I Have An Idea – Vintage Canvas Class

I Have An Idea - Vintage Canvas Workshop by melody ross and the brave girls club“I have an Idea”

Vintage Canvas
Collage Workshop

Join me as we create this fabulous mixed media art piece to celebrate the most frequently spoken sentence of every creative person…”I have an idea!”

Learn innovative and funky texture, background and collage techniques along with fabulous and fun techniques to make the collage your own by personalizing the edges of your deep edged canvas.

This is a class that you will love and an art piece you will embrace as a creative muse to take home and hang in your creative space or studio!

Come join the fun! – Melody

PS. This is a smaller version of the HUGE 8′ x 4′ canvas I made to hang in the Brave Girls Clubhouse!

  • This super fun class will take approximately 3-6 hours to complete.
  • Includes instructional video with melody & downloadable pattern.
  • Online classroom will be available for 3 months after your registration date.
  • Only $10 (register here)
I Have An Idea - Vintage Canvas Workshop - Brave Girls Club

Supplies you’ll need:

16”x20 deep profile stretched artist canvas (or around that size)

A bottle of collage medium such as Mod Podge or Decoupage (by Decoart)

A tube of black heavy-body acrylic paint
A tube of white heavy-body acrylic paint

A bottle or tube of raw umber craft or artist paint (raw umber is the color)

Several paint brushes in different sizes (you will want a bigger brush to collage with, and one or more smaller brushes to paint with)

A pair of scissors that you can use for paper and fabric

A palette knife or two

A cheap putty knife from the hardware store

A 4”-6”wide drywall scraper (like a putty knife but wider) from the hardware store

Gold Leaf sheets (available in craft stores)

You’ll also need access to a good computer with high speed internet access in order to watch the instructional videos and print the pdfs.

This is a SUPER FUN CLASS to do either by yourself or with a group of friends!!

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I Have An Idea - 4'x8' Canvas from Brave Girls Club - Clubhouse