How to make a Truth Card

Brave Girls Club - Truth Card ExchangeWhy Truth Cards?

Sometimes it is just a few true and beautiful words that give us all of the hope that we need to keep going…

And just a FEW true words really can make all of the difference in the world…

The idea for Truth Cards came as a way to overpower the awful script that sometimes runs in our head, preventing our souls from feeling whole or healed. Truth cards are little messages of love and truth that are written directly to our souls….telling us the TRUTH when we are believing words that are keeping us from believing the love and truth.

Truth Cards have been a part of BGC from the beginning, and we have seen thousands of lives of women from all over the world (including ourselves!) healed in little and big ways from the powerful little truths on each card…cards that they make for themselves…cards that they make for each other.

It has long been a dream to create a way to connect with other brave girls from all over the world by doing an exchange of Truth Cards for brave girls in desperate need of reminders of their deepest truth….

…So, brave girls….will you join us? Your art, your little truth….may be the VERY WORDS that keep one of your sisters going….what a difference you will make!


(Note: step by step photos are found below these instructions) 

1. Find a card or card sized piece of card stock weight paper to work with; we like to work in a 2.3”x3.5” size….which is the size of a standard playing card. The exact size is not important.

2. Read through the “truths” and ask your heart which of the sentences you would like to send to your brave girl sister. Cut out this truth and set it to the side.

3. Look through the “Dear ________” sheet and find a word that you would like to describe your brave girl sister and cut out that salutation and set it to the side.

4. Look through the collage sheets and see if there is a bit of art that you would like to add to your truth card … or make your own. Cut out what you would like to use and set it to the side.

5. From here, you can make your card as simple or as elaborate as you would like. You can leave the background plain…or you can paint it, stamp it, collage on it with paper or fabric…whatever you want to do. We just ask that you don’t make it TOO thick, as we need to fit as many Truth Cards as we can into the packages that will be shipped.

6. Once your background is the way you want it…. use a collage medium (such as as Mod Podge) and a paint brush to collage the salutation, the truth and the art pieces you have chosen to your truth card. Remember to put the collage medium  both under the paper to adhere it, and then brushed over the top of the paper to seal it.

7. Once the truth card is dry, please write a little note to your brave girl sister on the back, along with your name and where you live….it can just be your first name if you like, and the state and town where you live. It will mean so much to her to know that someone from somewhere far away is thinking of her.

8. Seal your card with acrylic spray sealer or rub it hard with an old white candle. This will keep the card from being ‘tacky’, especially in humid climates.

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions:

CLICK HERE for your printable pdf with instructions and collage sheets, etc. 

Send your truth card(s) to us at:

Brave Girl Club Truth Card Exchange
5465 East Terra Linda Way
Nampa, ID 83687

Please include on the envelope which group(s) you wish for your Truth Cards to go to, or if not specified, we will send them where they are needed most.

We love you! Thank you so much for being a part of this. We can’t wait to spread your beautiful light into dark parts of the world….you are making such a difference!!!

melody and kathy and the brave girl team