Stay with it, Brave Girl…your courage does not go unnoticed

Dear Sometimes Tired Girl,

It’s interesting how the last leg of a journey is often the most difficult, especially when we don’t even know how close we are to the finish line.

Very often, the biggest most incredible breakthroughs happen during this last leg, and so often people quit JUST before it’s over…just before the luck would have turned…just before everything would have started to make sense…just when the difficult stuff beings to turn to beautiful stuff.Brave Girls Club - You will get through this

Stay with it, Brave Girl. You are courageous, strong and beautiful. People are watching…your courage does not go unnoticed. You are touching lives as you are becoming a woman of character and strength and depth.

…and quite possibly your next finish line is just around the bend.

So proud to know you.

You are loved loved loved.


(…pass it on…)


Happy news! Melody is panelist at TEDxBoise event tonight!

We have some happy news to share with you!!!!! GUESS WHO will be on the stage at the TEDxBoise event tonight??? We’re headed down there right now to support Melody and take lots of photos to share with all of you! We’re so excited and proud of her!! Here’s her profile from the event website:

Brave Girls Club - Melody Ross - TedXBoise Panelist - Profile Picture

TEDxBoise Women Panelist Profile:

Melody Ross is the cofounder of Brave Girls Club, a global women’s organization that helps women create tools to help themselves and to help each other. She teaches her curriculum in online courses and also hosts women’s retreats at her Idaho ranch. Melody is also a longtime artist, author and product designer, building one of the most collected and sought after brands in the design industry. Melody has authored and published nearly 20 books over her career, including her newest book published by Andrew’s McMeel which launched this Spring. Melody and her husband Marq of 25 years are both Idaho natives. They have 5 children and 2 grandchildren. They love everything about living and doing business in Idaho.

Melody will be on the live panel of speakers this Thursday in the Boise State University Student Union. For event details follow


We are loading up the cars and heading down to the TEDx event!!! More photos to follow!


kathy (very proud sister)

There is great happiness and peace on the other side of brave work….

“A sometimes very confusing paradox in life is that sometimes we cannot truly be happy until we work through the things that are making us feel so sad or angry. Stuffing away our feelings often means that the way to happiness is stuffed away too.

Brave Girls Club - CHOOSE HAPPY, online class for Soul School

Sometimes we need to just stop and grieve, or stop and let ourselves feel angry. Sometimes we need to have a day to cry…or a week or a few weeks. Sadness and happiness are good friends and they work together to make our lives full and good and whole. They are both important.

We need to listen to our feelings and ask them what they have to say. Often our sadness is simply a wise messenger letting us know that there is something in our lives that needs to be addressed…and that when we take the steps to address it, there is great happiness and peace on the other side of that brave work.” — Melody Ross, May 2015 Soul School Course: “Choose Happy”

Our May online class for Soul School (“Choose Happy”) is underway! You can still join us…find out all about it at

Melody is featured in FREE “Happiness After Loss” Summit…register now!

Perhaps you’ve had a loss that’s left you wondering if you’ll ever feel happy again.  You know there’s supposed to be more to life – more joy, more fun, more fulfilment – but you just don’t know how to create that. You’re so over getting over it.

Our friend Lois McCullough from New Zealand, has put together this wonderful online summit for people who want to reboot their lives after experiencing a loss. She’s gathered together 21 experts from all over the world to talk about finding happiness…and she’s sharing her interviews with these thought leaders with you, for free.

It’s the Happiness After Loss Summit, and Melody is delighted to be one of those experts!

