you Little Bird and Brave Girls for my daily inspirations. Love, Wendy

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