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From the Brave Girl Camp recipe collection…buttermilk syrup and waffled french toast

You will never choose maple syrup again… (Note from Kathy…Warm and buttery homemade syrup over crispy-on-the-outside, creamy-on the-inside french toast made in a WAFFLE maker…I’m telling you, you MUST make this incredible recipe from Chelsea & Kallie  (my daughters) as soon as possible! They have made this for us several times at Brave Girl Camp […]

You gotta meet Florence…and how girls change the world

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about girls. About their natural strengths and gifts, and how they are so often undervalued in our world. I am blessed with a remarkable daughter who has brought many of her joyful, creative friends into our home. To raise a daughter is to be immersed in the natural exuberance […]

Save the date….this is going to be so gooooood! ***Updated with FAQs

I wanted to personally invite all of you to look into the online workshop that we have coming up in January…it is going to be sooooo wonderful and the next best thing to being at Brave Girl Camp. I LOOOOVE teaching this curriculum and I love the transformations and deep restorations that take place through […]

Straight From the Hearts of the October Brave Girls….

Just over a week has gone by since we all returned home from October Brave Girl Camp. The fun times and soul engravings still linger everywhere in my mind and heart….and I know it’s pretty much the same for everyone who was there. It just happens like this every time. Just like always…the only thing […]

Before I begin this wild blogging party…..

I’m getting ready to share with you all about our October Brave Girl Camp….from my perspective, but I especially want to share the words and photos that many of the graduates have been sharing on their blogs….before I begin, though… I want to share something first about what I am feeling as I look over […]

Lessons on Bravery from a Furry Friend

This is Missie…our family dog. She is a white Shih Tzu who stands up on her hind legs and twirls for treats, plays growly games with my husband, and sleeps near my feet while I work at my computer. My twin daughters, Angela and Tessa, sneak her onto their beds when they can get away […]