Brave Girl Art School

...because your life is your art…

In these videos, Melody tells you exactly what you’ll be learning and doing

Come on and join us!

Brave Girl Art School is a crazy-fun series of online art+life experiences.
 You’ll learn so many incredible techniques from Melody…one-of-a-kind things….FUN things….things she has learned and developed in her 20+ year career as a wildly-creative world-renowned artist.

It’s time to let free that artist inside YOU and EVERY girl…time to let her play and have funwhile connecting and sharing with other girls in the class in true Brave Girl style.  Every girl, from beginners to professionals, will have a great time with the techniques Melody is sharing in this class!

BG Art School has TWO sessions available:

Session One (keep reading to learn more about this original class)
Session Two: The Wings Sessions (click HERE to learn about this 2nd session)

Note: They can be done in any order…if wings are your thing, you can take it first!

All About Brave Girl Art School Session One:
  • BY POPULAR DEMAND this class has been reopened!
  • Tuition: only $99  - VALUE $499
  • Repeat Tuition for anyone who took it in 2013 just $25
  • Online class access through January 1. 2014!!!!!!!
  • Later this year, the modules in this class will be broken apart and offered separately with a combined value of  over$499.  Even if you completed only part of the modules, you would be receiving an incredible value.
  • Over 100 incredible videos plus pdfs – an unbelievable amount of material. You’ll be so glad you have until the end of the year to squeeze every bit you can out of this class!

Register Here

Signing up for this class has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.
I really don’t want it to ever end. – Amy N

Beautifully said, beautifully shown, beautiful class. thanks for your inspiration, your drive, your passion and your caring concern…can’t wait for the next class…but now, i must make art, because i am an artist. (just so you know, that is the first time i have ever said that…and believed it.) thanks.- Sharon S

Brave Girl Art School - collage of projects and techniquesIncludes…

  • Over 100 incredible videos plus countless pdfs with creative art lessons featuring Melody’s favorite techniques, tools, and secrets (something for every level of experience – see listing of art techniques lower on this page). It’s like sitting with her for personal, private lessons!
  • soul-stirring journaling prompts
  • whimsical and meaningful photography prompts
  • online discussions
  • optional outing assignments
  • a special private forum/facebook page to connect and share with other Brave Girls from all over the world who are committing to the same fun and meaningful stuff each week

Here’s how it works…we hope you’re ready for some fun!

You’ll have access to our online classroom where you’ll find six in-depth lessons presented, each with tons of beautiful instructional videos and photography to tutor us all along. Each video is carefully produced and edited down to the ‘meat’ of the lesson…we don’t want to waste a minute of your valuable time.

While there will be many fun assignments in each lesson around the same theme, you are welcome to do all or just a few…..then connect back with the Brave Girl tribe about what was learned, what you created, what was fun, and what was soul-shifting about each lesson.

No pressure….no comparing….just learning, just connecting….the good stuff.

You’ll come away with fantastic new skills, new ways to play and do soul work, new relationships, a safe and welcoming place to talk about it all,  and the encouragement and motivation to keep making your life your best work of art, ever.

Why Brave Girl Art School?

We all need a soul-deep fun, uplifting, welcoming & creatively constructive place to retreat to…….everyone does.

We all need inspiration, ideas, encouragement and a soft place to land when life is hard.

We all love to create beautiful things, and we all need a little push of encouragement sometimes.

Brave Girl Art School is an online place meet our hearts’ desires.

We have watched over the last 3 years of doing Brave Girl Camps and online courses, the tremendous bliss that can be found in life through making time to create things….and to think about, discuss and act on soul-deep longings…and then to connect with others who are also honestly and compassionately looking at their souls… share what has been created…and then to create new connections with others and then to support, uplift and take care of each other…….while making pretty stuff and learning cool stuff and discussing important stuff.

What you can expect:

-In our beautiful online classroom, you’ll find six comprehensive modules with creative new techniques developed and taught by Melody. Through beautifully presented videos, you’ll feel like you are sitting right in the Turquoise Art Barn with Melody as she teaches you her favorite techniques and shows you how to create lovely projects using those techniques. Each lesson includes a larger project along with a truth card to keep that helps us remember the important lesson or the big question we are discussing in that module.

-We will have the opportunity to show our projects on our private Facebook page…to share what we have done with our new techniques and the project ideas.

-Each module includes a topic of discussion that has a life lesson and a big important question that we will all be thinking about and discussing on the Facebook page.

-Each module includes an optional photography prompt/assignment and then the photographs can be posted in the private Facebook group.

-Each module also includes an optional and fun “outing” assignment that goes along with that lesson and we will all report about on our Facebook group page….

Class Details…

FUNKY FLOWERS (paint and extreme texture techniques)

SHOW ME A SIGN (lettering and sign, quote techniques)

WEAR YOUR WORD (jewelry from clay, metal, leatherworking, bracelets, etc.)

MAKE A SCENE (making trees, houses, flowers, people, life scenes from collage)

PRETTY PORTRAIT (taking a photo of yourself or others and making it into a collage)

ALL BOOKED UP (different bookmaking techniques and how to decorate/embellish covers)

PLUS bonus classes:

DELICIOUS DETAIL DOODLES  (how to draw/paint borders, designs, etc.)

COLOR ME HAPPY (or sad) (mixing paint to make your own colors)


  • Registration is OPEN
  • Last day to access classroom, videos, and pdfs: January 1, 2014
Supply List
Click here for the Supply List. Be sure to read the note at the top of the list. There are some good substitutes given for those things that can be expensive, and you will find that a lot of the items can be found and gathered from around your house. Melody will show you how to do AMAZING things with very simple, easy to find supplies.

This amazing class has all the special touches and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from a Brave Girls Club online class. We spend hours and hours (days and weeks) planning, filming, editing, analyzing, and improving our classes before they are released. We are very proud of our standard of quality, because you deserve the VERY BEST that we can possibly create for you.

Your life is your art…..and beautiful girl…you make some beautiful art! Wouldn’t it be a million miles beyond wonderful to be able to connect with others who are committing to making their lives their most beautiful works of art, too?

We have found that it is difficult to connect with others when life is so busy, when many of us do not leave our homes or towns very often and when life circumstances make it hard to ever physically get together with others. But why let that stop us from getting together?

Please join us for Brave Girl Art School Session ONE or Session TWO: The Wing Sessions. You will find your happy place….and you will connect with Brave Girls from all over the world. We know from experience that once you all find each other….nothing is ever the same.

Let’s do this!!! It’s time to love art again, to learn to PLAY again, to reawaken your soul-deep creativity, and to create beautiful things!!! 


melody and kathy
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