Showing up scared, showing up chubby, showing up frazzled… (for the best adventures of life)

Here’s the honest truth….sometimes the most difficult and most important thing that you will ever have to do is to just show up. If you want to know my deepest, darkest secret….it is that I really don’t want anyone to see me right now. I start most days out not wanting to see anyone. It […]

Critical announcement for all current BGC Community Users

We are SO EXCITED to announce that we are nearing completion of a 2 year project to rebuild our website and create a custom Brave Girls community platform that will be easier and friendlier to use….a true place where women can come together every day!!! Here’s what we’ve been working on for EARLY SUMMER 2014: […]

Some very personal thoughts on feeling powerless – come walk with me.

Can I tell you a story?… you might know some of….but not all of…one that you may never have heard at all. It’s a story just like everyone else’s….but I just really want you to understand where I am coming from. I think I suffer the most when I believe that I am powerless…when I […]

How to Heal – (from things that aren’t true)

A beloved in my life asked me this week…very simply…HOW DO YOU HEAL? I knew what she meant….I knew she was talking about some things that no one on the outside can see….but that have been tormenting her on the inside. WHAT I KNOW…from experience…is that we can spend weeks, months, YEARS, LIFETIMES trying to […]

About things that are hidden………and what we can do about it

You know…you never really see a woman’s underwear or bra, in most cases. Or a girl’s. It is something that is hidden. I know this might seem like a crazy or uncomfortable or maybe even inappropriate subject during the holidays (or any other day, right?)…but please women, stay with me here……. there is a need….an […]

Black Friday… The Brave Girls Way!

Ok friends!!! This is going to be super fun!!! A super fun way to spend the day after Thanksgiving and make a big difference…a super fun thing to do with your friends and family….and a super fun thing to do with people you hardly know. WE HAVE DONE THIS!!! We did it in downtown Chicago […]

Behind the scenes…this week at Brave Girls Club

Wow, the last couple of weeks have FLOWN by…and it’s about time for a little behind-the-scenes update! First….our Malary moved away with her brand new husband….*sniff sniff*… I miss her like crazy as we spent most work days together at the Clubhouse or cooking up a storm during Camp, but we are all sooooo happy […]

Behind the scenes this week: preparing for a wedding and a sad farewell

My oh my oh my!!! It has been a CRAZY CRAZY CRAAAAAZY week at Brave Girls Club!! So much going on…here’s a look at just a bit of all that’s happening here. First, something sooooo sad! We said goodbye to Amy this week…she is moving on to a great new job opportunity…they will be so […]

Because we are having A WHOLE LOTTA FUN over here….and we don’t want you to miss out!!! (and it’s not about the stitching!)

In all honesty….Mr. Ross and I overscheduled ourselves X100 for late summer and fall…………….and we are doing it….but goodness gracious do we ever need some down time around here….we are kind of exhausted….the happy kind….tired is tired so we are figuring out all sorts of ways to chill……FOR ME……I have learned all sorts of new […]

The truth about Soul Comfort….(because you have probably been lied to.)

Don’t you love how I hooked you into here with that juicy title? Well…have a read…. Have you ever been lied to? Probably. I’m going to just be bold and say…yes, of course you have been lied to, at some time or another in your beautiful life. Sometimes it’s hard to find comfort, especially the […]

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