Brave Girls Club - Melody Ross interviewed for Happiness After Loss Summit

Melody’s interview will be featured on MAY 23
Register FREE Here

” When Lois invited me to take part in the Happiness After Loss Summit, I was honored and excited. This is such an important subject and one that’s close to my heart – how we can heal, how we can be truly happy and healthy, and live the fulfilled lives we’re all entitled to.” – melody

The experts Lois has brought together are speaking on a huge range of issues that will inspire and move you. Just some of the things they’ll be discussing include:

  • Recovering from a broken relationship
  • How to be happy after a bitter divorce
  • Helping children cope with trauma
  • Dealing with loss and stress after 9/11
  • Eating and exercise to support body and mind
  • Maintaining a healthy and happy sex life in times of stress
  • Owning and honoring your feelings
  • Being in control of your finances
  • Rediscovering yourself in changed situations
  • dAnd there’s lots, lots more.

You won’t want to miss their stories. Click here to reserve your seat!

For Lois, this summit is personal. She has experienced significant losses in her own life but she didn’t let these events drag her down. How she coped amazed her friends and family but she always says, “If I can get through this, so can you.” That’s why she’s so passionate about this Happiness After Loss Summit. She’s walked the walk, and has carefully selected this top team to guide you to rediscovering your happiness & sense of self.

The summit is only days away – make sure you register now so you don’t miss any of the speakers. Here’s the link

Do join Melody, Lois, and the other experts on this important journey. I promise you’ll be inspired and supported as you find the joy and happiness you truly deserve. And remember this life-changing, transformational event is free!


With love to every Brave Girl out there…


kathy (and melody)

P.S. Each interview link will only be available for 72 hours after it’s released. Register before May 15 so you get to listen to every speaker from the start! Here’s the link

P.P.S. Do forward this email to friends and family –  everyone is sure to learn something.


I made some art for you….step by step….so honored to be a part of THE DOCUMENTED LIFE PROJECT!

colored lovers

So….I worked on this art journal spread this week, it was so very very fun…and let me tell you why I have put a step by step tutorial about how I did it…. (and if you are coming over here from the Art to the 5th blog…WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!!)lorraine and us

This is a picture of Kathy and I with one of our dear soul sisters…Lorraine Bell………we met Lorraine wayyyyyy back when we first started Brave Girls Club…she came to one of our first camps and became a friend and sister for life (just like everyone does!!!) …..Lorraine came by herself, and then later brought her dear friends,  Sandi Keene, Rae Missigman and Barbara Moore. I bet all of these gals sound familiar!! They all teamed up with their dear friend and incredibly talented artist, Roben-Marie Smith to start ART TO THE 5th….and let me tell you, my friends….this is something that you need to check out!!! 

They asked me to be a part of their wonderful and very popular Documented Life Project 2015 as a featured artist!! So, my prompt is “The Fabric of Your Life” and I am challenged to work with TOUCHY FEELY fabric in my art journal. This is perfect for me because I use fabric as a texture all the time!! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CHALLENGE

and here’s my project!!

colored TWO page spread

I have been working in an old LIFE Magazine annual…it’s a perfect art journal with thick pages and lots of amazing photos…I just use them as a starting point for my journal layouts…’s how the page started…

1 the book BEFORE

and I gathered some fabrics from my life! I always save old clothes that I love but I am done wearing…and I search out clothing at thrift stores, etc that have beautiful trims or lots of texture and embroidery… are a few of the things I gathered…2 clothing fabric

Then I started painting the background with some turquoise paint. I thought I might save part of the words so I didn’t paint over that…..I just scraped the paint on with a drywall scraper….

3 scraping the paint on

I also dropped some alcohol ink for extra color & interest…

4 painting the pages

then I scraped on some white paint…

5 painting the pages

I LOVED the poses of the people……but I wanted it to look more hand drawn…so I just wet my Stabilo pencil and started roughly sketching over the photo…

6 drawing over the photos

7 drawing over photos

and I decided why I loved the photos so much….because they are full of love…and they inspired me to love even more…and I love when LOVE inspires more love….so of course, I took my wet stabilo and wrote…LOVE…

