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Well, my name is Melody Ross.  My sister Kathy Wilkins and I founded Brave Girls Club in 2009 because it was what we wanted to do more than anything else in the world, and because even though it seemed like impossible timing, we knew we could do it if we just buckled down and did it……so we did.

In a separate post…I will tell you exactly why we did it, and why we keep putting our heart and soul into it every single day….but for now…I want to tell you just exactly who we are. If you are wondering what Brave Girls Club IS….it’s a community for women everywhere who want to do big things with their lives, who want to overcome difficult things, and who believe in doing all of this with love and kindness and as joyfully as possible. We have a worldwide tribe through the internet, and any woman anywhere is welcome and invited…and we also have fabulous retreats in Idaho called BRAVE GIRL CAMP….and any woman anywhere is welcome and invited to join us there, too.

This is me….Melody Ross. I am married to a man who I am madly in love with and we are parents to 5 phenomenally funky and creative kids (plus I’m a mother-in-law twice over…and I’m Mimi to the most perfect grandson ever to be born). I am a full-time artist and a writer and a forever seeker of all things beautiful and true. I am a horrible housekeeper although an unkempt house makes me crazy, and I have a weakness for creme brulee. I think SPANX are the most incredible invention ever. I love artsy cowboy boots when I am not in my bare feet and I know for sure that I belong in the mountains. It is my element. I am a 4th generation Idahoan.

Ok….I really like that picture I put up there…but I am not really that serious and contemplative……..and since I am writing this post, and I can…I am going to tell you that  I am really more like this…………..

 Now….on to the good stuff…..

This is my sister Kathy, my partner in Brave Girls Club and a woman who I can only dream of growing up to emulate….I would go on and on about her, but she would probably come on here and delete it…….so, I will just tell you that if you get the opportunity to ever meet her, talk to her, or spend any time with her…it will be an experience that you will never forget and you will be better for it. She shares her talents on this blog….so you are all in for a treat.

Kathy is happily 53….and no, this photo is not photo-shopped, she really is this beautiful. Kathy is married to Kurt and together they have 8 children and 13 grandchildren (and counting!)  Kathy is a phenomenal musician and has a brilliant analytical mind. Her artfully crafted food will blow your mind and her skill of unconditional love and acceptance is a gift to the world. I feel so fortunate to have her in my life, let-alone having her as my big sister. She has been a critical part of my world since the day I was born.


Now, here’s a cool fact……when we started 5 years ago,  we thought it was just going to be us…and to tell the truth, we are a pretty dynamic duo. But our goal was to do our best to change the world in little ways with kindness and good news and ideas and life-changing fun. Soon…our family members and friends joined in, wanting to be a part of what we are doing. And now, there are many many of us involved in the behind-the-scenes adventures of Brave Girls Club. We want to tell you about a few of them…..and you’ll be hearing from and about more and more of them as our community grows….

This is Jeff:

Jeff is Kathy’s phenomenal son-in-law…he is married to Kallie (we’ll introduce you to her in a minute).  Before he came to work for us, he worked for a mortgage company and was a high school wresting coach….the last high school team he coached won their region tournament, and he even won the coach of the year award!  He is wonderful to work with, is a great husband and is father of 4 of the cutest kids around.  Jeff works for us full time managing the business and IT side of Brave Girls Club and keeping things running smoothly.  We would never make it without him – he is amazing! He even drives the Brave Bus during camp.

This is Brock and Sabrina:

Brock is my son with his beautiful and amazing bride, Sabrina. Brock works for Brave Girls Club full time, and now that they are new parents, Sabrina is a full-time mother and works during nap times for Brave Girls Club.   We’re so glad they found each other!  It’s so fun to be around their fresh and blossoming love as they begin their family.  Brock is our incredibly talented videographer and video editor.  He and I work together all day every day during our online classes – filming and getting everything just right.  Brock is a joy to have around and I feel so lucky that he chose to work with Brave Girls Club! Sabrina manages many aspects of Brave Girl Camp, and she is the resident expert who helps Brave Girls everywhere by answering Customer Service support tickets. She is an indispensable part of our little team (and our family). What did we ever do without her?!

This is Malary:

Malary is my daughter.  She is an old soul – thoughtful, insightful, peaceful,  funny and sooo much fun to be around.  Malary is a newlywed…several months ago she married the love of her life, Danny (we are all crazy about him, too) which made us all sooooooo happy!  She works full time for us and does such a beautiful job.  She takes the most beautiful photos (you’ve seen them all over our blog!).  She loves to cook and works with Kathy in the kitchen at Brave Girl Camp to make every meal beautifully delicious.


This is Kallie (married to Jeff):

Kallie is Kathy’s oldest daughter.  She has already led a big and amazing life and traveled many parts of the world, spent a few years doing humanitarian service and missionary work in South America….and is now married to the fabulous Jeff Maughan, whom we all love and adore. She is mother to 4 – one boy and three girls…all born within 4 years of each other. Kallie is a true blue Brave Girl.

