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Melody Ross & Kathy Wilkins
Brave Girls Club, LLC
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Regarding Copyright and Legal Use:

Regarding Copyright and Legal Use: All content, images, and graphics are expressly protected by copyright. You are welcome to use quotes, art, etc., in PERSONAL projects such as single copy art journals and home decor for personal use, but it is illegal and prohibited to use copyrighted material in products that are for sale or duplication. Furthermore, it is not legal or permitted to use any portion of Brave Girls Club or Melody Ross classes, projects, or curriculum content in classes or retreats, even if they are free, without written specific authorization. However, you are welcome to repost our copyrighted content on your blog, website, or social media platform, and you are welcome to use our Truth Card Exchange materials in classes and events…simply credit Brave Girls Club and provide a link to our website: www. Thank you for your understanding and your honesty.

Regarding requests to review or promote products, books, programs, websites, etc.
We enthusiastically encourage creative, entrepreneurial, family-friendly, inspiring, and philanthropic pursuits of all kinds! And we know that Brave Girls around the world are highly motivated to use their experiences, skills, and ‘she did it anyway’ attitudes to change the world by making their beautiful dreams come true. We are cheering you on!!! However, because of the large volume of requests we receive to review books and websites and products, and to promote different wonderful causes and products on our website, blog, and social media platforms, we are unable to honor such requests. And because it is not fair to pick and choose between different projects, we have implemented a policy that we will not do any at all. There is simply not enough time in the day or enough space on our web platforms to handle the number of requests we receive. We know that you will understand the need for this policy, and that you will still write and tell us about the wonderful things you are doing….we love hearing from you!!!