Sometimes (actually most times) in life it seems like when you get a good idea…a noble idea…even when you feel like it’s the most right idea that ever came into your heart and soul….

it seems like those are the times when storms hit…when everything goes wrong…when taking even one step forward starts to feel impossible.

But despite that, incredible things happen every day…they happen because when everything goes wrong, we go out and DO IT ANYWAY!!

On those days it seems like the storm clouds are only gathered around OUR heads…that when anyone else tries to do something, the clouds part and everything is easy.

That’s because we’re all so good at making things look good and sunshiny on the outside…even when we’re fighting our toughest fights on the inside.

Today, let’s shine some light on the lie that it’s easy for everyone else….

Today we want to know….

Tell us about a time when you DID IT ANWAY!

When the cards were stacked against you, and you played anyway…when you were scared and you took the first step anyway….when you thought you would never succeed but you tried anyway….

We are constantly amazed by your stories – can’t wait to be inspired by you!!!!