Brave Mothers and Daughters

Brave Girls Club - Brave Mothers & Daughters

An amazing online course for Mothers & Daughters of any age. Open registration – take this class any time.

Life is sometimes tough on the hearts and souls of girls.

What if our daughters could learn the truth of who they really are before life makes them forget?

What if we could draw closer to them, helping them find their unique truth, through art and journaling projects….and that we could see them as a SOUL instead of a child..and they could see us as a SOUL instead of as a mother.

In this fun and interactive online class….daughters work and play with mothers in fun soul-crafting art projects.

Using creative, colorful, painty and collagy techniques….mothers and daughters remember that they are different and unique, but that they also play a very special and important role in each other’s lives that no one else could ever fill.

Join us as we experience this 3 week course with our own daughters and guide you all step by step through fun and meaningful projects that you will carry with you in your hearts for the rest of your lives.

  • The projects are designed to be adapted from beginner to advanced

—  For mothers and daughters of any age
—  3 weekly lessons (tuition includes access to the classroom for 3 months)
—  Open Registration…join anytime that works for you
—  Just $49 (ONE PRICE for you and your daughters, no matter how many)

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week one – how I see you
week two – what I want you to remember
week three – how I want to see US

Supplies you’ll need:

  • spiral bound watercolor books, approx 9 x 11, with 12-15 heavy pages

– daughters will need one book (you’ll be creating one book for your mom)
– Mothers will need one book for each of their daughters (you’ll be creating a separate book for each of your girls)

  • ordinary composition book (1 each)
  • 1 large bottle of collage medium (such as Mod Podge or Deco Pauge, gloss or matte)
  • flat glass marbles, approx 1” diameter, at least 6-8 each (clear) find in the floral dept at craft stores
  • Polymer clay (such as Sculpey or Fimo) — ivory, silver, or any color of your choice, 1 small package for each person
  • unfinished wooden treasure box, approx 6”x6”, 1 each
  • artist canvas, 8 x 10 or 9 x 12, 1 each
  • 1 4×6 photo of each mother and daughter
  • access to digital camera and printer (for additional photos as part of an assignment)
  • Cream or oatmeal cardstock that you can run through your printer* (12 sheets for Mom, 3 sheets for each daughter—white will work, too)
  • paper towels and baby wipes to keep things tidy :)
  • waxed paper
  • old white candle (for rubbing your finished pages with to prevent sticking)
  • 3-5 colors of your favorite craft or artist acrylic paint (tube or bottle…doesn’t matter)
  • several paint brushes in different sizes (you will want a bigger brush to collage with, and 1 or more smaller brushes to paint with)
  • scissors that you can use for paper and fabric
  • 1 pretty wide-mouthed jar or bowl (that you can fit your hand into easily) about 6” or so


A stash of your favorite scraps & treasures such as….

-some random pretty buttons
-pieces of broken jewelry
-pretty little beads that you adore
-pieces of your favorite fabrics (even pieces of old clothes
or blankets)
-bits of lace and pieces of old tablecloths or pillow cases
that have been embroidered
-pieces of beautiful paper that you love
-random charms
-magazine clippings of beautiful things that make you happy to look at
-magazine clippings of words that describe you and make you happy
-pieces of ephemera from your life….wrappers, receipts, tags, notes and cards you have kept, things you have doodled on, quotes you have jotted down, event tickets, things on your dream list… get the idea…:)
-anything that is pretty, makes you happy, has texture and that you can glue down….

*You’ll also need access to a good computer with high speed internet access in order to watch the lesson videos and print the pdfs.

Get ready to have a great time and create some lifetime memories
with the girls who are most important to you!!