Your path is YOUR path…the very path you were created to travel

Dear Strong Enough Girl,

There are seasons in life that come and go. Sometimes it feels like things will never change, or that we will never get through a certain time in our life — but we always do, don’t we? We always got through everything we ever got through — there was always enough, somehow things always fell together, and everything we needed always showed up from somewhere — sometimes just at the nick of time.

Some seasons of life are easy and breezy, some are very difficult. Some of our seasons are filled with people and support, sometimes we have to travel alone. Some of our seasons make perfect sense, even if they are difficult. Some of them make absolutely no sense at all while they are happening. Some of our seasons are downright boring. Some of our seasons completely rock our world. Some of our seasons change everything and nothing is the same after them.

Brave Girls Club - Your Path


And we continue to have what we need during each one of them, each season of our lives continue to bring enough of whatever it is we need to get through. Things continue to fall together exactly when they are supposed to.

So no reason to worry. It will keep happening. Even if it’s a season of uncertainty, just remember that everything always shows up when its supposed to show up, always lasts as long as its supposed to last, and always teaches us exactly what we are supposed to learn.

Life is incredible like that.

Please don’t forget that there is a plan for your life, and all of the seasons will make sense someday. Find the beauty in every single one of them, and especially learn the lessons. Pretty soon the seasons will change!

You are loved beyond measure.

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What do you need to mend in your life?

Dear Courageous Girl,

We all have a proverbial basket of things that are in need of mending, all of us do! We have relationships, sweaters, cabinet doors, hearts, dreams, windows………..thing after thing in need of some attention and time.

Sometimes we get paralyzed by the amount of things in that basket, so we just start walking past it, pretending that it’s not there…but still feeling something deeply gnawing at us, and preventing us from feeling total peace.

Don’t be afraid to look in your basket, beautiful friend…..just start picking up one piece of mending and work on it a little….then another tomorrow. This can be real, physical things like sewing a button back on your favorite coat, to much bigger things…like sending a nice card to someone you’ve had a falling-out with but would love to patch things up with.

Don’t let your basket of mending steal any more of your joy or peace. Take an honest look at it today and then take a deep breath and make a plan to start mending things…..a little at time, and then let it go and be o.k. with it all.

You are deeply loved.

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What are you willing to let go of?

Dear Beautiful Girl,

What are you willing to let go of today? Life is so much about knowing what to hold on to, and what to let go of — and having faith that it will all work out in the end.

Your heart and your gut know exactly what you need to let go of, even if your brain is giving you all sorts of reasons to clamp your fingers around it. There are seasons and times to have different things,relationships and situations in your life, and then the seasons change and it’s time to let go of many of those things. Change is hard, but change is absolutely necessary.

We’ve all got to let go of old habits, old situations, old behaviors and sometimes even old relationships to make room for what is meant for the next part of our lives. If we just get quiet, get brave, and listen very closely, our hearts will tell us what to let go of. This doesn’t mean it will be easy. It just means that it is what is meant for now.

You can do this.
Listen to your heart.
Be brave.

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What to do when your day doesn’t go like you hoped…

Dear Fantastic Girl,

Despite the best planning, the most diligent working, and the very best intentions, some days just don’t go at all like we hope for them to go. Sometimes weeks go like this, sometimes months. We do all that we feel we are supposed to do yet things go a different way than we had planned, than we had hoped, than we had expected.

What are we to do? Well, we just keep going. We just keep doing what we know in our hearts we know we are supposed to be doing, even when hurdles come up, even when we get tired. We just keep going, keep following our hearts.

And we laugh, we sing, we enjoy life. We make things fun, we spend time with friends and family and we reach out and help others, no matter what. We keep believing that things are working out exactly as they should even if they are not what we had expected. We keep growing, we keep learning, we keep getting stronger. We keep becoming. That’s what we do.

So just keep becoming. It is happening. You are loved.


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Your Heart Knows When it’s Time to Simplify

Dear Extraordinary Girl,

You can do amazing things with the simplest things. You can have so little and be so happy. You can take small amounts of time and perform life-changing acts.

