If you are SICK AND TIRED of it…..like I was.

This is gonna be kinda long….but that’s what I do, right?? I go forever without blogging and then I just HAVE TO SAY WHAT I HAVE TO SAY :) I hope you will read it anyway…because it is important and I soooooo want you to know this. I will include lots of pictures to keep it exciting, ok?????? Please please please stay with me. Please? :)

Over the last 6 months, people keep asking me what I am doing to have so much light in my eyes….to sparkle. My one and only answer is peace….happiness….figuring it out and doing whatever it takes to go where the peace is, and then to stay where the peace is…to feed my soul what it wants to be fed. To stop settling for things that make me feel miserable.  I didn’t know how to do any of those things until I was almost 40.

But then I got to that icky sicky yucky (BUT SOOOO NECESSARY) place of “SICK AND TIRED” of feeling stuck…..SICK AND TIRED  of feeling mad, sad, bad, shame, blame….and like my best years were over. I got SICK AND TIRED of feeling like I wasn’t good enough, or that I didn’t do enough, or have enough. I got SICK AND TIRED of being a doormat and not standing up for myself or what is deepest in my heart. I got SICK AND TIRED of wasting my time and my life on things that made me feel worse.

I got SICK AND TIRED of carrying around guilt and shame over any and every mistake or regret or hurt I had in my life from the day I was born. I got SICK AND TIRED OF THE WAY THINGS WERE…and I wanted desperately to find a better way to live.

THAT was the path to creating the curriculum to SOUL RESTORATION….the courses that have been completed by thousands and thousands of women from all over the world. (can you believe that??? WOW!!!) The very courses that came from my showing others about how I personally got out of a years-long despair-filled funk.

Right now it is February 11, 2012 and we just got back from our 11th Brave Girl Camp………and almost every single camper was a Soul Restoration 1 online graduate….many of them Soul Restoration 2 graduates. These were sparkling women who are doing the work of living the exact life that was meant for them to live.  It was miraculous to hear all of the life-changing stories straight from each soul…..about how their lives were really starting to get on track….their hearts were finally at peace….and they were feeling brave & centered….and most of all, how they were starting to make their individual dreams come true. These are women just like you who have chosen to overcome every reason, every road block, every obstacle…every excuse.

As we sat and talked about this…..and did even more soul work together……I was constantly reminded about how far my own life has come. About what an enormous miracle this curriculum is. So….even though I get at least one letter every single day about how Soul Restoration has absolutely changed the lives of women all over the world………I wanted to tell you about how much it has changed mine…..and I want to beg you to at least look into taking it (Soul Restoration 1 starts up again next week!!! It will only run twice this year!)

What I know with every single cell of my body is that YOU were meant to have this kind of soul-deep peace….contentment….direction……bliss. YOU WERE MADE TO SPARKLE!!!! YOU WERE MADE TO LOVE AND TO BE LOVED!!!!

You were never meant to carry around every hurt, every pain, every betrayal, every mistake, every label, every horrible thing anyone has ever said or done to you or even that you have done to others…..you were not meant to feel worthless, lost, bad, addicted, stuck or invisible.

You were not meant to be abused, manipulated and made to feel small. You were meant to be loved. You were meant to travel light with a very real smile on your face……to FEEL light….to FLY. SR 1 & SR 2 have done this for me…..and for thousands of women all over the world. I SOOOOO want this for you. And it is all done with art and journaling projects…and lots of soul searching……..

I finally feel free of having to prove myself, suffer, or be who others want me to be. I finally feel free of expectations, of feeling like I will never be able to be enough, or do enough or have enough. I finally feel free of having to maintain and put energy into relationships that hurt.

I finally feel like it’s ok to have the simple, beautiful life that my heart has been yearning for. I finally feel free. I WANT EVERYONE TO FEEL THIS FREE!!

Here is me teaching parts of the curriculum live at Brave Girl Camp……

you see, I am teaching the very stuff that helped me dig out of holes of despair, shame, sorrow, blame, regret, sadness, fear………I am teaching what I have seen work for thousands of women of all ages, all backgrounds, all religions, all races, all parts of the world. It works because it goes soul-deep…..and that’s what we all are…SOULS.


ALL “Restoration” classes are designed to get you to a place where you have absolutely no excuses left to go and be happy, to go out and be awesome, to go out and do good things…..to go out and live your one beautiful life in the exact beautiful way you were meant to live it.

Come on, just give it a try. I would LOVE for you to start seeing yourself the way that everyone who deeply loves you sees you……wouldn’t that feel good?