Kallie does all sorts of things for Brave Girls Club that you will surely see as you return to our blog. She is the visionary behind The Brave Girl Post and worked tirelessly with Jeff to put that amazing site together. She is a gifted writer and constantly amazes us with her creativity and her wisdom. She is a VERY important part of Brave Girls Club in every way.

This is Chelsea (and her family):


Chelsea is also Kathy’s daughter.  She is super funny and super fun and an absolutely gifted organizer and event planner. You can always count on her to throw the best parties and make the most delicious desserts. Chelsea has martha-esque skills and keeps the most immaculate home that I’ve ever seen a young mother keep……she is extraordinary. She’s madly in love with her husband Luke….and they are parents to 4 little ones.  Chelsea is a truly gifted photographer and has her own photography business, CM Photography, which comes highly recommended and can be found on Facebook HERE

Chelsea is currently concentrating her time and efforts on her children, her hunky husband, and her home. But she still occasionally joins us  on Brave Girl projects, and she will always and forever be a very important part of our team.

Then there is our Brave Girl Camp Staff...these girls caught our vision and RUN with us to make it happen!  They are amazing and we couldn’t do what we do without them.  They are the truest of friends and we are so thankful for all they do to make Brave Girls Club what it is.

This is Terry:

Terry came into our lives when she came to Brave Girl Camp in October of 2010.  Terry lives in Texas with her husband John, and they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.   Terry means more to us than we could ever express.  She is the kind of girl who is awake, dressed and ready to go at 5am (with her bed made).  She loves to laugh and have fun and has taught us and encouraged us through so many things.  She comes all the way from Texas to nearly every one of our camps, and we get absolutely giddy when we know she’s on her way. She is wise and wonderful and helps us every day with our vision and making important decisions. She carries so much strength and wisdom…all earned by the experiences she has had in her life. She is a gift!

This is Hilarie:

We always joke that Hilarie came to us through the Boy Scouts of America.  Her husband and my husband are HUGE scouters….they live, breathe, eat and sleep Boy Scouts, and since we both live in the same area, we were destined to cross paths.  Hilarie is married to Carl (who still makes her swoon) who has also been an enormous help to Brave Girls Club.  Together they have 3 sons and 2 daughters.  Hilarie is at all of our Brave Girl Camps and is soulful and fun and hard-w0rking and sooo loving.

This is Camille:

Camille came to our very first Brave Girl Camp in 2009….(our practice camp). There were 5 of us there and we bonded in a way we couldn’t have anywhere else.  She has been to almost every single Brave Girl Camp since then!  Cam is mother to 3 amazing children.  When you ask what Cam does, the answer is…almost EVERYTHING.  She is so talented and if there’s something she doesn’t know how to do, she figures it out.  She works full time, but during Brave Girl Camp, she comes to the Ranch at night and helps us in the kitchen and the Art Barn.  She is phenomenal and Brave Girl Camp wouldn’t be the same without her. Her specialty is making the most gorgeous, heart-felt leather bracelets and such that you have ever seen! She even teaches her leather-whispering techniques in the ChipArt room at the Ranch during camp.

This is Maria:

If you’ve been around Brave Girls Club for a while, then you’ve probably heard of Maria’s beautiful jewelry and seen the bracelets she made for Brave Girls Club (find them here).  Maria is a big part of everything we do and has been with us since the very beginning.  She is married to Jed and they have 1 brave boy and 4 soulful little girls.  Maria is true in every way.  She LOVES to have fun and works hard at everything.  She is a certified CrossFit trainer in high-demand in our area!  She is awesome, and you’ll love every minute you spend with her at camp……we sure do!!

These are the people who are actually an every day part of Brave Girls Club, but there are SO MANY OTHERS who volunteer their time, who spread the word, who help in more ways than can be counted……

This is our sister, Lynda, and our niece, Stephanie…who have been known to travel all the way up the mountain with their full-size harp and guitars to give our retreat attendees a world-class live music concert (did I tell you that most of my siblings are professional musicians…and that has been passed down to their children and even mine…and our parents are musicians too….but we can talk more about that later).  Now they come to Brave Girl Camp at the River Ranch to sing for our campers there.


And this is our little sister, Jennifer….who helps whenever and however she can, as she juggles her life with her 4 little brave girls and one brave little dude…..we love having her!


We could never do what we do without all of the help that we have….without all of the hundreds of women all over the world who have already joined us in this Revolution of Goodness……good life, good times, good memories, good news, good food, good friends, good fun…the Brave Girls Club family is a phenomenal tribe of phenomenal women….all ages, all backgrounds, all sorts of dreams and hopes and struggles and experiences.

Soooo…that’s who we are….We hope you will join us!!!!  Brave Girls of EVERY age, shape, color, country and walk of life are welcome here!!

How do you join us?  First, find us on Facebook.  Then watch our videos on YouTube.  Then come back to our Blog often and see what’s going on!  You might also be interested in Brave Girl Camp or one of our life-changing online classes.  And check out our Home Page for current ways to team up with us in compassionate projects (like our ongoing Truth Card Exchange) to spread love and light all around the world.

We’re so glad you’re here!! We need you!