Life Restoration

Brave Girls Club - Life Restoration

(formerly known as Soul Restoration 2)

Creating the life you want to live…the life you will LOVE

One of our most popular Online Courses…presented in 6 Lessons to do at your own pace, on your own schedule
Written transcripts are available for those who are hard of hearing

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Hi, Lovely Friends!!

Are you ready to move forward? I AM!! 

Join me and the fabulous Brave Girls Club team as we take you through a super fun, effective and artsy journey to create the life that you really, truly want…the life that is intended for you…and a life that you will love!

Through art and projects, we will be making tools that will help you identify your goals, commit to your goals and break your goals down into bit sized chunks…and before you know it, you will be doing all of the things you’ve always wanted to do.

NO MORE EXCUSES, ok? I’m putting my excuses away….I am ready to feel ELATED at the end of each day because of how I spent my time, I am ready to do what it takes to live the life that I truly want to be living. I am ready to stop wasting time, stop procrastinating and make a REAL PLAN. I know you are ready too….LET’S DO THIS!

Brave Girls Club - Life Restoration video

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“Defining Your Unique Self”
a. this is the
unique awesomeness of who I am
b. this is the unique combination of what I have to offer in the world (that is like no one else who ever existed, ever)
c. this is what uniquely brings me joy, even if that makes me weird
d. this is what I really really really want out of my life, even if that makes me weird
e. this is the nonsense that I am willing to give up for what I really want out of life

Brave Girls Club - Life Restoration video

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a. write/collage a totally amazing mission statement/manifesto (this is a guided exercise)
b. write yourself a real, enforceable permission slip to live the life you want to live
c. make a brave and beautiful commitment collage, to stop wishing and start doing
d. make a brave and beautiful commitment collage to OWN your dreams, wishes and ambitions and not apologize for them, ever


a. identify your AMAZING list of BIG BRAVE THINGS you want to do (and little brave things too!)
b. prioritize your list of unique and personal goals into long and short term goals
c. start with 3 precious goals and map them out
d. work backward from each end goal to now….identify the brave, fun and wonderful  steps that must be taken
e. get REALLY EXCITED…this is working!!!


a. bravely &  without shame admit to real and imagined obstacles and fears
b. identify and admit to past & current excuses and get ready to kick them to the curb
c. identify, admit, own up to and say goodbye to all the ways you ( yes beautiful you!) find to waste time and procrastinate
d. being BRAVE and deciding to PACK LIGHT on your journey…deciding what to keep and what to let go of
e. mapping it all out…planning for difficulty and roadblocks and obstacles and bumps in the road


MAKING YOUR OWN RULES cards & collage
a. identifying what you will and will not put up with in your life
b. making non-negotiable rules about what is and is not ok in your life
c. identifying what motivates you and what demotivates you
d. deciding ONCE AND FOR ALL that this is how you want to live, how you want to feel, how you want each day to go, how you want to spend your time
e. BREAKING GOALS DOWN into 5 minute, 30 minute, 2 hour & 1 day chunks and making action cards & reward cards to get things DONE!


a. identifying and creating rewards that are unique to YOU and will motivate YOU in your big and small victories
b. measuring your progress in ways that work for YOU
c. celebrating small and big shifts and moves forward
d. finding ways to SHARE YOUR GIFTS and make a difference in the world
e. making a commitment to stick with it…and deciding to move on to the next goals when the first are accomplished….finishing ONE AMAZING goal at a time
f. learning to ENJOY THE PROCESS
g. EVALUATING the life you want to live….making a decision to love the journey…and love your life.


Supply List

    • A big hard-bound sketchbook (approx 8×11 or 9×11). You will be collaging in this book. Spiral bound is just dandy. Melody always gets here is the clearance section at Barnes and Noble or places like that.
    • A simple lined journal for writing in, any size.
    • A sturdy recipe box that can be altered, painted, and collaged on. Wood or chipboard/cardboard or something similar is best.
    • 100 unlined index cards and a set of tabbed dividers that fit in the recipe box.
    • Artist’s Canvas or Canvas Board, 8×10
You’ll also need:
    • Access to a good printer and good bright white copy paper (not recycled) to print everything onto (at least 100 sheets)
    • Some good waterproof pens such as Sakura, Zig, or Sharpie Ultrafine.
    • An old typewriter or a computer/printer with a vintage typewriter font. Here is a good one that is free to download:
    • Mod Podge or other collage medium. Matte or gloss. Note that gloss tends to stay tacky, especially in humid climates.
    • Clear acrylic sealer spray or an old white taper candle. (These are to seal and protect your collaged pages and keep them from sticking together and getting ruined. It’s important! You can either use the spray, or rub the pages with an old white candle…both work great.)
    • Paintbrushes for applying Mod Podge and paint. Inexpensive brushes are fine. We recommend a multi-pack, about $8.
    • Scissors
    • Photocopies of pictures of yourself that you want to work with. Print on high quality paper for best results. If your photos tend to smear when you apply Mod Podge, try putting them in the freezer for a few hours after printing. We hear that works! Or spray with sealer before doing anything with them.
    • This and that. Ribbons, buttons, jewels, felt shapes, other miscellaneous embellishments and ephemera and findings that you might enjoy using.
    • Acrylic craft paint in a variety of colors you like.
    • An assortment of papers: paper scraps, book pages, scans of book illustrations, wrapping paper, sheet music, magazine clippings, etc., that represent you or your life.
    • Rubber stamps and inks
    • Junk mail, cereal boxes, cardboard, random things with interesting textures
    • Fabric scraps
    • Texture mediums, paper clay, etc. (These can be spendy…found in a variety of forms at craft and hobby stores in the paint department.)
Art Techniques:
You will be given access to a library of videos showing art techniques that you might choose to try on your projects such as these:
    • Collage layering with different materials such as paper, fabric, metals, etc.
    • Chip-Art tools and debossing of chipboard covers and shapes, leather, clay, and soft metals
    • Paint, ink, and texture techniques
    • Gold goil, glitter, and heat embossing
    • Rubber stamp and foam stamp techniques
    • Creative journaling using pens, paint, computers, and junk mail

Do you wish you could go shopping for art supplies with Melody??


* DID YOU KNOW? You’ll have plenty of extra time to allow you to finish the course at your own pace! Busy girls, this is for YOU, too!
NOTE: This is exactly the same course that was previously known as Soul Restoration 2. The name was changed as a clarification of its content and to alleviate confusion that taking Soul Restoration 1 was necessary before taking this class. LIFE RESTORATION more clearly describes this amazing class that has been taken my hundreds and hundreds of women and literally changed lives all over the world. You will LOVE IT!!
If you have taken Soul Restoration 2 in the past, you can retake this course, now known as Life Restoration, for just $25.