Come on…..give it a try. CLICK HERE to learn more. We will be so happy to have you along. Watch the video below to learn more about the course….or go here to read some of the hundreds and hundreds of testimonials…..


  1. Linda Toney says

    If I don’t find myself soon I’ m not going to be here. I am so interested in this until I already feel something, excitement!

  2. says

    This is such a beautiful reminder, especially as I am going to be 40 in just a few short months and worry that I’ve wasted to much time being sick and tired. It’s never to late to change! :)

  3. Liz Hurst says

    NOTHING….has had such a positive impact on my life as this course. Thank you Melody for getting it through my head that it is OK to let go of soooo much and feel such peace. Your projects make soul searching enjoyable and allows us such a different way of looking at our lives. I love my time-line, such an eye opener to so many feelings!
    Thank you Melody and everyone involed in Brave Girls, I truly love you all!

  4. Sylvie says

    I did soul restoration 1 already twice and I signed up for a third time. I know I don’t really have that much time to spend on it a third time. But when I saw the bits of the videos that Melody shows us again to present the course, I decided to sign up again. I know there are still some truth that need to sink in and arting around is really a good way to let the truth come in through every cell. I have kept all the work from last year but this is not the same than doing it in a group, again.

  5. Julie McCartney says

    I, want info, re this Class..I, am retired Psych. R.N….interested!.. Is this class online? How Much, for the class!..Please, provide more info!..today, Feb, 15, how to pay.. Going to have Daughter help me set up Paypal, tomorrow!..Had, Visa card. Security breech..had to change!..Visa Card!..Reach me EMail..Facebook. Julie Edwards McCartney..Thanks..Julie

  6. Amanda says

    I just turned 30 today and I signed up for this course as a birthday present for myself. I was laid off last week and and I am sick and tired of living in a rut so I’m totally looking forward to something that will help me be more creative and rediscover who I am as an individual.

  7. says

    Gee, this has me thinking I must get all my curriculumn out and just look at everything again make some more truth cards. Melody…this WAS a life changing class…and as I am going through trials at this very moment that are hurting me deep to my core…I am grateful for all your classes and Brave Girls Club!!!

  8. stephanie says

    wow, i am sick and tired of it….this looks amazing. you are a true source of inspiration for me. wish it was in my budget-maybe one day :)

  9. Kathy says

    I can’t wait for class to begin! I started my journey to find my authentic self one year ago. I’ve stumbled a bit, but I’m thankful for every lesson. This soul restoration is coming at the perfect time…don’t you just love how that happens to us? The right thing at the perfect time…just when we need it, just when wer’e ready. I look forward to finding the rest of Authentic Kathy again…I know she’s still in here somewhere!!

  10. Luisa says

    Im sick and tired of being sick and tired…of being stuck in this rut, this whole I dug I created….im over this selfish senseless over done tantrum…..im sick of myself of the person I allowed myself to become finding a false empty comfort and safety allowing fear to take over my life of being the decisive point of that which determines the out come of ebery decision.choice action……im.tired.of conforming of settleling of giving a damn what others think or say allowing sl of it to influencemy life define the person I am. I am sick and tired of not performing amd living to my full capabilities and potential of not trying. Im sick and tured of looking and trying something i said shoyld not be done ive been doing when I know better….somewhere somehow along this distorted and daek road while trying.to npt lose.andkease others I lost myself and im sivk and tored of all which I have become and I am not and its time for change for better things.for hard work for me

  11. JaYne says

    Thank you for helping me find my peace. The curriculum works, it really, really does. My heart is finally so peaceful, my soul so relieved of the burdens that held me down for so long. I too want to sing it from the mountains, clear through to the deep valleys where so many of us still reside. Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!!!
    to those of you still out there, sick and tired, Do It Anyway!

  12. Sara Hale says

    Right now I have to find my actual house so there is space to do the class. Hoping to sign up for the next one…maybe looking forward to it will even be my motivation to get things done here!

  13. Christine N says

    Yup, I’m taking it again. So I can listen to you teach again, listen to my heart and finish the last couple of lessons. And most of all, work on my truths!

  14. Shannon Yonge Crawford says

    yep- SR 1 was so difficult because it made me work through the “muck.” It was like experiencing growing pains….you know…but in order for your life to BE different, I had to DO different- lesson learned. and done.
    I was sick and tired….and am now onto a life of wonderful adventure…..in joy! xo Melody for sharing it all with us!

    Shannon BGC 2/12 <3


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