Body Restoration

  • brave girls club - body restoration online classHave you tried everything to love your body, to get in shape or to take care of yourself and you’re still hung up on wishing you had a different body?
  • Are there constant voices running through your head chattering about how ugly and imperfect your body is?
  • Do you feel like you can never measure up, you’ll never be able to take control, you’ll never reach your health goals?
  • Do you say destructive things to yourself about your body that you’d never say to another woman?
  • Do you feel like you are at war with your own body?

Guess what?! It’s time to finally make peace with our bodies…to stop abusing them and start honoring them as beautiful homes for our souls.

Brave Girls Club - Body Restoration Online ClassHow can we be kind to our souls when we are so mean to our bodies? Why do we continuously compare our bodies to others? Why do we hold on so tight to staying young looking as we age, even to the detriment of our own inner peace? Why does weight seem to hang on to us when we are dealing with difficult things emotionally?

There is an epidemic of body loathing among women and young women. The body and the soul are so connected that we cannot loathe our bodies without wounding the rest of us…our hearts, our moods, our decisions, our confidence, our inner peace….even our most important relationships & jobs!

JOIN US for a wonderful 6 week course of art journaling and reflective journaling, where we will explore the reasons behind this continuous struggle…and then we’ll make a loving partnership with our bodies so that they will work with us instead of resisting us.


  • Next session begins 6-24-14 (you can jump in anytime before 8-5-14 to participate in this session. The classroom will be available from 6-24 through 10-7-14)
  • Tuition $99
  • Payment plans are available – register today for as little as $39
  • Repeat the class for only $25
  • Gift certificates are available

Registration is open

With the same attention to detail, fun and compelling projects, beautiful videos and step by step photography as our other RESTORATION series of classes, you will surely be moved in ways you have never been moved before…and think about things you have never thought about before…and make changes, decisions and promises that you have never been able to make before.

Brave Girls Club - Body Restoration Online Class

Body Restoration was a full year in development and personal miracles have happened during that time. Every woman knows that her issues with body image and food are between her ears. What if one of the most important keys to changing harmful thoughts and old destructive habits was working on our souls and finding peace in our hearts?

Body Restoration is not a weight loss or fitness program,  but rather a  companion to the soul side of honoring our bodies.

This is a fun, meaningful and powerfully effective course that has been life-changing for so many women. Now is the PERFECT time to start up this program and grow into a new way of thinking and being…just the way the SOUL RESTORATION classes are so life changing.

We hope you will join us!!!!


Melody and Kathy

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 hardbound blank page journal (approx 8×10 or 9×11)
  • 1 lined journal or composition book
  • 1 set of index cards
  • 3 pads of post-it notes
  • 1 set of high quality colored pencils (at least 24 colors, including flesh colors)
  • 1 pad (at least 15 sheets) of tracing paper or vellum (Walmart carries a pack of 15 sheets of vellum)
  • 20 sheets of white cardstock (will need to go through your computer printer)
  • pack of large 1/4″ jump rings (find in jewelry supplies – even Walmart has them)
  • Camera & photo paper
  • Several computer printouts of a close-up photo of your face (really really close, no hair or neck) – 8 x 10 (Don’t be scared – you’ll only be using your eyes. )
  • Access to a color printer with high-quality paper and ink
  • Some good waterproof pens Such as Sakura, Zig, or Sharpie Ultrafine. (Check out this awesome blog post by Kelly Kilmer
  • Mod Podge, Deco Pauge, or other collage medium, matte or gloss. (Gloss sometimes stays ‘tacky’, especially in humid climates.)
  • Clear acrylic sealer spray or old white taper candles.  This is to seal and protect your finished collages and keep them from staying a little sticky.
  • Paintbrushes for applying adhesive and paint. Inexpensive brushes are fine. We recommend you get a multi-pack (about $8).
  • Scissors
  • This and that. Ribbons, buttons, jewels, felt shapes, other miscellaneous embellishments and findings that you might enjoy using.
  • Acrylic craft paint in a variety of colors.
  • An assortment of papers, paper scraps, book pages, scans of vintage (and other) illustrations, wrapping paper, sheet music, magazine clippings, etc. that represent you or your life. Thrift stores, flea markets, and used books stores are some of our favorite sources.
  • Rubber Cement
  • Masking tape – 1 1/2″, good quality
  • Ruler

Optional supplies

  • Rubber stamps and inks
  • Personal ephemera (things that are unique to you…mail, wrappers, receipts, etc.)
  • Junk mail, cereal boxes, cardboard boxes, random things with interesting textures
  • Fabric scraps
  • Texture medium, paper clay, etc. (this can be expensive…found in a variety of forms at craft and hobby stores in the paint area)

Art Techniques—Optional Supplies

You will be given access to several videos showing art techniques that you might want to use in your projects. We will show you how WE used those techniques and supplies, and if you find that they are calling to you, there will be a supply list and you can get the supplies at that time.

  • Collage layering with different materials such as paper, fabric, mosaic tiles, metals, etc.
  • Chip-art tools and debossing of chipboard covers, leather, clay, and soft metals
  • Paint, ink, and texture techniques
  • Gold foil, glitter, and heat embossing
  • Rubber stamp and foam stamp techniques
  • Creative journal using pens, computers, & junk mail

Notes: The six weekly lessons will roll out each Tuesday at noon (Mtn). That means on that date and time, the new lesson for the week will go ‘live’ and you’ll be able to access it in your online Classroom. You can watch the videos and print the class materials at any time during the week, on your own schedule.

Because we care about you, we highly encourage you to dedicate a set time each week to work on your projects. You are worth it! Do your best to keep up with the class, interact with the online community, and complete each of your projects so that you get the very most possible out of the class. In our experience, the best results happen when we give dedicated attention and focus rather than dragging the class out for an extended time, and waiting for that magical ‘free time’ to appear. As women, it’s often difficult to find time for ourselves…please know that we believe this is important, and that YOU are important, and for that reason we are encouraging you to make a commitment to yourself to make the time to do whatever it takes to keep current with the class. It is time for you to do this oh so important work that is just for you and your beautiful future. 


melody & kathy

Disclaimer: Friends, there are literally hundreds of thousands of books published on health and countless programs and experts and philosophies out there. It is important to know that we have no special education, degrees, formal training, or expertise. We do not give advice. We simply share powerful ideas that have worked for us (and that have been applied with enormous success in our Soul Restoration classes) in using art and other creative and enjoyable means to slow down, tap into our own intuition and our own truth, and discover some of the thinking that is causing us to abuse our bodies. Our goal is to help each of us learn to honor our beautiful, miraculous bodies as the magnificent gift they are and to live a daily life that is joyfully, peacefully congruent with that knowledge. This program is in no way a substitute for professional treatment for any diagnosed or undiagnosed illness, disease, or disorder. Our lawyers would like us to say that you should consult a physician before embarking on any health-related program. xoxo