We are 4 days into Soul Restoration 1, and we are LOVING it!  It’s so fun to go through this journey with such amazing women!!  And you all know when we get so excited we just can’t help ourselves soooooooooooooo we’re making it a GIVEAWAY DAY!!!

We are giving away


{which is going now and will be going until the end of the year.}

Soul Restoration 1 with Melody Ross

Here’s how it works:

1. Think of your very favorite “a little birdie told me – Daily Truth”

2. Write about it on your Facebook profile or your blog…
(ie: My favorite daily truth from Brave Girls Club is _____ because _____.)

3. Come back here and leave a comment to this post including a link to what you’ve written and you’ll be entered!

We will choose and announce our 5 winners on Monday (August 1st)!

a little bird told me...your daily truth from the Brave Girls Club

Can’t wait to see which “Daily Truths” are your favorites!

{Hope you know how much we LOVE you!!!}

BGC Team