What IS Brave Girls Club?

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Brave Girls Club is a worldwide community of women (of every age) who want to live the best, happiest, most productive and fabulously brave lives they can possibly live…and that means something different to every single one of us.

Over the past five years, Brave Girls Club has become  a resource for great ideas, amazing endeavors, everyday problem solving, joyful home-making, stories of everyday heroes,and unforgettable get-togethers. Brave Girls Club is a place to feel free, to feel peace, and to feel brave. Brave Girls Club is not an exclusive club…every woman is invited. Brave Girls Club is life-changing fun, life-changing truths, and life-changing friendships.

What do we do? We love life…and we invite you into our circle to love life with us. We create beautiful art and use it to teach truths and spread light. We teach others to live brave and beautiful lives through our amazing online classes like Soul Restoration and Life Restoration…and our newest endeavor, monthly Subscription Soul School classes. Several times a year we gather women from literally all over the planet for Brave Girl Camps where we laugh and learn and heal….we create beauty and friendships and lifetime memories….we eat beautiful food and listen to each others stories…we learn to move forward into our bravest lives. We incorporate art into our classes and camps as a way to help burn into our hearts the things our souls know are true. We blog about things that are most important to us…our own struggles, our families and homes, things we have learned and things we are learning…how to live a joyful and peace-filled life…a brave life. We provide a place for women to share their own stories of bravery…a place where we can lift and encourage and support each other, a place where we can leave ‘maps’ for others who may be embarking on the same journey that we have already experienced…and in this way we help each other along. For five years we have been sending daily messages of love and truth via our Daily Truth (a little bird told me…) emails. They are our free gift to the world…miraculously reaching hundreds of thousands each week through the incredible world of social media. We strongly believe that the greatest joys come from serving one another. We work hard, we play hard, we laugh a LOT…and we are beyond grateful every day for the privilege it is to do the work we do. And we are grateful for every single Brave Girl (like you) who has found her way here.

WHAT do we want to create here? These are the ways that we want to leave every woman when she visits us….

We want every woman to feel safe in her dreams, safe in her weaknesses & frailties, safe in her strengths and accomplishments….safe in who she is and how she is and what she is.  Brave Girls Club is a safe place to be just exactly who you are and who you are working to become.

We want to remind  each other how capable we really are…especially when we are not feeling capable at all. We want to show each other that there are all different kinds of talents, strengths and skills. We are all capable of so much more than we know!

We are not only capable…we are POWERFUL! We are resilient and strong and we each have the power to make our lives and the lives of others better and more joyful. We have the power to overcome, to restore, to change, and to be happy no matter what our circumstances are. We have the power to create things that have never been created before. We have the power to make the world a better place….and we all need to use that power!

We all need more happy places to retreat to. Brave Girls Club is one of the happiest places around. How is it happy? It is happy because it is filled with stories that inspire us to overcome and make the most of things….it is happy because you  meet people here who are  just like you whose stories will make you smile. It is happy because it is filled with beautiful things, beautiful people with beautiful hearts,  beautiful places and beautiful truths. It is happy because you are here with thousands of other women who want to have life-changing fun!

We wanted to create an environment where we all feel encouraged to seek out and find our personal missions in life, and then feel encouraged to live them. We encourage each other to try new things, to forgive, to be happy in spite of obstacles. We encourage each other to create real and lasting connections…to take care of each other and look out for each other. We encourage each other to seek for truth and beauty, all the days of our individual lives.

Brave Girls Club has already connected women together from all over the world with our mountain retreats and get-togethers….we want to do the same thing with our online community. We want brave and powerful women to find each other, no matter where they live. We want bonds to be formed and friendships to flourish. We want people to find out about what you are doing to change the world, and we want you to see that there are other women just like you. Imagine what we can do when we all find each other!

You already know so much more than you think you know. You are so much stronger and braver and more resilient than you remember. You know what to do and you know how to do it….we just want to remind  you. We want to remind each other…when we fall down, when life knocks the wisdom out of us…when things happen that make us draw a blank and paralyze us….we want to remind each other of all that we know, of all that we are…of all that is meant for us.

We want to feel alive, every day! We want you to feel alive again….we want you to get your dreams back….remember who you are and what you have always wanted to do with your life. We want you to LIVE A GREAT BIG LIFE!

Brave Girls Club - Camp Photo

These are some of the lovely women of all ages and backgrounds who have joined us at Brave Girl Camp. (Brave Girl Camp is just ONE of the things we do here at Brave Girls Club.) Brave Girls Club is for EVERY woman of every age. We are all so much more alike than we are different, aren’t we??

So what is the GOAL of BRAVE GIRLS CLUB?????? It’s simple…we want to teach women be good to each other and to themselves. And while we’re at it…

melody & kathy & the brave girl team