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Showing up scared, showing up chubby, showing up frazzled… (for the best adventures of life)

Here’s the honest truth….sometimes the most difficult and most important thing that you will ever have to do is to just show up. If you want to know my deepest, darkest secret….it is that I really don’t want anyone to see me right now. I start most days out not wanting to see anyone. It […]

Be Willing to Shake Things Up to Make Things Right

Dear Wise Girl,We often don’t realize it…but sometimes we find ourselves giving all of our best energy to the very things that we don’t want. We do this in lots of ways…by obsessing about things because we wish we could overcome them…by not forgiving things that have hurt us…by continuing to do things that we […]

Keep going. Don’t you DARE give up.

Dear Persevering Girl, It might not look like it, it might not seem like it….and you may even feel like giving-up…..but that BIG THING that you are working on, that you have been working on for SO LONG….that you have put your heart and soul and wishes and prayers into…….it really is happening. It might […]

The World Needs the TRUE You

Dear Incomparable Girl, It’s so worth it to do the work to figure out just what it is that brings the sparkle into your eyes. You are different than anyone else who ever came before you and anyone who will ever come after…..your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and motivations are unique to you. Try not […]

It’s All About the Journey

Dear Lovely Girl, Are you suffering from destination frustration? It’s quite amazing that we often really really really let ourselves believe that “someday” we will get “there”. Someday we will have it all figured out, someday we will have the perfect day, or the perfect body, or the perfect year, or the perfect family, or […]

Denise is our sister from the Congo, Africa ….. this is a brave story of Full Circle Sisterhood

The following is THE FIRST IN A SERIES OF INTERVIEWS called “FULL CIRCLE SISTERHOOD” in a partnership with FULL CIRCLE EXCHANGE and BRAVE GIRLS CLUB as part of an initiative to help marginalized women around the world and right here in the USA….READ MORE HERE about the launch of this initiative. ********************************* Her husband was […]

You Know So Much More Than You Think

Dear Wise Girl, You know so much more than you think you know, you just have to remember it. There’s so much wisdom in that amazing heart of yours that just needs to be reminded and listened-to and encouraged to speak out. Think about when you were a little girl….all of those hopes, dreams and […]

Call me Mimi…today my world changed forever

It’s been so hard not to tell everyone what we have been doing for the last 24 hours!! We are madly in love with our first grandchild…..the new king of the family…Leo Marquis Ross….he is super healthy and he and his amazing mama and daddy are resting after a brave day of getting him here. […]

Do Not Let Your Weaknesses Define You

Dear Phenomenal Girl, We all have parts of ourselves that need working on. We all think thoughts that aren’t the best thoughts. We all do things we wish we had done better or differently or not at all. We all make mistakes, every single day, every single one of us. And then, we all wake […]

ANNOUNCING!!! A beautiful, meaningful and important announcement that you will NOT want to miss…A NEW PRODUCT LINE and a brand new initiative and sisterhood movement!

 It is finally time! Will you come along with us on this journey?   Me and Jeanette Priddy cofounder of  FULL CIRCLE EXCHANGE …. our partners in this project   We are so excited that we finally get to tell you about a project that has been in the works for a few years. It […]

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