Is it time to simplify? Is it time to pare your life down to the handful of things that mean the most to you, and let the rest go so that . . . you can give the very best of yourself to the very best things . . . instead of being spread in a too-thin layer all over the place?

Your heart knows when it’s time, and you will have the strength to do it. And best of all you will see enormous changes happen in your life when you let the unimportant things go and embrace the things that quietly sustain you and bring you joy.

It may not look like the most glamorous life, but it is one filled with joy, peace and harmony . . . one where laughter is a welcome and frequent companion . . . one where worries are few and where long meaningful conversations are many . . . one that is waiting for you when you are ready to take the steps to get there.

Simplify today, one little thing at time. You can do it. You are loved.

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Just keep showing up….

Sometimes we don’t know what to do….or we are too tired to know the very best things to do. Sometimes we hide out, stay back and wait because we don’t feel like we are quite right yet, or the circumstances are quite right yet….or maybe just because we are afraid. THESE ARE THE VERY MOST IMPORTANT TIMES to keep showing up. To show up to your life……and to keep showing up.


This is when the magic happens….when we just show up.


Let Life Surprise You and Trust the Journey

Dear Impatient Girl,

Sometimes we need to just let life surprise us a little instead of trying so hard to control every single outcome for every single thing…isn’t it exhausting?

Gorgeous soul….look back on all of the other times you’ve tried with all of your might to hold things together, put things together and keep things together so that everything would be perfectly in place for the exact things to happen that you were so determined to make happen. Remember how things happened completely differently than you ever could have dreamed….but that they worked out exactly the way they were supposed to? (even if it was painful or uncomfortable?)

Life has a way of surprising us whether we are ready for it or not…whether we worry our little heads off or whether we plan our fingers right down to the bone….life still surprises us.

So….let the worries go for a bit. Let yourself chill and be still. TRUST THE JOURNEY and trust yourself. No matter what happens, you will make it and you will make it into something beautiful and wonderful….just like you always have.

Surprises are fun.

You are so very loved.

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Today is the Day that Matters Right Now

Dear Beautiful Girl,

It takes so much discipline to be where we are in each moment of each day….it even takes discipline to truly be in the week and the month and they year we are living. We are so often planning each and every minute of our future, or reliving moments of our past that we miss out on what is going on right in front of our face.

There are so many things that deserve being celebrated today. There are so many moments that are worth savoring right now. There are so many lessons waiting for us to take notice in this very time in our life. There are people who are waiting for us to remember how much we love them and how important they are to us. This time in our life will never be here again after it is gone.

So, dear friend…..stop for a minute today and really look those you love in the eye and REALLY SEE THEM. Look around and see just how much there is to be thankful for, even if times are difficult right now. Look at the holes you have dug yourself out of and the finish lines you have run through…and really celebrate. Tomorrow will be here soon enough….yesterday is all over and done. Today is the day that matters right now.

It takes some practice, but it is such a beautiful way to live to stop and see what is happening RIGHT NOW and let yesterday and tomorrow off the hook for a while. Give your mind a rest…give your heart a rest….breathe in this moment and let it be enough, because YOU are enough.

You are so very loved.

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What everyone is asking….just exactly WHAT is in this gorgeous box?? (the Soul School Welcome Box)

WOW WOW WOW!!! Well, beautiful friends, the “soft launch” of Soul School has been so wildly successful this week that we are just over the moon happy around here….and now our #1 job is to make all of you over the moon happy with Soul School (and we KNOW you will be!!!)  If you haven’t signed up yet…just know that we will always always save a spot for you…and make sure you check it out because we know that as soon as you do, you won’t want to miss any of it! YOU CAN LEARN ALL ABOUT SUBSCRIPTION SOUL SCHOOL HERE

welcome kit in box-670 We wanted to clear up the fact that even though we surpassed 1000 paid subscribers in the first few days of the launch, that EVERYONE who EVER signs up will get this gorgeous welcome box full of gifts to get you going. While it is true that the first 1000 of you will receive a FOUNDING MEMBER card to commemorate the beginning of this awesome adventure (thank you so much for jumping right on this fun wagon with us!)……The FOUNDING MEMBER cards are gone now….but we wanted to make sure you know that ANYONE who signs up for any of the 3 levels of paid subscription (the levels start as low as $10 a month!)  gets a beautiful WELCOME BOX with a BGC membership card, so that you are a card carryin’ member of Brave Girls Club……