8 writing the words

and I thought about how cool it is that those photos inspired me to feel love and to want to create more love and have more love….and so I added the words PRACTICE THE KIND OF LOVE THAT INSPIRES MORE LOVE…and then I thought…wow, that’s going to be my new mantra! :)

9 writing the rest of the words

and then I started adding the fabric :) When I put fabric in my journals or on my art….I soak it in collage medium…I am loving Collage Pauge but I also use Mod Podge and when I’m doing a piece for the wall, I use gel medium….but the important thing is that you soak the fabric so it sticks down and becomes part of the page….10 adding the lace

One of my favorite things to do is to dress my people in my journals and art! So I started crafting some sweet fashion out of the fabric…

11 adding skirt fabric

and again…had to really soak the fabric to paste it down…

12 adding more fabric

then I started adding trim…..the photo of her dress already had such fantastic trim that I just added to it…

13 adding lace trim

then I decided to put lace all over the word LOVE…

14 adding lace to the words

…and I LOVE how it turned out! So much beautiful texture!!!

15 lace on LOVE


16 love lace closeup


I also added white pen to the outside of the letters!

17 practice love angle

then I just kept going with dressing the lovers….so fun!

18 texture on people

19 clothing closeup

20 people closeup


and I added a few flowers and stems…

21 people closeup angle

22 people closeup angled

then I took my Inktense blocks and colored some of the areas that I wanted to have more color. I LOVE these…they are like pastels, but when wet, they become permanent INK. Really awesome. They also have Inktense pencils…

with inktense

I just wet my paintbrush and painted the pigment where I wanted it…where I had colored it…

colored lovers

and voile! it is done!! I love how it turned out!! I hope you will try out using some fabric in your art….and that you will start saving old clothes and other fabrics from your life to put into your art stash! It’s so much fun!

colored TWO page spread

Hope you loved it!! And I hope that you will check out our monthly Soul School class, CHOOSE HAPPY! Premium subscribers get this BRAVE BOX full of beautiful treasures…this is a great month to try it out because you will receive the gift of a free signed book in your box this month only!!

soul school box

Along with SUCH wonderful treasures! Check it out in this blog post HERE ABOUT SOUL SCHOOL >>>> and make sure you check out Art to the 5th!!

I’m so honored to participate in this wonderful challenge!! Thanks for sharing this time with me!

Have a beautiful day!



Live big in your own skin and take charge…

Dear Steadfast Girl,

One of the most powerful thing we can do it is to stand in our very own skin and proclaim out loud (even if we are our only audience) what we will and will not allow…what we will and will not believe in…what we will and will not fight for, or fight about….what we will and will not accept as truth for our life or ourselves.

Sometimes we think things…but we never claim those things powerfully, or proclaim them. Sometimes we know something is not right…or we know something is very very right…..but we never stand in our own power and make it real.

Beautiful friend……try it. Try to stand up tall….get your big beautiful soul into your own skin…and say some things out loud that you believe….that you may have been afraid to say out loud before. You will find that it will be incredibly amazing to hear your own beautiful self say things with such power and conviction…and you will find that your actions will follow your proclamations….come on, just try it.

Brave Girls Club - DECIDE to live an extraordinary life!
You have the right, you have the choice…you even have the responsibility to live big in your own skin and to take charge of what you will and will not do..will and will not believe…will and will not allow…….let yourself hear it from your own mouth…..miracles will happen.

Come on…be brave.

You are so very very very loved.

Want a better world?????????? PRACTICE what you want the world to be

Want a better world?????????? Seriously…..we all need to PRACTICE more….all of us.

Sometimes it all makes me tired…makes me sad what is going on in the world. Holy moly there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world.

Here’s what I think………………….if we need more love in the world (and we do)….then really the only effective way to have more love in the world is for each of us, individually, to practice PRACTICE practice the kind of love that inspires more love.

If we want tolerance, acceptance, equality……we each, individually, need to PRACTICE the kind of tolerance, acceptance and equality that inspires more tolerance, acceptance, equality.

