Brave Girl Art School Supply List

Brave Girl Art School

Here is a list of items you will need for Brave Girl Art School.  On the left, you’ll find the items you need.  On the right, we’ve provided examples of supplies we recommend – they are similar to what we use.  If you click on the images, you will be taken to where you can see full descriptions of the items and purchase them there or take the descriptions with you to buy what you need from your local hobby/craft stores.

Click here for a printable version of the supply list.

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LESSON 1 – “Funky Flowers” – Supply List

You will need these supplies for week 1 and throughout the class…
you will need a few additional items for each week.
See supply lists for lessons 2-6 below.

 One sketchbook.  You will use this for writing, and collage so it needs to be sturdy.  You’ll want 65lb-80lb paper. Be sure it is sturdy enough that you can have fun with it!
 11×14 canvas board  Must be a canvas board, not a wall canvas.  You’ll need several throughout the class….you’ll save money buying a pack of 6.
 Black Pen – Zig Writer or Sharpie Fine Tip
  Pencil  Just a regular old pencil
 Mod Podge or other collage adhesive.  You’ll need matte or gloss. NOTE: we’ve found that gloss sometimes stays ‘tacky’ – especially in humid climates.
 Acrylic Paint in the following colors:pink, yellow, red, orange, turquoise, cobalt blue, light green, dark green, black, white
  Heavy body paint in TWO of the above colors.You do not need all of these colors of heavy body paint…we have provided links to all of them as examples.
 (If you want to experiment with several different colors of heavy body paint, there are multi-packs available):
 Variety of Paint Brushes
1 with a pointed fine tip and
1 flat 1/2″ brush
An inexpensive multi-pack will work fine.
 1 Small Palette Knife
 Hot Glue & Glue Gun
  Modeling Paste
(this can be expensive…see alternative below in #13) 
 Super Heavy Gel Medium
(this can be expensive…see alternative below in #13)  
 Inexpensive Substitutes for Modeling Paste and Ultrathick Gel: caulking, joint compound, Spackle
Twelve or more Thick Cards (for truth cards) – About 4’x6′ – these could be matt board scraps from a frame shop, thick cardboard, thick cardstock, bookboard, crafting chipboard, cereal boxes, thick watercolor paper…etc
12 Large Manila Envelopes (you will need these throughout the class).  Your truth cards should fit inside this envelope loosely.  Be sure to leave room for thick embellishments and texture.
 Sandwich Baggies
 (see descriptions –
no items pictured/linked for all of the
rest of the supplies for week 1)
Scratching Tools– toothpicks, clay tools, old paintbrushes, empty mechanical pencils…any of these will work.
 Fabric Scraps (4″x4″ or larger)
 Paper Scraps(4″x4″ or larger)
 Textured Items– we will be using these to lay down layers of texture on your canvas. Any of these household items will work: paper towels, textured or embossed wallpapers, wrapping papers, paper napkins, crafting embellishments, embroidered or embellished parts of old clothing, greeting cards, tissue paper, etc.
 Access to a printer COLOR printer preferred, but not essential.  Also good, bright white copy paper (not recycled) for printing.  This will ensure your printed curriculum comes out bright and beautiful.
 This and that Ribbons, buttons, jewels, felt shapes, other miscellaneous embellishments and findings you might enjoy using.
 An old typewriter or computer with a vintage typewriter font.  Here’s a good font to download for free:
 Photocopies of photos of yourself that you want to work with.  Print on non-recycled high quality paper for best results.
Elipse Template or any template with various eliptical sizes.

LESSON 2 – “Show Me a Sign” Supply List

In addition to paint & fabric that you purchased for week 1, you will also need these supplies.

One 11×14 canvas board
One 11×14 wall canvas
Backgrounds (any of these will do)
Paint (found in lesson 1 supplies)
Fabric (found in lesson 1 supplies)
Wrapping Paper
 (see description – no item pictured)
Three 12×12 sheets of textured cardstock (should have flocking, velvet, glitter or other texture).  Regular cardstock will do if you do not have access to textured cardstocks.**Note: we did not find a place online to purchase 3 separate sheets of cardstock – everyone online will want to sell you a 25-pack, but to the right you will see samples of what we’re talking about.Also – your textured paper doesn’t have to be black…these are just the samples we had.



Paint Dropcloth fabric or thick canvas fabric
Alphabet Magnets – Just plain old plastic colored ones.  Color does not matter as we will be painting over them.
Spray Paint – we like Krylon Fusion for plastic. You’ll need a paint that will easily adhere to your plastic letters.
 Wallpaper – we recommend going to a paint store and asking for small sample pieces or scraps you can buy.

Lesson 3 “Wear Your Words” Supply List

For lesson 3, we recommend watching the class videos before purchasing supplies, so you can pick what you want to try first.  There are a few tools that will be quite an investment (like Chip Art Tools), and you want you to be sure you want to make that investment before spending money on them.
One leather cuff  
Two earring hooks
Four jump rings
One necklace clasp
One necklace chain in your chosen necklace length
Ornamental rubber stamps
Clay – small block of polymer clay such as sculpey
Two decorative beads that you like
Large Wooden Beads – 3/4″ – 1″ size

Chip Art Block Click here to find Chip Art Tools in the
Brave Girls Club Shoppe 
Chip Art Mallet
Chip Art Spray Bottle
Chip Art Alphabet

Lesson 4 “Make a Scene” Supply List

For this lesson, you’ll use these supplies in addition to supplies from lesson 1.
One 11×14 canvas board
Printed Brave Girls Club Templates (found in the online classroom) (see description – no item pictured)
Various Strings and ribbons for flower stems  (see description – no item pictured)

Lesson 5 “Pretty Portrait” Supply List

One 11×14 canvas board
Children’s Storybooks (we love using vintage books we find at thrift stores). We will be cutting these up, or you can use color photocopies.  (see description – no item pictured)
Fabric and paper scraps – any patterned or collage scraps which you would like to use to build a background and other elements  (see description – no item pictured)
Flesh-colored craft paint.  Whatever color suits you and your project.

Lesson 6 “All Booked Up” Supply List

One 11×14 canvas board
Two manila envelopes (large)
Six twist ties – you can find these in the party section of any craft store.  Choose colorful or metallic twist ties …these will be part of your book’s binding.
Six large buttons with a shank.  These will be part of your book binding, so choose designs you love.
Twelve plain manilla folders.
One pad of watercolor paper  You’ll need at least 10 sheets for this week… Watercolor paper is also required in Bonus Lesson 2.
One 14″x5″ piece of heavy fabric (painter’s dropcloth canvas or denim).  If you purchased a painter’s canvas dropcloth for lesson 2, you will have enough left over for this.
Hole Punch – must be able to punch through heavy canvas board.  We use a Cropodile, but use any heavy hole punch of your choice.
Six fabric strips – must be at least 1″x5″.  These will be used for decorative ties, so choose patterns you love.  (see description – no item pictured)

BONUS lesson 1 “Doodles” Supply List

 Pencil  (see description – no item pictured)
Eraser  (see description – no item pictured)
Ruler  (see description – no item pictured)
Elipse Template or any template with various eliptical sizes.
Jumbo Circle Template or any template with various circle sizes.

BONUS lesson 2 “Color Me Happy” Supply List

Paint in all true primary colors (red, yellow, blue, black and white)
Paint Palette (or wax paper) for mixing paint
Coffee Stir Sticks or Palette Knife (from lesson 1) for mixing paint
Water Color Paper (if you purchased a watercolor paper pad with more than 10 sheets for lesson 6, you’ll have enough for this)
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