This Box is so full of wonderful stuff and we wanted to show you exactly what comes in it……blog welcome box

This is your beautiful membership card… brave girls club membership card copy

When you sign up at the Premium level, you will also receive 2 copies of the book “You are Going to be Okay” …why 2 copies?? Because we want you to keep one for yourself and we know you are going to want to give it away after you read it, because everyone knows someone who really needs this book…so, we gotcha covered…. blog you are going to be okay books

The books are  the only things that are not included in the Basic and Deluxe subscription welcome box…let’s see what else is in ALL the welcome boxes….You will also get a pretty little brave girl badge to put on a fun tote bag or on a scarf or just about anywhere!! blog brave girl badge

You will get a whole deck of beautiful Truth Cards…again, you will get 2 copies of each card so that you can keep one, and give one away!!blog brave girl truth cards 2 blog brave girl truth cards 1 blog brave girl truth cards 3 blog brave girl truth cards 4 blog brave girl truth cards 5

blog brave girl truth cards 6And by popular demand, we have created Brave Girl Passalong Cards…cards to hand out to others to tell them all about Brave Girls Club… many of you have asked for ways to share BGC with your friends and family….well, now you are equipped…the fronts of the cards have a lovely fun design, and the backs of the cards tell all about BGC and invite others to join us!…you will get a whole deck of these fantastic little cards!

blog brave girl passalong cards 1 blog brave girl passalong cards 2 blog brave girl passalong cards 3 blog brave girl passalong cards 4

blog brave girl passalong cards 5

blog back of passalong cardsAnd…..EVERYONE LOVES THESE PATCHES! A beautiful embroidered Brave Girl Patch is all yours…put it on a hat, on a bag, on your jeans, on a pillow….anywhere that you want to proclaim that you are a Brave Girl!

blog brave girl patch


We love to love you…we love to shower you with goodness and beauty and truth……..we hope you will join us at Soul School so that we can send you one of these wonderful boxes!! If you sign up for Premium level….you will get not only this box full of goodies…but another whole box of pretty tools and treasures to go with each month’s lesson, beginning with the current month!! You can learn all about it by clicking the picture below!! Or just click RIGHT HERE

how does it workWe just want to THANK YOU for your amazing support and sisterhood as we have launched this enormous project. We’ve been working on it for years, and it launched this week with a few little glitches that you have all been so patient about. And because this is our “soft launch”  (we will be doing a big campaign and launch in September) we are SOOO OVERJOYED that thousands of you are joining us already!! We can say with every bit of confidence, soul and enthusiasm that we are going to WOW you every single month…and this will be some of the best money you have ever spent…we love you all and we are so happy to spend our careers giving you soul-filled life-changing content and ideas….day after day, year after year. It’s the best job in the world!!! Thank you for joining us!!!


-melody, kathy and the awesome BGC team

-melody with soul school box



Recognize the Miracles

Dear Grateful Girl,

Take some time today to see the miracles that have unfolded in your life.

If there was a time when you thought you could not make it ONE more day, and you did — that was an enormous blessing and a grand miracle created just for you.

If there was a time that you thought your heart might just break, and that you would never be the same, but you made it — that was a beautiful miracle of love just for you.
If there was a time you never thought that you would reach the goal you had worked so hard for, and you finally did — recognize the miracle inside of that experience.

We never walk alone. Miracles are unfolding every minute of our lives — miracles meant for our joy and for beauty and heart-peace. Take them for what they are meant to be and enjoy your life. Know that the miracles will not stop happening, that you are never alone on your journey.

The miracles are there…reminding you that you are loved.


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