If we want strong, good values in the world, in our communities, in our families……then each of us, individually must PRACTICE the kind of strong, good values that INSPIRE more strong good values.

Because the rest of it is such lip service, you know? You can’t preach or beat or fight goodness into people… can’t convert others to your way of thinking by telling others that their way of thinking is wrong.

The only way to create change is to INSPIRE others to want a better way….and the only way you can inspire others to want a better way is to PRACTICE THAT BETTER WAY YOURSELF……..and let others be inspired and choose that better way.

Love and then love more….take responsibility for your own self and your family…….968983_10151865697671410_1667711035_n (1)BE what you want the world to be. Know what I’m sayin’?????



All about May Soul School…CHOOSE HAPPY….plus I want to gift you a signed copy of my new book!!! We’ve never given away this much stuff before!

UPDATE: This post will show you EVERYTHING that’s in May’s Soul School class, Choose Happy! So if you’re wondering what the online class is all about, or you want to see what’s in the Brave Box that Premium Subscribers receive, or you want to see how you can get a free signed copy of Melody’s new book CHOOSE HAPPY, you’ll find it all right here. Read on! ….


We want to give you a beautiful and signed copy of my new book, CHOOSE HAPPY, which was just released and is already getting rave reviews! melody ross with choose happy book

We also want you to try out our SOUL SCHOOL and our BRAVE BOX..we usually don’t have extra BRAVE BOXES but this month, we ordered extra so that we could give away more books…, this month only, you can try out the Brave Box (you get this with Premium Subscription) and in addition to all of the amazing gifts you will receive in your box….you will receive a signed copy of CHOOSE HAPPY. (everyone who is already subscribed or subscribes now to our Premium Level of Soul School gets a Brave Box with the book inside) If you are brand new to Soul School….you will also receive a WELCOME BOX. All in all, if you are brand new…you will receive about $80 in beautiful gifts just for signing up this month at the $45 subscription price. CLICK HERE TO LEARN ALL ABOUT SOUL SCHOOL AND READ TESTIMONIALS And…you can cancel at any time, but we are sure that you won’t want to….because every month is a new trove of treasures for your soul…..

choose happy book angle

Soul School is a monthly offering of short little classes that are good food for your soul. This month, the theme is CHOOSE HAPPY and there are 7 little mini lessons that center around making the daily choices that lead to your happiest life. These lessons have video instruction and downloadable PDF worksheets for each of these possibly surprising, definitely thought-provoking subjects:

1. Accepting That Which You Cannot Change
2. Letting Go and Removing Toxicity From Your Life
3. Remembering How Far You’ve Come
4. Honoring Sadness
5. Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness
6.The Power of Words
7. Choosing Happy Your Own Way

And…..with the Brave Box…you get a whole box of beautiful treasures that will reinforce and spotlight these lessons…including affirmation cards, journaling prompts and worksheets and pretty little things with beautiful messages on them……check this out….IN ADDITION TO YOUR GIFT OF A COPY OF THE BOOK…you will receive…..



We have a new little affirmation card every month. They make quite a beautiful little collection…..this month’s is CHOOSE HAPPY….here’s a photo…

choose happy affirmation card

Starting this month we have a little deck of bigger affirmation cards called “BRAVE GIRL FLASH CARDS” there are 7 premium quality cards….one card for each of the lessons included this month in soul school……..7 brave girl flashcards


Also included are worksheets with journaling prompts to do at your own pace. These classes are incredibly meaningful and soul restoring…but also really fun and simple. You can do as many of the little mini courses as you have time for…and at your own pace.

4 worksheets MAY


We also like to include lots of pretty little things……like this stuff….


May flair buttons


And to support our mantra of “let’s be good to each other”…we always include 2 beautiful greeting cards and gorgeous kraft paper envelopes so that you can send notes of love to the souls around you… are the cards in this month’s Brave Box…..

2 greeting cards MAY


Every month we also include a new collectible woven patch……isn’t this month’s patch so pretty??? (this is just the proof that the embroidery company sent to us…)

may patch


You’ll also receive 2 beautiful sheets of patterned paper to use in your art journals, collages, etc….

2 sheets patterned paper

and  beautiful stitchery pattern!!!choose happy stitchery


Because we are well known for our delicious food served at Brave Girl Camp…we also include a delcious recipe each month….brave girl recipe


we love to share wonderful projects with you so also included are project sheets with step by step instructions to make gorgeous things for yourself and those you love…..this month we have a few projects….paper rose wreath


May project & recipe sheets

Finally…this month you will receive a little kit of goodies in your Brave Box to make a pretty little banner that either says HELLO or HAPPY……..

happy hello banner kit

hello banner sample 1

may banner 2


Everyone who joins Soul School gets a Welcome Box full of goodies for yourself and to give to others….it’s a bundling of goodies to give a hug to your beautiful soul and also a hug to others……among a whole bunch of other little treats, you’ll receive TWO COPIES of our best selling book “YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY”…one to keep, and one to give away…..check out the lovelies in the Welcome Box….


blog-welcome-box-640x809 soul school welcome box


So….will you join the thousands of other Brave Girls who are enjoying Soul School every month?? We’d love to give you all of these beautiful gifts!!!!! This is the only time we will be giving away CHOOSE HAPPY so we hope you will take advantage of this offer. We KNOW you will love all of this…especially Soul School!!! And we want you with us!choose happy book angle

Here’s a little video about the book…….sending you all SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out SOUL SCHOOL here! Hope to see you in the classroom soon!!! I know you will LOVE everything you find in SOUL SCHOOL….there is so much to see and learn.



Listen to your heart messages…

Dear Fantastic Girl,

If you’re thinking, dear friend, that you are not nearly enough qualified, or deserving, or “right” to be the one with the big huge dreams….the ways to fix things…or the beautiful wisdom……….sweetheart, it’s time to change your thinking.

Someone’s got to dream the big dreams…or the big stuff won’t happen…..someone’s got to fix the stuff that’s wrong, or it will continue to get worse….someone’s got to be wise and experienced…or there will be no one to turn to when the wisdom is needed. Who will it be?

The world needs those gorgeous ideas brewing in your mind, or who else will make them happen? The world needs all of that passion that goes along with the burning desire in your heart to make things better and to fix what is wrong…or who else is going to do it? And…..honey…..all of those hard things you are learning…those lessons, those trials…..ALL OF THEM….those are the things that will bring the wisdom and the experience that is so needed in the world….because, if not YOU…who else will have it?

Brave Girls Club - listen to your heart messages listen to your heart messages

Get ready, sister……..there are big things planned for you. Keep dreaming, keep fixing, keep helping, keep learning, keep sharing.

Keep with it.

You are needed.
You are loved.




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You will get through this….

Dear Courageous Girl,Many times, life throws us into a battle. These are times that teach us, strengthen us, test us and show us what we are made of.

Don’t ever think for a minute that you are weak when it feels like life is a battle.

Life doesn’t give us battles to turn us into vengeful fighters, rather to show us the strength that we have that we don’t even know we have until we have to use it.
Life is not out to get us, but rather there to teach us. Life is not working against us, but absolutely for us.
Sometimes life hands out some really tough love, but if we take it as love and return with love, openness and faith in the journey, miracles happen.

Brave Girls Club - youwillgetthroughthis

It is ok to feel weary sometimes. It is ok to cry and even to shout at the sky. It is ok to throw fits when we are at our wit’s end. The important thing is that we keep those fits short, make them count, and then move on – move forward, keep moving, keep learning, keep hoping, keep believing, keep smiling. Things have always worked out. Things will continue to always work out.Be brave, dear girl.

You are so very loved.

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